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  1. I found it on Youtube
  2. strange , so you say tiltback happens even at lower speed , if tilt is programmed at 30 kmh then it might happen even at 20 kmh ? I never had that problem , KS18A
  3. Buy a stronger euc
  4. Cool
  5. Next project , how to build a fishing boat with a cheap noname 14inch euc and an old propeller Positive No faceplant No bruises Easy to learn Plenty of fish food along the way Alot of space for solar panels batteries Alot of space for extra women Negative Needs water , a lake sea river Not for seasick
  6. I respect the reason or I would disagree , so it is up to me to buy an extra battery
  7. Gurgle donuts , so if someone hack my phone then they can turn off my kingsong while im driving in highspeed , nice , this was an important update , what I need is to be allowed to use my batteries att full speed down to 20-30 % not 50 % , I was wrong , it won't turn off while driving if you press the Onoff button
  8. Sucess with extra battery pack, full speed to Gislaved an home to Hestra and it didnt go to slow speed mode , I love the plug , now I can have an extra battery in my backpack , I dont recommend to have a battery ontop , it changes stability
  9. . http://kingsong.ulcraft.com/
  10. For beginners , stand on 1 pedal , lean on the side of the euc and find balance , then its easy to go up and drive away
  11. Boob wheel - Carpe diem