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  1. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    So does this possibly mean that, with the required behavioural modification (and possibly a speed governer), the powers that be might allow you to one day ride again?
  2. Southern California Ride to Queen Mary - 17Feb2018

    Oops... I didn't even know that was a thing... let me rephrase... Was that the flight you had (sans Mrs. Rehab) out for some special e-UNI-cyclo-therapy? Is that better?
  3. Southern California Ride to Queen Mary - 17Feb2018

    Was that the flight you had (sans Mrs. Rehab) out for some specialist cyclo-therapy?
  4. King Song Appen

    Hi Tuben. Welcome to the forum. Your post is in the forum for riders planning local group rides, so it may not get many views. I would suggest that you repost this in either the ( rand specific) King Song forum, or the General Discussion forum.
  5. Looking for Lhotz dealer in europe area

    What thread... l can't find it - please link.
  6. Mileage contest Feb -- Win A Free Solowheel

    Love your work! Tell me please, is that the same ACM? And if it is, do you by chance call it Christine?

    And, did you eventually catch them? Or, are they still out there... Somewhere...
  8. Mileage contest Feb -- Win A Free Solowheel

    I think it was before your time, but I think you might be surprised... @Rehab1 - did you have a video of your "treadmill challenge?"
  9. Congratulations Marty! 10k!!!

    Who is this Marty guy you're talking about? l don't think I've come across him on the forum... Oh wait... Is he that guy that used to wear the white shoes? Now l know who you mean - I've got both of his action-figures - though now there will probably be a third "10K edition" to add to the collection!
  10. Mrs. Fat Unicyclist...

    I had (almost) full motion and absolutely no pain at all... I honestly thought it was just a bruise for the whole trip away! When I was back Mrs. TFU sent me to the doctor because of the lump (that I thought was just a burcitis). My GP then sent me for an x-ray, which I "got around to" a few days later... The radiographer told me I had to go to the hospital urgently (because I was supposed to be in agony). And once there the bone guy (can't think of the right name) spent half an hour making me move different ways while he looked at the x-ray, shaking his head and saying I shouldn't be able to do that. In the end I scheduled my "urgent" surgery for 10 days out (as I had another work trip already planned). And while away I worked out that holding my arm in just the right position while flexing allowed me to wiggle my olecranon process... And I know what you're thinking... Total chick magnet! Wiggling always works like that...
  11. Videography...

    l am fortunate that my job gives me full Adobe CC access, including Premiere Pro and After Effects. And I'm now playing with the Sony FDR X3000 - so I don't really need a gimbal, but a single-axis one might be handy to keep the camera level...
  12. Not wearing safety gear!

    DO IT!!! 3 seconds and you'll be fine! And video it too (just in case you scream like a 12 year of girl).

    It hasn't been that long, but I actually quite like it... l won't use it all the time, but having it does allow the option! Mrs. TFU has commented that she likes the mobile app, but that isn't too practical while riding - a camera in one hand and a phone in the other... Also, the remote isn't just wrist mounted. It can be put on a lanyard or mounted with the camera on a tripod / pole or the "finger grip" (which is quite functional). Also, the LCD on the camera isn't backlit, but the remote is, making it easier to see when changing settings. Though the app does that too (but less intuitively). My remote is also set to shut-off (the screen) to save battery. And when reactivating it, I haven't had any connectivity issues.
  14. New to the group

    And what wheel(s) do you have?
  15. Mrs. Fat Unicyclist...

    It was a selfie because I was out of town... I broke it from a "hover board" fall - wheels under-powered, too small and independent of each other - but then we were also mucking around a little. Then I went to Auckland for work - took the selfie as the bruise "flourished" - then went to the US for two weeks (work) then came back and got patched up.
  16. Mrs. Fat Unicyclist...

    Yes, we are indeed Home Depot brothers... Though I chose elbow, as it seemed less extreme: And while you may be winning (for now) on "internal wire length," you never even came close to me in the "best bruise" category (despite exposing yourself in an attempt to sway the judges)...
  17. Mrs. Fat Unicyclist...

    Oh... You had to go there! The avatar is being contemplated by a higher power, sorry. But the "discussions" are inevitable so just wait a while...
  18. Fat Boy Unibike

    Like that water-drinking duck thing...
  19. Mrs. Fat Unicyclist...

    I have already told her about that... As l am already have wires and screws holding me together l am technically "made of tougher stuff" (as is @Rehab1 now too)... What this means is that she is used to me doing what I want regardless making hospital visits, so it should all be good!
  20. The Next Two Seconds (or: is my face safe over there?)

    That is something I can help with... Do you see that little sideways V (with balls on) at the top-right of any post... Click on it, and you'll see a link to that post in the topic. Now copy that link. Then just paste it into another post and it becomes an embedded thingy. Just like this...
  21. Tesla First Day Fun! - Motor Cutout at 34.3 MPH

    Oooohh... Could you make me one with real flowing (blondish) hair? #IWantToBeLikeMarty
  22. Tesla First Day Fun! - Motor Cutout at 34.3 MPH

    You could always use the Bluetooth speakers on your King Song...
  23. EUC Injury Bingo Card

    Settle down a bit @Rehab1... Don't try to influence the game. I swear... You can be so wired sometimes!

    I'll take your word for that... obviously you have some experience there (whereas I have none)