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  1. The Photo Thread

    Hi guys, testing out a new baby this afternoon !!! (ft ACMs+ 1600Wh) Maybe I'll have a review coming for this one, even though it's not an EUC !
  2. Did you have your wheel stolen?

    @Hunka Hunka Burning Love mine wasn't stolen, but broken instead :/ In France in Paris, a rider who met a potential buyer for his ACMs+ 1300Wh got robbed, because the guy tried his ACM, he flew off with it, impossible to catch up on foot with a +40kph capable EUC...So for those of you who want to sell an EUC without any worries, maybe just try to put a tilt back at 20kph, because you'll be capable of catching the thief. Most of the time I think that EUC are difficule to steal because we take them with us all the time. For the ebay EUC, I can't say if it's stolen or not, maybe ask why he doesn't have the charger...
  3. Hi guys, I was lucky enough to borrow one of the first Gotway Tesla 1020Wh in France to one of my friends, I rode on a Gotway ACM 1300Wh & Rockwheel GT16 for a while now, and a little on a Gotway ACM1600Wh, I will compare this EUC to it's current competitors (at least the ones I can talk about). My first impression when seeing it was how beautiful it looked. I already checked the pictures on the internet, and review videos, but seing it in real is something different. The glossy finish on the led rings gives a premium feeling to the EUC, overall I really love the design, very close to the Gotway MCM4 and close to a V8. I can say that for me, it is the best looking EUC that Gotway has come out with so far (this is subjective of course). First go with the Tesla, and woooow that is a freaking awsome EUC. The most noticable improvement over the ACM is that it is very smooth, the algorithm must be different, and also it is a very quiet EUC, I would say it's even quieter than the V8 !!! I have been riding on a Gotway ACM 1600Wh lately, the tiny pads of the Tesla sits much higher than the ones on the ACM, so overall it gives the impression that the EUC is much more stable at slow speeds. The acceleration is very progressive, it's not as brutal as on the GT16, but feels much more stable and stirdy than on the ACM, the 2000W motor sure gives confidence while accelerating. Regarding it's comfort, I would say it's more comfy than the ACM, compared to the GT16 it's hard to tell, the soft rubber under the pedals of the GT16 sure helps but the GT16 is so much more brutal than the Tesla, the Tesla feels much more gentle...The Tesla absorbs the shocks about the same as the GT16 I would say, maybe the GT16 has a slight advantage over the Tesla, not sure... At slow speeds, the Tesla is still very agile, it can go slower than the ACM, I measured 2.4kph on the Tesla, 3.6kph on the ACM, 2.3kph on the GT16. At high speeds, the Tesla is a beast ! Much more stable than the GT16 and the ACM, it doesn't have the slow tilt back that the GT16 has when reaching 40kph and above, at 44kph I felt very confident, and safe, I would say that it almost feels as stable as on the Monster, and more stable than on the Msuper3 that I have tested (although I didn't test it long enough to be sure at 100%). As I rode along, I felt that the pads are a little hard on your legs, I feel like there is some room for improvement here, or maybe it's because I'm small. When walking with the Tesla and it's trolley, it feels very natural, much more esthetic than the one on the ACM & GT16, and I would say it will probably last longer than the one on the KS16XXX being appart from the carrying handle. Lifting the Tesla is like any other EUC. Laying it against a wall is easier than on the ACM & GT16 because the trolley is centered. Performances : I measured 6.8s accelerating from 0 to 45kph with the Tesla, 6.5s on the GT16, 8.1s on the ACM, 9.4s on the Monster. Top speed with my weight on the Tesla : 53kph, GT16 : 53kph, ACM : 49kph, Monster : 51kph. I was suprised that the Tesla can accelerate as fast as the GT16 because it feels much more gentle, but I much prefer the acceleration on the Tesla. Reactiviy is not as good as the GT16 which keeps the lead on this one, still much better than the ACM 1300Wh & 1600Wh. I would say it is not the best Freestyle EUC overall, in hard mode it's not as hard as the V8 for example, but for an every day use it's perfectly balanced. I've rode it during the night, the front light is very very bright, it's all we need, you can now see what's coming from far away, it's brighter than the front light on the V8 & KS16B, it's simply the brightest light I've ever seen on an EUC, too bad there isn't the same thing at the back, the lateral leds are very nice, you can stil be seen from behind but I would say you should probably add a light at the back for safety. Regarding it's size, if looks quite big, but it doesn't feel big, in fact it feels smaller than the ACM, have a look at the pictures for size comparaison. To summerize, I would say that the Tesla is really really an incredible EUC, I didn't expect that much out of it, even though I haven't rode it for very long, I think it's my favorite Gotway for now, compared to the GT16, it's a better finished EUC imo, compared to the ACM, it's a big improvement except for the range (that I haven't tested, I would say it's about the same as a GT16 1036Wh). I see it as a great commuters EUC, it feels solid, it's powerful, silent, pleasant to ride...only the range would be an issue for me (I guess it'll gove 80km going 20kph). I would recommand this EUC to anyone who don't need +60km range, and who don't know what to choose between the ACM, GT16, and maybe the KS16S (that I haven't tested but if it's just a fast KS16B...)
  4. Gotway Tesla vs KS16S?

