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  1. There's an app you say?

    That's actually the real Gotway site Or "Guangzhou Kebye Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd"
  2. Aw Man I Hate Youtube.

    You can do that with almost anything that has stepper motors, old diskdrives, printers etc.
  3. My First Day with my new KS 16S - DISASTER!!!!

    This thread was hidden for a while as we needed to ahem... clean up things a bit, but didn't want to delete it entirely. Keep it civil and on topic please.
  4. Headache

    Just spent a couple of hours on and off trying to find what's wrong with my half-bridges... My head hurts, but I finally found 2 missing wires and one misplaced resistor in total, that caused the 2nd bridge high-side not to open. Oscilloscope and signal generator would be nice, had to go with nothing but cheap multimeter and 555-timer circuit to produce 25kHz square(ish) PWM. Yeah, nobody probably cares, but I just had to vent a bit Now, I still need to build a 3rd similar half-bridge before I can try to drive a motor...
  5. Headache

    Aaand... done. I don't actually expect anyone, even the teacher of the course, to read through this in its entirety. I'm still not 100% happy with the report, as I had to leave out things due to time restraints, and would have had to make more measurements, but it's starting to rival my thesis in size and I'm out of time If you're really interested in the subject (66 pages, about 14MB because of all the pictures, although they had to be compressed down a lot and suffer in quality): https://github.com/esaj/SwarmRobot/raw/master/Documentation/FinalReport.pdf Probably not
  6. Headache

    Could be... About 2.5-3 years back I would have never imagined to get interested into electronics, but here we are. Although I might need a break after finishing the embedded -course, I'm already running on fumes. Changing jobs in the middle of the course threw our original planned schedule out the window. Although we didn't finish the software, all the building blocks are there, just not enough time to get everything together so that it'd work completely as originally intended. Now I'm just scrambling to get the final report done (running at 40+ pages right now, and still missing a few chapters) by Friday. Luckily, Wednesday is a national holiday (independence day), so I might still make it Yup, running a tad long, but there's lot to cover... as the page numbering reveals, some of the headings have no actual text content yet
  7. Don't know about mobile phones, but at least on a "normal" browser, click your username on the top right corner, where you'd go to edit your profile or whatever, and select My Attachments. Although it seems only to list them, I don't know if there's a faster way, but it seems you'd have to go through the posts containing the files one by one, and edit them to delete attachments... At least that makes them easy to find, but if there's lots of them...
  8. KingSong pedals easy solution

    I assume this means that the KS16S works with battery packs that do not have actual connection to the 3rd pin? Or was something else needed?
  9. <puts on terminology nazi hat> Negative Temperature Coefficient </hat off> What? This is important!
  10. I join the choir here, and say it's not practical, similarly to the ideas of using solar panels (unless you can carry a very big and heavy panel with you). The power needed to charge a unicycle in any "sensible" time is about hundred-fold compared to a mobile device, which are designed to work on as little power as possible. A cellphone battery holds less than 10Wh, "decent" EUCs have batteries ranging from 680 to 2400Wh. You're spending about 10-20Wh per kilometer, that's about one to three cell phone charges from zero to full, depending on the phone battery size. I took a quick look to find some values for the device, but didn't really... just picked these up from some review: "Eton says that 1 minute of cranking will give you 4 minutes of talk time. You need to rotate it about one or two revolutions per second to generate enough energy to charge the battery." Not bad, but how much talk time does a full phone have, something like a couple of hours at least (>100 minutes)? It would be more useful if they'd give some other unit than "talk time minutes", but still, that's not much charge. That still sounds like at least half an hour of cranking to get the phone battery full, which would get you about 1km on wheel, if you weight 60kg (130lb) or less and the wheel is low powered. Also, I suspect that pumping the voltage up high enough will flush the efficiency further down the toilet, at least most phones seem to use single cell (4.2V maximum voltage when fully charger), most EUCs have 16 or 20 cells in series (67.2-84V max), which means even more cranking. "Though the BoostTurbine has four LEDs that lit up to show the battery's level when I turned the crank, it was hard to tell exactly how much power I was creating. For instance, if the battery is at 50 percent, two LEDs will light up solid and a third will blink, indicating that you're charging the battery. I never got the next light to come on, as my hands got tired after a few minutes of continuous cranking." Hands tired after a few minutes? To get a few kilometers/miles home, you're looking at least an hour or more of continuous cranking... Edit: just want to point out that I'm not saying it's "stupid" or anyone's stupid for suggesting this, just a general problem that human body is not very good at producing such an amount of energy (especially with all the inefficiencies of the entire chain from mechanical motion to electrical/chemical energy in the battery) that's needed to charge the wheels. Usually the problem is either the low power produced, if using a person to produce the power, or with renewable energy sources (such as wind turbines or solar panels), the size and weight of the equipment for enough power (As an example, about 1 square meter / 10 square feet solar-panel would weigh about 10-20kg, that's 22-44lbs, and would produce something like about 200-250W in direct sunlight, minus all the losses that come in the voltage boosting for the final power output) . BUT, if someone manages to make a foldable, relatively light-weight solar panel and circuitry that can boost the voltage up high enough without significant losses, even with a couple of hundred watts of actual power output and fitting into a backpack, that you can then just take out and spread out during a break of an hour or so, it would start to make sense.
  11. EWheels 84v Fast Charger Review

