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  1. Tesla vs. my other unicycles

    Ooohh... Cogswell dam? That looks like it could be fun... Should I book flights?
  2. Tesla problem

    I have family near LA, so I'm "obliged" to stop whenever l am passing nearby. As l travel fairly regularly, l really need either a global network of multi-wheel owners (who are happy to lend), or my own "fleet" of wheels that are stored and maintained by a team of strategically located minions. NOTE: For anyone wanting to apply, please email the.fat.unicyclist@ds.net.nz .
  3. Tesla problem

    As l am currently trying to secure a California "wheel storage" / "battery cycling" vendor, I should probably refrain (for now). @Hunka Hunka Burning Love - did you want to take this one?
  4. Tesla problem

    It was all I could do to not make a "nut tightening" joke...

    Living the dream baby... Living the dream!
  6. Tesla problem

    Hmmmnn... When seen as a still picture and considered from an artistic perspective, that is actually... quite intimate!

    Mmmnnn... The question is whether your tube sliming will prevent syringe punctures?
  8. L.A visit

    But... But... You're my "go to" guy to hook me up when I hit LA. Perhaps if I get an extra KS18L to use in the States, you would store it for me instead? Though it would require regular use to maintain the battery.
  9. Tesla vs. my other unicycles

    People, people... We ride electric unicycles. It isn't a question of "if" but a matter of "when." So get on with it already!
  10. Fully replacing a bike for commuting? Beginner questions.

    This won't be as organised as your original post (my brain gets too distracted by shiny things), but here are some thoughts... When I get asked if riding an EUC is difficult, my response is, "If you can learn to ride a bike, you can learn to ride an EUC. It is different, but no harder." The biggest challenge most of us face is that we have had to self-teach. When you are alone, trying what you get told on YouTube it is not the easiest. If you had someone to coach you, it would be a lot more straight-forward. I have taught several people to ride and, with the benefit of feedback, they were all up and rolling in a few hours. I suppose my point here is that it is very achievable - especially it you're prepared to ask questions. And I think there is a level of exercise that riding provides, albeit low-intensity. My commute is about 4-5 km (each way) and even for that short ride, done hard it will mean that I arrive short of breath and with an elevated heart rate. While this may not be considered as a "workout," my experience is that my core muscles have strengthened considerably since I have been riding. And as someone who has had back issues for a long time, that is fantastic. Where I live, the winter weather gets down to "just a bit above freezing," and i still ride year round. On colder mornings, there is a noticeable sluggishness to my wheel and a reduced range. But it definitely keeps going, even in the rain. You have obviously thought all of this through and done a good amount of research - I think you are definitely on the right track with EUC and the KS16S would be a good choice.
  11. How to ride an electric unicycle - understanding the dynamics

    I had to learn to ride solely relying on YouTube as a tutor... And it wasn't easy. I have also taught others to ride - and they leant much quicker (due to coaching). If you have a training opportunity, make the most of it.
  12. Headache

    A momentary digression, if I might... This has got to be the longest running headache ever! Have you considered that it might be a tumour?

    You Americans crack me up... It's a bend in the road - that's all!
  14. The Photo Thread

    Well, that's going to blow @Marty Backe's budget!!!!
  15. The yes, no, or maybe thread.

    Forget "icy/muddy/slippery!" I consider the longer detour on every ride! How far would you travel for a group ride?
  16. Aw Man I Hate Youtube.

    l just love Japanese game shows... I could cry laughing at them all day! Did you see the one with the approaching walls that had cut out shapes to which the contestants had to conform?
  17. The yes, no, or maybe thread.

    No. Despite deliberately riding past the police station on a daily basis. For your own personal use, how many wheels is too many?
  18. Intelligent table seat

    I have visited Japan, and this type of seat was quite common... But with instructions only in Japanese, it was also quite intimidating!
  19. Is it possible to strengthen the Monster’s shell?

    Good news @Jrkline "Wheel Whisperer" - Although there is no video, I managed to pull a single still off @Marty Backe's memory card... I'm thinking this is just before when your monster stopped.
  20. Stilt-a-cycle...

    That would depend on how fat the unicyclist is!
  21. Is it possible to strengthen the Monster’s shell?

    And it's clean now too!
  22. Is it possible to strengthen the Monster’s shell?

    Fantastic... please post a link to the video!
  23. How to ride an electric unicycle - understanding the dynamics

    Three words... CALL IN SICK!
  24. i am seriously considering it!

    I'm guessing you haven't been to Canada then... Our @Hunka Hunka Burning Love is not only much loved (and even revered) here, but also exceedingly normal for a Canadian! But seriously... Our forum is a very positive place - somewhat eclectic perhaps, but (mainly) focussed on our common passion / hobby - we accept you, please accept us.
  25. Learning to ride backwards !

    You should record a backward ride, then post it in reverse, so it looks like you are going forward and everyone else backward - Weird Al style.