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  1. Fullerton Loop - Southern Calif Ride - 05Nov2017

    I wont be able to join this round. But I only have a Ninebot E+, I dont think it can go the distance. What would you suggest when I join next time?
  2. Flat Tire Ninebot One

    Bought some tubes from ebay. And when they came the tubes were pointing the wrong way. Not until we took it apart and put it back together than we realized it cause it was scratching against the body. OMG
  3. Ninebot One E+ and a portable gas generator?

    Can you link me the thread please?
  4. Ninebot One E+ and a portable gas generator?

    So 450Watt Generator is the minimum? Im looking for generator to power my 9bot at Burning Man
  5. Southern California

    How long are the rides usually? I dont think my 9bot E+ can go long distance, maybe 12-14miles max?
  6. Southern California

    Im back in LA! Lets meet up and ride
  7. The member's YouTube channel thread

    My Channel Youtube.com/JitpunKia
  8. Southern California

    I have a Ninebot One E+ myself, his a really good rider. Just cant fly with his across the world.
  9. Southern California

    I have a friend coming to visit in April. We cant afford to buy a wheel but seeing if its possible to rent for 2/3 weeks
  10. Going backwards

    It almost seem impossible at first, but after some decent hours I can go backwards in a circle both directions, thats my main practice right now. Find a big area and ride around backwards in a big circle
  11. Ninebot One Cannot Pump Tire

    Now Ive used a regular tire with 3 washers, I guess the only way to pump air into it is to take the whole thing apart
  12. Flat Tire Ninebot One

    I had a flat tire a few months ago and I was lazy to wait and buy the 9bot tire, so I did what you did and use a regular tire and 3 rubber washers. But now the issue is there is no other way to pump air in the tire except to take the whole thing apart again innit.

    A small clip of the 9bot in our show in Malaysia