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  1. Do you live near Harvard-Cambridge, Massachusetts ? This mission, if you accept it, is to go to the Harvard Library. There is a book, a single copy in the United States. The elements to find it will be communicated to you in private message. Your Mission Impossible is: 1-You must know the law, so as not to violate the legislation of your country. (Personally I 'm learning the American law, I watch on TV: "Law & Order") 2-You have to find the book, take a picture of the book with the cover, where your fingers appear or your smiling face appears. 3- Take a picture of page 272 and 273 4- Finally, while respecting the law of your country, investigate the history of the readers of this book, take a picture if possible, I search a single name, it will be given to you in private message. This message will self-destruct when the Internet will no longer exist
  2. Ok @zugu Zugu Just said me Z10 weight is 22 kg 48 lbs From mister Cid Wang
  3. Here some pictures from Mini development diary To read the full story about the design and development of Mini, use the automatic translator, it is on this page: 1/23 A summary was made on my blog, please translate from french
  4. "It's not heavy, it's lighter than a salad !"
  5. If you are lucky enough to visit Peru, please visit PISCO, CHINCHA, ICA, NAZCA, where you will meet the COURAGE ! What's happened in august 15 2007 ? Why am i concerned ? i get involved in Local NGO my tribute page
  6. It was only for chinese market Segway day 8 12
  7. others pics said will be release in China for next october, .... ?
  8. riding mini is not for riding fast, i understand a lot of owners who wants get more speed, but, with more speed could you stop you and share this moment with others people ? (and it's better to have a crash at 17kmh than 20kmh)
  9. i would like remeber what's happened with the MINI PRO in France: in feb. 2016 it was announced at 1200 euros, he was released only in end of may/begin june for 999 euros, two month after, price fall at 799 euros, and in september/october some get it at 550 euros ! look amazon tracker about price variation
  10. Well i'm just receiving message from Mister WANG he's the Number 2 of Ninebot (segway & ninebot chief customer care), (in the middle in first line) he have an account on NFAN (ninebot apk social media) i wrotte him than much people are interested in the new One Z, but like my survey on my blog showing visitors would like buy it at the chinese price, he answered me that
  11. increased really, since 8 years im living here, it's only since i ride my mini i received the "attention", like im a little worried, i invite to try, i explain, and begin by "touch the pads with 2 fingers, you will see the force/power" before people climb on it, People are really enjoying, happy, the few they ride, it's a pleasure for me too
  12. i deleted it im sorry could you delete the quote too