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  1. OMG! New Solowheel with 2 wheel design?

    nope. its 2-wheeled
  2. OMG! New Solowheel with 2 wheel design?

    It's just a speculations on what I know about the project, shipments are scheduled for October so it's not that fat away from seeing what it feels like for real.
  3. OMG! New Solowheel with 2 wheel design?

    It turns like typical hoverboards - look at the pedals there on the axle. Think of it like hoverboard inverted, you can turn around at the same spot.
  4. OMG! New Solowheel with 2 wheel design?

    Solowheel Iota new design from indiegogo campaign was spotted at IFA 2017 at IconBIT stand Can i just buy one piece from iconbit to not pay for the brand?
  5. Ninebot One Z10 testing videos comparison picture

    yes @meepmeepmayer

    There was K1 electric skateboard also (which I already bought, tested, almost broken my leg, and now don't want to skate anymore)
  7. That is either dumb or lies of GW, because of the fact that if person or a group are able to reverse compiled firmware, then he are smart enough to dump the firmware down from the processor - he don't need to download any OTA blob or something to get the firmware.
  8. It was firmware problem, so i assume that gotway/seller already reflashed it.
  9. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Already invented by nature. Called - legs!
  10. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Interesting design, but specs are seems to be unreal, and... no trolley handle? Ah i see something like trolley/standing post attached.
  11. Another user from Russia caught "rodeo effect" (as we call it ) on his reflashed Msuper V3. Then he changed board by warranty claim and it was reflashed again to be sure. And it still reproduces. Besides that fact that he fallen down at ~40km/h, which led to, thanks fortune and safety gear, minor injuries - he claims that he managed to find workaround and conditions to reproduce that issue: Conditions to reproduce: It seems that firmware has some calibration algorithm which not persists it's values during wheel powering off. So, to catch "rodeo" you should have latest firmware and try to start moving right directly forward after powering on, then you'll have big chance to catch this bug on bumps. Workaround: to avoid "rodeo effect" you should move your wheel forward and backward a couple of times right after turning it on.
  12. ACM is listed in recall campaign but was already sold to other person, who got injured in result.
  13. Another user in Russia who was not aware of issue and had affected ACM felt down and got multiple fractures and torn ligaments. Shame on you, Gotway.
  14. Did my V8 just shutoff on me??

    It would be really nice if some native Inmotion representative will state it clearly about BMS protections and/or bugs of it