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  1. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    Hi Dan, I'm not often here during wintertime, therefore saw this late. I wish you a fast recovery, and all the best for the future, regardless if you decide to stop riding or not. Take care, and may 2018 become a lot better for you than it started!
  2. The Photo Thread

    I'm sure he has. It's just great there. Everything looks a little bit different than in the rest of the world. Cars, ships and the sea: The waves and the mountains: Even the cablecars and the cities: Only this one you cannot see any longer, it's gone: Don't you need any really good IT-guys there ? I would just come over for a few years, possibly forever.
  3. Gotway Tesla vs KS16S?

    So does it mean, the Tesla is the same quality shit like the other Gotways ? I'll watch the developments until next April/May, when I intend to buy the next EUC in spring 2018.
  4. Goodbye, KS16B ***sigh***

    Dear wheel, please accept my most heartfelt sympathies. My thoughts are with you, dear KS16, and the Kingsong family during this difficult time. Wishing you peace to bring comfort to your new owner, courage to face the days ahead and loving memories to forever hold in my hearts. Words seem inadequate to express the sadness I feel loosing you. But because winter approaches again, with lots of skiing days and no possibility to ride a wheel, I needed to give you away, after sharing lifes for more than 3000 km. I'm sure you will be happy there. And I, the hollow-hearted preowner, I'll feel ready next spring to take the next step to a KS16S, Gotway Tesla or the like.
  5. Hi All, I'm selling my KS16B (680 Wh, 30 km/h, range 40-50 km). Postage in Austria: 14 €, inside EU 30€, Switzerland 50€, USA 72€. You can see actual fotos and details here: https://www.willhaben.at/iad/kaufen-und-verkaufen/d/elektrisches-einrad-kingsong-ks16-segway-like-227705691/
  6. Mock-up of a New King Song App

    I assume you use the app on your ks18 or ks16s. I hate the app, because 1. It has severe problems to connect to my ks16b, 2. It is ridiculously big, 3. It is rather chatty. Actually it sent more data than my YouTube app received a week ago, and after recognizing that I deinstalled it immediately, and will not try it a 2nd time.
  7. Mock-up of a New King Song App

    Thanks Jason, For this initiative! I can't agree more on (nearly) everything. If you need a beta tester at any time, I'll be happy to help.
  8. WheelLog Android App

    Put your finger on the left edge of the phone, and slide it to the right.
  9. KS Firmware 1.26

    Where did you see it ? Neither my old nor my new KS app showed the availability of a new firmware for my KS16B. BTW, since upgrade of the new app to 1.34 it's very hard to connect to the wheel, needs 5 to 10 tries, very annoying (thanks God for daily use I have Wheellog). At the end I removed the new KS app completely from my phone, because my bandwidth watcher showed me it transferred more data than youtube (!!!) on my phone, rather strange (and mostly sending, less receiving).
  10. The Photo Thread

    That's the reason why I change my nickname every 2 months ...
  11. ok, I understand some of the concerns. But in no way would I hinder people to promote or distribute wheel related apps here on the forum, because I see that as a definitive value add of this forum ! Here people shared ways how to reload older firmware on their (from the manufacturer) destroyed Ninebot MiniPros, and here a fantastic app like wheellog is shared, which I'm using instead of the manufacturer app, because the latter just lacks functionality I like. BTW, meanwhile I tested the wheellog maxspeed setting of the KS16 several times again, and I believe meanwhile, that the app cannot change it above 30 km/h, becaue the wheel firmware seems to restrict that. When I thought at my very first test that it works, I assume I only pushed the wheel so hard that it went to 35 something km/h.
  12. WheelLog Android App

    Yes. Don't try to open it from the notification display, but from the (any) filemanager. And uninstall all prior versions first, in case you have one. Thank you very much. I'm thinking about to buy a Tizen watch.
  13. Weird accident :-)

    Yesterday, a fantastic bright, warm and sunny autumn day, I was riding along river Mur, on one of my preferred pathes. (BTW, thanks to @LanghamP, pointing out that the battery lasts a lot longer in "riding mode" than in "player mode" on my KS16, that's really true, and extended some of my rides in the last days by some nice kilometers). I was rolling against the sun, and saw a bicyclist approaching, driving on his side of the bike path, like many others I already met today. I saw him staring at me, and so I know he noticed me, and didn't have any thoughts that something bad could happen. Suddenly, approximately 10 meters in front of me, he changed to the (his) left side, so approaching me in collision course. An immediate emergency brake on my side (I was rolling as I do mostly, around 25 km/h) didn't help, and also a try to escape to the right side into the meadows, because when I changed directions, he always did exactly the same, so we ended in a collision. It was not that fast anymore, so I could jump off and run it out, though I had troubles to keep the balance. He just stopped. He was a 16 year old boy, saying he is sorry, and telling me he was so puzzled by my appearance, that he didn't take care of his riding, and was somehow magnetically attracted by me. I was laughing, just telling him that this is nothing magical, but just a segway like thing, only with one wheel, and asked him to give it a try. Though he didn't, he seemed to be relieved by this explanation, and also by the fact I was not hurt, and then we both went our ways. However, this was the funniest accident I ever had in my life: people bumping into me because they can't believe what they see. For me it was especially surprising, because normally people here do not care much if you pass along on an EUC. Although I got some views and had to answer 4 or 5 times some questions since the 16 months I'm riding now, I never had anything close like this boy, who seemed to think I came to earth directly from starship Enterprise or something.
  14. New Kingsong APP (Android)

    Actually, with the new wheellog most of the wheel configuration can be done also, by sliding the screen to the right, and select "Wheelsettings". I use the KS app only for firmware upgrade now. And yes, it just connects (and reconnects, after the wheel was turned off) to the KS16 immediately without any problems (of course must be also enabled for "location"). Latest version can be downloaded here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3cjKgEvoZ5XeVRtU3FibG9fMHM/view?usp=sharing Thread about it from the new developer is here (but use the link above, because there are several older versions with bugs also linked, the above one is from his latest download posting, and it works very well for me):
  15. Kingsong app not scanning

    I also always fall for this trap, last time when I reinstalled it on a new phone. Don't forget to authorize the app for location and storage (touch the icon for a few seconds, then select "app-info", page down to (I don't know what it says in english, should be something like "permissions" or "authorizations"), and allow location and storage). Otherwise you'll get no connection.