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  1. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    https://mini-j.jimdo.com/accueil/actualites-mini/new-segway-ninebot-euc/ SPECS Weight Z10 = 22kg 48lbs ninebot one z 18寸宽版 1200w 35速 580wh ¥4999. 1500w 40速 860wh ¥7999. 1800w 45速 1000wh ¥9999. Z6 TOP SPEED 35 KMH BATTERY 574WH MOTOR 1200W CHARGE NOMINALE 40-55KM 150KG ANGLE D ESCALADE/ANGLE CLIMB 20° Z8 second modele name is DARK NIGHT TOP SPEED 40 KMH BATTERY 862WH MOTOR 1500W CHARGE NOMINALE 60-80KM 150KG ANGLE D ESCALADE/ANGLE CLIMB 25° z10 final fantasy TOP SPEED 45KMH BATTERY 1000WH MOTOR 1800W CHARGE NOMINALE 80-100KM 150KG ANGLE D ESCALADE/ANGLE CLIMB 25°
  2. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    it's pictures of green & fashion? Because they do not sell Mini PLUS (white package behind)
  3. Delivery time will be scheduled before May 20 sorry prices changed $1900/ 1557 euros For order it's here
  4. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    that's interesting because it brings us back to the Mini PLUS, ECODRIFT was very surprised at the battery of the Mini PLUS Ecodrift said: " Cells LG MF1. This is 2150 mAh. The maximum discharge current is 10A. A slightly strange choice of inexpensive cells, while cells with a capacity of 3500 mAh are available. Even in the scooters Xiaomi uses 2600 mAh cells. Only 42 cells. The configuration of the battery is 14s3p, i.e. it is designed for a current of 30A"
  5. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    $ 2000 you make a nice trip I hope they offer a box of caviar for this price there are good Gotway at $ 2500 too
  6. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    @z3n I agree with you Ninebot dont need really get foreign market, I take exemple on first mini : the first released day Ninebot sold 1 million of Mini in China Ninebot is very receptive to his chinese customer opinion Ninebot (holding segway patents ) is only a "gate" for giant Xiaomi and all his investment entities I even think that Xiaomi is pleased that Europeans and Americans buy cheaper in import, because the cost of repair or exchange are excluded from their obligations, shipping cost and custom cost too Xiaomi Mijia Segway Ninebot sell more to Chinese resellers than with their official Segway resellers in each Western country Xiaomi Mijia Segway Ninebot knows where his products go and who buys them abroad This is why there is no sanction or prohibition of resale of these products abroad because in fact we are dealing with an economic strategy
  7. Like I want buy Loomo of Segway Robotics cost is $1400 (and make an horrible review about it 😉 for my blog s visitors ) I need 28 buyers using my links without adblock let's say it's going to be difficult 😃
  8. and aliexpress limit me each commission at maximum 50$, if someone buy it, i win only 50$ and not 276$=8%, And everybody can use the link without my id, it's the same price It's not the seller who paid me but Aliexpress affiliate program
  9. sorry the price have changed since i edited the link me im affiliate only exactly price have changed since i edited the link, im sorry
  10. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Beta test for 60 users with app are finished (60 betas, 20 for each model) http://bbs.ninebot.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=139221
  11. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    ...from http://bbs.ninebot.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=139221&extra=&page=2
  12. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    the worst thing to fear is that the application requires a code to unlock the speed, after a certain mileage, as on other brands, and that this code is blocked regionally
  13. Im using bike pump it's ok for me Before I used this too https://goo.gl/images/vTYmtX It was very good but its feets twisted...
  14. check the screws everywhere under the sticker too, disassemble and reassemble the Steering bar and check the Steering shaft https://www.mini-j.world/mini-tech-en/parts-repair/steering-bar/
  15. Ok it's an original mini dont worry bluetooth connection fail for everybody, ninebot said bluetooth 4.0 but it's 4.1
  16. oh my god they cloned a pure genuine original texan wood flooring, now it's selling all over Poland
  17. Here original picture of mini pro battery look "pro" is not mentionned on https://www.mini-j.world/mini-tech-en/true-or-fake/ I Wait your connexion and let me know if your battery communicate with your app
  18. Dont worry if Segway is not on the box maybe it's made for chinese market and in China it's Xiaomi Mijia Ninebot But please try with the official app first Create an account a login Dont accept the assurance (only for chinese ) Make the tutorials Look here for activation
  19. I need you post very good pics of Battery Look tire internal side is there Ninebot branded or Seyoun ?
  20. Packaging inside who look cheap is normal Packaging exterior without "Pro" it's not normal
  21. Hello @Masterb8 Could you connect it to the official Segway Ninebot App? If yes go in parameters. ..battery and take a screenshot of all data and post it here
  22. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Maybe they unlock the speed after many mileage or it's a mistake , you are right Z8 is with 40kmh They announced last august 11: Z6 with 35kmh max speed Z8 with 40kmh max speed Z10 with 45kmh max speed