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  1. Hi guys, Interesting stories for all of you ! Mine is a little different, I first saw an original solowheel ridden by a kid in my neighberhood in 2011, I really didn't know what it was back then, but I was really into it, but didn't find any info and forgot about it for a couple of years. In 2015, I did a carpool with a 23 year old girl, who talked to me about electric unicycles for hours, she said that her father was a member of the team of lead solowheel engineer, she said that her father was always away in the US for these reasons because he worked with solowheel inventor, I can't say for sure it the story is true, but I picked up my curiosity in electric rides, at that time I finally choosed to get an electric bike instead, being quite impatient and not being enough informed. I never saw any EUC in my city in 2015 ! A year passed, around end of May 2016, I wanted to get a better electric bike, and after actually getting a new one, I sold my old one and thought I had some money to spare, so I searched on the internet, and I first got intersted in electric scooters, but found a used Firewheel F528, I finally bought one. In 3 hours, I was having a blast, a feeling of freedom I never felt before, I got in love with EUC ! My F528 broke 2 weeks later, but I immediatly got an MCM4, and the adventure still continues today
  2. Yes, speedyfeet during his 1000 miles tour, and one of my friends who had his 1600Wh monster wires that melted on the trail, when he turned it on again it shortcut the PCB burning 2 mosfets, he had to buy a new PCB. I'm not convinced that the mode is responsible for failures because these mods have been available fro years with no such issues.
  3. Hi Marty, I'm not so sure about the Monster being the most reliable wheel Gotway has produced, for now I would place my bet on the gotway MCM2s & MS2, the older 2015 designed EUC, the Monster has had some bad episodes with the wires mealting up & burned mosfets in extreme riding conditions, but you must be right about the firmware, best proof is that in comfort mode, the Monster is as hard as the ACM in hard mode. Too bad that as time passes, Gotway doesn't get better, in 2015 the first 680Wh MCM2 was a revolution, and there weren't any major issues, but nowadays...
  4. Hi guys ! So you may know that I ride very often in the moutains, mostly with "14" Gotway EUC, I really love it because it creates a challenge, your skills & balance are put to the test every instant, there are suprising stuff you would never have thought of, slippery dirt, a root sticking out, rocks that will knock you off when bumping into your pedals.. It will exhaust you sometimes, if you ride for hours, but it's much more managable than foot hiking, the biggest effort being putting your weight on the pedals to climb & being able to keep your balance in extreme situations. I really think every rider should try it, because it will improve your confidence in riding on uneven terrain, and your general skills, plus the most awsome sceneries can be found at the top of a moutain, and what a reward being able to reach something that seemed impossible ! However, I recently almost killed myself by riding near a cliff, and bumping into an unexpected root, I fell off but started EUC went straight towards the cliff, I tried to catch it, I don't really know if it was a good idea because this reflex almost made me fall down the cliff with the EUC, as my hand instinctively grabbed the EUC to prevent it from falling, but the inertia of the EUC pulled me to a dangerous extend.. This episode remined be that anything can happen at ay time and that our instinct might take over during these moments, and this one is a dangerous one. This is not the first time I put myself in danger, I also did it by tring to descend a rocky path with some sand, I almsot hit my head on a rock but thankfully I was able to put my arm forward (see picture), I'm thinking that I might be trying to push my limits too far, and the limits of the EUC too far, not sure. Do you guys think that this kind of riding is worth it ? I still think so but I would like to have your honest opinion
  5. Another fun riding in the moutains, this time my objective was to get on top of this moutain, where there is a castle (see picture below), not easy I had to carry the EUC from time to time.
  6. Yeah, I don't reall know if a heavier rider could do it, the MCM3 has 800-1800W power, not much compared to the 1500-4400W ACM, but at least the cables don't overheat It's only a 340Wh battery, so for a heavier rider I guess a 680Wh would be a must, I can ride about 22km in the moutains before reaching the 20% mark, it regens during the descent but the climbs are very power demanding. I've tested my ACM on the same terrain, it's much quicker in the descent (on flat) but it's weight that makes it sable when speeding, makes it unstable on uneven terrain, let's no talke about the Monster...not suited for my riding in the moutains because unlike @Marty Backe's trails there are a bunch of pebbles, sticks & roots everywhere so balance can be lost quite easily with something as tall and heavy as the Monster. I think that since I've began to ride often on moutain trails, I am a much better rider than I used to be, even when you think you've reached a good skill level, there is always so much more to learn ! Oh, one last thing, the MCM3 pedals are known to be slippery, when they are covered in dirt, in combination with sandals, it can scare you from time to time while riding over pebbles ! @Maximus @LanghamP I don't thing using a tether would be less dangerous, I guess it could get stuck in branches and also if my EUC does fall off a cliff, it might just take me with it
  7. I don't know about the KS14C but the Gotway MCM3 never overheated, even in slopes that I would barely climb on foot..I'm always impressed, and hikers are too ! The downside of moutain riding is that I fall at least once per ride, I have some special warnings to bring up for moutain EUC riders, I'll create a specific topic for it !