    A friend of mine has a 67.2V fast charger without a voltage/current display that he bought along with a KS16 from Jason a couple years back (from the UK-store back then), it gave out something like 65.x V (probably closer to 66V, don't remember exactly) when I measured it. In that case, the charger had trimpots (trimmer potentiometers) inside for adjusting the maximum voltage, maximum current, the red/green led switch-point and fourth one for something... don't remember what, I think I figured it out back then when I was fooling around with it, could have been adjustment for when the fan turns on. Not sure if it came like that from the factory or if the pots had wandered off a bit over time, although I doubt they would turned over half a turn on their own (usually the trimpots have at least 10 turns from end-to-end). I adjusted it actually ever-so-sligthly above 67.2V (something like 67.25V if memory serves) when it was set 100% charge. So technically slight overcharge, but it's only 67.25V / 16 cells = 4.203125V per cell, I just wanted to make sure the balancing kicks in. Don't know if it has never hit the actual balancing over the lifetime of the wheel (over 1 year at that point), I doubt even KS's have active balancing and just rely on shunting the current past a fully charged cell. From Marty's video, I didn't notice any trimpots inside the charger, so don't know if those are adjustable or if they just rely on component tolerances not to wonder off too far and the output is completely reliant on non-adjustable components. Could be that they were just out of view in the video, on the other end of the board, as the NTC is placed at the AC-side. In general, the entire board of that charger seems much simpler than the 67.2V charger my friend had.
  12. Headache

    No time to write an actual post, so I'll just put up some pictures: 3d-printed motor brackets: Went surprisingly well, no issues with the printing, making 10 copies was pretty easy. Last IR-LED/IR-photodiode -modules (35 needed for 5 robots, in total I made 39 of these I think): Brackets and the boards with SMD ICs in place: First complete board, rest with all the SMDs (ie. resistors and caps in addition to ICs) waiting for through-hole -assembly: Completed boards, unassembled extra boards on the right-side (it was the same price for 5 pieces or 10, so I took 10, just to have spares in case I f**k up badly, plus the design can be used for other kinds of stuff too, with certain limits of course): Factory-made boards are much faster and easier to solder compared to milled boards. Definitely will order more when I have a project again that needs more than something like 1-3 boards, of course depending on size & time, but still prefer to at least prototype with milled boards first to verify the design to avoid ordering boards that have design faults to begin with Fleet ready for programming:
  13. Music?

