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  1. Hi, Took out the Monster in the forest on some trails, a nice 2h tour, very joyful
  2. Thank you for the information, yes it's a cool toy ^^ (and this one is really a "toy" because it doesn't serve any other purpose than simply the joy of riding) I think it might be due to : - more weight (about 5kg more) - higher consumption during accelerations and hard breaking - higher drag (bad cx) - higer wheel friction dut to the wider tire - my riding style on it compared to the ACM I had the same thing with the KS18 680Wh & MCM4 680Wh, same battery capacity but the MCM4 gives me 50km while the KS18 only gave me 42km. But still I may be wrong ^^
  3. Hi guys, So I have received my Gotway Monster about a week ago, after having the chance to test it out on a trip, I was convinced that this EUC would be my next one. Being lightweight, unlike most other people on this forum, I got the 84V 1600Wh version, I still get a decent range with it. So what do I think about this Monster ? Well it's a blast to ride, it's the most comfortable EUC I have ever ridden, because of it's very wide tire, it absorbs road imperfections like a champ, the motor is very smooth but feels very strong and stable, tha algorithm compared to my ACM feels a little more forgiving and comfortable. The weak point is for turning, I really need to put an effort to have it to turn gently, because it is so heavy, but this is an asset when driving straight forward, as it seems to be on rails, it doesn't move a bit from it's heading. The only thing to remember is to really put your weight forward when you need to get along, it takes more effort than my other EUC. Talking range, from my calculations, I should be getting about 85-90km before getting into the "20% turtle mode", that is plenty enough for me, it's only about 5km more than my ACM 1300Wh, but the Monster has a very different feel to it when riding, more "serious", I don't do any tricks on it, even backwards riding, as I want to reduce the times I scratch it. For the charging time, I get about 5 to 6h charge time with CD & double stock charger (I use the one of my ACM and the original one), much more reasonable than the stock 12h charging time, and I don't like charging my EUC during the night so.. Talking speed, like Marty already said it, it feels very safe around 35kph (unlike the ACM), I got it ro reach 48kph but I wouldn't go any faster, despite not hearing a single beep, under 30% battery the speed is limited to 38kph (real speed) with my weight. Another thing that is suprising, is that I can pass road imperfections while berely noticing them, very big contrast with my ACM or MCM4, overall I thing that this EUC is suited for offroad (flat) but also for the city, maybe not in very tight streets with hundreds of pedestrians, but in my city it's fine, I just need to calculate the eratic movements of other people much more than before, because the Monster is quite slow to react (or maybe I am ) Having a "14", "16" and "22" EUC really feels like a complete set, I mean that I don't really prefer one over another, it depends on my mood, or what I need to do, the Monster is not suited for small inner city shopping or going to a rdv, it's more for getting out, get some fresh air, have a blast ! Oh, one last thing I noticed, my Monster doesn't have the same pads as the ones on the other guys who own one on thuis forum (from what I saw), it's no longer the fat pads from the ACM, they are wider but thinner, for me it's better not being a tall person, but maybe it can slightly influence it's agility, but I can't really tell the difference for sure.
  4. Incredible and scary story Marty !! I'm glad you all made it ! This made me think that going out for very long trips with nobody else can be really dangerous, especially with no cellphone coverage. Also I would not have thought that the Monster would have been such a pain to climb with, compared to ACM, but I'll take your word for it. You really are a determined person, riding so quickly after this near death experience, respect man ! I wish you a fast complete recovery.
  5. Hi, I think that as EUC rider we should always be prepared to jump off the EUC, the difficulty is to jump without face planting, the theory is to put your strong foot in front first, flex your knees and run (avoiding falling is not possible if the speed is too high), but we all know that theory is nothing without practice.. I think most people are not willing to damage their EUC while training to jump off their EUC. Even though it's not the same thing, I have learned how to improve my reflex of getting off my EUC by learning how to ride a "normal" unicycle, and then trying to jump off it, because it can really take a beating and they are not very expensive, but I can see that not everyone has the patience to learn how to ride them. I have experienced on several occasions this technique, most of the time around 15kph, but also once above 30kph, and still manage to get out of it without a scratch (exept on my EUC). As for rolling, it must be a good thing for higher speeds, but I personnaly wouldn't do it if you don't wear a helmet (like me most of the time), I would rather break some bones or scratch my forearm rather than bumping my head into the ground, but with a helmet why not, although here again practice is important imho.