  8. How long, about 1h30 climb, & 40 min descent, steepness is between 9% & 32% (extreme), the route is 40% road & 60% dirt, I will try an extreme steep climb today (more than 41%) to see how it handles the climb & descent with I think a hell lot of rocks, for now I'm very surprised with the climbing ability ! I measure this by putting my phone on the ground with an app to emasure. @Marty Backe If you want to climb very steep climbs I would highly recommend the older "14" gotway, honestly you won't believe how well they handle rough terrain compared to "16" &"22" ! Plus they are quite cheap now. They are quite uncomfortable however because you really fell the bumps, rocks & other road imperfections.
  9. Ridinng again in the moutains, the "14" EUCs are definitely the best for climbing when agility is needed !
  10. Hi Marty, Ouch I feel very sorry for you again, thankfully not as dramatic as the last time ! This Gotway wire issue is becoming a pest, I hope they'll think this through, for now I will no longer try climbing moutains with my ACM (I reduced my moutain ride frequency with my ACM because I was always afraid this might happen) & Monster, it's a shame because the older Gotways do it just fine (MCM3 & MCM4), I've ridden for hourw up very steep moutain climbs (so steep I couldn't even ride anymore) with no issues...I think this might be due to the high power motor that pumps so much energy. There should be a warning beep for extreme heat inside our EUC, this would be a minimum. Thanks again for sharing with us your adventures !
  11. Hi, I've ridden with +33°C temperatures at high speeds (+35kph) for an extended period of time on flat terrain with some friends (Monster, MS3 820Wh & ACM 1300Wh) with no issues, no overheating of the cables, I did check the internal temperature from time to time, it reached 63°C at it's max. I have ridden my MCM4 at top speed (23kph) for almost 2h last summer at +38°C on mostly flat ground & trails, never had any issue, I've also ridden an MCM3 up very steep climbs in the moutains for an hour yeasterday with +30°C with no issues, I think that with the V5F+ max speed & power you are safe, these failures seeem to occur only on high powered gotway EUC. I think that on flat terrain you are pretty safe, the issue is when you start climbing a hill, if you look the power output during climbs it can easily reach over the max rate nominal power. I However I still recommend that you keep yourself aware at all if anything strange happens stop riding immediatly !
  12. Hi guys, So I had the opportunity to test out an electric scooter for a couple of days, I decided to do a review of it. I was interested in electric scooter to backup my electic bike before thinking of EUC, so I learned a bunch of stuff about them, the different categories, the sepcs, the brands.... E-twow S2 booster is the most common electric scooter out here, I had the 2016 version, it weights 11kg/24lbs, has a theoritical top speed of 30kph/18.5mph and a range up to 30km/18.5miles. I've done about 200km/124miles on it, so I've been able to test out if the specs are close to reality or not, knowing that I weight 135 pounds. It has a 500W HUB gearless motor in front, and a 33V 6.5Ah Li-ion battery (roughly 215Wh), regenerative breaking as well as a break at the back, two rubber wheels (non inflatable), plus two suspensions. Price is around 840 euros. Speed can be limited, it has a speed regulator that is activated if you keep the same level of throttle for 5s, a computer that show your speed, distance, odometer, battery percentage, light, temperature. It has a front led light and a back red light (always on) that becomes brighter if you push on the brakes. Regarding the ease of use, I can safely say that everyone can handle an electric scooter, especially this one, it's very easy to handle, turning is a breeze, I have two complaints : the locking mechanism that is hard to unlock without something blocking the front wheel because you need to push the handle forward while exercing a downard force on the red lock with your foot, and the finger throttle accelerator that is not very precise, it seems to have 5 levels of power output, this makes it also difficult to keep consistant speed, and the speed regulator can't be activated easily on rough terrain because you can't be precise on the throttle. I actually find it quite fun to ride, the suspensions are very useful on bumps and road imperfections, however they don't do anything at all on small road imperfections, like pavements or small debris. People do stare at you a little less than with an EUC because it has a form factor less surprising, but the noise it makes while rolling makes you not very discrete. The front motor makes some noise while accelerating, like if it was geared but it's not, the accelerations is smooth and gentle, no hard acceleration to expect here the motor doesn't have enough torque. Breaking is actually quite surprising the first time, it makes your weight go forward abruptly and you're almost on the handles the first time, but at least it's effective. The range is very good, I've done 29km with 60% battery remaining at an average speed of 17kph, and 29km with 1% battery remaining at full speed all the time. Real speed is 27kph ang goes down to 20kph for the last 5% of battery, which is pretty good. I've tested it on trails, it's absolutely insane but in the bad way, your whole body has to take in the vibrations, and you will get stuck from time to's not meant for this kind of riding at all. I was wondering if an electric scooter is more convenient for commuting compared to EUC, well I don't think so. First of all the size of the machine is a con, in public transport it's not easy and in a trunk it takes some space. Then there is comfort, I actually find it less comfortable than a "14" EUC because of the small wheels, and because it makes a lot of noise when riding it can be a little annoying. I does have the advantage of being (imho) safer than an EUC just because in case of a failure, you probably won't faceplant. I would recommend it for anyone who wants a girlfriend, child, or anyone who can't ride an EUC to go with you on your trips in a city or on flat road. It's a good product, reliable (some have done more than 10 000km on it) and easy to ride !