    Hi, I agree with @Marty Backe about the 2000W motor of the Tesla being a safer option than the 1200W KS16S motor, of course considering you're going at reasonable speeds. I would really love to test out a KS16S, I have only a deep experience with the KS16B & a little experience on the Tesla. For starter, I have to point out the fact that the Tesla seems to be the best EUC Gotway has come out with in the past year, fat wires, fat axle, nice finish on the shell, water resistant...the greatest thing is that it is definitely an improvement over the ACM, in termes of safety, agility, speed, acceleration, fun...everything (except the range). The shell of the KS16S being almost the same as the one on the KS16B, I would say that the trolley has a tendency to break over time, we can't say for sure on the Tesla, but if seems like it's the same type as the one on the V8 which has a better record. About the agility, the KS16S may have a better motor, motherboard & therefore algorithm than the KS16B, I feel like it's not as agile as the Tesla (being between the ACM and GT16 in terms of agility). About the speed, it is about the same as on the ACM, however my guess is that the 500W extra power is for the safety, so that if you go over the final alarm, there aren't as many chances of falling as on the ACM (top speed 49kph, 53kph on the Tesla, but the ACM seems to cut at 54kph, the Tesla at 66kph...) To be honest, I would say that the extra speed on the Tesla is really enjoyable from time to time, even if you don't ride +40kph all the time, but lets say if you want to cruise at 35kph in a straight line, the KS16S will always be at the limit while the Tesla will have a huge margin, plus most of the riders I know of have enjoyed being able to go +45kph, all other EUC then seem so slow (if you want to ride fast, I highly recommend that you wear a full face helmet for safety at least) Pfff I've lost myself..I've enjoyed the Tesla so much, I might not be very objective, but the Tesla is my favourite EUC for now so...I had to defend it, gotway has put in some effort.

    First minutes of riding on the Tesla with "on the go" feelings (in french however...)

    Hi guys, I don't know if this video has already been shared, but I think it's freaking awsome to have a competition like that ! Not even talking about the skills of the riders !!
  7. Gotway TESLA short review/comparaison

    @KingSong69 Yes you are absolutely right, I didn't mean to neglect the improvements of the KS16S over the KS16B, I was refering to the form factor and overall design. I would say that the KS16S is not a "real" competitor of the Tesla, having "only" a 840Wh battery, and also being much slower with "only" a 1200W motor. I would really love to test one though ! Of course my comparaison is only my opinion and one may not agree with me, so don't take my impressions as facts @Marty Backe Haha sorry Marty, it's payback because you were the one who got me to buy the Monster Seriously, if you were considering the GT16, I would say go with the Tesla, if I could swap my GT16 for a Tesla, I would, plus it's supposed to be a waterproof EUC. If you like your ACM, you will love the Tesla, it's everything the ACM is but better, even at very high speeds (+45kph) it feels quite safe, because with the 2000W motor, there is a reserve of power that the ACM doesn't have at the same speed.
  8. The Photo Thread

