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  1. woah! i can ask a dude to give you 3d model of fender to print if it helps..
  2. our jaws are still on the floor so we are silent in awe ohh those Russians...
  3. oh yesss. i got 3 broken handlebars on my hands so yes it is aluminium cracking alright
  4. Nice to see model made in Russia, printed in Israel took it place in Chicago US
  5. I believe that this is factory loctite and you a lucky one
  6. Thats why i bought second mini for my wife
  7. s'well bottle — ok but they are came in 3 sizes: 9, 17, 25 oz Which one?
  8. well then, we need to specify exact dimensions of bottle for holder so i can do a model. Is there a some fine and convinient bottle model that you all can buy or get?
  9. Guys, i can design a 3d-printed version of such holder. Tell me please here, in this topic: who is interested in such thing and we'll see what can be done )
  10. I agree with that (i totally dismantled mine miniPro when i broke main frame and tear mini apart to replace it with new frame) build quality and engineering is superb.
  11. i was cut down twice by my mini pro, but first time that was when it battery was depleted almost at zero and i decided to speedup going up a slope, so poor thing just can't handle it, i run forward (did not fall on the ground) and mini continue to ride in some other direction. And the second tine that was whet i get BOTH tires in drain trench at the same time on a sone descent speed (usually i ride through such trenches by some angle so tires hit trench one by one) Thats pretty all accidents with mini pro for two seasons for me
  12. You just should use one of these: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=a9_asi_1?rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Abicycle+fork+pump&keywords=bicycle+fork+pump&ie=UTF8&qid=1504976962 bicycle fork pump is ALWAYS has a valve mechanism on a hose to prevent ANY air leakage. I use this pump and pretty happy with it.
  13. i believe that one (or both) of hex bolts that holds the steering stick base get loose (located in the red thing on the mini's body that you plug your steering stick to) I found that sometimes you need to tighten them. Bolts are located under red rubber plug, you should put it out first But try not to over-tight it: i broke one of the bolts one day in to two pieces (Hulk – stroong!!)))