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  1. Does alcohol count as an external influence?
  2. But pickup trucks don't float that well...
  3. And now it just becomes more and more fun...
  4. I'm glad you didn't use them, because I did already (along with your credit card) and I wouldn't want them to get suspicious. BTW - If a package turns up addressed to The Fat Unicyclist, please just forward it on...
  5. Just for the record... I'm 6'3" as well, and I find that a lot of the trolley handles are too short to be practical. This is particularly true for the smaller 14" wheels, but even the KS-16 and MSuper are just a little too low to be comfortable for regular use.
  6. surely with some creative thinking and a wheelbarrow you can fast-track the next ride?
  7. Not yet... But I expect total failure! When I do try, I will video the attempt.
  8. As I live (reasonably) close to Baldwin Street (the steepest street in the world), if all of the manufacturers send me one of each of their wheels I would be more than happy to test them on it.
  9. Well, if you're going to try to break all the rules, you should include the "Side Street Rene" factor...
  10. Hey Yoshi... Having just met you when I was in LA, I was interested to read about your ACM upgrade. But more concerned now to read about your experience with it! While we all know everyone else on the forum, having met you IRL makes this all the more significant for me. I hope you get well soon, and I expect to see you riding (with a bit more protection) at our next international ride.
  11. I agree... While this width would be ideal for specific purposes, it could be challenging for general use. Coincidentally, I was talking with a workmate a couple of days ago about his new e-bike (with 4" tyres). His comment was that without the "e" it was a lot harder to push - due to the larger contact area. Having just had the opportunity to ride a range of 14", 16", 18" and 22" wheels, I expect this width will be considerably more challenging to manoeuvre. And I think it will be harder on the batteries too (significantly reducing range).
  12. I read something (that I can't find again) about the batteries being in parallel, minimising the scenarios for failure... Time will tell what this actually achieves.
  13. Interesting that most cornering in the video includes a foot-down... Even on a polished floor, an 18" wheel that wide would be a challenge to turn!
  14. I've been offline for a couple of days in Singapore, with a sparse amount of data and no wheel... But my wheel-less status changed (albeit briefly) this afternoon when I visited The Wheelies workshop & service centre. It was great to meet Thomas Hoon and the team, ride some wheels, and (of course) talk EUC BS. Here was the "test wheel" selection that was available... And before you ask. Yes, I did look just fabulous on that most colourful KS-16!
  15. Should've planned to finish at a Tilted Kilt! All those... ummm... "resources" available and you're just squandering away the opportunity.