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  1. Hi guys, After reading Marty's achievement with his 2400Wh Monster, I decided with a friend to test out the max distance possible with the 1600Wh version, and the results were pretty good ! After riding for about 6h54minutes mostly on flat roads & bike lanes, at an average speed of 17.39kph, we've passed the 120km mark, with 29% battery remaining at standstill ! This was done in one trip. I weight 140lbs, my friend weights 154lbs (he had 19% left). I'm very happy with the results, the Monster is very good long distance EUC, only the pedals could be better (I prefer the ones on the Msuper3), for those who wondered if the distance that Gotway sais the Monster can achieve is correct, well here is the answer, considering that we were going pretty slow (but with nice sceneries so it didn't feel too long) and that we are pretty light, but still I didn't expect such good results ! Here are some pics :
  2. Thanks ! I probably won't run it down to 15% as I am satisfied with the numbers and don't want to go out with the monster for a 20km ride, I may teste out the range at 30-35kph but I don't know when. It's "the walking dead" series that is printed on it
  3. I usually want to do everything in one trip I'm hooking up with a friend to travel at least 100km at see from there, I weight 60kg, but my Monster is the 1600Wh, from our trips around 15kph, it seems the range woud be 114km before reaching the 20%, but that's only guessing and there is no real proof of it. Keeping the speed between 15kph & 20kph should give us the best range, but because you were averaging 24kph I would like to know if reducing our speed would get us close to your range
  4. Congratulations Marty ! That's some freaking long distance ! You made me want to try the max distance on the 1600Wh Monster, I'll try to keep the speed under 20kph, it will probably improve the range, I guesse somewhere between 110-120km. You've proved that speed is a very important factor, even more than weight imo, I wonder what is the most efficient speed, the speed of the monster that will get you the best range...hoping it's not under 10kph because spending +11h on a EUC is very challenging
  5. Sunday afternoon with the Gotway MCM3 and a 20km ride in the moutains
  6. Hi guys, 26km in the moutains with a friends gotway mcm3 340Wh, +700m elevation, a 14 inch EUC is very capable on rough surfaces.
  7. I almost got stuck because I was too far in the moutain to go back, but the only path was full of mud...I decided to cut through the forest afterwards, I got my shoes full of water & dirt, I wasn't expecting it, but I took the tiny "14" inch wheel so I could manoever around easily (I remember your adventure with the Monster)
  8. Trying to climb the moutain with muddy ground, not a good idea, didn't make it
  9. Hi guys, I know most people seem to have a right strong foot, and mount on the right pedal first, but I was wondering if there is a weaker side for the motor axle ? My MCM4, that I mount on the left side, seems to have the axle bent on the left side, I can still ride it no problems but I learned how to mount on the otherside to prevent further damage to the axle, but is it true that axles are weaker on the left side ? Is it the case on all EUC ? Are all Gotway axles the same size from "14" to "18" ? On my bigger EUC such as the monster, due to the bigger axle, I don't care which side I'm mounting on, but on the smaller EUC I'm wondering.. Thanks
  10. Hi guys ! Who rode a Segway ? The monster doesn't seem that big in comparaison
  11. Hi, Here are a several things that changes with the ACMs+ version: - heavier, so less agile - less comfortable because it is wider, so your feet are pushed further to the exterior of the pedals - more power, it might seem a little more reactive - top speed is increased (48kph with a full battery from what I've tested) - longer charging time 10-12h All newer ACM have the 12 mosfet motherboard, the 67V & 84V. I would recommend the 84V over the 67V if you really want to cruise at high speeds (35kph) or if you need the extra range (anywhere between 40 and 50miles range)
  12. Thanks for the info Marty I hope they'll provide to all of their customers the same improved units, I mean we all deserve safety and performance, especially if we pay the same price (or more), here in France we are one of the top countries for the EUC world, but they don't seem to have planned to give us these improved units, that's pretty much nonsense to me, and if they were to continue this way, we should perhaps give other brands an input to do what I hope gotway will do from now on. Every customers should be seen as humans and not numbers, because this is still a growing market and a bad relation between the company & the customer is likely to get the company to close the doors in case of a bad press. (Gotway had a better press when the MCM2s & Msuper 2 came out then nowadays especially with the Msuper3 wire/cable issue) But maybe, and I hope it, they'll provide us these improved units in a near future
