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  1. Peak power’s peak duration?

    Ouch. Its beauty is only skin deep. [I have come close to buying one anyway several times ] I realize now that this article was posted at the beginning of the year when the wheel first debuted, so nothing new here. edit: see italics
  2. Ninebot S1 vs S2 - Canada

    I think you are quoting Canadian dollars, so $900CAD = ~$712USD. For comparison, the current price on eBay is $649USD + free shipping in the US, and the official Chinese Ninebot store is selling them for $499USD + free shipping (probably only China). The S1 is selling for $599USD on Amazon. Ninebot.com advertises the top speed for the S2 as 24km/hr ~15mph. The E+ (16") which has a slightly more powerful motor (550w vs. 500) is advertised at 22km/hr, but mine starts tiltback at 23.5 and routinely peaks at 25-26. The speed/power isn't a major issue at first unless you are riding in hilly areas, weigh more than 90kg (200lbs), or need to commute with the wheel on smooth, dedicated paths. The range is about 10-12 miles at near top speed for both these wheels when new. Both wheels have batteries that are very easy to swap compared to other brands (in the case of the E+, minor mods are required), but the cost of the batteries can be high. I believe the consensus in the community is that 16" is preferable to 14" for most use cases. Yes, the current Ninebot wheels are slower, less powerful (motor) and have less range out of the box than newer models. But if you only plan to be a casual rider, or intend to give the wheel to a child or spouse after you become addicted, the Ninebots are still worth considering at $650 USD or less, and are a good value for the $500-600 range.
  3. ninebot one E+ swan song

    I agree – I still love my E+ and hope to get 10K km or more from it. Heck, I'm hoping to snag a new one when/if the price drops to $500 or less. The E+ will continue to be my short-range suburban runabout or backup wheel for years to come. For now, I'm still waiting on the JTAG programmer I ordered from China to show up so I can upgrade to P firmware. I have also been mulling over a cost-effective battery upgrade, but have decided against the wider side pads à la 1Radwerkstatt. Short term, I'm hoping to snag a 340Wh P battery from somewhere at a good price (or make my own higher capacity pack from a spent donor's BMS). Then, after I purchase my next wheel (when the Z finally arrives in 2018 ), I may hack a spare C/E shell set to add extra battery packs and create a frankenbot EP+. I could do all this now, but it doesn't make economic sense yet. I paid $450 for my E+ and $150 for the spare 320Wh packs new, so my price expectations are a bit different. The handles are selling at $44 (in the US) or £50 (Speedyfeet), but were $25 last year. To be fair, minimum prices are dictated by Ninebot not the distributors, I believe. For me, the E+ is a great value proposition at $500 or less. I want Ninebot and its resellers to stay in business and make money, but I'm very price-sensitive when shopping for older technology.
  4. Hi Bob, can you please post photos of your commando-Pi rig? Curious what it looks like, what kind of portable display you are using, what case, etc.
  5. ninebot one E+ swan song

    OK, so you outgrew your Ninebot months (year?) ago and are now a happy wheeler in Gotway-land or wherever. Still, this may be of interest, if you are keeping one around or have a family member/ friend who has your hand-me-down wheel... Ninebot.cn no longer lists the E+ as a model for sale on their Chinese website shop.ninebot.cn - only the S2, A1, C+ and C remain. Still no sign of The Z as yet. E+ pricing and parts availability: Yesterday there was a seller on eBay with several for sale at $549, but the listing has disappeared. Ninebotus has them on sale for $639 + free shipping in the US, which appears to be the official sale price for the wheel, that eBay sellers are enforcing as well. Speedy feet UK still has them at a higher regular price of £579 (~$763US) sans VAT and shipping. Accessory prices such as replacement handles, trolley handles, and especially batteries are all still inflated. Some parts are disappearing from Speedy's site, such as the inner shell set, trolley handle, and a few others. The takeaway from this is to consider buying spare parts from established dealers soon if inclined to do so, before they become scarce, and the leftovers land on eBay at even more inflated prices.
  6. Deep experience with GT16

  7. Video

    It will be nice to see the videos you make when all the gear arrives. I have avoided selfie sticks while riding because I don't want the hassle or the risk. I do appreciate all the contributors to this site who are willing to make videos with them, though. I did use the Feiyu Tech FY-ST 2-Axis Gimbal for Smartphones with my iPhone for a while as I mentioned, but only as a wearable. The Feiyu was heavy, and when combined with an iPhone, it was ungainly and weird to wear on the helmet or chest. It also didn't keep the phone level all the time. With an action cam, a gimbal combo should be manageable, but I'm holding out for the Yi's comeback to the GoPro 6 to avoid all the excess baggage.
  8. Video