    @Rehab1 Haha nice montage ! @Scatcat Unfortunately it's not my Gotway Tesla, I only borrowed it from a friend, I really like it I'll probably do a review of it in comparaison to the ACM 84V & GT16. For now I really love it !
  9. The Photo Thread

    Hi guys, here are two pics, the new Gotway Tesla compared to the Gotway monster & the Rockwheel GT16, for size comparaison
  10. The Photo Thread

    Hi guys, Here a some pics our little group tour, with @meepmeepmayer who came frome Germany to ride with us !
  11. Hi guys, I'm posting this annoucement, if you want to join are next "Easter France" group meeting in Strasbourg Saturday the 15th of October (next week), we would be very pleased to ride with you on this occasion !! You are all invited ! We will gather "Place Broglie" at 1:10PM, the departure should be around 1:30PM. There will be 2 trips, the first for all EUCs : 14.5km distance, the second 20-30km distance for those who want to ride a little more (around 4:45PM), with a break in between. If you want to, you can bring some junk food for the break
  12. Strasbourg - FRANCE 10/15/17

    Join the group "THE WHEELERS (destiné à l'écomobilité)" or "Les Wheelers D'Alsace (Gyropodes, Segway, eTrott) on facebook
  13. Why do EUCs attract such ridicule?

    Hi, Where do you live ? I know here in France we often get coments that we don't want to do some effort/sport, because EUC are often compared to bicycles. However, I really don't think that people think that only 14 years old use them, the average here is 45 years old, it could almost be considered as a "old man's hobby" Mentality has to change, and it will change with the energetic transition that is slowly occuring, cars are incredibly expensive, and the average family will have more and more difficulties to have one, electric rides will rise, and I think people don't usualy see us as "old kids" or lazy people. IMO stigma will decrease, and EUC are a real mean of transportation ! I have a car, I could afford to use public transports, I could take my bicycle, but EUC is just convenient and fun ! I do almost everything with my EUC (go to work, shopping, meetings, w-e walk...) and I only take my car when I need to travel fast on long distances. Btw EUC are not that cheap, and I have never been considered "poor" (not that it bothers me that much..poor people are also respectable) because I ride EUC, quite the opposit in fact. My advise would be not to care too much about what other people think, if you like EUC riding, just ride and enjoy

    Hi guys, it's been a long time since I've uploaded a video about unicycles Here is a short video, old pictures for the promotion of the next meeting on the 15th of October
  15. Hi guys, I wonder how it's possible to ride +100km without taking a beak, unless you're going some +50kph which I seriously doubt I have been riding more than 60km without putting my foot down (straight line on a +400km bike lane), on my Monster, however I did sit on it from time to time, is that called cheating @Marty Backe ? In time, it's +3h30min non stop, my goal was to get the max range out of my Monster because acceleration is very power demanding, and I did get +120km I won't do this often because it tends to give me a headache after +2h of non stop riding.. Otherwise, I would say it's possible to ride +30 minutes often without putting a foot down, not sure about the mileage but maybe +10km, it's easier when not going in a straight line because blood moves in your feet
  16. The Gotway Tesla 1020wh Model Open Box and Initial thoughts