  13. Hi guys, Over the past months, I have mostly noticed positive remarks on riding my EUC, however there were a few situations I wasn't prepared for, some that even made me think twice about getting out on my EUC, and probably what motivated me to get an ACM. So in general, the comments I get, you guys probably get them too, they are from impressed people. Sometimes though, I can get negative remarks especially from cyclists when they weren't able to predict my movements, and almost 100% of the time when they were riding on the bike lane but going in the wrong direction, I usually don't respond as I don't think getting in a fight is going to do any good to the EUC community. I also get negative comments, because of my age, some elders seem to think that I am lazy and don't think twice before telling me, I usually respond by asking them "If I were in a car, would you find it better ?". However, I had three "incidents", a group of young men (18-25) chased me at tried to push me off the EUC, I was with my mcm4 that tops at 22km/h in normal conditions but I tried to push it further that time to escape, one of them managed to push my bag, luckily they became exhausted and came to a stop, but it could have been very dangerous for me if I had fallen off my EUC, this could be considered as an agression, and I don't understand this kind of behavior. The second incident, I was riding my mcm4 on an alley after sunset, a guy came out of his black sportscar, took what I think was a rock, and threw it towards me yelling something I didn't understand, the rock smashed against the wall on the opposit side, according to the sound I heard, it had to weight at least 500g..can't imagine getting that in the face, or even in the body..after that incident I really considered buying a defense tool to keep with me. The third incident, this time I was riding my mcm4 along a bike lane, when a car with youngsters in it stopped at my level and cruised at my speed, spitting out their racist comments at me, moking me, until they decided to try to squeeze me into the cars parked at my right, I immediatly stopped and decided to ride on the pavement, I tried to check the plate of the car, but they accelerated too fast, my heart was beating very fast after that, and it took me some time to be able to get back on my EUC again after that (I took out my e-bike instead as it doesn't attract as much idiots). I also regularly get some racist comments, I did get them while walking or in the public transport sometimes but with the EUC it's more often. That isone of the main reasons I got a faster wheel (I still love riding EUC), to be able to pass people that I think can be agressive towards myself fast, and being able to outrun them quickly, and my ACM just feels safer than my previous wheels, I still have no issue riding with somebody else with my slower wheels or occasionaly, but not everyday for now. I wonder if you guys have had these kind of issues, or know somebody who does ?
  14. Hi guys, I know that reliability is a very important quality for a long lasting EUC, I know there aren't enough EUC riders to get a real statistic, but what would in your opinion, or experience, be the most reliable EUC out there ? Most EUC has had an issue, but I haven't heard of issues (I mean failure) on some EUC, like the inmotion V5 & V3C, the gotway Monster, Kingsong KS14D (maybe too young), IPS lhotz and the Solowheel Extreme. I heard that Gotway has had a bunch of issues with the first generation of ACM, Msuper3, and then the wire issue with the S+ versions, enough so that some riders consider gotway as an unreliable brand, Kingsong had issues with the axles on KS14C & the pedals of the KS16B along with burnt fuses, Inmotion had some issues with a few V8 but nothing major, Ninebot has had some well known issues with the E+ (much less with the S2), but that is only from what actual owners report to me, not from true global stats. I think I would be willing to pay 500$ more for a reinforced EUC (axles, bearings, PCB..) that can last 100 000km with no worries, or at least as much as road bikes (35 000 - 45 000km), would you ?
  15. Yes right, the Msuper tends yo get your behind dirty However, it's easy to get a mudguard, or 3D print one. The wheel size doesn't really matter in the rain from what I've experienced (comparing the MCM4 to the Monster), but I would be worried to ride too long in the rain of the ACM while with my MCM2s I don't care as it's proved to be reliable under heavy rain. In 30 minutes, for a 1600Wh battery, you'll be adding close to nothing, you need a 4A charger or a Charge Doctor with double entry to get 3A at least. You need 6h to fully charge a 1600Wh battery with 2 standard chargers.
  16. I normaly get 50 miles out of my ACM 1300Wh at an average speed of 18kph but I weight 60kg. I think that regarding what you said, the best wheel for you would be either the Msuper3s+ 1600Wh or the ACMs+ 1600Wh, they would give you about the same range, the Msuper3 being more comfy and stable and the ACM being more agile and powerful (due to smaller diameter wheel). Another thing to consider, the ACM is a little cheaper than the Msuper, and it is a better hill climber, but that's not very important if you ride on flat streets. Honestly, I've tested both, I own the ACM 1300Wh, if you want to go at higher speeds (35kph+) most of the time, then the Msuper3 is better because I don't feel like the ACM is very stable at speeds above 35kph (that's why I got the Monster), but if you're often encountering pedestrians all over the place, the ACM is easier to manoeuver. You decide ^^ Putting the Msuper pedals on the ACM is not an issue at all, they are longer than the ACM, but not wider, so they wouldn't be closer to the ground.
