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  1. Russian say me ecodrift russia sell it with a top speed announced at 20kmh... im not sure ....20kmh is for amaericcan n4m350 chinese is n4m340 with 18kmh max speed.... it's right it's for camera 360 and charge inside the trunk the remote control weight 16kg! 35lbs... followme mode 20cm-4m 8"-158" max speed 12km/h 7.5mph
  2. Well Sorry, like here i can't add & post more picsmy account used all space for... these are links for OFFICIAL INTERNAL PICTURES FOR - NEW SEGWAY SMART for North American countries (n4m350= us modele/n4m340=Ninebot Plus china modele) wrotte "MINIPLUS" on label and "SEGWAY SMART" on manual... Specsheet say max speed at 20kmh 12.5mph for American modèle. .. - New SEGWAY ROBOTICS LOOMO
  3. Did you have an error message on your app screen? 1/try to reset like this video from jar21 topic (no need to use app, ) 2/remove battery,When the battery is disassembled, on the back of the battery there is an integrated LED, it flashes green when the battery is in good condition , try again the reset method below
  4. Yes ! you'r right, it's true, apps dont affect speed limit but... (im very sorry i forgot something important when i wrotte my post...i cant say that here because im ashamed, .... Since last year, i try many different version of the app and i compare with another running app in bicy mode, and i saw ninebot app gives diferent speed, the specified speed is not accurate. For me the version 341 was the most realistic with the real speed i run, i made comparison between ninebot app data (max speed, mileage , average speed) and samsung s health app Here you can see screenshot of ninebot app data compared to s health data I don't see this post but i create a topic i advice to restore factory reset before a kid use the mini after an adult ride (algorithm memorize weight riding attitude...) and i suggest too, after repare tire, inflate tire at the good pressure, make again a factory reset ride 30mn slowly, and progressivly increase the speed, it's a liitle diferent than you read
  5. Hello all i'm sorry and ashamed,,,,i made a big mistake and when i post this iI did not think.... (because i have a f*******g tire problem....) i just install last ninebot apk version, each time i tried login app refused me access with a message error "network...6" with my app version 341, i usually use it, and now, no, refused access.... i have a mini n3m240 (called xiaomi) well, i install app v4 and successfully login but... a very bad news is: before i can ride over 17.5kmh max 18/ sometimes 20kmh now im limited at 15.5 ! Tilt back begin near 13/14kmh i ride too without the app it's the same! well i would like to know if mini pro version is affected too? Someone is running with app v4?
  6. Contact your seller or your national ninebot but i don't think remove battery void garanty now Last year yes everybody thought it's void garanty, local seller too, but since they sell batteries this condition change
  7. Hello all I understand that many of you want more speed, but having more speed means having less battery. I too would like to have 20km / h for example. In 2750 km traveled with my Mini I had 4 falls. Having a fall at 17km / h is not the same as having a fall at 25km / h And to see your mini continue to drive without you (see topic about run away issue ) in the middle of the road at 25km / h, it is very dangerous for others too, I hope you run fast to catch it... For those who have never seen their Mini hitting a wall at 18km / h, you will cry... For those who do not know how much Ninebot is putting in the way to defend its patents, I advise you to read this article. and U.S United States International Trade Commission complaints Ninebot does not hesitate to call on its lawyers in New York to sue the world's people who would use its technology. If the firmware is hacked, this is a violation of Ninebot's patents rights. During the downgrade, last year, there was a comparable risk. Actualy for me, the best way for feel high speed in my hair is riding by night, it's seems really more faster than daily, all is quiet,,, everybody is sleeping, no cars, no bike, for see you are super low speed........... alone with the stars...
  8. "One Point!" for @Ozpeter - no adjustable knee (with the mini n3m240 is not really a byg problem....) - followme mode in a supermarket yes but regulate at 20cm....(see n4m340 ninebot plus specsheet) - about the screen, will use your smartphone or an optional tablet (ninebot tablet is ready since 2017 05 16: IT's a secret ! don't talk about) this tablet is from loomo robot Other problematic issues i have seen: - fenders - weight 16kg , and "handles" who are not handles in reality, because i have the same on my mini n3m240-12kg and were broken in Lifting it several times... - battery now is inserted into the fine (more larger) with ipx6 only for the battery, for the rest of the body it's always ip54, (wheels are again exposed) Surprised by the price 3499 rmb, 35km+ more technologies Mini Pro N3M320 just be released last month in china for 3499 rmb too,,,(30km and OLD TECHNOLGY) here many videos (commercial and review)
  9. Hey Tom ! it's for your business, it's not serious, here we are not into ninebot business, we are not your after sale service ok? Contact your chinese selller, you need 30 chinese phone number who received each one a sms with an activation code , you have one minute for entry this code into your app...better with skype.... it's your seller who had to activate before sold you yours mini
  10. Please look again if it's an original battery, now, new fake are very similar to original here you can find all details about how see original from fake (3pins = fake, 4 pins original, stickers emplacements, plastic appearences...and stickers labels and certifications, read too where was assembling battery wich manufacturer, all is written on... if not try manual reset
  11. @Adrian Lee your mini is it activated? did you make a factory reset? by the app? or you have a second way for a factory reset:
  12. will be hard import it at this price 514$ , and regional locking/chinese local activation, waiting next november be released in ours countries for more than 1200$? like last year for the mini pro first release price.... it's seems really better except mudguards...
  13. well with 16kg weight it's better is follow you 35km autonomy (real 28) tire 11" camera is an option, is a xiaomi yi camera and with you can make a run for your dog look more about specs entire specsheet: