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  1. This might be cheaper. No cnc machining needed. Maybe DIY.
  2. Not yet, but I am planning to. I just stardet playing with Freecad. I will double check with an other FEA application.
  3. Bad news. I was expecting a price of around 100 €/pair but I got a price of 450 €/pedal.
  4. I have send the drawing to a local cnc machine shop for a price estimate.
  5. How about this piece.
  6. Like this ?
  7. I have been playing a bit with Freecad. Thougts about these pedals ?
  8. That is more than one casting defect.
  9. Could this be the reason for the pedals tilting in slow turns? If the gyro is not aligned in a plane that is parallel to the pedal arms, it is possible to tilt the gyro front/back by leaning the euc left/right.
  10. I started riding mid june 2016. The ACM is my first and only EUC.
  11. I ride mostly on roads (95%) at ~30 km/h. Tire pressure at 3 bar.
  12. @Pingouin I have the 820 Wh version. My riding weight is 75 kg. There is some wear on the tire but I think it wil last an other 7500 km.
  13. @Marty Backe No noticable decrease in batterie capacity.
  14. I have 7500 km on my ACM v1. Never had any problem. Never had to open it.
  15. I use this one. It can be rotated 90° on the mount.