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  1. Perth, Australia Group

    Now that's interesting... What do think of the Oewheel?
  2. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    Let's not rule it out... Having family in England and California means that I am either "passing through" or stopping fairly frequently. Perhaps I could even make a special trip for that group ride from Los Angeles to San Francisco (or the other way - I'm not picky).
  3. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    What anyone pays in tax depends on how creatively one can lose their money (not that I want to start a discussion on that). Unfortunately most of my globe trotting was work funded, and following the latest restructure is now limited to Auckland and Christchurch only... Unless of course I can find a new (tax deductible) business venture to fund my intercontinental e-unicycling ambitions!
  4. Mrs. Fat Unicyclist...

    Okay everyone, here's a question for you all... While updating Mrs. TFU about the recent happenings on "the forum," she asked me whether she should just outright join (so she can read everything for herself). But I'm not sure if that is the best option , so I thought it best to ask you all !!! She happens to be a wittier / prettier version of me - just as unfiltered (if not more so) and definitely more opinionated... But for some reason she agreed to consider your combined opinions before signing up (though I have no idea why, as I have already told her all about you all)! So the question is, do you all want an "online conscience" commenting when you least expect (or want) it, or do I need to break it to her that we are good the way we are? I should point out that one of the spin-off benefits might be a number of off-topic posts about things like "crotchet wheel covers," or her baking - eg. Pavlova (@Bob Eisenman) - but also remember that only I get to actually enjoy it (the baking that is), as I am after all "The Fat Unicyclist!"- unless of course you are visiting New Zealand, in which case you are more than welcome to share at mine. So what say you all? Is this acceptable, or do I need to stop this before it is too late?

    While I have two of most bits, I only have one head, so it's worth it!
  6. Charging the unicycle for the first time

    Butter makes everything better!
  7. Mrs. Fat Unicyclist...

    No... "Home Depot" is what American spell checkers autocorrect "Mitre 10" into. As for sourcing my parts... The surgery was done as a house-call, so it was lucky I have a bunch of bits in my garage...
  8. Mrs. Fat Unicyclist...

    l really don't do Valentines Day - too commercialised for me. Instead I go with random events (flowers, dinner, et cetera) at times I haven't done anything wrong. Basically trying to keep the balance in the black! And l don't know if she has joined - I must ask her - but she is definitely not exoplanet!
  9. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    l agree, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Over here though some of that tax money contributes toward our "accident compensation" system (which replaces the need / ability to sue for injury). So in some ways I'm swapping insurance premiums for that tax... It may be better, it may be worse - but it does make life a lot simpler (IMHO).
  10. The Food Thread

    Ha... Nice story. We have two "types" of deer meat here... Wild game (true venison) and farm raised (marketed as "cervena"). They are both very lean, but the cervena is a lot less gamey. I personally love them both (venison a little more maybe) though it's essential for them both that they aren't overcooked! And of course, a glass (or three) of good wine - and for venison / cervena a nice petite sirah is Fat Unicyclist recommended.
  11. Kingsong Range and Performance Throttling

    Mmmmnn... Ice cream and cookies!
  12. KS-16S Pedal Angle Questions

    The rest of the world labels that as, "OCD."
  13. The Food Thread

    Mmmmnnn... Lamb! And it's good to eat too. Seriously, I sous vide some the other day... 53.5°C for 2 hours... So juicy and tender!
  14. Mten3 512wh so much fun

    FYI... From the outside, this sits somewhere between "quite uncomfortable" and "downright disturbing."
  15. Exactly... Especially if there's the option of Spotted Dick!
  16. Shock Absorbers, Easy DIY!

    Are you talking about all sheep, or just the pretty ones?
  17. Shock Absorbers, Easy DIY!

    The whole point of caching is to improve performance... Clearing your cache is primarily beneficial when you don't want your wife / mother to see your porn searches...
  18. Shock Absorbers, Easy DIY!

    The real question is why @Shad0z needs to keep clearing his internet cache...
  19. Knowing a little about these two crash-test-dummies, i understand their conflict. So let's put the question into some more mainstream terms... Would you buy a car that was limited to a top speed of 60mph (100km/h)?
  20. Paging Dr. Rehab1, another rider down!

    You ae so constrained by sexual stereo-types! Just wait until you see me in my Wonder Woman costume - you will love it so much that you'll get your own...
  21. Kingsong Range and Performance Throttling

    King Song: Keeping the "Fat" in Fat Unicyclist!
  22. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    Did you have to buy one? Surely you could have dug one up from somewhere yourself???
  23. Tesla Custom Parking Stand... ETC

    Very nice... Now let's get back to that awesome TFU concept wheel stand. With my ideas and your talent we can be famous!
  24. What ever happened to:

    Does it what? Even after a couple of days out of town and I need a full day to catch up! Good to ave you back @Cloud!!!