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  1. Bying a Monowheel

    I am selling my ACM v1 820Wh. It is on "2dehands.be"
  2. Video: Gotway Monster 100v version

    The doc of my new monster says motor 1800w. Motor code 1703.....
  3. Tire Thickness/Quality

    i did 13000 km on my original acm tire.
  4. The Gotway Tesla 1020wh Model Open Box and Initial thoughts

    You could change your video's title with Youtube's online editing tool
  5. Battery question

    I still get the same mileage out of my ACM. I would have the rebuild done by a professional. Just wanted to save on the cost of the cells.
  6. Battery question

    I have a 820 Wh ACM and I would like to buy a 1600 Wh Monster . Can I use the cells of my ACM to upgrade the Monster to 2400 Wh even though the cells have ~300 cycles (14000 km) on them.
  7. Request for a larger msuper3-like pedals

    You could make them yourself ( or have them made )
  8. WheelLog Android App

    Calibration does not work on my ACM V1 820Wh. All the rest works super. Thanks again.
  9. WheelLog Android App

    Thank you, I had the same problem on my ACM V1 820Wh
  10. Gotway ACM just died @ 30kph+

    It is not logical. If there are 3 fixed speed alarms, why call the first 2 speed alarms and the third a power alarm. If I was an EUC firmware programmer and my boss told me to put in an 80% power alarm, I would write a routine to constantly calculate the max power and sound the alarm at 80% of that max power.
  11. ACM tire after 13000 km

    No point in making another review. Speedy Feet's review is spot on. (especially the end) There are a lot of sandy mountainbike trails where I live. I always got stuck in loose sand with the original tire but this tire in combination with the torque of the ACM is perfect for these sandy trails. I'll be doing a lot of off-road riding in the future.
  12. ACM tire after 13000 km

    I'll do some testing today and report tomorrow. Regarding the mileage. I am riding since june 2016. I just love to ride. I go for a ride in the morning, charge during the day, go for a ride in the evening and charge during the night.
  13. ACM tire after 13000 km

    I ride at ~25 - ~30 km/h. My riding weigth is 75 kg. At 8000 km I had to tighten the screws holding the case to the pedal mounts. (felt some strange balancing behaviour) At 11000 km I had to tighten the axle nuts. (the case made a squeeking sound)
  14. After 13000 km I had to change the tire on my ACM. I've put on a Schwalbe Mad Mike 16x2.125 and it is a totally different ride.
  15. ACM pedal swap recommendation

    I find all the Gotway pedals too small so I made them myself.