    Everyone was surprised when HIM announced their farewell-tour this year... everyone in Finland was surprised that HIM still existed. They were "big" here somewhere around the turn of the millenia, I think, but since then they've mostly been popular abroad. EDIT: Reminded me of this: Apocalyptica + Lauri Ylönen (The Rasmus) + Ville Valo (HIM)
  14. As there have been numerous questions about where to buy electric unicycles in country X, or which shops sell some specific brand/model, I've tried to compile a list of resellers and such to help you. It's by no means anywhere near complete, as there probably are a large number of resellers/agents/manufactures/etc who are hard to find by search engines alone, or don't have their own websites, but at least it should give you a few options where to look for. The original list was painstakingly compiled by me, using nothing but what I found here in the forums, and search engines and translation tools, and probably I can't even find most non-english sites, as I don't know the correct search words or understand the language... Hopefully you, other people and the resellers themselves will chime in to make the list more complete over time. Disclaimer While it should be common sense, let's go over a few things: This list is not a complete set of all the manufacturers/resellers/agents/etc. worldwide, and can contain errors, omissions, out-of-date information etc. While I try to avoid any errors or misinterpretations, I do not guarantee that the information here is correct in any way or at any time. I am not affiliated with or compensated by any reseller, EUC manufacturer or such in the list, nor compensated by electricunicycle.org for any volunteer work I do here as a moderator. I take absolutely no responsibility of any errors or omissions in the list or other information in this thread, or anything that may follow from viewing, using or misusing the list or this thread, visiting the sites or contacting the entities mentioned in this list, including but not limited to: any problems with the resellers, warranty issues, shipping problems or scams; loss of money, profit, time, life, limbs or organs, virginity, faith or any other damage, liability or loss you may suffer or unwanted side-effect or end result when engaging directly or indirectly in any way with any reseller, agent, manufacturer or other entity mentioned in the list. You do so at your own responsibility. While I at the minimum try to check that the site at least looks legit, I give you no guarantees of anything, as I have nothing to do with these resellers/web-sites/entities other than listing them (well, I might buy a wheel or some accessories from some of them, but it doesn't affect this listing). Basically, if something goes wrong, don't come crying to me. The list is here to maybe help you find a suitable place to get an EUC, but as it is probably never complete or up-to-date, there may or may not be more suitable options in your case elsewhere. Use the search engines, Luke. I reserve the right to remove any single entity mentioned in the list and not re-add them in case there's strong evidence that points that the reseller/entity is not legit, is dealing with illegal items or is a fraud, or for any other reason I see as a reason for removing the said entity from this list, and reserve the right to change this disclaimer and any contents of this post/thread at any time without warning. While I have expressed my opinions on some manufacturers, wheel models and such in other topics, and reserve the right to do so also in the future outside this listing/thread, I DO NOT endorse, advocate, give better or poorer visibility to, or otherwise recommend or shun any single reseller or brand over another within this listing or thread, whether I've used certain brand/model or not, or whether I've bought something from a listed reseller or not, or recommend ordering anything either from abroad or domestically or otherwise, nor breaking any international or local laws regarding importing wheels or related parts or accessories, using the wheels or in any other way. The choice is entirely yours. To put it simply, I hope this list and other information in this post is correct and useful to you, but on the other hand won't take any responsibility about anything Phew, I hope I made myself clear. Is your shop or a shop you know missing from the list, or contains wrong information? Are you reseller whose information is missing/wrong in the list? Please post to this thread, and I'll add/fix it to the list as soon as possible. Please give a link to the shops' front page or a section which shows the wheels (URL), mention the country or countries (and city or cities, especially if you have physical