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  1. How bad were you hurt?

    Sorry, no EUC-related accident to report after 1400km on KS16B and 1100km on KS16S ! (As always, knock on wood!)
  2. Riding on roads

    I prefer https://www.openandromaps.org/ together with Locus Free Map on Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=menion.android.locus&hl=en (sorry, no IOS version). The quality and details of these maps is better than any other map app I've seen and the app has all the bells and whistles (both free of charge).
  3. GOTWAY Tesla: Double Redundancy [VIDEO]

    Does not sound as if there are any real advocates of EUC in that CEN/TC 354 committee . So yes, let's hope they will continue negotiationg for a long, long time ... At least that's what these committees are known to be good at ! By the way, their "business plan" (found at https://standards.cen.eu/BP/616722.pdf on https://standards.cen.eu/dyn/www/f?p=204:7:0::::FSP_ORG_ID:616722&cs=196AD34039D496159F550E47311C9FC49) dates from 2013 and - surprise - does not at all reflect the current 2017 state of technology. - I vote for disbanding that committee ...
  4. GOTWAY Tesla: Double Redundancy [VIDEO]

    I noticed prEN 17128:2017 costs 182,60 EUR for download at https://www.beuth.de/de/norm-entwurf/din-en-17128/271084773 Is that good democratic manners, to restrict the discussion to paying patrons? I don't think so !
  5. Gotway oscillation issue on V8?

    Me (after 1400 real km on KS16B and 1100 km on KS16S - knock on wood!)
  6. WheelLog Android App

    Now this is a treat ! But how does it work? I installed the zip file onto a Gear S2 via Tizen Studio and the basic initial screen (title, speed, battery, distance) came up on the watch but it did not connect to my Samsung S5 by either WiFi or Bluetooth, nor did it connect to the wheels (KS16b, KS16S). What am I doing wrong ? Also a suggestion: the new parameter string "Avg Riding Speed" is too long, maybe better "Avg Speed"? - However, honestly, I prefer to see Power instead of Avg Speed, it tells you more about the current state of the machine rather than Avg Speed. Maybe even redesigning the whole 1st screen into a grid with more values ... ?
  7. Could you post the actual, raw URL you use to connect to the forum? That might help to analyze your browser's behavior.
  8. What do you think of the Boosted Board and One-Wheel?

    I think we have (key word: bicycle) !
  9. What is your experience with the KS16S until now ?

    WD-40 is your friend Mine does not creak, and it's more silently humming than my 16B and not that much high pitch whining. See my post at: They are higher than those of the 16B because they are angled, which gives a more comfortable stance on the 16S once you get used to it. Speakers are definitely better in the 16S than with the 16B, my opinion. Agree entirely! And the 16S runs smoother than the 16B as it's more powerful and still very sensitive to your movements. Just the range is a bit smaller than the 16B with the same battery.
  10. WheelLog Android App

    Thanks - download is now working. Will try the app later today. Cheers and many thanks for your efforts, @palachzzz!
  11. WheelLog Android App

    Clicking this link I get: Sorry, there is a problem The page you are trying to access is not available for your account. Error code: 2C171/1
  12. King Song KS-16S tire pressure?

    Not quite. There is another recent thread on this:
  13. Personal Light Electric Vehicle regulations (PLEV)

    It should never happen. - I have seen my KS16B running wild at full power (of course, during the one and only incident where I went riding on camera without a safety strap; talking about Murphy's law), as well as videos of other EUCs wheeling savagely out of control. It happens even to the most experienced riders given adversarial, unpredictable circumstances - and this forum is filled with dramatic accounts of many of those. Provided with the ability to reason we can and IMHO therefore should (in analogy to Kant's categorical imperative - hey, Germans invented it!) proactively minimize the risk to ourselves AND others. It's not unheard of. Just like with the many other accepted rules for the benefit of our (German) society (safety belts, traffic lights, gun control, you name it). As a side note: have you ever considered the penalty and costs inflicted on you by your wheel inadvertedly scratching that parking new BMW or actually causing a full blown car accident by a runaway EUC (perhaps going downhill?!) - without being properly covered by liability insurance (which is currently not available at all for EUCs in Germany)? That could easily lead to personal bankruptcy. Talking about risk / benefit analysis ... In summary, you don't seem to be a person afraid of taking risks while wheeling, also judging from the display of how you wore your helmet on your recent breathtaking, gorgeous moutain tour with @Tilmann in the Alps. - May the force / fortune be with you !
  14. Personal Light Electric Vehicle regulations (PLEV)

    Agreed. - But what would be a better and for current wheels practicable solution? I'd really like to know!
  15. Personal Light Electric Vehicle regulations (PLEV)

    Sorry for the obscene multi-quotation list below, it could have even become much longer ... My point is: a tether (of flexible yet durable fibre) one end around your waist the other firmly connected to the wheel resolves (a) technically and legally the problem of required brake redundancy, (b) accidental death of the wheel by drowning in a nearby river or lake and (c) greatly reduces the risk of your wheel hurting other people (or property) after you loose immediate control over the wheel for whatever reason. I really think a tether should become mandatory for riding EUCs to protect our environment. Otherwise, what would your defense be if your 15kg wheel crippled an innocent child that happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time?