  6. Hi Marty, I have tested it recently with my ACM, because I had my tilt back set at 42kph but some buddys said it was more dangerous than not having it at all, and that I should just respect the final alarm instead. In a way it made sense to me because I'm not going to change my tilt back speed when my battery get's lower in voltage, and I know that under 30% (under load) the final alarm kicks in at 37kph so the tilt back is pretty much useless. So I still wanted to know if the tilt back was really draining some power, I set the tilt back at low speed, and from what I saw, there was a sort of power pic, unless I immedialy start decelerating when the tilt back kicks in (then the power might get down as low as 50W, must be regenerative breaking as I don't think 50W is enough to balance me), so I can't say that the theory is wrong, but I decided to skip the tilt back unless I really want to limit my EUC to a low speed (under 30kph with the ACM because then it'll have enough power reserve). This is in no way a scientific measure btw I think the greatest danger comes from accelerating and hitting the tilt back speed while still accelerating, because you're already leaning forward, and even if the tilt back doesn't overpower the motor, one might loose his balance in this particular situation, leading in a dangerous face planting. I would recommend keeping the tilt back speed for low speeds or "slow" EUC (such as the MCM series, KS series and all of the EUC that don't go above 30kph)
  7. Hi, a charge cycle is counted from 0% to 100%, so for example, if you charge twice your battery from 50% to 100% it only counts for one charge cycle
  8. Hi, I have been using lithium batteries for the past 12 years, first in RC flying and in tech stuff, for example I still have a working PSP battery that has been used at least 500 times, it has ten years and it still holds 50% of it's capacity today, or for my first smartphone the Iphone Edge (still holds ok today) fot lithium polymer batteries I have used some for the past 6 years, they still hold about 60-70% of their capacity. I know a bunch of website say it's best to leave the batteries 50% charge (40 to 60%), I always left them from 20% to 30%, I think the lower the voltage, the less harm to the chemicals inside. Another thing is storage, do not leave your batteries in hot temperatures, but leaving them in your room is ok. My recommendations would be: - Try not to charge 100%, 90% is fine, but still charge them to 100% every 10 to 20 cycles to balance the cells (and leave the batteries resting for several hours after the charge is finished) - Do not charge directly after using your EUC, wait at least 2hours (not always possible) - Do not ride immediatly after the charge is finished, wait 20 minutes - Do not ride agressively the first km (and afterwards also if you can) - Regenerative breaking is good, but it reduces the battery life, so try anticipating and no using it too often - Don't go below 20% if you can, and try avoiding going below 8% ever (unless you really need to calibrate the battery) - Under 50% battery, go smooth (some EUC incorporate some kind of speed limiter under a certain percentage, but accelerations are what pumps the most energy) - Try doing a charge cycle every 2 months minimum - Store your battery anywhere from 20% to 50%, never ever leave them fully charged for too long (more than a week) - With negative temperatures, go super smooth, because riding in these conditions will hurt the chemicals more than usual, same thing with extreme hot temperatures Hope this helps
  9. Hi guys, here is an old pic of our happy French riders
  10. Hi, I started this topic to share the info with those who might me interested (or not) with the new Monster 100V, I don't know why Linea Lin from Gotway said that there are no such EUC coming out, because WheelzWorld already ordered some units of these new Monsters, and on his website you can pre-order some, so that wouldn't make any sense for him to spread fake info and take pre-orders for a EUC that doesn't exist It apparently does, there will only be 1845Wh option for the Monster 100V unfortunately, I guess it will be a very limited market for the already limited Monster market.
  11. Hi, I agree with you about the battery size, but for some people it might be a good thing (talking about the 1600Wh). I personnaly went for the 1600Wh, because I can get 80-90km out of it (with 20% left) and I don't need more range, and also because the weight difference matters for a light person like me (60kg), but if I weight more than 75kg then I would surely would have picked the 2400Wh instead. I don't know if Gotway will have a higher Wh 100V model, I'll ask and let you know
  12. Hi guys ! New info, the Gotway Monster 100V will be available in 1845Wh (don't know if there will be another version), so it's true it won't be 1600Wh like before, Kebye didn't announce it directly to distributors. Maybe this will be a good balance the 1600Wh & 2400Wh
  13. Hi, The second alarm is 3 beeps, the final alarm is continuous beeps, it may sound like 3 beeps on some videos but that may be due to the rider immediatly reducing his speed (which is the thing to do). If you hear a single alarm, it is certainly because you are very near the speed of the first alarm but you only reach it for an instant. With you weight, I guess the final alarm will kick in around 45kph, maybe more, depending on your level of battery, temperature, if you're climbing or not, and if there is alot of wind. The lower your battery gets, the lower the speed of the final alarm, it can also occur during a very hard acceleration Hope it was useful for you (I have the same model)
  14. I hear you Marty, if I hear about a Gotway Msuper3 100V or ACM 100V I will share the info, but for now it seems that Gotway is shipping the first 100V Monster & will soon come out with the new MCM4 I'm still not convinced they will come out with new versions of the Msuper3 & ACM, instead I guess they will come out towards the end of the year with ACM2 & Msuper4 which could be available in 84V & 100V, seems logic to me (but maybe I'm wrong). EUC are becoming incredible performance machines and I'm very excited to see the new models coming out !
  15. Well the good thing is that you're doing some physical training at the same time, plus the feeling of speed is greater if closer to the ground I used to sit sometimes on my MCM4, but I felt quite ridiculous, and I couldn't hold the position for very long, on the Monster it's a very comfortable position (on the KS18 too) What seat do you intend to use on the V5f ?