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  1. Bugger... they only ship to the USA. Fuckers!
  2. Okay, so where do I get an eat, sleep, roll tee?
  3. Which app version does it work with? Xima or IamIPS?
  4. @Marty Backe - have you tried bone conducting headphones?
  5. I love the 2.5" tyre on the Lhotz... it gives so much control! In NZ I have to ride on the sidewalk and with the wider tyre I can ride slower than a walking pace (when I need to navigate the ignorant pedestrians). In fact, when I jumped into my Airwheel (X8) to teach my sister to ride, it seemed quite wobbly and odd. And then, off-road... AWESOME!!!
  6. You rode like this... That's not very safe... A faceplant would become a "fullbody plant" (which would hurt in all the wrong places But then it would be very freeing... @Hunka Hunka Burning Love, I believe you ride like this - how does it rate? Safety versus exhilaration.
  7. Hey Mods... Just a thought - because this is such an awesome forum, we regularly get posts asking about what sort of wheel someone should buy or upgrade to. And the users here are always awesome with their comments and suggestions. Would it be worth setting up a section just for these queries? This would not only keep things nicely organised, but it would help people with queries track down similar requests. And members could also then subscribe (or not) based on whether the can or want to assist...
  8. I'd love to test an i5... let me know if you need delivery details.
  9. Yes, a Roomba... Those robot vacuum cleaners that look just like a Ninebot on its side... Though I'm sure the Ninebot was a copy of the Roomba, not the other way around!
  10. I agree with @Maximus... when you get more experience you can ride in many more positions, making it much more comfortable overall. I also stopped sobering up... That seemed to help too!
  11. I hate riding with sore balls too!!!
  12. That depends on your foot size. I think the key thing is to ensure that both the heel and ball of your foot are on the pedal - that should remove any pressure on the "soft bits."
  13. Fantastic - I'm a "total weight mass that exceeds what it's rated for." Attention all EUC manufacturers: please PM me for delivery details, and I will happily test your wheels!
  14. Mmmmnnn... I could grab this and keep a wheel in the US! What's the mileage? And what version is it? Does it have coloured (sorry, "colored") LED, or just red? And does it use the older (Xima) app, or the newer (iamips) one?
  15. I like that - two smaller units entirely separate, but sharing the work. So failure of one would mean a sudden power loss, but potentially NOT a face plant (depending on how hard the unit was being pushed). Don't planes have multiple engines for the same reason?
  16. Just a comment... learning to ride on grass / dirt can be more difficult. The constant subtle variations of the surface alter the torque required to ride. And if the surface is soft, the loading on one point can sink (making it hard to start moving). Artificial turf is a lot more consistent.
  17. For better traction, I bought a sheet of grip tape and cut it to fit. Something like this... BUT, I'm not sure how that would go adhering to rubber.
  18. Wheel on!!!
  19. "I've had the same wheel forever... I've replaced the tyre three times, the wheel itself twice, and I'm on to my fourth shell. But this wheel just seems to last forever!" I love my Lhotz too...
  20. I checked with my dealer when I had a problem... He couldn't help me, but sold me a joint instead - after that i didn't really care!
  21. This is too good not too share, especially now that Darryl has proven it scientifically... And for full disclosure there is also a related story suggesting this might not be quite accurate - But you're a savvy bunch so should see straight through that fake-news. One of you will probably even be able to bust out some math to back Darryl on this too. And at the risk of getting back on-topic (sorry @Hunka Hunka Burning Love), I have to say that it's a shame - if the earth was round I would always be riding downhill, on an EUC that is perpetually charged. But because it's flat I have to keep plugging in, dammit!
  22. Hi @majki. All the comments above are most correct... Going to a single wheel is a given. And while it may be more difficult to get other brands, or would be worth trying. I have upgraded from an X8 to a more powerful wheel, but (via phone app) have locked in a reduced speed limit. Now I usually ride only a bit faster than an Airwheel, but with a lot more reserve power - as a heavier rider, knowing you have torque when you need it is essential.
  23. 100% agree - if everyone wanted / needed the same thing there would only be one type of car / computer / phone... But there isn't! Different needs / wants / desires call for different EUC models! @Bat... Perhaps chill just a little.