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    DUDE... YOU ROCK!!!
  2. Teaching the wife

    Do you have a larger wheel? Smaller diameter wheels are a lot more agile (ie. squirrelly to learn on). A 16" wheel, with slightly lower tyre pressure, would be easier to get the feel for the balance...
  3. Have a look through this thread...
  4. Tesla VS KS-16S: Looking for input from those of you that have both

    l can HIGHLY recommend a ride with the LA crew! @serfy - you mention the frustration of not having a store in LA. Well we don't have a store anywhere in New Zealand. So, while I happened to be in the area, I joined Marty and 8 other riders for a 2.5 hour roll through Griffith Park. And l can't rate it highly enough... Not only is there a great insight into the range of wheels (and their differences), but also a huge amount of knowledge to be gained from the chats and discussions - including what you have to share with everyone else. l know I'm planning on a revisit the next time I'm in town... Hopefully I'll see you there!

    Y'know, I can't quite put my finger on it, but... Oh, wait... That's it... Darth Smoother!
  6. How to ride an electric unicycle - understanding the dynamics

    Not if you mount backwards and then start riding backward too...

    And 10. You look great wearing it !
  8. Very ironic!

    When we were kids we had a small range we roamed within. Then we got push bikes - and our roaming range extended accordingly. Then we got motor bikes & cars - and our range extended further again. Then we got EUC - and we're kids again!* * Range irrelevant.
  9. How to ride an electric unicycle - understanding the dynamics

    You can even mount it sitting backward!
  10. If you're looking to upgrade your helmet (and are going full motorcycle), then have a look at wwv.reevu.com. It's been mentioned here on the forum before, but I have since found a really good YouTube review showing how it works... I'd be keen to hear if anyone has tried one with an EUC?
  11. Your wheel probably switched to "Australian mode" - being on the other side of the world, everything has to be configured to work upside down (including the hall sensors, obviously). I didn't expect that any wheels would do this automatically - I know I had to switch both of mine manually - so it is impressive that King Song have this built into their firmware!
  12. If Skateboards Can Do This Why Not EUCs?

    Perhaps it should be mounted on the DJI... So that (following the face-plant) it can paint the outline of the victim...
  13. New i5 user experience

  14. 63 old guinea pig

    If it isn't on video... It never happened! Get one of your GFs to capture it all, so you can upload the entire experience!
  15. Protective Wear Suggestions for EUC Riding

    Forget uses for safety - I'm getting a full body coat for bedroom use! Or perhaps just selected pieces... For a fuller effect?