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  1. He is back ! Largest (+100 pages) More detailed: every spare part has a dedicated page, there is even a wiki for an alphabetical search of the parts or subjects, supplemented by the links to the subjects concerned in the forums Easier to navigate But I had to sacrifice the pages in Spanish, I'm sorry, it was to save space. Each page has - the automatic translator - some pages have the search engine integrated to the site There is only the home page to finish, and some details in the site Thank you very much for your visit, I hope that all this will be useful to you Your suggestions are welcome cordially joris / mini-j
  2. Me too many time bluetooth no flashing and no connect I close app and turn off mini and try again Your device bluetooth version must be over 4.0 4.1
  3. activate bluetooth...(is not activated on your screenshot?)
  4. @RooMiniPro try with an older prevous app...
  5. It's like french administrative agents : they are odious really they talk to you nastily because they dont f**** last night...when one is smiliing to you It's ok you can smile too. .. In France we said "he's pleasant like a prison'doors. .." Forum is the same...If you are in chat with many frustrating people or yourself if you are very Hardly frustrated ...begin the war. ...
  6. i'm sure you'll be invited to ride on euc, a russian mini owner were in Paris and said me he went to have a look to urban360 (euc) store, very kind he could try and ride ones modeles
  7. Yes Thank you those places Iwhere I stay a long Time are really magic nice souvenir Bordeaux have good and large pavement sidewalk san sebastian too and front to océan waves. ... You are wellcome. ... Everybody is wellcome I will be your gyroguide or your miniguide P.s: Game of thrones next season was filmed in pais vasco cerca de Bilbao
  8. I agree with you 😉 Well when a french smiliing a lot and he is very friendly and if he talk very positive it's means -It takes antidepressants or -It may be a thief who will steal you or -He is sincere because he has already traveled and he has been well received abroad: he wants to make you this kindness -He has a lot of drinking or smoking and everyone is his friend because he is a citizen of the world or -He wants to sleep at the hotel with you because his girlfriend ejected him from his apartment and he does not know where to sleep or -He thinks that all French are shit and that only foreigners are good or -You are a foreigner so you have money so you are interesting Many probabilities about behond a french smile
  9. Me I dont think that american are like nazi, about this Guy from France surely is proud because he is abroad and when we are abroad we are proud because we aren't in our local environment and it's securing himself front a foreign culture. ... Please look each link these are cities I know very well and say me where you love stay You are wellcome in France come on in Bordeaux Biarritz with good spot for international surfers Montpellier & Nîmes I stay 10 years in montpellier Bergerac and Périgord Dordogne dép. Where a lot of anglo saxons citizens are living (because old Farmer house are chapitre and country side is beautiful and visit lot of castles Beynac is beautiful ....I lived in Sarlat it's really nice Toulouse Cahors Spain with San Sebastian /Donostia pais vasco with french border And more....
  10. i know your country and your food! i went like chaperon with a teenage french group in an american classic tour all national park of big west american splendid, funny, espectacular! very very great places , nature is really fantastic in your country food is good but not healthy i think.... people are very proud be american, in france we dont have this patriotism.....
  11. ... Me, it gives me hungry....
  12. Since last April 10, our Chinese friends can enjoy the MINI PRO as we know it, that is to say with a battery of 800w and an unreal autonomy of 30 km (25km max really). Its price: 464 euros ! 507 dollars (3499yuans) Source: CHINA MONEY NETWORK of May 04, 2017 Chinese NINEBOT store More pics & datasheet (i used all my attach files space here sorry) About MINI PRO HYBRIDE (N3M240+N3M320) at 349 euros or see this topic or ninebot china webstore What do you think about the price 507 dollars/464 euros?
