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  1. yes , downgrade from v131 or > to v117 is not possible you can brick your mini downgrade only work with v128
  2. i'm loving this assembled video and TOKYO BOOGIE WOOGIE 1947 too with his humoristic 2013
  3. In the high French society of MINI users, it does not say "I need to lose weight" but "I have to optimize the battery autonomy of my MINI"
  4. i don't know if with new firmware this is still relevant but , before (the bad v128), over 50km (31miles) mileage we get notification like "congratulation your speed is now unlocked at 18km/h (11mph)"
  5. the big shame is riding your mini and get tiltback and beeping a lot near two old ladies and be forced to say "He is doing that each time he see pretty women"
  6. @kasenutty maybe you don't read these posts....(from me by me ) ....... Two books to read for understand Ninebot 's engineers work..... about inapropriate shoes.....
  7. @kasenutty Really ? Are you sincère ? Well come in Bordeaux France enjoy good wine and best beach in the world from biarritz to lacanau and join me for a funny ride in my city Today with remote monitoring my mini people laughing when I shouted " come on SLAVE and stop beeping about my weight ! 😈" People said its funny its smart and me I answer "No it isnt funny take more than 15kg since I bought it I don't walk for going to shopping " Sometime people running or doing gym sport and I shout " Wàaaaaaa Im so buzzy riding look at me Im à big sportive geek!😃😃😃😃
  8. Maybe if you reverse pads 🔛➡⬅ arrow direction this will help 😄 (no,no please no thanks me for this good idea )
  9. Riding mini by night give à feeling speed is more fast. .. without cars...motor bike. need be alone in the street
  10. @ozzyi send you by urbanforum teh original tutorial in pictures (for custom fenders) include parts were they use loctite/glu step 6
  11. i'm doing it now but i think they are right it's more complcated , sorry
  12. no , it's only the small (i m sure) ones with red circle not the 4 bigs it's for the wheel
  13. it's sent (private message on urban360 forum)
  14. @RooMiniPro very good tutorial, well i worried to see something.... about your pad ,,, how did you replace your pads? because one time i remove my pads for clean and replace them by pressing on but it wasn't good, my riding was affected because the pad wasn't correctly placed (there's 3 level inside ...let's see video tutorial ;
  15. @ozzy i send you a picture (with urban forum) for dismount mudguard/fenders i cant post here because i dont have more space for send picture or document, i used all my storage here in attached files cordially
  16. Today, i find the original MINI PROFAQ DOC (translate from chinese to english with microsoft and google, sorry) They said: 44. Q : The battery is detachable for users? User-removable batteries will lose warranty? A : Battery is user removable, do not affect the warranty. After you remove the battery pack, it is close to the body on the side of the battery cover has a square LED lamp, if the light is intermittent flashing green light, indicating that batteries are working properly. If the light does not shine or some other color, indicating battery failure, you need to repair / replace. Note: battery removed will expose circuits within the body, users cannot disassemble inner circuit, remove body circuit will lose warranty eligibility. Internal circuit with high voltage, and still remains a high voltage with the battery removed. Touch the internal circuit is likely to be a shock, or risk of injury. Maybe use this document when you are in touch with your ninebot reseller for know if this is available in your country Well, if the battery light is flashing in green: all is ok but if your battery light don' flash or other: it's a bad day for you
  17. @RooMiniPro Dont worry about this sticker Ask your official ninebot reseller but I don't think this affect the garanty
  18. @ozzy great, (You are not very patient....)
  19. You are 6 100 visitors from 96 countries on my blog MINI-J I made a special tribute page for you Like i can't travel to yours countries and have a ride at your side, let me dream and send me one picture of you with your mini for my special tribute page, will be great have nice pics from you in a nice spot Everybody is wellcome Thank you very much jojo33/mini-j

  21. Good did you compare speed with another app (like running app samsung s health, i did it often i start in bicy mode and i compare mileage and top speed )
  22. Yes it's true Les than 6 différents modèle for mini pro when it was released last novembre 2015 (Australia. Korea. Usa.Emirates.europa and japan ) New serial production too since Last june We can see differences starting from official FCC Pictures and actual desmantle video finding on Ecodrift Youtube by exemple
  23. hello @PezmanFirst i suggest you find how protect and prevent shocks i invite you visit my blog (in english too "home") here link how i protect my mini
  24. @NashvilleNewman Hello and welcome i'm v1.1.7 user Like a lot of old users, we ride with version since a long time, when ninebot released firmware 127/128 (the both in one week), we feel a big change in our riding habits, lot of restrictions , speed was limited at 16kmh (before we get 18kmh), riding was very hard, without pleasure, always tilback, warning message etc... it was really awfull I suggest you: 1/ try riding with v128 2/not happy: downgrade to 117 3/always unsatisfied? update to 1.3.1 or more My opinion is v128 is really not good , so much issues will better upgrade to 131 ...