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  1. I5 for Heavy Rider?

    For heavier riders, lower powered wheels are not practical... The torque limits of the wheel are reached exponentially quicker!
  2. 2017 Gotway ACM 1600 for Sale $850 ***SOLD***

    @GameKing and @Scott Henley - don't be so sad... This is the "Christine" of EUC... You will be better off without it! Live long and prosper...
  3. Backpack for 14” EUC

    If only it had an extendable handle... One that you could pull out / up when needed, allowing you to "walk it" beside you.
  4. 2017 Gotway ACM 1600 for Sale $850 ***SOLD***

    I would have bought it quicker... if you hadn't pt those silly shipping restrictions on!
  5. Took a Tesla for a spin today...

    Took a Tesla for a spin today... Not the Gotway Tesla though, the Tesla model S! It's a little faster than the Gotway version, and (in "ludicrous mode") a lot quicker!
  6. Took a Tesla for a spin today...

    Ooohh... perhaps if I point enough magnets in just the right direction, I can pull it down! No, not looking to buy one - they're just a little too expensive just yet - but since they were offering test rides, what are you going to do? Interestingly, our discussions included range, which was stated as being 500 km for one model. And then the sales guy commented that they went from Hamilton to Taupo (150 km) and the battery was at 40% . When I questioned this he said that there were three people and luggage, et cetera - so the range was reduced. I can't think why, but that sounds familiar for some reason...
  7. KS16 2.5" (tire) modification. My experiences

    Actually... My socks are quite thick, so I think they will definitely be a factor! But you are right about the lunch... I weighed myself holding it, and then again without (after finishing it) and the numbers were the same... Go figure!
  8. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    And yet it ruined mine... Some things just can't be unseen!
  9. KS16 2.5" (tire) modification. My experiences

    Yes, the stiffer (tubeless) tyres change things up a little... With a riding weight of ~250lb (including a packed lunch), on a 16" x 2.5" tyre, 45-50 psi works well.
  10. Advice and Tips before first order

    Very well thought out... Based on your comments I would think the ACM or KS16S would work well for you - both meet your requirements, but have "extra" for later on (when your addiction will demand it).
  11. Where to find a slotted socket for axle nuts?

    @Jason McNeil - is this something that Gotway / King Song might be willing to share? Assuming they have a torque setting, of course.
  12. My KS-14D wiggles when going fast and straight

    Have you seen this...

    What wrist guards are you wearing?
  14. What ever happened to:

    That's like fishing, without talking about the one that got away... Just not right!
  15. Broke 1,000 Miles today 😎

    If you ever need help "cycling" your batteries, just yell... If I can divert a trip over your way, I'd be happy to help you out.
  16. My KS-14D wiggles when going fast and straight

    So here's a question... With EUC performance (power & speed) increasing, should wheels be balanced?
  17. Age Thread

    If his shop is near a liquor store you could make it mutually beneficial...
  18. Where to find a slotted socket for axle nuts?

    I don't suppose anyone knows the magic number to which wheel nuts should be torqued?
  19. KS16 2.5" (tire) modification. My experiences

    Nice work @Smoother! Interesting... I run my 2.5" at 48psi (probably nearer 45 after removing the valve extender). I can't imagine how hard it would be to turn with pressure nearer 30psi.
  20. Videography...

    Okay so here's the thing... I have finally got myself a video camera - to be fair though, they are only just new on the market here in New Zealand, so it's a pioneering effort! Anyway I hate learning things the hard way, so now that I'm starting to play with it I'm hoping that some of you experienced videographers (or your film crews) would be happy to answer some questions and share some secrets? And this includes you @Marty Backe and @who_the, after all it's your epic productions that are lifting the bar so high! Now I scored the Sony FDR X3000, which has optical stabilisation built-in. So even hand-held video looks really good... Mostly... Cornering adds quite a lean to the video - is this minimised with a handle or selfie-stick? And if the camera is on a stick, how do you keep it pointing forward (or backward) and level? There's that up down thing too... What's the best way to keep the camera vertical, especially while accelerating and braking? Also, what about wind noise? Then, after the riding is done; What post-production software do you use? And what features make that your tool of choice? Any and all comments and thoughts from our "professionals" would be appreciated, and if anyone else has questions, please post too...
  21. Age Thread

    Speak for yourself... Riding makes me younger!
  22. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    You need to make this into a tee-shirt! Actually two tee-shirst - one just like this and a second one the same that says "actually my wife beats me!" on the back...
  23. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    So does this possibly mean that, with the required behavioural modification (and possibly a speed governer), the powers that be might allow you to one day ride again?
  24. Southern California Ride to Queen Mary - 17Feb2018

    Oops... I didn't even know that was a thing... let me rephrase... Was that the flight you had (sans Mrs. Rehab) out for some special e-UNI-cyclo-therapy? Is that better?
  25. Southern California Ride to Queen Mary - 17Feb2018

    Was that the flight you had (sans Mrs. Rehab) out for some specialist cyclo-therapy?