  17. Hi, Is it the KS16B 680Wh ? How much do you weight ? How much battery did you have when you rode it ? I often ride with my friend who has a KS16B, he has ridden it about as much as you, and he had the problem you mention on several occasions. Apprently, the torque of the KS16B may be insufficient when starting from a standpoint if you are a heavy rider (my friend weights 93kg). He is cautious when riding especially when the battery is low, be he still gets the "be caution, overpower" from time to time, in extreme conditions the motor can fail to balance him and the message won't even have the time to go trhough the speakers. We have tested it on steep climbs, it failed at some occasions with him, but never with him (I weight 60kg) so we got to the conclusion that the motor is not capable of delivering enough power in some occasions. This is why as a heavy rider, my friend is highly considering the newer KS16S 1200W or GT16. It's not a faulty unit, it's just something that seems to happen with heavy rider.
  18. Hi, Yes, you are right. I get about 50+ miles with my ACM 1300Wh but I'm very light. I have a friend who weights 87kg and who gets 37 miles on the 1600Wh ACM. I based my reflexion on what Ian from speedyfeet gave us, a hard riding, that's what can be expected when using the EUC to go in a city from point A to B rather than having a blast oustide for fun. I also consider that, if Javier rides 5 times a week 50+ miles, ina year his battery will loose a little range, so it's good I think to have a slight margin. I guess that if Javier does the same as I do, asking to recharge your EUC when trying to do some business is not very good, so better have the range You are absolutely right, the Monster is not the most crash proof EUC out there, so learning on it is likely to require a replacement shell afterwards that would probably cost more than a generic learning EUC
  19. Hi, I personaly use my EUC to go to see business clients, from my house or elswhere, without taking either a car or a public transport. I also use it to go to the store and much more. It is very efficient, berely cost anything after the purchase. I would say, if your only goal is to go to see a client with your EUC, and going from point A to B, but that you need a solid 50+ miles EUC, I would say the only EUC that suits your need is the Gotway Monster 2400Wh. It's not a very good starting EUC, nor is it the most practical, but it's simply the only one that has the range you demand, regarding your weight (considering it's a flat terrain). I would never recommend the Monster as the only EUC, you would probably need a cheap small "14" generic EUC to learn on before hping on the Monster, learning can take anywhere from 30 minutes to several days average, I would say, considering you're probably young, you can master the basics in a few hours, but experience comes only with hundreds of miles of riding. If you don't need 50+ miles of range, and you can go with 40 for example, then I would recommend either the ACMs+ or Msuper3s+, if you go with the ACM, you will probably need a trolley handle, the Msuper3 has an integrated one. I've ridden both of them, I wouldn't say one is better than another, the ACM os more agile, it also feels more powerful during accelerations (due to the smaller diameter wheel) but the Msuper3 feels more stable at speeds, and it's a little more comfy, both are fine wheels, the ACM shell is a little more robust, and the pedals are swapable. The V5F & V8 won't get you anywhere near the 50+ miles range, the V8 will berely get you 20 miles with your weight (in regular conditions), the V5F even less, but they are very good EUC.
  20. Hi, I think that Gotway is the company who has the most diverse EUC to offer, and they must be at least head to head with ninebot regarding EUC sales, they have : - Pocket M5 - M8 - M10 (geared & DD) - luffy - MCM2s - MCM3 - MCM4 (V1, V2 HT & HS version) - ACM (67V à 84V) - Msuper 2 (HT, medium & HS version) - Msuper 3 (67V à 84V) - Monster All with several battery choices...Gotway is nowhere near from perfect, but they are trying hard to expand the EUC market, unlike Solowheel who seem stuck with their first models. Also, when the forum began, there were much more ninebot owners that gotway owners, but now I think that because of the limited range of the ninebots, most have moved on to other brands, Gotway being the most extreme, it seems natural that gotway topics are the most popular Not all gotway "whistle", in fact from my experience, the more poweful the motor is, the louder it is, for example my MCM2s berely makes any noise at low speed, my Monster is very noisy, my MCM4 is intermediate...but this is the same for Kingsong, I would even say that considering the power output, the Kingsong are even louder (the KS18A I had was as loud as the Monster), even the Inmotion V8 is loud compared to my MCM2s...the EUC that makes the less amount of noise is the F528 from what I've tested, but it was a 550W motor (500W for the MCM2s) I think that the sound is related to power, not much to the brand. The sound is proportional to the amount of current demanded to the EUC, which means, once again, a light rider will have a less noisy ride than a heavy rider It's due to the current going through the wires in the stators I think.
