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  1. @Chriull It happens from time to time in eastern european EUC community, because of fast acceleration or bumps on the road, and lasting battery. We think the reason is obvious - voltage drop after peak power drain on a 2P battery. Nothing new. I have 3P mod, never caught this.
  2. V8 has that dumb cell discharge protection, which cuts off when single cell is underdrawn, it's dangerous but what's done that's done. I would suggest topic starter to check the battery and fix unbalanced or bad cells, because if it's the issue then it will reproduce
  3. Overseas from Russia will meet customs and serviceability problems. Still yeah we're (eastern european and CIS riders) happy with their prices
  4. I wonder what will happen after u ride it in sand beach or dirt...
  5. 350w motor and electronics should not boil up
  6. Thanks to @EcoDrift Automatically translated article is poor, but better than nothing. However, all we need is images and some love, off course. Check here.
  7. @Scatcat To be honest it sounds just like pedal screws loosened (which led to gap, which led to resonance - quite common control algorithm flaw in "hard-mode" EUC's). Try to fix them tight before you do bigger repairs.
  8. Found out that controller is covered in varnish, so it's the subject to assume that stator is varnished too. But if you're unlucky...
  9. On the other hand we saw a couple of water proofing tests and wheels did well (f.e.) Maybe electric parts should be covered in varnish, but i don't know. the wheel in picture above be is not mine and it failed right after getting into road hole filled with water
  10. Just the one with bigger battery
  11. It looks like IPS i5, i5+ lacks water proofing. Has no at all. Stator looks attached to shell, so we have no parts which would cover inner space of the motor. It's exposed to water and you'll have big risk of ending up with short circuit after getting into rain. Fix me if I wrong, please.
  12. I'll try to find out details of campaign and will update this thread then.
  13. Biggest russian EUC dealer (which you may remember by funny translated to english but good quality EUC reviews - @EcoDrift) announces recall campaign on most ACM, ACMs+, Msuper v3s+ sold since 29 of April 2017. Dates of production starts from 20 April 2017. EcoDrift will return devices after replacement boards will be installed. Here you can see no connection between motor sn/s and production dates, as we assumed earlier. Date of shipment Production date Model Color Battery Motor code 4/29/17 170427026 Msuper3s+ B 1600 QJ170306273 4/29/17 170427025 Msuper3s+ B 1600 QJ170306266 4/29/17 170421009 Msuper3s+ B 1600 QJ170213160 4/29/17 170421012 Msuper3s+ B 1600 QJ161022188 4/29/17 170427022 Msuper3s+ B 1600 QJ170306121 4/29/17 170427023 Msuper3s+ B 1600 QJ170306176 4/29/17 170420026 Msuper3s+ B 1600 QJ170213141 4/29/17 170427021 Msuper3s+ B 1600 QJ170306170 4/29/17 170427024 Msuper3s+ B 1600 QJ170306270 4/29/17 170420027 Msuper3s+ B 1600 QJ170213122 4/29/17 170427027 Msuper3s+ B 1600 QJ170306312 4/29/17 170421011 Msuper3s+ B 1600 QJ161022097 4/29/17 170421010 Msuper3s+ B 1600 QJ161022164 4/29/17 170427017 Msuper3s+ B 1600 QJ170306222 4/29/17 170427015 Msuper3s+ B 1600 QJ170306286 4/29/17 170427014 Msuper3s+ B 1600 QJ170306281 4/29/17 170427013 Msuper3s+ B 1600 QJ170306303 4/29/17 170427011 Msuper3s+ B 1600 QJ170306309 4/29/17 170427009 ACMs+ B 1300 170405917HB 4/29/17 170427008 ACMs+ B 1300 170405918HB 4/29/17 170427005 ACMs+ B 1300 170405939HB 4/29/17 170427006 ACMs+ B 1300 170405907HB 4/29/17 170427007 ACMs+ B 1300 170405926HB 4/29/17 170427001 ACM B 820 170405895HB 4/29/17 170427002 ACM B 820 170405988HB 4/29/17 170427003 ACM B 820 170405900HB 4/29/17 170427004 ACM B 820 170405979HB 5/5/17 170427012 Msuper3s+ B 1600 QJ170306316 5/5/17 170427010 Msuper3s+ B 1600 QJ170306261 5/5/17 170427016 Msuper3s+ B 1600 QJ170306319 5/5/17 170427018 Msuper3s+ B 1600 QJ170306174 5/5/17 170427019 Msuper3s+ B 1600 QJ170306189 5/5/17 170505004 Msuper3 B 0 QJ170419386 5/11/17 170510042 ACMs+ B 1600 170500123HB 5/15/17 170512025 Msuper3s+ B 1600 QJ170419428 5/15/17 170512027 Msuper3s+ B 1600 QJ170419421 5/15/17 170512026 Msuper3s+ B 1600 QJ170419472 5/15/17 170512023 Msuper3s+ B 1600 QJ170306279 5/15/17 170512024 Msuper3s+ B 1600 QJ170419479 5/15/17 170513016 Msuper3s+ Blue 1600 QJ170419438 5/15/17 170513022 Msuper3s+ Blue 1600 QJ170419388 5/15/17 170513020 Msuper3s+ Blue 1600 QJ170306280 5/15/17 170513021 Msuper3s+ Blue 1600 QJ170419409 5/15/17 170513018 Msuper3s+ Blue 1600 QJ161022158 5/15/17 170513017 Msuper3s+ Blue 1600 QJ170419414 5/15/17 170513013 Msuper3s+ Blue 1600 QJ161022136 5/15/17 170513019 Msuper3s+ Blue 1600 QJ170419430 5/15/17 170513015 Msuper3s+ Blue 1600 QJ170419445 5/15/17 170513014 Msuper3s+ Blue 1600 QJ170419440
  14. I was about to buy an electric scooter or bike back in 2013. But as every normal men I dug into research on what's better and more practical, when I saw EUC videos and felt deeply in love with it. After youtube honeymoon and forum research I got second hand geared beast - RockWheel GR16, and became really happy riding it between the moments of repairs. Now I own Inmotion V8 (740Wh/3p battery mod) and I love it even more. My wife is very jealous to EUC. Trying to seduce her to ride, but, still, had no luck
  15. Currently DD motors have only one point of friction - the bearing between axle and motor case. No oil inside, no wear, no extremely high RPM's (comparing to geared) makes this motor type barely servicable. You may need to replace bearing after some thousands of km's if you ride in dirty and rainy environments (e.g. in Russia )