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  1. They're on the SpeedyFeet website... Ian will most likely ship to Estonia.
  2. Only 100% ? If you're playing music... Try the theme to jaws - and video it too!
  3. Thanks @jrkline... Both for the offer and for shattering my world record attempt. Plan for about 245lb - so for 15+ miles (with hills) I'm thinking at least 600Wh+ ??? Though I have no idea how fast the SCUC normally ride. And remember that the excessive heat will also mean that I will be trying to ride with a parasol - and again I have no idea what impact that will have (other than making me look awesome). I'm thinking my upgrade will be to an 18" wheel (or maybe 22"), and I currently ride a 16" - so I'm looking forward to try anything available. But I'm not too keen for a 14" wheel as I don't know how it would work with a full load.
  4. Yes, excited and nervous - not only will I be riding in a new environment, but it will be on unfamiliar (and borrowed) wheels! And I just found out that there's a heatwave going on... And I find riding with a parasol so much harder!
  5. Depends?
  6. There's one near my place that is always empty... Perhaps a return visit will be needed? Something to talk about the weekend after next...
  7. As for my own personal damage... I fall of my EUC all the time - I mean, it's a unicycle! What do you expect? But I have mostly just rolled out of it. Sure there is some scapes and a bit of blood, but that's just called living. I haven't hurt myself seriously falling off my EUC. But there was that one incident on a hoverboard... They are so dangerous! I managed a broken elbow, which required surgery, screws and wires to resolve. On the bright side, I now get better WiFi reception when I hold my phone in that hand!
  8. How do I give multiple reps??? Just AWESOME!!!
  9. I think Mrs Rehab1's main hobbies are keeping @Rehab1 alive, and out of trouble! Or is that just one hobby?
  10. What's the current world record for, "Furthest distance travelled to an EUC group ride?" I think in a fortnight it may be... 6713 miles (or 10803km for the rest of us)!
  11. But that could have been coincidence... As a control, next time don't point. That's the only way we'll ever know for sure!
  12. Ah, good times! Small wheel diameter, low torque, two individual motors... all bad. Now if only I could find a ride with a larger wheel, more torque, and just one motor...
  13. I'm impressed that your test rig simulates both uphill and downhill, but there is one more thing you need...
  14. Very nice... But I may prefer the racks at Tilted Kilt. @Hunka Hunka Burning Love - what do you think?
  15. But advanced spills are so so much more awesome!