    @Marty Backe I do think of you as a symbol of American EUC riders By extreme, I don't mean off limit riding like @EUC Extreme, but some unusual riding compared to what I am used to seing here in France (most ride surface streets only), like when you went on hiking tracks and got into big trouble, for me that is extreme enough for me to consider you as an extreme rider, and a Gotway God For the Kingsongs, I think that if you're looking for peformances similar to 84V Gotways, look into the KS18S, it has even more acceleration than the MS3s+, with similar range, speed & power (+50kph, 1500W motor). Inmotion seems to be a much more conservative brand, but which produces finished products oriented towards design & practicality for the every day user, then again, using a high powered gotway like a V8 would certainly mean an enourmous safety margin regarding speed & power, that is how I used my gotways alot, and for now it has proven to be effective regarding reliability.
  17. The Gotway Tesla 1020wh Model Open Box and Initial thoughts

    Some folks here have been using a first generation gotway ACM (moderate fast 39kph), for more than 7000km, every day to commute, under rain, fog, snow, ice...without a single issue. I never had any issues with gotways, I've been using them alot the past months, no issues, under stormy weather, hot weather, moutain climbs, in dust and sand. In my city, the V8 owners that I know of, ride very very carefuly, very moderate speed (around 20kph), this might be the reason why they V8 are perhaps thought as more "reliable" than gotways, because they are not used the same way. Gotways are used by extreme riders ( @Marty Backe & @meepmeepmayer I think of you guys ) more often than inmotions, at least that's what I've noticed. Think of a Toyota Prius & a Lamborghini Aventador, I'm not sure you'll drive both the same way, but if you did, maybe you would get the same reliability. If you ride normaly, with sometimes some top speed & acceleration on a gotway, I'm pretty sure there won't be any issues.
  18. How much do you spend to maintain your Addiction?

    Wow you guys are crazy !!! I'm a little less....or not - Firewheel F528 528Wh - bangood TG3 132Wh - Gotway MCM4 v2 680Wh - Gotway MCM3 340Wh - Gotway MCM2s 520Wh x2 - Kingsong KS18A 680Wh - Kingsong KS14C 680Wh - Gotway Monster 1600Wh - Gotway ACM 1300Wh - Rockwheel GT16v2 858Wh Some data : +6000km in a year...and lots of money(+ 6000), but fun has no price ! not even counting electric rides that are not EUC and much more testing on my friends EUC ^^ Next to come : Gotway Tesla, Gotway Mten3 & kingsong KS14S
  19. Thanks guys ! Regarding protections, I would say it's a matter of personal appreciation, I ride with both "sides", I agree that for someone who likes to ride fast, it is a must, the helmet being the most important protection imo. I did have several falls, mostly in the moutains, where I sometimes wear protections. For those like me who only ride fast to test the EUC, but then who use the power only to double someone, and who mostly rides at 15-20kph, I do think that protections are not absolutely necessary, except for those who don't have good reflexes when falling, and maybe those who are above the 40s. For me, protections take away some freedom, and in the hot summer it's especially annoying, it might even push me to ride with more confidence at high speeds, therefore the benefits of wearing protections might be null (for me) but I am in no way saying that you must not wear protections, protections are always better for your safety, it is your choice. Like @meepmeepmayer said, trust your guts, and be free !
  20. @Hunka Hunka Burning Love I've quit until I moved into a new neighborhood, it is now done ! So I ride my EUC again, even though I'm a little nervous now when riding solo, and I got rid of my "slow" EUC, not because I like riding fast, but because I want to be able to escape if needed (28kph is a minimum, because most "normal" humans can't run that fast or not for long). I think that some events can take away the fun of EUC, but it is still an useful way of shifiting around in a city. I only know about one rider who stopped riding EUC, and moved on to electric scooters, he just felt like he couldn't go fast enough with his EUC (a V8), he was scared of fast EUC (in case of a failure) and wanted more power and speed, he is also a motorcycle enthousiast this may have influenced him. I think most people who get to know how to ride an EUC don't quit, even I who had the most trouble riding EUC in my city (that I know of) don't give up
  21. ACM tire after 13000 km