shop or are able to showcase the wheels in person) where the shop is located/shipping from and the brand(s) being sold. Do not advertise your shop/wheels with extraneous comments like "We have the best wheels/offers/accessories" or "Our wheel is the best and latest technology", stick to the needed information only and create a separate topic under Advertisements & Promotions for your wheel/shop/whatever, if you want to. Only resellers who sell directly to individuals (eg. private persons) one piece at a time are accepted. No whole/bulk-sales only, although it is ok if you sell both in bulk and one piece at a time. Ordering from Ebay / Amazon / Banggood / DXGate / Alibaba / other large e-commerce site (or whatever they're called) You can probably find lots of bigger and smaller resellers and manufacturers and (pretty much) any brand selling through these sites. I do not list such links here, visit the site and do your own searches to find what you're looking for. Ordering directly from manufacturer At least most manufacturers seem to sell also directly to consumers, so you can (usually) order directly from them. I have not included the contact information of the manufacturers here, but you can probably find it in their webpages, if you have a specific brand in mind and want to be sure to get the latest model. However, I have added direct manufacturer representatives who are registered in these forums, you can (probably) contact them directly with a private message to ask about the wheels/make an order. Ordering abroad vs. domestically Basically, the difference between buying from a domestic reseller or abroad is that you may need to pay additional customs duties and/or taxes when ordering abroad, depending where you are and where you are ordering from, and on the other hand, pay (maybe) more when ordering from a domestic reseller (as they've already paid the customs duties importing the wheels, and add taxes + margin on the price), but (probably) get faster turnaround and less shipping costs and such for any maintenance or warranty issues. Or not, this may vary from reseller to reseller and country to country. Compare the prices, costs and services yourself. To get more information about any taxes, customs duties or such when ordering abroad, check your local government, customs or such web pages for details and rates (and possible import limitations, if such exist anywhere for EUCs?). Warranty shipping especially overseas may also be costly, should such need arise, and if you have to pay for it yourself. Some manufacturers/resellers apparently have just sent the spare parts directly, without needing to ship the entire wheel or even parts back for warranty. Some may require the parts or the entire wheel to be shipped back. There may be costs to you or not, and they may vary a lot. I don't know, ask them what their policy is. There's also probably variation in warranties, defect liabilities, consumer protection etc. between countries, and those may or may not depend on where you have ordered the item and where you live. I suggest you find out such things before ordering. When ordering from anywhere, please note also that any transaction- and shipping-costs and such may or may not be included in the price. Locations the shops ship from Although a shop/site/whatever may be listed under country X/city Y (I've usually only extracted the location information from the "contact"-information or "about us"-section in the sites, if such is available and tells their location), it is possible that they only have an office or such in said country/city, and ship through a warehouse or other location in a different city/country. I leave it up to you to find out any issues this might affect (warranty, shipping, import duties, taxes...) before making any orders. If unsure about anything, contact the reseller/manufacturer/local goverment/customs/whatever seems suitable in the case directly and ask them. If you have any suspicions about any entity, the simplest solution is to not order from them. Manufacturer representatives and homepages Format: Manufacturer: username(s), homepage (if any/known) Airwheel: @Love Cherish @Arnold Li http://www.airwheel.net/ Caraok: @Janny, @Janny Wang Eyu: http://en.eyu.co/ F-Wheel: @Jesse Jin http://www.fwheel.cc/ Firewheel: - http://en.fire-wheel.com/index.html Gotway: @Jane Mo @Linneaunicycles http://www.kebye.com Huanxi: @Huanxi electric unicycle http://www.hx1000.com/en/ IPS: - http://en.iamips.com/ @王月月 PinWheel: @PinWheel Joyce Rockwheel: @Barry Chen http://rockwheel.cn/ Suokuwheel: @suokuwheel http://www.suokuwheel.com/ King Song: tinawong has left KS? @Diana-Tan @Diana@szkingsong.com http://www.szkingsong.com/en/index.php Resellers in the forums This is an