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  1. Nice family video - a welcome change from all the scenery and selfie movies. Really enjoyed watching the star with the ponytail on her awesome bike!
  2. Alien caterpillar meets the Resistance <insert your own caption >
  3. I had this condition many years ago, but solved it short term by upgrading my running shoes (at the time, to Brooks Beast), and wearing orthotic-like sandals (quality Birkenstock copies) around the home instead of just bare feet. For dress shoes, I had soft orthotics made (custom molded to my feet) which were surprisingly affordable at the time (about $100). IIRC, the theory was that plantars is caused by torsion stress (overpronation, etc.) in the foot which stresses the tendon attachment point (not the exact medical term) at the bottom of the heel. Footgear with stiff midsoles reduce/ prevent the excessive twisting of the tendons during running; wearing sandals that provide good support can help mitigate the same motion. It worked, and combined with significant weight loss over time, it is completely gone and has not recurred in a decade. Nowadays there are several athletic shoe manufacturers which sell "motion-control" running/jogging/walking shoes. Of course, they tend to cost a bit more and are generally heavier. I stopped buying Brooks Beast as the uppers always wore through in less than a year's time. The current year's model is also pricey (previous years are available at a discount), and their competitors offer the same or better for less.
  4. Don't forget to budget an extra $75+ (basic protection) for safety gear as a new rider, or considerably more if you do not anticipate upgrading for a (long) while. The minimum equipment should include a helmet, knee pads, wrist guards, elbow guards; your requirements will depend on your age, where you ride, and your budget. There are many opinions and recommendations on this site to help guide your choices.
  5. I would skip both the A1 and C+ Ninebots. The One E+ is still a popular, respectable wheel and a little faster than both, just seriously overpriced at the moment (I personally wouldn't pay more than $600 delivered for a new one). Also, I don't think speed should be the deciding factor for your first wheel. As long as your first EUC can cruise at 13-14+mph / 20-25kph range (which a NB1E+ can do), it should be fine for short commutes over mixed terrain for a while. Many of those who recommend fast wheels have been riding for a long time (look at how many wheels @KingSong69 and others have had!), regularly ride longer distances on mostly smooth terrain; or they just talk fast but ride at Ninebot E+ speed anyway . Also, if you think you will be happy with a small battery and only want to ride 2-3 miles per trip, you will most certainly want to ride farther in no time, guaranteed. The EUC market is changing fast, and the next (3rd? 4th?) generation is approaching. Also, you really won't know which kind of wheel will be best for you until you have been riding at least 3-6 months. Hopefully Gotway will release much improved upgrades to the MSuper and ACM, or newer models, by then; Kingsong is rumored to be working on a redesigned KS-18, and Ninebot/Segway has just announced the Z. So, I'd say buy something that is known to be reliable, cheap ($500-900 max), and has at least a 300-400Wh battery. I'd also recommend a 16" wheel as well. Unfortunately, due to the increased demand and time of year (summer in the northern hemisphere), finding a wheel that offers good value for money is harder than it should be. Good luck!
  6. He looks like a very successful young man in the making, and seems to have great family guidance, so I bet he will will exceed expectations.
  7. 4,000 miles on the original - amazing, and living a little dangerously, eh? Did you put slime or other sealant into the tyre? I haven't. Thanks for the tube and tyre suggestions, but I bought two original sets a short while ago when I stocked up on OEM parts from a discount supplier. ps: I'm guessing you have had your Ninebot less than two years. Do you have spare batteries that you carry when you ride like I do? Given Massachusetts' winter weather and rain, how did you rack up 4,000 miles given the wheel's limited range per charge, and the limited number of days per year to ride?
  8. That's quite a leap from a Ninebot One E+ to a Z4!
  9. I owned a first-gen S2000 (plastic rear window) over a decade ago. I test drove the RX-8 before buying - and was unimpressed. The S2000 was a nice-looking car, and exhilarating to wind up and feel the vtec kick in. It didn't have much top end, though (I couldn't get it over 115-120). Unfortunately, a Porsche boxster clipped my front end while cruising at 55 one summer night and forced me into several 360s on the highway before slamming into the median guardrail. Prick. I still prefer the feel of Geman engineering though.
  10. I was wondering if the side panels are real carbon fibre, and whether Ninebot was inspired by @SuperSport who was [among?] the first to sport the aesthetic. I think the handle looks very robust, but wish it were integrated and recessed into the chassis. However, I can understand why it is an option to save weight and bulk. The side panels look easy enough to remove, and may allow user-level access to the battery packs. Win! As for the 22kg weight, the booth babe below doesn't seem to mind.
  11. Did you put 4,000 miles on the original tyre? I'm at 1,500 on my original and was planning to replace it at 2,000. I have 1/16" tread remaining.
  12. I think we are headed toward a pervasive recording environment. When that becomes technically feasible and, at least, marginally accepted, then it makes sense for defensive purposes. I have also considered carrying a GoPro or, more likely, the Session just in case I am hassled and can't avoid/escape. Since this hasn't happened to me, I have dismissed it for now. Otherwise, action cams are for content producers and videographers who have information or entertainment they want to share. When I have something compelling or unique, I might contribute as well.
  13. Currently, the technology requires too much effort and attention for me as an EUC rider. Dashcam use-cases are entirely different. I personally feel the risk of accident is greater when making videos on an EUC, particularly for accident recording: my focus is on the camera/phone, not the situation unfolding rapidly in front of me. When multiple cameras become integrated into helmets, can record at 120fps, have 8k resolution, and have 2/3-axis optical stabilization and AI tracking, that's when I'll have confidence in them. I might consider using one again when a camera + gimbal package becomes available that is small, lightweight, unobtrusive, and can be used in a set-and-forget scenario. No, I think the less I have to think about it the better.
  14. I should have chosen my words better; I apologise. It seemed to me that you may have had close calls or perhaps collisions in the past (bicycle, motorcycle?) and, as a result, have adopted a very defensive mindset. I can certainly empathise. Still, I should not have made the assumption/comment. Yes, I [would] want justice in case of an accident, but my attitude towards the criminal justice system (courts, law enforcement) is more cynical. My experiences have taught me that, unless one is very connnected or has strong, well-funded advocates fighting on their behalf, the weakest side loses. So, no, unless the investigating officer takes a personal interest in the case or powerful forces are looking over their shoulder, the fast, easy, wrong answer will prevail.
  15. You have experience with this, do you? I don't know where you are in Florida exactly, but local police departments in the US are not like Scotland Yard. If you want to fuss with an action cam because you hope to gain retribution from an accident, maybe you are compensating for something? No offense intended, but your focus seems misplaced.