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  1. KS14M (800W / 174WH)

    @KS Poland It may be limited by 1P battery
  2. KS14M (800W / 174WH)

    Also, forgot to mention earlier, M version lacks speakers.
  3. KS14M (800W / 174WH)

    Most people in Russia has low level income, so electric unicycles are too pricey for them to buy and try, that’s why KS14B became the last year best seller as first EUC. M version would fit there perfectly and has some potential for upgrades.
  4. KS14M (800W / 174WH)

    Tarrgeted to be the successor of 14B. Basically, it's 14D with no LED strips and with only 1P battery config. Can be upgraded to 14D by reflashing firmware and adding battery and LED's. @Rehab1 It has no sense with 1P battery - it's incompatible with heavy weight riders Teardown by @EcoDrift here
  5. CES 2018: Ninebot One Z

    They finally got him. We should go under cover now. Protocol "phantom" activated.
  6. New EUC

    @INMOTION SCV any details on when we can expect announcement of new EUC?
  7. It was told by sales manager who visited Ninebot last autumn. Treat it as rumors.
  8. they aborted that trolley, with statement that they will make better one. So as we see no product till now.
  9. OMG! New Solowheel with 2 wheel design?

    Still waiting. Currently shipment starts in March
  10. OMG! New Solowheel with 2 wheel design?

    Manufactured by Gyroor, exclusively for Inventist. Now renamed to IOTAtrax. Spotted at CES. There are no signs of Solowheel brand though, but logo.
  11. CES 2018: Ninebot One Z

    Any updates?
  12. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    I just thought maybe its not glossy but covered with protective film... Any CES news?
  13. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Ninebot is moving from slick design directly into shit with this glance piece of... plastic. Disappointment.