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  1. {edit} 19/09/2017 I'm sorry they were mistaken about the price (355e) it's an error of them
  2. I'm sorry they were mistaken about the price (355e) it's an error of them
  3. Or Warehouse is only in europa because free shipping I tested gearbest page in english with shipment to usa it cant But I tested much countries and à lot of europan and russia are avaible for ship Countries are: Austria, Czech Rep, Croatia, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Italia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Irland, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden, U.K, Spain, Russian Fed.
  4. I don't know I don't understood. ...english speaking and me....
  5. @Rocky Romero http://theapprenticeandthejourneyman.com/2011/04/17/how-venice-italy-was-built-on-a-foundation-of-wood/ http://mycornerofitaly.com/how-was-venice-built/
  6. it is well written I like very much (thank you translator)
  7. I'm now visiting Venice, Italy and there are no cars or bicycles here. venice is protected by unesco and decided to prohibid anything who damage street and foundations, like there's a lot of boats and tourist, these facts damaged the city the structures are weakened with water and vibrations
  8. I'm sorry they were mistaken about the price (355e) it's an error of them
  9. im riding in mini and yes, i m buying actually new mini modele with more "range"? 35km , more powerfull faster and higher and me i will more bigger more lazy & more lousy
  10. me too in 3300 km with my mini i gained 12kg and lost battery life
  11. no, into NFAN italian languages group there many italians whith euc and mini, you should meet them will be great