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  1. Will there be a "best fall / most unco" category?

    For such a serious crime? I'm surprised you're not doing hard time already!
  3. What would be a good name for a new EUC product?

    Uni-Roller. OneWheel / OneWheeler. IAFEUM! - It's an electric unicycle, man! Electro Uni. Unilectric - the wheel deal. Singularity Wheel. EUni - but not in Britain (anymore).
  4. Most Embarrassing Moment Riding Your EUC

    I agree - it's a unicycle! Falling off should be expected. But surely that is expected in Amsterdam - Well some parts at least?
  5. User Status

    Thanks. And does "community reputation" count for anything, or is it just an indication of whether or not my comments are useful?
  6. User Status

    Sorry... Perhaps I Should have said, "How downgrading." But now at least I can strive to achieve, via "forum-spam."
  7. User Status

    How degrading...
  8. The app that Jean Dublin shared above effectively did the same thing - as the mileage is reset to 100km, the full speed is unlocked also. When my EPROM corrupted it was annoying not being able to check battery voltage, et cetera - but the worst part was that I was 3km short of unlocking 30km/h when it screwed up. But that kept me motivated though to fix it, and now all is good.
  9. Most Embarrassing Moment Riding Your EUC

    I was riding along an embankment that ran through a golf course one weekend. It had rained a lot earlier in the week making it quite "sloppy," but my Lhotz was loving it (and I had an EUCExtreme sound track playing in my mind). Then I had to slow down to pass a couple of ladies walking the same route though... And then as I tried to pick up speed again I lost all traction and ended up shoulder-rolling in the mud. But the landing was soft, we all had a good laugh and they carried on. The problem was that it was too slippery to remount, so after a dozen attempts I had to give up and carry my wheel out - 1.5km through the very busy golf course! This is how we both (my wheel and I) looked when I got home:
  10. I have just had a similar issue, though in my case the IamIPS app would shutdown immediately after connecting to my Lhotz - I think because the data being passed from the wheel was supplying non-numeric data into numeric fields (ie. total milage). @Jurgen - The app above (which I was directed to use too) appears to connect to the wheel and rewrite the EPROM with some default values. This corrects any corruption and gets everything working correctly - custom settings being stored / accessed / et cetera. Though in doing this the total milage was wiped (set to 100km).
  11. IPS Zero

    Hi @Mark13, and welcome to the forum. I can't help you at all with your question (sorry), but I wanted to wish you all the best with this - I am sure you will love e-unicycling!
  12. King Song 18a 1360wh top speed fall

    So what you want is two windings of the same diameter, but with the option to power them in parallel (for torque) or series (for speed)? Even if you had to select the "mode" at power up, it would be a great option.

    Do you seriously believe that "it will be the last ONE?"
  14. Age poll

    Our of curiosity, what were you expecting?

    If you're going to claim to be an alien, shouldn't you learn to say that in Klingon (or something similar)?
  16. Messed up my knee by faceplanting

    I need to get a helmet (for >20km/h). Do you find one type to be better than the other for EUC use?
  17. Age poll

    I think that there are two reasons for the 40-49 spike - well two reasons for me at least (@ age 45)... The are a bit more discretionary funds available (particularly once the kids have grown and gone). We grew up during the 70's and 80's, and remember the promises for the future...
  18. Does your Spouse Support your EUC hobby?

    I have spousal support, along with a lot of encouragement to wear safety gear. She is also not too keen to mount up herself. But now that I have two wheels I will be suggesting it again - though I may wait until next summer...
  19. Or, save the cocktail umbrellas from some girlie drinks and attach them in strategic positions!
  20. Tight or clicky pedals vs. magnets

    Magnets can make things easier - I used to "bounce" my wheel gently while putting it down, causing the pedals to drop into place. But now with my Lhotz it is a much more manual process. Having said that though, when I fall off (and I fall of a lot) I think the pedals on the Lhotz soften the fall for the wheel. Because the pedal needs pressure to be lifted, it reduces the impact for the wheel maybe? As a result, there are a lot less battle scars on the Lhotz...
  21. Just got a new stand for my Kingsong KS16

    More sturdy, but less portable...
  22. Pedal Grips for EUC Off-Roading

    but that would make curb jumping a lot easier...
  23. Just got a new stand for my Kingsong KS16

    That's similar to what I found for my Lhotz... But mine only folds in one direction, so I'd be keen to hear how well your one works? Then I could have a home stand, and an away stand.
  24. It doesn't, does it? I think we need EUC Ambassadors more than "brand-specific" sales people.
  25. Pedal Grips for EUC Off-Roading

    Hi @EUC Extreme - do you have a photo showing your pedal mods?