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  1. Ladies and gentleman, allow me to introduce to you all - "The Sylver Unicyclist"... Mother to both @The Fat Unicyclist and @The Skinny Unicyclist, 74 years young and totally blind! (and she wants a second lesson)
  2. Bugger... Can't this year, but I'll start planning for 2018!
  3. Never in New Zealand, but one in Tel Aviv and one In Vienna. Both times I was on foot, so couldn't intersect with them. I'm in Singapore in a couple of weeks, so hopefully my score is about to increase!
  4. That is how I felt. I think the Lhotz is fantastic on hills (and off road - due to the 2.5" tyre), but the small battery makes it a challenge - long hills (or fat unicyclists) need to pull more power than the battery can sustain. The larger reserves of the MSuper is what makes the difference!
  5. After you cut them off, you could add zippers around each finger... Then you could add and remove them anytime you wanted.
  6. You rock! Just don't put the flowers in water on your way home...
  7. Is this what you expected? I thought the bullet connector was supposed to be the hot spot, due to the additional resistance. It's also interesting that the bullet connector continues to heat up after you stop - or am I reading it wrong?
  8. If you want a reaction, you should try this one... "Honey, I'm just flying over to LA for a quick ride with Marty. See you in a few days!" NB: Returning with jewellery will resolve any subsequent issues.
  9. Not bad... 6'3" And at 40°C (105°F) water was a definite... My backpack contained nothing but a couple of water bottles and a map showing the local TK outlets.
  10. PHOTOS!!!
  11. I noticed he had a dozen of each in the back of his truck...
  12. HEY! I resemble that remark. That explains why you wanted me to use your "spare" helmet too... That's a difficult one... Mainly as I was swapping out wheels, and they were all unfamiliar. With that in mind though I think the power on the hill was marginally better, but the big factors were the 18" wheel (which rides better), and the huger Wh (which doesn't deplete to the point that a stop is necessary). Never on the first date... Unless of course she works at TK!
  13. Riding the MSuper and Monster recently, I found the greater mass of the wheel seemed to keep it more "connected" to me...
  14. I know your pain! You should do what I did... Go to LA and check out your upgrade options. They have a great hosting programme there!
  15. A typographic point (about 1/72 inch)... They're great, because everything that you measure in points seems so much bigger!
  16. That hill is a lot steeper than it looks in the video - I was going as fast as the wheel would lift me up that part, but then misjudged a small rock. It felt like the wheel slowed fractionally trying to summon the necessary torque... But I didn't due to my lean, and stepped off. Had I been more familiar with the wheel and the track, it would have been different.
  17. Great video @Marty Backe! Thanks for the ride, the loaner wheel, and the awesome keepsake video (I just need to work out how to download it now). And great to meet everyone else too - especially the SF contingent (who travelled nearly as long as me to get there - only I got to sleep on the way). No worries about including the "fall" - any fall that you walk away from is a good fall.
  18. Yep. .. I'm never washing it again! Actually, I was playing to see how much grunt it has, so was mucking around in Photoshop, and I realised how well this picture works too...
  19. Quite quick with the Photoshop there @Rehab1 - however there is a collection of (as yet) unreleased photos that make the effort totally unnecessary... But thanks for the thought. Not having one with me, it took some time to explain what an EUC was (and there was no opportunity for any "hands on" coaching). But once they understood it all - particularly the part about me coming halfway around the world for a ride to finish at TK, and how everyone bailed early (and @Hunka Hunka Burning Love who didn't even show up) - after that they were up for all of the photos I wanted... @Marty Backe - next time, include this in the agenda as a finishing point, and the heat won't put off anyone!
  20. Sorry for the delay, I had to drag myself away to get to LAX, downgrade my photos, and then find some WiFi to upload them. This first one is just to show why we should have cheerleaders at every event... And this one is especially for everyone on the ride last Saturday... P.S... They are so much better in real life - a little jiggle makes such a difference!
  21. Since it didn't pan out after our ride, and because it's something you have to do while passing through the USA, I'm currently lunching at a Tilted Kilt while heading back to LAX... But no-one really wants to see photos of that, do they?
  22. But I'm safe if I keep wearing my tinfoil hat, aren't I?
  23. How does $50,000USD each work for you? NB: shipping not included. I'll send you the delivery address, once you've deposited the money into my account...
  24. It makes sense to put bells on bears, so you can hear them coming - but I wouldn't want to be the guy with the job of fitting them! At least if people think you're a bear coming up behind them, they will get our of the way quickly...