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  1. ACM V1 820wh: 12400 km. Riding since june 2016. Had to tighten the screws holding the case to the pedal mounts at around 8000 km. Made bigger pedals.
  2. If that rim is 18" than the pedals are at least 10" long. Nice.
  3. You have to hit the bluetooth icon in the upper left corner of the main screen.
  4. 20° = 36% , 25° = 46% edit: sorry just saw @Mono's post
  5. Here is a link to "Kijk uit" from 22/07
  6. WheelLog 1.8.0 total mileage changed to negative around 8500 km and is counting down.
  7. They are the same width as the ACM V1 pedals (100 mm, MCM4 pedals) They seem narrow because the are long.
  8. I tried with a piece of 1 mm thick steel under the griptape and it works fine.
  9. I could not wait and tried the pedals out the way they are. The outer side is a bit more tilted up as the original but I like it that way. Now I still have to solve the magnet problem. I was thinking of putting a piece of sheet metal under the griptape. Any ideas?
  10. I bougth the alumunium pieces cut to length for 40 €. The inox bolts and 2 drill bits cost 25 €. A friend lets me use his table drill and threading bits.
  11. Here is the final drawing and what i made so far.
  12. This might be cheaper. No cnc machining needed. Maybe DIY.
  13. Not yet, but I am planning to. I just stardet playing with Freecad. I will double check with an other FEA application.
  14. Bad news. I was expecting a price of around 100 €/pair but I got a price of 450 €/pedal.
  15. I have send the drawing to a local cnc machine shop for a price estimate.