    Nice videos from Estonia. I hope you continue to share many more. I have a similar camera (WiMiUS L2) with a different name which looks identical but costs a little more. I was surprised, too, by the quality of the output, but it needs color grading in post processing, moreso than the GoPro or Yi. Still, for the price it isn't bad. It also lacks digital or image stabilization which is very noticeable. Luckily, you live in a place where the roads, paths and sidewalks were built to higher standards. I have tried warp stabilizer in Premiere but the results were underwhelming and generally worse. I am waiting for Yi to match the stabilization features of the latest GoPro 6 at a better price. I like the way you have the camera mounted to the chin bar of the helmet, enabling you to see the display and frame the shot better. I have attached mine to the existing mount on top of my Bell Super, and control the camera with the iPhone app which works well, but it drops the connection often. I have also tried chest-mounting the camera which provides a better angle and makes the video more personal, as the camera is about the same height as pedestrians and captures their facial expressions at slower speed. Otherwise, helmet mounting looks down on passersby whether on foot or bicycle and depersonalizes the experience. Unfortunately, chest-mounting exaggerates the see-saw effect, which bothers me when riding an EUC in urban areas, where slowing down occurs frequently, so I generally chop the video into short clips. I have also experimented with a gimbal and iPhone + (too heavy and impractical for wearable mounting in my opinion). I think the best option is a small action cam with better optics and processors, which appears to be on the horizon.
  9. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Those noises are Ninebot farts. My E+ went through a brief phase over a year ago after I first bought the wheel. It hasn't happened again in 3,000 km, so I concluded it was newborn electromechanical indigestion. Check out my noob video below at 5sec, 8sec, 12-13sec (noisy ) and 27sec. Fyi, the battery was at 70%, the terrain was mostly level, and the speed was slow. No collisions, falls or drops previously.
  10. First wheel for commuting e+, s2, v5f

    The Ninebot One E+ is still a great first wheel and worth buying at a discount, but there is no way you will achieve 20-25km range at 22-25km/h unless you carry a spare battery and modify the shell (easy to do – check the Ninebot and Mods sections). I average only can occasionally get 10 miles (about 15km) per battery at near top speed, and thus carry two spares most of the time. I weigh ~170/78 with extra batteries and pack. My primary battery is over 18 months old, and the two spares are about a year old. My wheel has over 3,000km. If I accelerate hard and ride aggro at tiltback, I now get only 7-10km. If accelerating mildly to near top speed, I can reach 10-13km on average, with a max range around 15km under modest conditions. Clarification: updated numbers to reflect the age of the wheel, batteries and memory. Edit2: Ninebot One E+ prices are still high at the moment. Factoring in the high cost of spare batteries presently (307EUR from Speedyfeet for the 340wh P Battery + shipping), as well as the increased cost of the wheel (650EUR base/775EUR w/VAT + shipping), the NB1E+ does not offer good value for money for your use case. I paid less than half the current prices for my setup (new).
  11. Why do EUCs attract such ridicule?

    Because 'not-driving-a-car' is perceived as a sign of low social status and poverty in many places. To most people, there is nothing worse than being poor. As @Carlos E Rodriguez posted in another forum:
  12. Got A New Pet!!!

    Dogs love tootsie rolls. Circle of life and all that...

    <sigh> I remember a time when there were fun events like this in the US.

    Honestly, I think you are just jealous. I come to this site just to read @Marty Backe's posts and especially to watch his videos, as well as many others. I personally am grateful for all the time, expense, humour, good will, and taste he puts into the experiences he shares. Through his eyes, I get to see Venice Beach and much of California again without spending $2K+ to fly there. I also get trustworthy information about the many wheels he owns or borrows. I have never felt Marty was arrogant, and strongly believe we owe him our appreciation. So, @Marty Backe, please carry on!
  15. Kategorisierung

    Ich weiss nicht ob dieses Thema nur für Deutsche bestimmt ist, aber werde sowieso meine Perspektive als Amerikaner und Neuseeländer mitteilen, der Auto, Motorrad, Fahrrad in beiden Ländern fährt. Nach 18 Monaten liegt der Kilometerstand bei meinem EUC (Ninebot One E+) auf 2.800. Ich betrachte dieses Fahrzeug als revolutionär und grenzüberschreitend, in dem es fast alle Mobilitätsforderungen täglich erfüllt. Ich habe wenig Bedarf an das Auto mehr, und hab das Zweirad fast vergessen. Ich fühle mich nahe einradsüchtig, und habe schlechte Laune wenn EUC-fahren unmöglich ist. Für mich ist das EUC eine motorisierte Prothese geworden, die mir beide seelisch und physisch angebunden ist.