  13. @Hunka Hunka Burning Love Yes i 'm thinking to stop house internet sooner and use my phone in modem mode it's only since last month than my phone carrier increase data from 20 giga to 50 giga sometimes i stock 50 euros be reported next month my house rent is the most low we can find in the area, 260 euros for 40m2 i have too free cheque i use unfortunetly in france credit are diificult to obtain, needs proove to bank or credit revolving company yours incomes are over 800/900 euros by month ... below this amount you can't get credit because french law said you can't survive below this amount if you paid a credit Sad to say you here or in much countries , ninebot local representative don't have a good relation with their own consumers, and deslike who's who bought imported mini.... yes i know, but it's my addict good idea but need assurance and personal enterprise declaration... i'm working on! are you reading in my mind? i'm waiting university answer to validate by diploma many experiences i had Thank you very much for yours councils and ideas @hunka
  14. I can't make more cutting...maybe cigarettes but look my budget like job seeker....and like that, see how 2 millions of french people lives....i will reveal the thrue about us and you will be super surprised french system Please understand our salary are low because a lot of taxes are collected for these basics funds/aids. I had traveled a lot and i know foreign salary are higher , system is different For one person job seekers who haven't worked more than 3 month in one year, like me, , we have two type of financial aid (type celibate without family support and kids, nothing else than himself) 1/ Housing assistance : 213 euros/month (stop or decrease when you get a job) 2/ Minimum living aid : 470 euros 470 - .....I'm living in a little appartment, very old, cost is 260 euros/month (including water): i have to pay 47 euros/month .....internet (no tv): 30 euros/month (Reinvested in the local and national economy) ....cellular (50 giga and illimited calls) : 25 euros ((Reinvested in the local and national economy) assurance : 16 euros ((Reinvested in the local and national economy) ....Electricity: 38euros/month (Reinvested in the local and national economy) ....Bank fees: 7 euros/month (Reinvested in the local and national economy) ....many health care : 30/month (Reinvested in the local and national economy) ....Food and house needs: 5euros/days: 156 euros/month more many times (Reinvested in the local and national economy) ....tabacco 55 euros (Reinvested in the local and national economy) = 404 euros It remains about 60 euros, (others costs like many health care for my pets....clothes) Well I don't have driving licence,, it's better, because if i had a car i can't ensure it, and can't pay gazoline I don't have credit card, no credit too, only paycard i have a free pass for urban local transports, it's good for move No cinema (theaters) no eating out (ok ones 1 euros cheeseburger) no alcool, no drinks, (ok many soda...) Money, like said @Viks, is not really my focus, i just search a job for live good, care health , share moments , i had money before, but i was young, i spend my money in travel, i took my backpack and trip far far away very long time journey abroad...i learn, respect and received respect, enjoy and cry, i see, listen and feel how world is, how people live, i said to myself do the best travels , no limit, and thinking to people can never travel abroad, do it for them, and share your experience for give us the desire to realise their dreams like travel or create.... I thought first go very very far far away because when i will be older i can't travel super lejooooooooss In march 2016, i bought my mini imported from hong kong (550 euros shipping fees included) , around the 19 may i released my blog, since one year my life here change a lot, connecting people in my town everyday they ask me, i share mini experience and riding councils, they try , experienced my mini, at the supermarket, in the street, in the park, front to the only town pub, in the neighboorood, kids comes tocking at my door "can we ride your gyropode?" , Abuelitas (old women hahahha too), Half my town is full of much job seekers or low very low salaryman, family are "lowly" (?) Mini price is so hight for them This make me shouting when i saw french prices at 999/899/799/699/550(amazon) eurosIt'(s why i wrotte my personal conclusion where i said " MINI: if you were a friend, I'll tell you not to buy it ! THIS IS MY CONCLUSION..." I'm thinking really move in another city .... Well this speech was about a real french reality of many of us we are living here, .. Dear @hunka Hunka Burning Love, now you know all about the basic french system....Congratulations i'll send you your french certificate of studying about courses "How french poor people are contributing directly to increase local economy?" (and chinese economy too with a mini)
  15. The ambassador of the country "the happiest in the world" has spoken! Thanks for your kind words @Vik's