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  1. Self Defence Options when EUC Riding

    You live in such a different world to me!
  2. ACM vs Luffy Vibration Test

    If you're after some fun, might I suggest... The short term effect of alcohol on EUC riding abilities, and how it enhances (or possibly compromises) your normal skill level. If it helps, I am prepared to assist you with your testing?
  3. Personal Light Electric Vehicle regulations (PLEV)

    The beaches were safe. That is, until @Sidestreet Reny "compromised" them for all off us...
  4. Personal Light Electric Vehicle regulations (PLEV)

    Unfortunatell there is no Wheelies video, though that is probably a good thing - those guys are so good, they would make me look like a learner. But I had the chance to try a few more wheels - just not the KS-18S. I also met Thomas (Wee Hwang) Hoon and his team, and learned about the upcoming KS-18L...
  5. Personal Light Electric Vehicle regulations (PLEV)

    Hey @YoshiSkySun... I found a replacement wheel for your ACM! I think you'll like the look of it?
  6. Padawan seeking Unicycle Masters Advice

    I understand completely. The majority of riders are on the lighter side. It's a bit before your time, but you may be interested to know that I have just finished a bit of a "tour" that included some wheel research and testing - the LA part of my trip was immortalised by @Marty Backe here (if you're interested)... Anyway, by the time I returned home I had tried (from the heavy perspective); Gotway ACM, MSuper V3S+ and Monster Inmotion V5F+ and V8 King Song KS-14C, KS-14D and KS-16S My opinion after all that would be that 14" wheels (while fun) aren't practical for "the larger frame." A 16" wheel is what is needed for better stability, without compromising agility. The larger 18" and 22" wheels fit better again, but are less flexible for different purposes. And of the 16" wheels, I would consider the ACM to be in the top 2. So a good choice!
  7. How bad were you hurt?

    Does alcohol count as an external influence?
  8. Somebody stop me! Crazy car purchase...

    But pickup trucks don't float that well...
  9. First ride

    And now it just becomes more and more fun...
  10. Gotway Mten3 time limited promotions

    I'm glad you didn't use them, because I did already (along with your credit card) and I wouldn't want them to get suspicious. BTW - If a package turns up addressed to The Fat Unicyclist, please just forward it on...
  11. Padawan seeking Unicycle Masters Advice

    Just for the record... I'm 6'3" as well, and I find that a lot of the trolley handles are too short to be practical. This is particularly true for the smaller 14" wheels, but even the KS-16 and MSuper are just a little too low to be comfortable for regular use.
  12. Summertime in the LBC

    surely with some creative thinking and a wheelbarrow you can fast-track the next ride?

    Not yet... But I expect total failure! When I do try, I will video the attempt.

    As I live (reasonably) close to Baldwin Street (the steepest street in the world), if all of the manufacturers send me one of each of their wheels I would be more than happy to test them on it.
  15. The Photo Thread

    Well, if you're going to try to break all the rules, you should include the "Side Street Rene" factor...
  16. Hey Yoshi... Having just met you when I was in LA, I was interested to read about your ACM upgrade. But more concerned now to read about your experience with it! While we all know everyone else on the forum, having met you IRL makes this all the more significant for me. I hope you get well soon, and I expect to see you riding (with a bit more protection) at our next international ride.
  17. Ninebot Z series

    I agree... While this width would be ideal for specific purposes, it could be challenging for general use. Coincidentally, I was talking with a workmate a couple of days ago about his new e-bike (with 4" tyres). His comment was that without the "e" it was a lot harder to push - due to the larger contact area. Having just had the opportunity to ride a range of 14", 16", 18" and 22" wheels, I expect this width will be considerably more challenging to manoeuvre. And I think it will be harder on the batteries too (significantly reducing range).
  18. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    I read something (that I can't find again) about the batteries being in parallel, minimising the scenarios for failure... Time will tell what this actually achieves.
  19. Will Gotway Announce a new model on 8/12?

    Interesting that most cornering in the video includes a foot-down... Even on a polished floor, an 18" wheel that wide would be a challenge to turn!
  20. The Photo Thread

    I've been offline for a couple of days in Singapore, with a sparse amount of data and no wheel... But my wheel-less status changed (albeit briefly) this afternoon when I visited The Wheelies workshop & service centre. It was great to meet Thomas Hoon and the team, ride some wheels, and (of course) talk EUC BS. Here was the "test wheel" selection that was available... And before you ask. Yes, I did look just fabulous on that most colourful KS-16!
  21. The Photo Thread

    Should've planned to finish at a Tilted Kilt! All those... ummm... "resources" available and you're just squandering away the opportunity.
  22. @Marty Backe you should slap some Solowheel stickers on a Gotway (and your helmet) and see if you can infiltrate them... It would be fantastic if you made it to the final cut!
  23. my last ride

    Well that ended better than I expected... From the heading I assumed this to be your LAST ride, not just your most recent! Having just read about what is happening in London with the mopeds, and other riders stopping riding (for now) this is a much more tranquil post. Thanks for sharing.
  24. Competitive Sports?

    Trial riding, or paintball. Perhaps team trial riding, with paintball?
  25. The Photo Thread

    So here's the same shot from the ground... My sky isn't so blue today, but there is an EUC to brighten everything up! And now, being a Friday afternoon and all, I must follow the great WA tradition of frequenting a Skimpy Bar. @Hunka Hunka Burning Love - Do NOT Google Skimpy Bar, it may ruin you for Tilted KIlt. And if you do Google it, avoid clicking the images option at all costs - you wIll break completely!