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  1. Leider, leider nein, nicht legal UND kostenlos. Die komplette Referenz ist "Grosskopf: Verkehrsrechtliche Einordnung von einrädrigen selbstbalancierenden Fahrzeugen, NZV 2015, S. 531" im Beck Verlag, auch online erhältlich. - Vielleicht kennst Du jemanden an einer Kanzlei oder Uni, die die Zeitschrift abonniert hat...
  2. Hi @Teran, ich halte Prof. Grosskopfs Argumentation (s.o.) für derzeit aktuell auf Deutschlands Straßen (EU-EUC-Recht vor deutschem Recht). Ist aber meines Wissens bisher hierzulande nicht gerichtlich bestätigt und - mir unverständlicherweise - mehrfach ignoriert worden. Demnach wären EUCs in D in letzter Konsequenz legal nicht erfasst und ergo straffrei (aber leider auch nicht versicherbar, was in der Praxis das größere Risiko darstellt).
  3. Now we just need to establish what new technology you had in mind: biomass exploitation, dating zone energy production or shark catalyzed dophin growth? Surely it cannot involve EUCs !
  4. @meepmeepmayer My graphs are all based on physical formulae show in that thread: @Chris Westland Just amazing, these graphs! Opens an entirely different view of the world and EUCs in particular! Could you just elaborate a little more on how exaclty the zone of pain relates to biomass as well as on EUCs' relation to the dating zone?! I desperately need to know!
  5. There is another thread with considerations on safe speed, see above. One aspect that has not been considered in this thread is the yield of the electric motor, i.e. how much of the electric energy used actually contributes to forward motion (less than 100%). This would increase the power values given by @Jason McNeil.
  6. I am really shocked about what is happening right now in the higher echelons of the U.S. of A., and that even with the support from slightly less than half of the country's elective population. I traveled that country numerous times and also studied there for one year and really got to appreciate the way and opportunities of the American way of life. But now?!
  7. I couldn't help it, ...
  8. Thanks a lot, @Mono, for your input - despite of initially being critical to the idea! Can we please hear from other seasoned veterans of this forum as well? - I think it would matter.
  9. Danke @meepmeepmayer Heise ist eine gute Idee! Ich werde da mal anklopfen ...
  10. No offence taken, but would you prefer politicians setting it up for us?
  11. In many countries there are no laws concering the use of EUCs, and even in those that have them, they may not be optimal. So I suggest to involve the EUC community into agreeing on a minimal common subset of sensible rules for the use of EUCs on public grounds. By giving it the official approval of this great EUC Forum's community it could also be cited to our politicians struggling to come up with reasonable rules themselves. It would also show to other road users that we are aware of the many issues and attempt to respond and act in a reasonable manner. So first, I'd like to find out the main categories involved (eg. technical requirements, rules of conduct, right of way, protection), then converge to a minimal consensus of only the most essential topics. It should be not longer than one page (letter or A4). An "official EUC charta" of this forum's community would inform the general public what to expect from us strange EUC riders and how to interact with us on public roads. It could also serve to teach politicians what we regard as desirable relations with our environment. I don't expect everybody to agree on such EUC Code of Honour, nor do I dream of permanent or strict adherence to any such rules (which to certain extend will have to be country specifc), but if we generally advocate an explicitly documented, agreed on and approved minimal set of rules, that might make us more understood and hopefully better respected by the general public. All right, enough for the opening rant ... So I'll start off with a list of suggested topics/categories. short introduction on the general characteristics and essential mode of operation of EUCs behavioral rules like max. speeds, right of way, road usage priorities, weather conditions? technical requirements as eg. lights, horn/bell, strap, safe minimal battery charge, maintenance legal aspects (most likely country dependant to a large extent) liabilty of EUC riders, including insurance What do you feel should be our essential recommendations to each of these (or any other) categories and topics? Again, all these individual items themselves are not spectacular news to us. However, a consolidated, approved collection of them could help outsiders to better understand and relate to us. The important part would be that we as a community speak with one voice.