  13. Argh you are soooooooooooo right
  14. Hi guys, Here are some pics from my little night trip with a rented Etwow booster S2 electric scooter, I'll be doing a review of it this weekend !
  15. Hi guys, I hope you are taking advantage of the good weather to have ride I've been out a few times, outside the city to the coutryside, I've noticed something a little strange but maybe it's normal, when I get above 40-42kph real speed with my ACM, it wobbles from front to back quite quickly, I can't figure out if it's a normal thing or not, my battery was at 64%. I got the final alarm at about 44kph with this percentage of battery, I usually don't ride faster than 40kph with my ACM so maybe this was present since I got it but I can't remember. I've pushed my Monster up to 48kph the same day with no wobbles. I don't think it's because I'm moving my legs, I'm not anxious during those ride. Another thing, I've added an (ugly)little speaker for music on top of the ACM (see picture below) do you think this could cause the issue ? What do you think ? Is this a normal behavior @meepmeepmayer, @Marty Backe and other owners of ACM ?
  16. Hi again ! I just tested out if the wobble is still present without the magnet, it's still there, if it's an unbalanced wheel then I guess that it's serious. I can still ride like that knowing that very rarely go above 40kph. I'll try to buy some magnets to stick on the wheel and do the trick like on the video, but I'm not sure what weight to stick on the rim. I'm tempted to leave it like it is. @Marty Backe when you go above 25mph do you feel this same wobble, or at least a vibration while going in a straight line ?
  17. A little ride in the moutains with a nice view as a reward, I love how an EUC can motivate you to discover new places that you would not visit if you had to walk there
  18. You're such a Gotway lover you know that right ?
  19. Hi, I have an older MCM2s, I guess you're not using the right app, the newer gotway app don't recognize the older Gotways. Another thing, in order for the app not to crash, you need to select "english" as your phone language, otherwise the app may crash. Here is a french link for the older apps: Bluetooth should not be an issue. Keep us updated if it works
  20. From my tests, the wobble is present on 3 out of 5 wheels I've tested (while spined freely), the Monster (that has a magnet) & the MCM3 (that hasn't got a magnet) don't seem inbalanced while spinning the wheel freely, the MCM4, ACM & MCM2s all have a magnet and seem inbalanced...I think I've figured out thanks to you guys that the inbalanced wheel is the reason and that this is probably caused by the magnet, I only have the MCM3 with me right now but as soon as I get back home I'll check it out. While this inbalance is perceivable at high spinning rates, I can't feel the wobble on other EUC than the ACM while riding, but it's probably because they are "slow" EUC's not capable of more than 23kph ? If removing the magnet solves the issue, then I'll have to place a something the same weight on the opposit side. I'll keep you updated, I really hope that this is the issue, because it's an easy fix !!
  21. Thanks guys ! I forgot I've placed a magnet on all of the wheels, for the bike computer to be able to sense the rotation of the wheel, it must weight about 5g, maybe less, do you think this little thing could be inbalancing the wheel therefore causing the wobble ? On my Monster it doesn't seem to have the same effect as on the ACM but maybe it's because the wheel is much bigger and that the rim is heavier ? It's not muscle fatigue because the wobble seems to be present when spinning the wheel freely.
