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  5. i forget Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty (United States) 6 month for battery, 3 month for tire Do you see a big difference, a benefit with a guarantee from a Chinese reseller? 😘
  6. @cloudust Not agree, a price over 500 euros for this product is never justifiable, like you can see how Ninebot prices variations made many users furious Lost 45% value in few month Now all Mini pro are selling around 500-600 euros A good released price in Europa or in USA for the Mini PLUS maybe is 699/799, not more The Mini PLUS pass FCC test and agreement last June , and was released in China July 11, after the FCC Agreement, it's the same production UL too appear into chinese specsheet And now Ninebot restructuration accross Europa , the head of SEGWAY-NINEBOT is in Netherland Exactly, If you buy it directly from chinese marketplace you must choice seller accepting paypal, paid by paypal and take additional insurance, the seller must be serious and provide and respect his own garanty Like with gearbest 1 year garanty and 45 days money back What's happen if i need change tire? I know do it myself What's happen if there's any bug with firmware? I reset it, I ask forum community, i search into chinese forum how to do for resolve this problem What happen if i broke my mini, and i need change parts? I look for into chinese sellers if they sell these parts, or i ask my seller if he can provide me this part What a local buyer with an official segway-ninebot dealer have to do for repair his tire? He call his local segway, segway send a coupon for returning the Mini, change tire and the customer need to pay the reparation service and new tire What happen if a local customer have a big bug with his ninebot bought to his official local segway? Segway send a free return coupon, and generally reset or change for a new the device who is returning to the customer It's all I have a Mini since last March 2016, imported from China, now i ride more than 3800 km with ! Few bugs, very few, battery is good, i change myself tires, it was hard but i do it, ah, yes, in june 2016, the firmware downgrading we found with Denniss and Alexander help me front to the awfull V127/128 Firmware (who were officialy recognized by Ninebot China as a big mistake, one year after) http://www.ninebot.cn/News-newsdetail-id-131.html Well, a Chinese Mini Plus have exactly the same quality and production, except for.....................the charger and the package, ah i forget and the technician training for mini plus reparation.....stock of spare parts.... it's all Everybody is free spend 500 euros more, paid the double the price 999 euros of the chinese price (445 euros), What can you do with 500 euros if tomorrow we give you this amount? Restaurant? Week-end travel? Concert, Clothes, gift, ? 500 is bigger today for much people, Why not ask directly Mister Dennis Hardholt Segway Europe president in Netherland why he is thinking 999 euros is a good price? For who? Not for me, not for people who win less than 1500 euros/month, not for my neighboorood why is this niche product so expensive? "That won’t come as cheap, though; Hardholdt predicted a $1,000 price tag at its Q4 debut. That may be a tough sell, but at least nobody’s trying to suggest this two-wheeled conveyance will change the world." (from https://finance.yahoo.com/news/segway-wants-transport-tourists-mall-cops-204613976.html) If you prefer buy it in Europa or in USA, please wait, next spring, sure prices variation will give better prices around 600/700 euros, i wish you this price And really it's better buy it for spring or summer for us we live in this globe area Mr Wang, Ninebot China Number 2 said me : "Please say to yours visitors is not us who decides prices in Europa" Ninebot lauch Mini in 2015 after a long R&D from the Elite Modele ( Mini design history https://mini-j.jimdo.com/accueil/actualites-mini/mini-design-history/ or directly to chinese diary http://bbs.ninebot.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=4100&extra=page%3D1%26filter%3Dtypeid%26typeid%3D43 1/23 The wish from Ninebot team was to offer to everybody in China a good product but cheaper, no more than 1999 rmb/ 255 euros ! An affordable price for student and workers , and they have reaped profits at Ninebot, With this price the first released days , Ninebot sold more than 1 millions of devices A Mini Pro is a Mini with a better battery and a customization... Seriously, a price difference around 500 euros, is it for R&D about charger and packaging you think?
  7. Fast shipping between 7-14-21 days 1107.83 euros Code GB11.11Toys -Livraison 7 jours - 21 jours DJI Phantom 4 Pro RC Quadcopter - 5.8G FPV 4K UHD / 5 Directions of Obstacle Sensing / Gesture Mode 406.78 euros Code OctAllezdji3se -DJI Phantom 3 SE RC Quadcopter - RTF - WHITE 315.44 euros Code 11.11GB123 DJI Phantom 3 Standard RC Quadcopter 896.21 euros Code OctAllezcombo - Livraison 3-21 jours -DJI Mavic Pro Mini RC Quadcopter - MAVIC PRO COMBO 7km Ocusync Transmission / 4K UHD Camera / 3-axis Brushless Gimbal 520.45 euros Code colordji -DJI Spark Mini RC Selfie Drone RTF (Jaune , rouge , vert ) 415.34 euros Code DJIPh18 - DJI Phantom 3 SE RC Quadcopter - RTF - WHITE
  8. Gearbest 279 euros / 327$ https://www.gearbest.com/action-cameras/pp_1129611.html?lkid=11991285 €279.15 Xiaomi 1080P HD Mini PLUS 3-axis Mechanical Stabilization / 16 Million Pixels