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  1. Kingsong Range and Performance Throttling

    Mmmmnn... Ice cream and cookies!
  2. KS-16S Pedal Angle Questions

    The rest of the world labels that as, "OCD."
  3. The Food Thread

    Mmmmnnn... Lamb! And it's good to eat too. Seriously, I sous vide some the other day... 53.5°C for 2 hours... So juicy and tender!
  4. Mten3 512wh so much fun

    FYI... From the outside, this sits somewhere between "quite uncomfortable" and "downright disturbing."
  5. Exactly... Especially if there's the option of Spotted Dick!
  6. Shock Absorbers, Easy DIY!

    Are you talking about all sheep, or just the pretty ones?
  7. Shock Absorbers, Easy DIY!

    The whole point of caching is to improve performance... Clearing your cache is primarily beneficial when you don't want your wife / mother to see your porn searches...
  8. Shock Absorbers, Easy DIY!

    The real question is why @Shad0z needs to keep clearing his internet cache...
  9. Knowing a little about these two crash-test-dummies, i understand their conflict. So let's put the question into some more mainstream terms... Would you buy a car that was limited to a top speed of 60mph (100km/h)?
  10. Paging Dr. Rehab1, another rider down!

    You ae so constrained by sexual stereo-types! Just wait until you see me in my Wonder Woman costume - you will love it so much that you'll get your own...
  11. Kingsong Range and Performance Throttling

    King Song: Keeping the "Fat" in Fat Unicyclist!
  12. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    Did you have to buy one? Surely you could have dug one up from somewhere yourself???
  13. Tesla Custom Parking Stand... ETC

    Very nice... Now let's get back to that awesome TFU concept wheel stand. With my ideas and your talent we can be famous!
  14. What ever happened to:

    Does it what? Even after a couple of days out of town and I need a full day to catch up! Good to ave you back @Cloud!!!