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  1. Protective Wear Suggestions for EUC Riding

    I noticed that Speed and Strength also sell "replacement armor" - so if you know someone handy with a sewing machine, you could look to make your own... All of the S&S gear seems to just have internal "pockets" at the right place that these are slotted into.
  2. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    The wheels should all be shipped to New Zealand, so that I can try them for you on Baldwin Street... How's that for a measuring stick?
  3. insurance

    Pretty much... Compensation for accidental injury. Of course, if you crash into my car, I still want you to pay for the damage to that...
  4. KS14S Tilt-back After Full Charge - Help

    I'm thinking that there's a video coming...
  5. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    Scars aren't ugly... they are like badges of experience. And your staple rule isn't fair - over here we still use those dissolvable stitches that you wished you had...
  6. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    And don't use spiked pedals?
  7. ACM - High Speed Shut off. (Wipe out)

    That will get easier though! My international courier dropped off a pair of Flexmeters along with my "performance casual" S&S gear... So many choices now...
  8. ACM - High Speed Shut off. (Wipe out)

    It's a snack alert... Telling you that it's time to stop for some Fat Unicyclist replenishment!
  9. insurance

    Here in New Zealand, you can't sue a person for any injury caused... There is a government funded accident compensation scheme, which looks after the injured and removes te need for reimbursement. There is still a potential issue with damage to property though...
  10. My Wheel Failure Statistics

    Could you find 5 broken King Song wheels to buy?
  11. Ks14c with bent/dented rim... Bend it back? Get new one?

    Just use duct tape... it fixes everything!
  12. Protective Wear Suggestions for EUC Riding

    Your new import duties make the cost prohibitive... Or is it too soon to go there?
  13. Protective Wear Suggestions for EUC Riding

    I agree, and always wear some form of protection (but possibly it enough). Here in New Zealand these unicycle things are not technically legal - or illegal either. But as that will change at some point soon, I want to make sure that more people like than don't. And I happen to live in our capital city, you never know which of those peasant walkers is a politician...
  14. Tire slime or tube slime for inmotion v5F+?

    Thanks @Pard and @Marty Backe... I assumed (probably from the name) that it was a fairly gelatinous substance... But now I guess I'll have to by some.
  15. Tire slime or tube slime for inmotion v5F+?

    So I get that you need the right amount, and that after filling you need to spin the wheel to distribute it. But if my wheel then stands for a while (especially for someone like Marty who has a wheel for every day of the month), does the slime run down and pool at the bottom of the wheel? It seems to me that if it does there would be a significant unbalanced feel to the wheel...
  16. Protective Wear Suggestions for EUC Riding

    I've struggled with adding more protection... A solid 6'3" person (standing 4" off the ground) and rocketing toward you at 20-30 km/h while dressed as the predator may possibly be interpreted as intimidating - and while I want the safety, I am an ambassador for this ridiculous hobby (as we all are) and I want to make it less confrontational. But I have just received a couple of "casual performance" items from Speed & Strength... http://www.ssgear.com/usa_english/cruise-missile-armored-hoody.html Basically a shirt / hoodie with the (removable) armour slotted into internal pouches, and a bit of kevlar thrown in for good measure. I'm still working out what I think of it all, but so far I can say it is quick to gear up and not at all intimidating...
  17. The Photo Thread

    So how does it ride on hard surfaces?
  18. For the record, and to keep the stats balanced... l fall off my EUC regularly (too fat with not enough torque), and have never needed medical attention. l have also fallen off a "hover board" and broken an elbow - which did (eventually) require treatment.
  19. EUC Rebuild Contest

    I guess 165! I've just finished watching it in super-slow motion, so I should be close! EDIT: I just saw the earlier posts, so it seems I may be too late. But remember that with the dateline and all, my entry was technically in time.
  20. MSuper V3s+ w/Tesla Motor - Internal Pics

    Bugger... A group ride would have been worth calling in sick for - especially just now! But keep in touch and we will make something happen sooner or later! As for my scheme - it's not ready for the internet (yet) - but ask me while we're riding and I might share more.
  21. The Photo Thread

    See... Procrastinating has it's place!
  22. MSuper V3s+ w/Tesla Motor - Internal Pics

    Perhaps there's a little procrastination in there, but currently I am also a little too busy working on our national Census... As an example, @Marty Backe would you please send a letter to everyone in California - and don't get back on a wheel until after you've finished that wee task - surprisingly, it's not as easy as you might think. Now, having said that... There are plans schemes underway for something that will (hopefully) be awesome! And now that the Chinese New Year is over, I can get things back on track. And as for you @fbhb - It's not too far between Wellington and Hawke's Bay, so perhaps we should work on a "group ride" sometime soon?
  23. Best Description "It's like…"

    So you've rolled in the snow, just wearing your tight whities?
  24. Ks14c with bent/dented rim... Bend it back? Get new one?

    No... Pay attention @Smoother. You said; And I asked... Then you went off on some British tangent. So I'll try again: How do you know that magnet attraction is fricking awesome, and potentially painful?