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  1. @ozzy if you want compare ninebot apk data with other runing apk like Samsung S Health in bicy mode, you will compare max speed, mileage and average speed start both in the same time (see screenshot on bottom of this page ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION )
  2. no notification after 50km ? but , us, before get this speed limit gift at 18kmh, we run only at 16km/h, not more
  3. yes, well i think is more with your riding attitude, i explain: when you're not riding safely and your mini beeping a lot, (your mini memorize your riding habits and judge the speed limit), your mini consider your riding attitude is bad , give notification warning your riding attitude and limit the top speed i suggest you: 1/try have a ride safe during 30 minutes 1 hours, without beeping one time 2/or a factory reset, and make a safe ride during 10 kilometers
  4. ...more speed will be great but only with a battery life with greater capacity, well 25kmh i dream, but how many time for a ride with? 45 minutes? Have a crash at 25 kph is not like get a crash at 17.5km/h, please remember EUC user's crash ones were at 25kph and result Hospitalization, broken limbs, and disgust, no more want to go back on it Did you ever runing after your mini ? And running after your mini running away , (please look at this topic ) and try to catch it will be more difficult.... When i had crash the first time my mini run away over rails of tramway and took direction to the river , second time i crashed i managed to catch it but i run a lot, i think new users must wait get more than 100 km mileage in experience , for two reasons: 1/ you know better how your mini is working on differents fields 2/ your mini memorize all yours riding habits (except if you make often factory reset)
  5. speed decreases with battery life, charge with only 50% give top speed at 15kmh/kph by exemple with 7km mileage left by exemple i cant get a speed up to 13kmh....(but im in v117, i remember it was different with v128...)
  6. Maybe yes, but 50km mileage is quickly done, over 50km you will get a notification like "great you run 50km now you can go faster at 18kmh"
  7. yes , downgrade from v131 or > to v117 is not possible you can brick your mini downgrade only work with v128
  8. i'm loving this assembled video and TOKYO BOOGIE WOOGIE 1947 too with his humoristic 2013
  9. In the high French society of MINI users, it does not say "I need to lose weight" but "I have to optimize the battery autonomy of my MINI"
  10. i don't know if with new firmware this is still relevant but , before (the bad v128), over 50km (31miles) mileage we get notification like "congratulation your speed is now unlocked at 18km/h (11mph)"
  11. the big shame is riding your mini and get tiltback and beeping a lot near two old ladies and be forced to say "He is doing that each time he see pretty women"