alphabetical list of resellers and and manufacturer representatives here in the forums (I'm not 100% sure of them all, please post and correct any wrong info). You can (probably) contact these people directly with questions/orders, but I'm not sure if some of them frequent the boards so much, so MIGHT have better luck with contacting the manufacturer/reseller via their pages or contact info found from there. FORMAT: USERNAME IN FORUMS (COUNTRY, shop) BRANDS Alwin Wong (Malaysia, Malaysia Airwheel, Malaysia Gotway) Airwheel, Gotway, Ninebot, King Song, others @bbking (Spain, Airwheelshop) Airwheel @Thewheeldeal (Australia, The Wheel Deal) Gotway OneWheel, Wind Rider, Chic @Gray Goodbarn (United Kingdom, Yorkshire Airwheels Ltd) Airwheel, Gotway @Jason McNeil (United Kingdom, WheelGo, USA, ewheels.com) IPS, Ninebot, InMotion, King Song, Gotway @johnc415 (USA) Gotway, IPS, Huanxi @Justina (Poland, electricunicycles.eu) IPS, King Song, InMotion, Solowheel @Kevin Lee (China/Hong Kong, independent) Gotway, King Song (others?) @Kok Fook Cheang (Malaysia, Asia e-Bike/Wind Rider manufacturer) Wind Rider, Rockwheel, IPS @Kyle Crilow (USA, How We Roll Wheels) Ninebot @mengke (Australia, WheelYouRide) Ninebot @Neale Gray (Australia, Milbay) Milbay @NevNutz (USA, Northern California, Tec Toyz) Gotway @Reagan Goh (Singapore, Ninebot.asia) Ninebot @Tim Haden (USA, HoodRiderz) Ninebot @Trey Lewis (USA, OneSeven) Gotway, IPS @vladmarks (United Kingdom, Project42) Ninebot, Inmotion, Uniwheel, Kingsong, Acton, Minimula @Wheelster (Canada, Wheelster) Airwheel, Firewheel, Solowheel, Ninebot, HX, IPS, Kaabo, SML, EHO, Cofly, generics Country list This is an alphabetical list by country with resellers who are located/ship from that country and which brand(s) they sell (at the time of adding to the list, as always, the information may not be up to date). Note that while city may be listed, the reseller may not have a physical shop there or their unicycles might be available for online-orders only and/or they might ship from a different country or city than stated. At least most sites/shops/resellers/distributors/callthemwhatyouwill probably ship to anywhere in the world, the per-country listing is to help people who want to order domestically or find out about possible physical shops near by to visit. Format: Reseller shop name, City name (if known): URL to shop Brands UNKNOWN/MULTIPLE COUNTRIES: EUniBikes.com, Denmark countrycode in phone number? http://www.eunibikes.com/shop/ TG, IPS FiresCycle, China countrycode? http://www.firescycle.com/ KMx, looks like rebrand for Firewheel F132/F260/F528 + some other two-wheeled? LightInTheBox, ? http://www.lightinthebox.com/ IPS, AirWheel, others... ROVR, ?: http://www.rovr.club/product/mobbo-electric-unicycle/ OneWheel, Ryno, Solowheel, SBU The Tech Life Store, ? http://www.thetechlifestore.com/product-category/smart-toys/outdoor-fun/ TG Wheelive: USA / China https://wheelive.com/ Fastwheel, WEERDA, Inmotion, Ninebot Airwheels, European Union/Slovenia: www.airwheels.pro Airwheel Australia: Milbay, Miami/Queensland: http://www.milbay.com.au/ Milbay (which is a rebranded King Song, AFAIK), Esway Tesla Wheels, ?: https://www.tesla-wheels.com/product/solowheel/ Solowheel The Wheel Deal, ? : https://www.thewheeldeal.net.au/ Gotway, King Song, IPS, Onewheel, Wind Rider, Chic Wheel you ride, Victoria: http://wheelyouride.webs.com/ Ninebot Austria CityWheel, Vienna: https://www.city-wheel.at/ AirWheel, Ninebot Funshop, Vienna: http://www.funshop.at/ Firewheel, Gotway, Ninebot, Solowheel, Airwheel, Inmotion, Monowheel, King Song Ninebot Austria, multiple distributors: http://www.ninebot.trade/index.php/home_ninebot_de_at.html Ninebot Ninebot-shop.at, Hohenems: https://www.ninebot-shop.at/ Ninebot Rentals: Mirtl-Motion, Vienna: http://www.mirtl-motion.at/ Ninebot (guided Vienna Tours & rentals, Ninebot Segways & Ninebot One) Belgium Cityzen, Brussels: http://www.cityzen.be/ Fastwheel, Gotway, Ninebot, F-wheel, Solowheel, King Song MonoWiel, Gistel: http://www.monowiel.be/ IO, MonoWiel (rebranded IPS?), Ninebot, InMotion, IPS, King Song Monowheels, Dilbeek: http://monowheels.be/ Gotway, Huanxi Brazil Ninebot Brazil, São Paulo: http://www.9botbrasil.com.br/ Ninebot Canada AirwheelUnicycle.com, Toronto: http://airwheelunicycle.com/Information/airwheel-models AirWheel Bestbuy, numerous locations: http://www.bestbuy.ca/en-CA/category/electric-unicycles/504392.aspx Sologear eRide-Toronto, Toronto: http://www.ewheelscanada.com Gotway, InMotion, King Song, Ninebot NineBotOne, Vancouver, BC http://www.ninebotone.ca/ Ninebot Ride the glide, Victoria: http://www.ridetheglide.ca/ Ninebot, Gotway Vancouver Electric Unicycles, Vancouver: http://www.vaneuc.com/webstore/en/ InMotion, Gotway, (King Song coming later) Wheelster, Quebec/Toronto/Montreal: http://wheelster.com/ Airwheel, Firewheel, Solowheel, Ninebot, HX, IPS, Kaabo, SML, EHO, Cofly, generics China Airebike, Jiang Su/Hong Kong: http://www.airebike.com/ Airwheel Air-Wheels, Hong Kong: http://en.air-wheels.com/22-electric-unicycle Airwheel, F-Wheel, Chic Smart Alloko, Shenzhen: http://www.alloko.com/all-products/ Airwheel Cocotool, Beijing: http://www.cocotool.com/portfolio/coolgo-most-popular-self-balance-electric-unicycle-x3/ CoolGo FazendoMedia, Beijing: http://balancingscooter.buy.fazendomedia.com/c1342681-gyroscopic-electric-unicycle Generics? Fosjoas, Shenzhen: http://www.fosjoas.com/Home/index Rebrands/generics? Geekbuying, Shenzhen: http://www.geekbuying.com/category/Bicycle-Supplies-1265 TG Gotway Canada, Ontario: https://gotwaycanada.com/ Gotway Holuby, Shenzhen: https://www.holuby.com/type/scooters.html Generics LifeJoys, Shenzhen: http://www.lifejoys.net/ FL (F-Wheel?) Ninebot Mall, Shenzhen: http://www.ninebotmall.com/ Ninebot Segwaybox, Shenyang: http://segwaybox.com/ AX37I (looks like Ninebot?) Smartride, Shenzhen: http://www.srwindow.cn/ Ninebot, InMotion, Yikebike, Solowheel Zapals, Shenzhen: http://www.zapals.com/outdoor-living/scooter-skateboard/electric-unicycle.html Generics? Croatia Airwheels, ?: www.airwheels.com.hr Airwheel Czech Republic Gotway.cz, Prague(?) : http://gotway.cz/ Gotway, Ninebot, Firewheel, IPS, Airwheel Denmark Air-Wheel.dk , Odense: http://air-wheel.dk/ Fly Sky Wheel Airwheel Denmark, ?: http://www.airwheels.dk/ Airwheel Coolstuff, Malmö: http://www.coolstuff.dk/ Solowheel, Airwheel Freego Nordic, Vejle: http://www.freegonordic.dk/ Freego, Okay Robot, Inmotion MyWheel, København (Copenhagen): http://mywheel.dk/29-el-uniwheel Airwheel, Firewheel, MyWheel Uniriders, Copenhagen(?): http://www.uniriders.com King Song Estonia Firstwheel, Tallinn: http://firstwheel.com/ Firstwheel, Airwheel, Ninebot, InMotion Finland CDON.com, Maarianhamina: http://cdon.fi/ Airwheel CoolStuff, Helsinki: http://www.coolstuff.fi Airwheel, Solowheel DG-Products, Espoo: http://kevytilmailu.com/index.php?id=10&ala=62 Airwheel, Ninebot, InMotion, King Song eCycle, Helsinki/Järvenpää: http://www.ecycle.fi/kauppa/ Gotway, InMotion E1on.com, Mikkeli: https://www.e1on.com/fi/tuoteryhma/727288 King Song Joyride Games, Forssa: http://www.joyride.fi/ JoyrideWheel (Looks like it's rebranded F-Wheel Dolphin One) Ollu.fi, Lohja: http://www.ollu.fi/ Generics, Huanxi Teknik Magasinet, Espoo/Helsinki/Lempäälä/Turku/Vantaa/Jyväskylä: http://www.teknikmagasinet.fi/tuotevalikoima/urheilu-ja-vapaa-aika/sahkokayttoiset-kulkuneuvot IPS, MonoWheel (rebrand of IPS?), ORB Wheel Verkkokauppa.com, Helsinki/Tampere/Oulu : http://www.verkkokauppa.com/fi/catalog/10864c/Pyoraily-Kevyet-sahkokulkuneuvot Airwheel, GoZero France Airwheel Boutique, Monistrol sur Loire: http://www.airwheelboutique.fr/ Airwheel Airwheel France, Paris: http://www.airwheel-france.com/index.php Airwheel AlterMove, Lille / Lyon: http://www.altermove.com/vehicule/solowheel.html Beepre, Rool'in, Solowheel Decathlon, 260 stores in France: http://www.decathlon.fr/solowheel-electrique-id_8303597.html Solowheel E-Bicycle, Paris: http://www.e-bicycle.fr/gyropode.php eWheel Fastwheel, Paris: http://www.fastwheel.fr/site/fastwheel/ Fastwheel Fastwheel France, ?: http://monocycle-electrique-fastwheel.fr/index.php/magasin-monocycles-electriques/ Fastwheel Firewheel France, Toulouse https://fire-wheel.eu/en/ Firewheel, Gotway, IPS, Airwheel Funnybike / E Roue, Paris: http://funnybike.fr/ Gotway, F-Wheel, Pukka, Solowheel, Ninebot Gyromax, Rebenacq: http://gyromax.fr/36-roues-electriques Inmotion, Ninebot Gyroroue-shop, Paris: http://gyroroue-shop.fr/ King Song, Rockwheel, Inmotion, Ninebot, and GotWay High'Tems, Beauvais: http://hightems.eu/17-monocycles Ninebot, King Song IPS Boutique, ?: http://www.ipsboutique.fr/ IPS MobilityUrban, : http://www.mobilityurban.fr/gyropode/ Smart Chic, NeWheel, FastWheel, Airwheel, Rockwheel, Legway, Firewheel Ninebot France, Paris: http://www.ninebot-france.com/acheter-louer/boutique/ Ninebot Ninebot France, ?: http://www.ninebotfrance.fr/ Ninebot Norauto, Marseilles/Lyon/Toulouse: http://www.norauto.fr/produit/solowheel-electrique-blanc-1500w_882133.html Solowheel Onebot, Nantes: http://www.onebot.fr/home/9-ninebot-one.html Ninebot Quad-Custom.fr, Noailles: http://www.quad-custom.fr/54-mono-roue-electrique-et-mini-gyropode Pamolod TeamScoot, Monistrol-sur-Loire: http://www.scooter-electrique-urbain.fr/13-monoroue-monocycle Freego, Ninebot, Pukka, Fastwheel, IPS, Airwheel, Rockwheel, Firewheel, Legway, generics... 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  15. Two videos from my flight sim endeavour

