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    Hi guys, here is a short video for the promotion of our next scheduled group ride in the east of France
  2. @meepmeepmayer This 1.6Kwh ACM is still working good today in the hands of someone else (sold), it's around 16 000km today. I hope it'll last another 15 000km I would be very curious to see a +100 000km EUC, however I think only the +1.6Kwh EUC can do it, because considering 1000 charge cycles, a 1.6Kwh EUC would last about 100 000km. The +20 000km MS3 of @Hansolo had the motor bearings changed. @Jason McNeil Could you put a prize on the first rider to each 30 000km ? That's more reasonable even though I think not that easy to achieve I think the top mileage out there is somewhere between 20 000km & 25 000km
  3. KS 18S Heavy back and forth oscillation

    Hi, I have experienced this a few times on the Gotway Monster unfortunately.... I also had another failure last week, the Monster is now unusable I can't say for sure what it is, but I can say the cold is not the issue, I think it's a bug in the firmware of the motherboard. Ask @Marty Backe he has a KS18S I think he never experienced such an issue but maybe he knows about someone who did ?
  4. My Wheel Failure Statistics

    Hi guys, here is my failure rates, I included the mileage of the EUC, I didn't include flat tires, from May 2016 to March 2018. Firewheel F528 : fried board & BMS (500km) failure rate : 100% Gotway MCM4v2 HS 680Wh (1600km) ACMs+ 1300Wh (2000km) ACMs+ 1600Wh : fried board (15 000km) Monster 1600Wh : loose nuts (6800km) Tesla 1020Wh (100km) MCM2s 520Wh x2 (500km) failure rate : 28% Kingsong KS18A 680Wh (200km) KS14C 680Wh : bent axle (3800km) failure rate : 50% Rockwheel GT16 858Wh (200km) GT16 1036Wh (500km) failure rate : 0%
  5. The Monster tried to kill me !

    Hi Marty thank you for your answer, the bump was really little, I'll try to take a picture of it this afternoon. I really don't think it's a normal behavior because I've passed on this bump a few times with the ACM, Monster, V8 and they never failed befored, could be the yesterdays temperature (-5°C). It seemed to be an oscillation to me but with very wide aplitude. Not sure if this can happen to any EUC board I hope not. The production date of the Monster is December 2016 but the motherboard was changed in July 2017. I was not a serious bump, I'll try to take a picture to show you guys, I always slow down before major bumps & cracks. This is certainly not a normal behavior, I had a Tesla & it never had this symptom even if I was hard on it.
  6. Hi guys, I'm just back from a little ride with the Gotway Monster, everything was fine, I was cruising at around 30kph, I slowed down when going through the green pedestrian light on the bike lane, but at the moment the Monster rolled on a little bumb, it started to wobble severly back & forth, I fell on my my knee, right hand & shoulder, I still feel the pain a little. Fortunately I was not too badly injured, I just killed my phone protection and cracked the shell of the Monster. I still can't understand why it behaved like that ? @Marty Backe you experienced the same issue with your MS3 didn't you ?

    Hi guys, here is the first video of our group tour in Metz (France) today ! More videos to come
  8. The Photo Thread

    Hi guys, here are a few pics of our 24 rider group tour in Metz (France), 35km, lots of fun !
  9. [UPDATE] WARNING GT16v2 cut off

    Hi guys, So I got some update on the reason for this "failure", it is combination of high speed riding & medium battery percentage, and I have learned something VERY IMPORTANT : there is NO 80% power SAFETY ! So you GT16 riders MUST correctly set your alarms & tilt back, I highly suggest (if you are 75kg max) that you keep it under 40kph, and under 50% battery to keep it under 35kph, I am very sad that there is no progressive warning like on gotway, kingsong, inmotion.... Keep it safe !!!!
  10. how to enjoy riding slow speeds?

    Hi, I think riding slow is one of the best thing you can do on an EUC, just like high speed riding. I often find myself just cruising around at pedestrian speed (around 5 to 10kph), I don't think there is a need to do any fancy stuff (360, backward, freestyle...), just enjoying the glide, knowing that at any moment I can move along and go back to cruising speed, enjoying the scenery, the animals around (sometimes the people)... I'm probably one of the fanboys who think that EUC is just fun anytime anywhere at any speed. If my TG3 that tops at 12kph could have more range than 5km, I'd probably take it out more often, just enjoying the silence of the 350W motor. What in the world can beat a slow ride around a lake at sunset in summer with a slight breeze ?
  11. [UPDATE] WARNING GT16v2 cut off

    @KingSong69 Yes I know there is a table with the recommended speed, it's even 35kph, but Gotway recommends 25kph max, if there was a warning before the cut off I would say it's the riders fault, but the fact that there weren't any audible warning or tilt back is what concerns me (I wasn't with him when he crashed). @meepmeepmayer The official max speed is 55kph, and the GT16 has proven capable of approaching these speeds. The guy only sustained minor injuries. With gotway there is the continous beeping when reaching 80% power, with Rockwheel it's supposed to be alarm + tilt back.
  12. Hi guys, I have to give you a warning about the Rockwheel GT16v2 (the last generation with the new tire and flat pedals). My friend just had a cut off today, without any warning the GT16 stoped working and he fell on the ground, he was riding on a flat surface at 44kph. Fortunately neither he or someone else was badly injured. We are investigating the cause of this, is it a malfunction ? Are all the GT16 concerned ? For the safety of all you GT16 riders, I recommend you keep it "slow" (under 30kph) until I get further info from Rockwheel about this issue. UPDATE : The GT16 has no "80% power beeping" like on gotway, you MUST keep it slow when the voltage goes down ! Here is some pics of the GT16 after the crash :
  13. The Photo Thread

    Let's get out and have fun From left to right : KS14C 840Wh - ACM 1600Wh - GT16 858Wh - GT16 1036Wh - GT16 858Wh
  14. The Photo Thread

    Hi guys, Tough riding under wet snow ^^
  15. New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    Hi guys, I just found this announcement by the Russian company Ecodrift, great news for the Inmotion V8 fans ! It should be called V10 or V8 fast. The specs will be : - 16 inch diameter 2.5 wide tire - Exterior aspect similar to the V8 with the V5F trolley handle (no more integrated trolley ??) - Available in 640Wh & 920Wh (good news) - Max speed of 40kph/25mph - Wide and high pedals - Weight of 18kg - Coming in Mars-April of this year See here for original description : http://electrotransport.ru/ussr/index.php?topic=52495.0 What do you guys think about this one ??? Can't wait to see the first pics