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  1. My GT16 V2 does not start (water problem)

    update: I have sent the controller the day April 4 th 2018 from italy, envelope it posts registered letter, price consignment 17.3 Euro from Italy The package has been delivered the cina to the recipient the day April 18 th 2018, therefore times of delivered, is in 13 days, less than 2 weeks. In this moment the controller is in phase of diagnosis
  2. Italian Discussion Group

    ...io ho provato a stare seduto sia sul ninebot E1+ sia sul gt16, per me e' impossibile, sara' un po' che ho le gambe lunghe, sara' un po' che sono incriccato, ma proprio e' una posizione per me inarrivabile ...e lo so che lo sapevo che la cina e' lontana, pero' speravo piu' vicina
  3. Italian Discussion Group

    qui da me iniziano le belle giornate e io ho il controller che vaga in una busta per la cina alla ricerca del suo distributore ( tipo dagli apennini alle ande )
  4. Italian Discussion Group

    si, 22 pollici
  5. Italian Discussion Group

    ...ma e' monster o msuper, il monster vedo su google che ora lo fanno da 22'
  6. Best Off-road wheel

    @Demargon, great video (and great rider), the right spirit I use the gt16, I like its agility and pedals position, but I am more than 90 kg ant gt16 does not like my weight (as all the wheels i suppose )
  7. Best Off-road wheel

    ...mmm... I don't like large pedals, I like the gt16 design, I think is the best shape for offroad pathways. (I use velcro streeps on the ankles to avoid slipping)
  8. Best Off-road wheel

    What do you think is the most suitable wheel ranking for off-roading? In particular the most suitable to climb slopes very strong and have a strong engine brake to go down relaxed without the wheel complaining, all at relatively low speeds? ...and at the same a wheel no too heavy, no too slow, and no too easy to scratch or break (...the best mix of trial and cross wheel)
  9. My GT16 V2 does not start (water problem)

    "while I was washing it, the water penetrated, the wheel began to emit a continuous whistle, continued for 5 minutes, then stopped.Moving it, he started whistling again for five more minutes, so he went off." the wheel was switched off, the wheel started alone, my problem was the opposite, how could I turn it off! (...thanks but ...ok, Lord works in mysterious ways, but I do not think a scientist is necessary to understand that a wet electric appliance must not be switched on )
  10. Italian Discussion Group

    ...mmm... tu sei sempre il piu' saggio, so che farei bene ad ascoltarti, ma i 200 eurotti per un controller nuovo mi fanno optare per qualsiasi manovra pur di risparmiarmeli
  11. Italian Discussion Group

    oh grazie @Berus , spiegami meglio, in effetti ho ill pacco pronto qui sulla scrivania pronto per poste italiane
  12. My GT16 V2 does not start (water problem)

    ok, I send you the controller only , Thanks for your attention
  13. My GT16 V2 does not start (water problem)

    this is the board, I don't see burn marks on the board, perhaps oxidation signs
  14. My GT16 V2 does not start (water problem)

    @Barry Chen ...can you halp me?
  15. My GT16 V2 does not start (water problem)

    ...yes, i hope it is not dead, but i know there is this possibility, but I dont know how take off every doubt