  12. Hi @em1barns! When we look at speed regulations of other types of vehicles it is obvious that speed limits are specific to the location, road conditions, traffic etc. So it only makes sense to apply that rule to EUCs as well, eg. max. 6 km/h on sidewalks, 25km/h on bicycle lanes, 30km/h on roads, etc. The enforcement of speed limits will as usual be the responsibilty of traffic police but of course not of EUC manufacturers. Because of the physics of EUCs they should technically be capable of running at least the maximum speed allowed in their country plus some safety margin of eg. 5 - 10 km/h.
  13. I have not yet upgraded to FW 1.25 but I can report/confirm, that since I upgraded from FW 1.22 to 1.23 BT connection from Kingsong or WheelLog Android apps to my KS16 wheel have become a little more tricky. What works in my case is the following procedure: turn on KS16, turn on Kingsong app and press "SCAN" and then select Kingsong-KS16 BT device, each with a nice, pronounced tap, adjust lights, limits etc, exit Kingsong app, disconnect BT connection by switching off BT on the phone, start WheelLog app, wait until connect (usually instantaneous or max 5 seconds) and configure as required. turn on BT connection for the speakers using the AUX button on the KS16 and connect to the KS16 audio device via the phone (only required if you want to listen to music from the KS16 built in speakers). I found the procedure a little strange at first but now I actually like it because since then I have not been able to connect two apps to my KS16 at the same time, which previously posed a security risk.
  14. Nach knapp einem Jahr ist über die Petition 64984 "Zulassung von Elektro-Einrädern zum Straßenverkehr" entschieden worden - oder auch nicht. Der Ausschuss war so freundlich, die Petition an unser geschätztes BMVI weiterzuleiten, "damit sie bei den anstehenden Beratungen mit einbezogen werden kann." Eigentlich ein Schritt in die richtige Richtung. Petition-64984-abschlussbegruendung.pdf Leider haben das BMVI und die BaSt aber nach etwa zwei Jahren immer noch keine Ergebnisse zu melden, trotz Aufforderung durch den Bundesrat. Ich habe die beiden Institutionen zuletzt am 1.12.2016 nochmals eindringlich nach dem Stand der Dinge befragt und dabei auch auf das Informationsfreiheitsgesetz verwiesen. Funkstille seitdem. Was machen die eigentlich die ganze Zeit?!? Wenn Sie auf eine europäische PLEV-Regelung warten, könnten / sollten sie doch bitte eine vorläufige Genehmigung erlassen, da das aktuelle Raubrittertum um EUCs auf deutschen Strassen nicht EU-gesetzeskonform ist. Ich überlege, ob es hilfreich wäre, die gesamte Situtation - Elektromobilitätsinitiative der Bundesregierung vs. EUC-Verteufelung - einmal ausführlich in die Presse zu bringen. Immerhin ist Wahljahr. Ich wäre bereit, meine Kommunikation zu diesem Thema zur Verfügung zu stellen. Hätte jemand einen Vorschlag, welches Medium (Tageszeitung, Fachzeitschrift, Online-Medien) dafür geeignet wäre? Oder hat gar jemand gute Kontakte zur Presse, die wir hier nutzen könnten?
  15. I only recently upgraded my KS16 from FW 1.22 to 1.23. Comparing WheelLog data from similar rides with either version I noticed that energy consumption rose from on the average 20Wh/Km to about 30Wh/Km, a rise by a staggering 50%! This probably has been done to get more power to the wheel when starting from standstill and thus to avoid the cutout reported by several riders. It would also explain the observation by some that with FW 1.23 the KS16 now feels more "energetic" and smoother to ride. - However, at the same time at least in my case range gets reduced to only 2/3 of the previous FW version, a significant drop! From my plots of current and voltage, it looks like the major increase is in the current, not the voltage drop. Also major spikes of 40A and more have been reported with FW 1.23 by others. With a fuse of 40A in place I hope Kingsong has made sure that this increased current does not pose a new danger to safe riding by "accidently" blowing the fuse. Now my question: Is everyone happy with the new, reduced range or would we like to get back to the old extended range of previous FW versions?