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  1. Are you also using your non-dominant foot?

    Yeah I've started practicing this as well. Getting a lot better fairly quickly. Also learning to ride backwards a lot better quickly. Have been focusing on doing the things I'm not good at.
  2. Preferred riding footwear

    I'd be ripping that all off and replacing it with just grip tape. On my KS16 I replace the grip tape once it wears out and it's a dream when it is brand new.
  3. Survey on Personal Electric Vehicles

    Unlike a bike it is no effort on the wheel to slow right down, pass the pedestrian, then accelerate again. I ride a lot of shared use paths (meant for pedestrians and cyclists) on both my wheel and bike and this is common - even with a bell often pedestrians are wearing headphones. It's more annoying on a bicycle by far.
  4. King Song KS-16S tire pressure?

    True, I agree with that on a trailer. But I guess in this case real world data trumps the number printed on the side of the tire. I follow this forum pretty closely and I can't remember anyone having a catastrophic tire blowout. I think KingSong rates their KS16 to 300lbs. I've carried my 80lb kid short distances so I've tested that as well - no blowout. Of course that was a low speeds for safety purposes.
  5. King Song KS-16S tire pressure?

    I have a KS16 with that tire, and I weigh 215lbs, probably on the high end of people who ride these. With the weight of the wheel that's probably close to 250lbs. Plus on short trips (5km) I've picked up probably 25lbs of groceries in a backpack. 3000km + and no problems with the tire. I usually run 50psi. Once it drops too low (35-40psi) the tire feels mushy and you can feel it bottom out when hitting certain bumps. My tire is getting to end of life though, it has a pretty good flat spot in the middle. Might get one more season out of it - I already bought a replacement.
  6. New Kingsong APP (Android)

    That works, thanks!
  7. New Kingsong APP (Android)

    Does anyone have this English version they can post? This share link has expired. Thanks!
  8. KS-16S - Handle not staying locked

    You'll have to open it eventually, maybe for a flat or to replace the tire (mine's getting close to being worn out). But there is a guide: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4OJrjRwkZroaTh1VVlwQVJRc3lSOEhOU2hjdUZrSGZQOGtn It's not too hard, I had to do it as soon as I got it because Kingsong had to ship my wheel to me without the batteries installed.
  9. KS-16S - Handle not staying locked

    I think the handle eventually wears out and needs to be replaced. On mine, I opened it and then I could not get it to go back down. Was really inconvenient. I disassembled the entire handle assembly and found that there is a plastic lock at the bottom that had broken, meaning that it would not retract the locking mechanism. I removed it as a temporary measure - now my handle is the same as yours. One side locks and one side does not. I ordered a replacement handle for it. For now it is fine though, although only one side locks it doesn't affect my ability to carry the wheel. And at least it is not stuck open, which is much worse.
  10. Joining the club

    That's unfortunate, in my opinion. I've had several people learn to ride the wheel in under an hour, many as fast as 15 minutes. My friends 8 year old daughter can rip around all day on my KS16. I feel this mode of transport could use more publicity, and discouraging people from trying doesn't help. Might be better to be honest and say that you don't want inexperienced people damaging your wheel. They are expensive, and I'm sure they'd understand.
  11. Joining the club

    Eh, my KS16 has had some tumbles and it is surprisingly durable. With a device that has only one wheel you're going to have to accept some dings eventually. I already knew how to ride when I received mine, and first day out I was following to close to my kid on his bike, he stopped fast unexpectedly and I had to bail. Got that first scratch out of the way quickly!
  12. Joining the club

    I've had a lot of people ride my wheel, and the best advice I have is to first stand in one spot, hold onto a wall or pole, and rock the wheel back and forward. I think the hardest thing for people to learn is how to make the wheel go, and of course if you can't go you can't balance. Once you feel where the 'gas pedal' is in your mind, the rest comes pretty naturally.
  13. KingSong warranty service

    Recently my KS16 was making a scraping noise when hitting bumps. I took it apart and found that the axle was starting to crack. I'm 100kg and have about 2800km on the wheel according to the app. I purchased this direct from KingSong in 2016 and luckily it was still in warranty. Kingsong agreed to send me a new motor, although I had to pay for shipping as well as $13US for new pillars as the new motor has a 2mm thicker axle and is not compatible with the old pillars. It was about $98 US total. They were great to deal with, the support person gave me her WhatsApp number for faster communication. I did run into a snag when installing it though, as it appears they did not machine the rounded channel in the top of the pillar. I was doing this at the lake and didn't have access to my power tools, but luckily the neighbor had a bench grinder and I was able to grind out a matching channel. It's back in business now, and hopefully this won't be an issue in the future with the new thicker axle.
  14. Kingsong firmware v1.25

    I wouldn't, only because it fixed an issue with my wheel where it would not turn off when you hit the button, it would just stop balancing. After about 10 minutes it would shut off and then it would be fine. I have to say it was my only (so far) experience with Kingsong troubleshooting and it was a good experience.
  15. Kingsong firmware v1.25

    I have lots of bluetooth connectivity issues on 1.25 that were not there on 1.23. Once it's connected it is fine but it sometimes takes a few tries to connect.