    I played F/A-18 Hornet 2.0 a lot somewhere in the middle-90's as a kid... all I remember is that it took ages to learn to take off from & land on an aircraft carrier. And the amount of keys & key-combinations was huge, since I only had a single joystick without that many buttons and no pedals or throttle-stick, so I had to fly with stick + keyboard.
  16. Gotway Tesla vs KS16S?

    Ground fault current interruptor is not a fuse, it measures the outgoing and returning current, and if there's too big of a difference (like 10-30mA), it interrupts the circuit, because current is "leaking" to ground/earth somewhere (usually something has shorted to ground/earth). The current limit is small, because the short might be caused by a person, and 10-30mA is low enough not to kill (usually). But it won't work as a fuse, ie. it won't cut the circuit based on the total amount of current, but small amount of "missing" current. Someone might wonder why they won't cut even at lower missing current, but many house appliances "leak" a small bit of current to earth, and some devices do this by design via a resistor going to ground/earth (I must admit that I don't know why though). That said, there ARE resettable fuses (called "automatic fuses" here, automaattisulake in Finnish, GFCI's are "vikavirtasuoja" in Finnish), but they usually don't have very large current carrying capabitilities, at least the ones I've seen have usually been made for 110/230V (RMS) mains, something like 10 or 16A, and they're fairly large as they're meant to be installed in a mains cabinet DIN-rail: There might be physically smaller-sized, higher current limit versions of automatic fuses too, but a wheel can draw very high transient current for short while during take off or acceleration (tens or even a hundred amperes for high power models?), and they might cut the power when it wasn't really supposed to KS uses 30A or 40A blade-fuses on the board where the battery wires come in (separate per battery pack for the KS16S, so 80A total basically), although I guess most of the transient peak current is delivered by the capacitors on the board and not drawn (as much) from the batteries themselves. At one point I was considering PTC-fuses (Positive Temperature Coefficient, the kind of polymer-fuse that cuts the power once it overheats from too high current and then resets after it cools down) for something I was planning to stick to my wheel, but SMD-versions of those have usually a voltage limit of up to 60V, above which they might not work (ie. they might not cut the power when they're supposed to), some THTs go up to 72V.
  17. Anyone notice this weird psychic phenomenon?

