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  1. För min del funkar vilken helg som helst (förutom midsommar) den närmaste månaden. Håller till i kanten av Nackareservatet, men kan absolut ta mig upp till Järva/Sollentuna om det passar er andra bättre.
  2. I would go with the New Zeeland mud snails, since they are parthenogenetic, and thus must be virgins. Otherwise you can never know for sure!
  3. Ah yes, I did quite alot of city exploring on my way home from work last summer and I expect I will do more of that this summer as well. It really struck me how little of the city I live in that I had actually seen before! Then I got my wheel.
  4. One such person is Ian at Speedy Feet:
  5. The limit for me is when the tyre seems to get really close to pinching as I go up curbs at some speed. That's the signal for me to put some more air in.
  6. Why, you seem to be right, there. I guess I'm just boring. Nice video @Henrik Olsen!
  7. 66 km/h is ludicrous! But being able to go maybe 40, knowing there's a chunk of margin in there would probably make me quite happy. I'm excited for you!
  8. "He's the strongest, the quickest, and the best, and is always to be found wherever danger is – he is Danger Mouse."
  9. You North Americans, such comic book geeks! Call me boring but I prefer the "plain" white. So nice and shiny! Oh, and @LanghamP, welcome to the club!
  10. Yes the thread felt sort of familiar, haha! There are some good looking options in that thread as well, but there's just something about the design of this Bell that calls out to me. Maybe I'll get it later in the year, when the cold starts to creep in. EDIT: Here is a page with some more pics:
  11. Yes, mine also has the V-shape. It's probably for stability, so you won't risk gliding off the pedals to the side. As @LanghamP says, pointing your feet outward will make it more comfortable. Also, I suggest wearing running shoes while riding. The size of the pedals will bother you less because of the upward curve of the sole.
  12. Nice! I never use this feature on my V5F+ because I don't think it's stable enough, and just leaning it against a wall works well enough.
  13. In this case, no. Doing some math, the 18650 has a volume of 16540.5 mm3 (cubic millimeters), whereas the 21700 has a volume of 24245.2 mm3. That's an increase in volume of almost 47 percent.
  14. I guess a loose control board could cause jitteriness as well, could you have knocked it loose somehow? If the IMU is shaken around while riding, its sensor readings would be all over the place, causing some serious problems with the control loop for the motor. Maybe this would be an unlikely cause though, as one would be expecting the board to be quite securely fastened to the chassis.
  15. This doesn't sound like normal behaviour to me! I don't have the V8, but the V5F+ certainly doesn't do this. The foot plates stay quite horizontal no matter if I'm turning or not. Still, I'd suggest contacting WheelGo about your problem--they should know instantly if it is normal or not.