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  1. EUC Rebuild Contest

    That pose is a version of a caricature from a famous satirical religious blog from more than 10 years ago. I'm really struggling to remember the name of it now .... Does anyone recall it? Google was not much help, so maybe it went off the net some time ago. EDIT: Thank God for Wikipedia. Apparently the caricature is a parody (The Buddy Christ) that appeared first in the film Dogma in 1999 (a really great film with a great cast including Matt Damon and Ben Afleck, btw, unless you are offended by religious satire). Still can't remember the blog that appeared a few years later which used the same or similar image but with Jesus wearing a combat helmet, meant to lampoon the Bush administration and the religious militarism of that time.
  2. Points on driving licence for riding euc

    Wow, maybe we need to start a worldwide legal defence fund. Still, I wonder if they are always like this in Hong Kong; were they trying to make an example of you; or was there some threat issue or other event going on (possible invasion from the mainland) that caused their sphincters to tighten? I stil think the best way to pre-empt reactionary responses is to entice and welcome our neighbors, communities and law enforcement to our side. When that fails, move.
  3. In my experience, wobbles are likely if foot placement is too far to the front or rear. A small bump is enough to trigger the wobble. I was hoping that a wide tyre would better handle grooved surfaces, like trails with dried bicycle ruts that my 2" tyre would get caught in. I have wondered about this as well, but it won't deter me from buying the Z within a few months of its release, unless major defects are widely reported.
  4. Two questions come to mind: 1. Is it possible you were travelling too fast for road conditions? Granted, my tame Ninebot rarely has this problem, but I still ride more slowly if I am wary of the road surface. 2. Is this solvable in firmware with pseudo traction-control? If a wheel is designed for off-road as the the Ninebot Z is claimed to be, will this become a standard feature on next-gen EUCs?
  5. Nice write-up - I hope you will continue to update us. I was impressed by the dramatically improved traction and handling, except for the wobbles. This reinforces my anticipation for the Ninebot Z and 4" tyre. I'm baffled as to why you are experiencing wobble and instability after hitting small bumps, unless caused by a collision of the tyre and shell due to the close tolerances even after widening the shell. I trust that the Ninebot Z which is programmed and engineered for a wide tyre, will not exhibit this problem.
  6. first time ninebot one C

    I ride at level 3 sensitivity and agree that a speed limit is unnecessary and counterproductive. The Ninebot C+ is inherently slow, and you should learn early on what speed tiltback feels like. For now, just practice, have fun, and don't overthink it, and you'll be competent soon enough.
  7. Dream Electric Unicycle

    With an unprecedented minus-30 or so rating, I think the moderators might have done something by now .... You can add it to your ignored user list so its posts will no longer be visible to you. I think @exoplanet is supervised. Still, even a broken clock is right twice a day.
  8. Dream Electric Unicycle

    I think @exoplanet is a bot, and we are training it by interacting with it.
  9. 2018 who is getting what this year......?

    I'm definitely on the Z10 list - hopefully in the first couple months when available. I also plan to pick up a second E+ at a discount for loaner and back-up, and for my delayed frankenbot project. In third place and playfunds permitting, I am keeping an eye out for the Rockwheel GT16 v3 or whatever succeeds it. I still like its style, and hope Rockwheel adds an integrated handle and beefs up the specs to match the Tesla. I would like to try KingSong or Gotway one day, but as yet haven't found a model that I must have. The Tesla certainly performs well, and the KS14 and 16 models are compelling, but none of them are must-haves.
  10. EUC, public transportation, and Uber only?

    I truly hate automobile-centric (sub-)urban planning, and can't wait for its demise. I've been car-less for over two years. I have been lucky enough to live in an area with a fantastic network of paved trails, and lots of shopping nearby. For longer jaunts I use public transportation or Uber/Lyft. Car rentals are generally inexpensive though seldom needed, and I'm treated like a celebrity when I roll up to their door. Assuming a car payment of $250/month, fuel at $50-75, insurance also near $50-75, depreciation at $200, and maintenance at $500-1000/year, my humble Ninebot is a fantastic replacement 10 months out of the year.
  11. The Photo Thread

    <sigh> I will miss the New Zealand summer early this year. I have a dozen or so routes I have been planning to ride when I return for the holidays, and Maungaraki and Eastbourne are on the list.
  12. The Photo Thread

    Looks familiar - I'm guessing Normandale-Maungaraki-Korokoro, overlooking Petone?
  13. Rehab1Ā“s accident(s)

    So, assuming it was the Bell Super 3R, based on @Rehab1's accident we can say it performs well when it counts. While I certainly understand his decision to give up EUCs permanently, I really hope he mends quickly and comes back to the site. He's a subject-matter-expert with a rare combination of medical and EUC expertise and experience that have, and will continue, to provide great benefit to us all.
  14. Music?

    She is an attractive Aussie by American standards.
  15. Ninebot One P battery failure & crash

    Ouch! Glad you weren't seriously hurt. As for the four options, batteries are still too expensive, and sourcing the 340Wh P battery from anywhere other than NinebotUS or SpeedyFeet will be very difficult. I paid only $150 for my 320Wh E+ batteries last year, but the batteries are all gone and not rated for the P. If it were me, I would buy a new EUC (Ninebot Z or other more powerful wheel) and keep the P for a project/back-up wheel, and build a new battery pack using cell loggers instead of BMS (see this thread posted previously), but I still have too many other issues to sort out for now.