    Nice try, but she actually called yesterday that she's coming over with my uncle today
  18. Ever Buy Stuff That You Probably Don't Even Need?

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but the Blackberry's aren't done by Research In Motion anymore, AFAIK they sold (or licensed?) the rights to the Blackberry -trademark and the current phones are made by some Chinese manufacturer (TCL Communication). BlackBerry is a line of smartphones, tablets, and services originally designed and marketed by Canadian company BlackBerry Limited (formerly known as Research In Motion Limited).[1] These are currently designed, manufactured, and marketed by TCL Communication (BlackBerry Mobile), BB Merah Putih, and Optiemus for the global, Indonesian, and Indian markets, respectively, continuously using the BlackBerry brand. I think I might actually use a smartphone with a QWERTY-keyboard, BB Priv looks nice (although it's already couple of years old), the keyboard slides out from under the phone: Most of the other Android Blackberry-models with keyboards seem to have more squarish display, which I wouldn't mind, but I'm pretty sure the aspect ratio's going to cause problems with lots of software, because the user interfaces weren't written for such aspect ratios (because they're rare), and people will likely hit problems like some of the buttons or whatever partially outside the screen... "Joys" of making mobile software
  19. Music?

    Ayreon released a new album, "The Source" this year: The man (Arjen Lucassen) behind the music, lyrics & storyline actually published the entire album in Youtube with in-depth behind the scenes notes and animations, but this is just one song. The singer line-up for this album is: James LaBrie (Dream Theater) as The Historian Tommy Karevik (Kamelot, Seventh Wonder) as The Opposition Leader Tommy Rogers (Between the Buried and Me) as The Chemist Simone Simons (Epica) as The Counselor Nils K. Rue (Pagan's Mind) as The Prophet Tobias Sammet (Edguy, Avantasia) as The Captain Hansi Kürsch (Blind Guardian) as The Astronomer Mike Mills (Toehider) as TH-1 Russell Allen (Symphony X) as The President Michael Eriksen (Circus Maximus) as The Diplomat Floor Jansen (Nightwish, ex-After Forever, ex-ReVamp) as The Biologist Will Shaw (Heir Apparent), Wilmer Waarbroek, Jan Willem Ketelaars, and Lisette van den Berg (Scarlet Stories) as The Ship's Crew[citation needed] Zaher Zorgati (Myrath) as The Preacher1 Also guest starring Joost van den Broek (ex-After Forever) – grand piano and electric piano Mark Kelly (Marillion) – synthesizer solo[13] on "The Dream Dissolves" Maaike Peterse (Kingfisher Sky) – cello Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big, Racer X) – guitar solo[14] on "Star of Sirrah" Guthrie Govan (The Aristocrats, ex-Asia) – guitar solo[15] on "Planet Y Is Alive!" Marcel Coenen (Sun Caged) – guitar solo[16] on "The Dream Dissolves" Ed Warby – drums Ben Mathot – violin Jeroen Goossens (ex-Pater Moeskroen) – flute, wind instruments Arjen Anthony Lucassen – electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitar, mandolin, synthesizers, Hammond, Solina Strings, all other instruments The album happens in the main Ayreon-storyline, after the Big Bang (Dawn of a Million Souls / Flight of the Universal Migrator), right before the 01011001 -album, telling the story of how the Forever-race came to be... the entire storyline is far too complex to explain, and I'd just get things wrong, plus it's music, so it can be listened "just" as such Here's a glimpse of the entire timeline, although pretty vague in my opinion
  20. Anyone notice this weird psychic phenomenon?

    I'm still waiting for the lottery numbers... or if you can tell for certain whether Bitcoin (or some other cryptocurrency) keeps on going up for the next, say, 3-5 years, so I can go all in
  21. Yes, it will definitely burn with 30V, likely also with 9V. The datasheet for the ATMega328(P) at http://www.atmel.com/Images/Atmel-42735-8-bit-AVR-Microcontroller-ATmega328-328P_Datasheet.pdf states under absolute maximums: Voltage on any Pin except RESET with respect to Ground -0.5V to VCC+0.5V And the absolute maximum for the supply voltage (VCC) for the chip itself is 6V. Usually Arduinos are powered with 5V, which means the analog input (or any other) pins should never be subjected to voltages below -0.5V or above 5.5V (in reference to the GND of the Arduino). Another thing I noticed on a quick glance under the ADC-chapter: The ADC is optimized for analog signals with an output impedance of approximately 10K ohm or less. If such a source is used, the sampling time will be negligible. If a source with higher impedance is used, the sampling time will depend on how long time the source needs to charge the S/H capacitor, with can vary widely. The user is recommended to only use low impedance sources with slowly varying signals, since this minimizes the required charge transfer to the S/H capacitor. (S/H refers to "Sample & Hold" -circuitry inside the ADC, aka Analog-to-Digital-Converter) Basically what it's saying is that if you have a higher than 10K resistor on the high-side of your divider, you must use a longer sample time (or maybe the chip is smart enough to adjust itself, didn't read that far ). Personally, I'd probably stick some rail-to-rail -opamp there as a buffer.
  22. The Weekly EUC Tutorial, by Hirsute

    You can now add "universal translator" in your sig
  23. Yes, that's the general idea. Since the voltages are (or at least should be) divided to some "suitable" (0...up to 5V, unless you use lower VREF-input on the Arduino) voltage area, nothing more complicated should be needed... well, I'd at least add something like 5.1V (or whatever is slightly above or at the VREF-level) zener- or TVS-diodes to shunt out any high voltage spikes that might damage the ADC, but that's just me Multiple consequent readings & averaging (and/or low-pass software filtering) in software could be used to further get rid of any glitches / noise in the signal, but I guess there's not that much noise in the cells themselves (but if you have long wires going to the measurement circuit, they might pick up all sorts of noise from the environment, like the motor).
  24. MIA Forum Members Where Are They Now?

    That reminds me, guess who's supposed to (by Christmas "preferably") fit all this: (Well, "just" the 3d-printer, and the four table tops + cabinets) into this: Guess I'll have to throw away most of the old tables...