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  1. Hello WA! Wondering if one of you would be able to help me... My sister (who lives in Perth) is visiting me at the moment. She has just tried my EUC, and has fallen in love with them. Do you know the rules that apply for riding in WA? And where she might be able to buy one in Australia (probably online)?
  2. That is awesome... But still has twice the number of necessary wheels!
  3. EUC Forum: Because rolling rocks!
  4. Why not just wear a wet suit and ride through?
  5. Having New Year in the summer is awesome... Obviously it's warm, which means there are so many options - beach bonfires are popular, often with fireworks being let off at midnight. ALL of the nightlife areas are very busy. And of course there is the popular evening barbecue, that turns into a long night of drinking with friends... And all of this is helped by the fact that it is still light through to ~9pm. I have to say, I'm intrigued to try a white Christmas / New Year... But I can't see how it would ever catch on.
  6. Yes, just a short loop around Wellington harbour - which included flying over the airport (which they aren't often allowed to do). Will add photos later today...
  7. Today, even one wheel is to many... Well for the next half hour anyway.
  8. Have you never thought that, in the last few seconds, the turkey most definitely clenched it's sphincter too?
  9. I'm idle... that's why I'm a FAT Unicyclist!
  10. That's the model that @Rehab1 needs fire his EUC!
  11. You sir, are a genius!
  12. We don't often get snow here - once in the last 25 years that I can remember (and then only a quarter inch). But my commute to work usually involves looping around under a bridge, and sometimes in winter the puddles underneath it will ice over - riding over them is a better wake-up than coffee, and that cracking sound you get really heightens your senses (and clenches your sphincter)...
  13. What model is your new set of wheel?
  14. The IPS191 Lhotz is comfortable, even when you aren't thin... So I am told.
  15. So does farting while you're leaning forward!