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  1. Yes I tried everything.
  2. I realized the same on mine. Thought something is wrong with my bord. So I replaced it. It was better but now it starts again. Specially in turns it tilts forward when I turn right and tilts backward when I turn left. And the whight led could be brighter. Other than that I love this wheel.
  3. Great! Cant wait for your review and comparison👍🏼
  4. 0-0-36-38 and this wokrs well with a fully charged battery but below 60% max speed reduced to 32km/h
  5. Yes of course but a bigger battery should keep higher voltage as a smaller pack. My beeps come around 30-32 km/h.
  6. Now I wish the same thing for my Ks18! I mean it has more power and with 1360wh twice the capacity but its the same firmware. So the same topspeed when reaching 58v approx
  7. This safty issue must be related to the voltage drop but when you check the app while riding you can see that the battery percentage drops when accelerating and increases when braking. Same as the voltage. also a 1360wh battery should hold the voltage much better than a 680wh battery.
  8. That means you have the 680wh version right? check next time when it is fully charged, it should show then 60km. And are you pushing your wheel against the tilt back? 42km/h wow
  9. @felixtm did you find out what the problem is? I also woul say its one of the 3 motor cables which has no contact. maybe someone else here can tell me what the 4th wire from the motor (a small connector with 5 wires pluged to the board) is doing? Also my wheel is shuddering slightly but only when it stands still. But I guess tahts normal ?!?
  10. I didnt read all here but how was the outside air temperature ? I wonder if all the battery packs have an BMS because I also noticed that even after charging the whole night and chargers green indication the app shows not 100% full more like 96%.
  11. I am interested in the new Top cover! Can I order it seperately? I am sure some other guys from this forum also want to upgrade.
  12. The best is definitely the solved shaking problem. Very nice smooth ride now! Excellent Kingsong !!
  13. V1.22 is out
  14. Ok guys, I charged up my KS18 to 93% and did a quick speed test while lifting up (no load). The warning and Tiltback is working as set up on the App and Motor cut off is now at 48Km/h! Before it was always 44km/h on mine. So it seems Kingsong has done some small improvements. Even the 30km/h when Battery is around 50% is a bit to low in my opinion. But ok, safety first;) I go for a ride now...
  15. @sylvere That's all correct. Before my max speed was 30km/h because the factory installed a controller of a 800w version which I already have replaced. So after that everything was working normal. The speed problem of the V1.21 is not a Voltage protection in my opinion. I have the 1200w/1360wh version.