  21. Hi guys, So I have received my Gotway Monster about a week ago, after having the chance to test it out on a trip, I was convinced that this EUC would be my next one. Being lightweight, unlike most other people on this forum, I got the 84V 1600Wh version, I still get a decent range with it. So what do I think about this Monster ? Well it's a blast to ride, it's the most comfortable EUC I have ever ridden, because of it's very wide tire, it absorbs road imperfections like a champ, the motor is very smooth but feels very strong and stable, tha algorithm compared to my ACM feels a little more forgiving and comfortable. The weak point is for turning, I really need to put an effort to have it to turn gently, because it is so heavy, but this is an asset when driving straight forward, as it seems to be on rails, it doesn't move a bit from it's heading. The only thing to remember is to really put your weight forward when you need to get along, it takes more effort than my other EUC. Talking range, from my calculations, I should be getting about 85-90km before getting into the "20% turtle mode", that is plenty enough for me, it's only about 5km more than my ACM 1300Wh, but the Monster has a very different feel to it when riding, more "serious", I don't do any tricks on it, even backwards riding, as I want to reduce the times I scratch it. For the charging time, I get about 5 to 6h charge time with CD & double stock charger (I use the one of my ACM and the original one), much more reasonable than the stock 12h charging time, and I don't like charging my EUC during the night so.. Talking speed, like Marty already said it, it feels very safe around 35kph (unlike the ACM), I got it ro reach 48kph but I wouldn't go any faster, despite not hearing a single beep, under 30% battery the speed is limited to 38kph (real speed) with my weight. Another thing that is suprising, is that I can pass road imperfections while berely noticing them, very big contrast with my ACM or MCM4, overall I thing that this EUC is suited for offroad (flat) but also for the city, maybe not in very tight streets with hundreds of pedestrians, but in my city it's fine, I just need to calculate the eratic movements of other people much more than before, because the Monster is quite slow to react (or maybe I am ) Having a "14", "16" and "22" EUC really feels like a complete set, I mean that I don't really prefer one over another, it depends on my mood, or what I need to do, the Monster is not suited for small inner city shopping or going to a rdv, it's more for getting out, get some fresh air, have a blast ! Oh, one last thing I noticed, my Monster doesn't have the same pads as the ones on the other guys who own one on thuis forum (from what I saw), it's no longer the fat pads from the ACM, they are wider but thinner, for me it's better not being a tall person, but maybe it can slightly influence it's agility, but I can't really tell the difference for sure.
  22. Hi, I personaly don't see the device as designed to bring pain, suffering and death, it's the people, sick people who do that, there are much more murders done with knives than with guns, and before humanity had guns, they still killed each other, and we are protected by people with guns, not just people with words (sad reality). It's not a good idea regarding the laws in some coutries that's true, because you would quickly get arrested, I think in the UK it would get you straight to jail as pistols are banned. A thing with this picture that is funny, is that I would rather have that pistol as a conceal carry than flashy on the side of the inmotion, because if a guy makes you fall, the gun is pretty much useless The other day, I was riding along, there was a truck parked on my right side, when I passed next to it, the guy inside sreamed to try to make me fall, another stupid move...I wonder what would have happened if I really had fallen...did he think he would go away with it ? I would have called the police on him, with a dozens of witnesses...that is what makes me sad, some peoples mentality.
  23. Hi, So the MCM4 PRO is out, the pic is from wheelworld, the sweden dealer. - 12 mosfet motherboard - still the same motor as the MCM4 V2 HS - 84V 520Wh battery - weight is not very different from the MCM4 V2 520Wh - 39 kph max speed (should be 35kph real speed) - ACM pedals The shell is exactly the same as the original MCM4, so no trolley :/
  24. I won't be able to achieve 140km, I can probably achieve 110km @ 15kph average (that's a speed for enjoying the scenery), going slower than this is getting very long for my foots, but hey you know what, I found out that the Monster is very fun to ride a slow speeds too ! People are amazed to see such a huge EUC going so slow But yes, big batteries are neat, but a year ago, 680Wh was considered to be a big battery, I wonder if in one year from now, 3000Wh will be a standard The limit is the rider, not everyone can ride for 5h straight, for now I am very happy with my four EUC, each one gives me a different riding experience, but I do find my 520Wh battery on my MCM2s to be small now..
  25. There are much more EUC in Paris (250 sometimes) meetings ! The Monster tire is bigger than the gotway mcm2s you see in front This morning, a long trip in the city & forest, 72.7km, 50% battery remaining with my Monster