    Wow impressive ! May I ask at what speed do you ride the most, and what is your weight ? I wish I'll bring my ACM to that mileage ! Have you had any issues with it so far ? I really hope that the ACMs reliability will be as good as the MS2.
  22. Gotway ACM vs Rockwheel GT16

    Hi, After about 1500km on my trusty mcm4 v2, a few hundreds km on my dead F528, and about 100km on the KS18A (sold), I want to update and get a faster but safe wheel. My concerns are about the reliability of the wheel, I want it to last for thousands of km (like the 10 000km NB1) without having to worry about the pedals cracking like my friends had n the KS14C & KS16B. I will probably keep my mcm4 as a secondary wheel, but after tasting the 30kph speed on the KS18, I decided I really want a fast wheel, but still agile in the city, that's why I don't want an "18", the KS18A was too hard for me to turn with ease (I am a 60kg rider). So I looked at the different models available, and only two wheels seem to suit my needs, The GT16 850Wh and the ACMv2 820Wh as they can both travel at 35kph apparently with very little risk. Which one should I get ? I still want to be able to bring it in the tramway, train or carpool. I also see that the GT16 seems to have a higher top speed but I think anything above 40kph might be "too much" but I may be wrong ? Thanks alot for your advices
  23. I can´t ride my kingsong 18s 1500w/1680wh

    Hi, It's perfectly normal, I had a KS18B, I am a light rider (60kg) and I had some hard time to turn it even if I had already traveled 1600km on my other EUC, you just need to get used to it. I now have a Monster, and it is at least twice as hard to turn, but I love it and I ride it with ease now (1260km on it), it did take me 400km to really get used to it, so don't worry you'll have a blast with your KS18S in no time Like meepmeepmayer said, practice practice practice...but have fun too ^^
  24. I give up EUC riding..

    Hi guys, Some of you may remember my topic "agression on an EUC", well this time it happened again, but it went too far. I was going to meet with a friend, it was about 8:30PM, on my gotway MCM2s, while I was on the bike lane, a black volkswagen car with tinted windows came out of her lane and tried to push me off the road, a guy screamed some racist comments from the window. My mistake (or was it ? you tell me) was to catch them at the red light and I asked them why they've done what they've done. They came out at 6 from the car, and started to fight me, I could have tried to flee but my EUC was on the ground because it fell when the guys on the back seat opened the door. I do know how to defend myself, I even had a defense tool on me, but I judged the situation too critical to take it out, instead I tried to grab my EUC but I couldn't and I had to adop a defensive posture. One of the guys took my EUC and threw it violently towards the ground, it is now broken (structure, bearing, axle...). Fortunately I only got a few contusion on my two legs and left arm, the police are now investigating, I did have time to see their plate number. However, in my neighborhood their aren't many EUC riders, I am very recognizable, and these guys obviously are from the area. For my own safety, I decided to stop EUC riding until I move in a new appartment in a new neighborhood. EUC riding is not fun anymore for me... Here is a pic of the broken EUC :
  25. Unicycle reliability stats - link provided

    Hi, Like others, I would not take these results as facts, there are too many variables from a rider to another, from an EUC to another. I've juste noticed something, it seems like with these results, the most reliable EUC are slow to moderate speeders, and high speed EUC seems to be the ones with the most reliability issues. Maybe this is simply linked to speed, because these EUC can go faster, EUC riders will ride them faster therefore all the components are much more solicited. My guess is that if everyone used the HS EUC at speeds of max 20kph like other EUC, then the results would be different. The Gotway issues seem to be mainly linked to speed (except for the oscillation issue, but they aren't the only ones to have firmware issues) as the most reliable Gotway are also the slowest, maybe also because Gotway riders treat there Gotways in a rougher way (juste guessing). It is very difficult to conclude anything about reliability because not a single EUC rider rides the same way From my personal experience, gotways EUCs (mcm4, mcm3, mcm2s, ACM, Monster) are 100% reliable, never a single issue for now.