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  1. Battery question

    I still get the same mileage out of my ACM. I would have the rebuild done by a professional. Just wanted to save on the cost of the cells.
  2. Battery question

    I have a 820 Wh ACM and I would like to buy a 1600 Wh Monster . Can I use the cells of my ACM to upgrade the Monster to 2400 Wh even though the cells have ~300 cycles (14000 km) on them.
  3. Request for a larger msuper3-like pedals

    You could make them yourself ( or have them made )
  4. WheelLog Android App

    Calibration does not work on my ACM V1 820Wh. All the rest works super. Thanks again.
  5. WheelLog Android App

    Thank you, I had the same problem on my ACM V1 820Wh
  6. Gotway ACM just died @ 30kph+

    It is not logical. If there are 3 fixed speed alarms, why call the first 2 speed alarms and the third a power alarm. If I was an EUC firmware programmer and my boss told me to put in an 80% power alarm, I would write a routine to constantly calculate the max power and sound the alarm at 80% of that max power.
  7. ACM tire after 13000 km

    No point in making another review. Speedy Feet's review is spot on. (especially the end) There are a lot of sandy mountainbike trails where I live. I always got stuck in loose sand with the original tire but this tire in combination with the torque of the ACM is perfect for these sandy trails. I'll be doing a lot of off-road riding in the future.
  8. ACM tire after 13000 km

    I'll do some testing today and report tomorrow. Regarding the mileage. I am riding since june 2016. I just love to ride. I go for a ride in the morning, charge during the day, go for a ride in the evening and charge during the night.
  9. ACM tire after 13000 km

    I ride at ~25 - ~30 km/h. My riding weigth is 75 kg. At 8000 km I had to tighten the screws holding the case to the pedal mounts. (felt some strange balancing behaviour) At 11000 km I had to tighten the axle nuts. (the case made a squeeking sound)
  10. After 13000 km I had to change the tire on my ACM. I've put on a Schwalbe Mad Mike 16x2.125 and it is a totally different ride.
  11. ACM pedal swap recommendation

    I find all the Gotway pedals too small so I made them myself.
  12. How to ride with one leg?

    bend your knee so your lower leg is a bit diagonally across the pad
  13. I want a ACM... but legal issues

    I have insurance with a "green card" from KBC verzekeringen. Costs 57€/year.
  14. ACM V1 820wh: 12400 km. Riding since june 2016. Had to tighten the screws holding the case to the pedal mounts at around 8000 km. Made bigger pedals.
  15. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    If that rim is 18" than the pedals are at least 10" long. Nice.