  22. Thanks for your replys ! So, to answer your questions, my tire pressure is at 3.2 bars. I don't think I have a bad posture because then it would do the same thing on the Monster. My feet distribute my weight equaly I think. @Marty Backe Great idea it would just reduce my top speed so I can't reach +40kph anymore so no more worries, genius !! @meepmeepmayer I've lifted it, and the tire looks uneven and it seems imbalanced because at +40kph (holding the EUC) I can definitely feel the wobble, I think I found the issue but not sure how to fix it though...
  23. Hi guys, So I have received my Gotway Monster about a week ago, after having the chance to test it out on a trip, I was convinced that this EUC would be my next one. Being lightweight, unlike most other people on this forum, I got the 84V 1600Wh version, I still get a decent range with it. So what do I think about this Monster ? Well it's a blast to ride, it's the most comfortable EUC I have ever ridden, because of it's very wide tire, it absorbs road imperfections like a champ, the motor is very smooth but feels very strong and stable, tha algorithm compared to my ACM feels a little more forgiving and comfortable. The weak point is for turning, I really need to put an effort to have it to turn gently, because it is so heavy, but this is an asset when driving straight forward, as it seems to be on rails, it doesn't move a bit from it's heading. The only thing to remember is to really put your weight forward when you need to get along, it takes more effort than my other EUC. Talking range, from my calculations, I should be getting about 85-90km before getting into the "20% turtle mode", that is plenty enough for me, it's only about 5km more than my ACM 1300Wh, but the Monster has a very different feel to it when riding, more "serious", I don't do any tricks on it, even backwards riding, as I want to reduce the times I scratch it. For the charging time, I get about 5 to 6h charge time with CD & double stock charger (I use the one of my ACM and the original one), much more reasonable than the stock 12h charging time, and I don't like charging my EUC during the night so.. Talking speed, like Marty already said it, it feels very safe around 35kph (unlike the ACM), I got it ro reach 48kph but I wouldn't go any faster, despite not hearing a single beep, under 30% battery the speed is limited to 38kph (real speed) with my weight. Another thing that is suprising, is that I can pass road imperfections while berely noticing them, very big contrast with my ACM or MCM4, overall I thing that this EUC is suited for offroad (flat) but also for the city, maybe not in very tight streets with hundreds of pedestrians, but in my city it's fine, I just need to calculate the eratic movements of other people much more than before, because the Monster is quite slow to react (or maybe I am ) Having a "14", "16" and "22" EUC really feels like a complete set, I mean that I don't really prefer one over another, it depends on my mood, or what I need to do, the Monster is not suited for small inner city shopping or going to a rdv, it's more for getting out, get some fresh air, have a blast ! Oh, one last thing I noticed, my Monster doesn't have the same pads as the ones on the other guys who own one on thuis forum (from what I saw), it's no longer the fat pads from the ACM, they are wider but thinner, for me it's better not being a tall person, but maybe it can slightly influence it's agility, but I can't really tell the difference for sure.
  24. Going out with a friend, taking a picture of our EUC's in front of an antique WWII tank
  25. Hi guys, I wanted to share this recent adventure, and give you some advices so that the same thing won't happen to you... So I was riding alone, getting some fresh air as I always do during hot evenings, I had my gotway MCM4 that tops at 22km/h (this is important for after). After riding for about an hour in the forest, the dark was here, at about 10pm. I was heading back home on a bike lane, passing next to an inhabited complex for moderate revenues, when out of nowhere 6 youngsters came out and started yelling at me (can't remember exactly what), then started chasing me. I accelerated as fast as I could. I didn't even hear the final alarm but it must have been very brutal, because the EUC had no more power to keep me balanced and I fell off it, luckily I was able to run, the EUC rolled into a bush, and the 6 guys catched up with me. One of them threatened me with a knife, another had a cutter, they asked for my cellphone and money, I gave them what I had on me, but couldn't find my cellphone. The 6 guys where taller than me, and even though I had an electric shocker, I didn't use it because I was too afraid to get stabbed. They left very quickly, luckily they didn't take my EUC, after a while I headed back home, my legs where shaking from the stress, I have already had some agressions on my EUC but they never succeded until now. I filled up a complaint today at the police station, but without a good description (I wasn't able to remember the faces of my agressors because it was dark and I was under stress) they told me there almost no hope to find them. From now on, I won't go out at night with a slow and weak EUC, I think that if I had my ACM for example I would have gone away, I need to avoid some areas but I couldn't guess it would happen in this particular one, so I'll look out for groups of people. I highly recommend to ANYONE to be aware (in France at least) of these things happening. I'm glad they didn't take my EUC, I guess they thought it was broken..and it didn't sustain any major damage, I had some padding around it.