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  1. You must have an understanding wife as well!
  2. After all of the issues with GW's software and the countless number of manhours involved to perform field maintenance I cannot fathom why Gotway would not initiate a complete paradigm shift and allow users to perform their own software updates. If GW needs to develop a new mainboard that allows users to personally install software updates like the majority of other wheel manufacturers, so be it. There are dozens of software updaters commercially available on the market that will either point you to a new software download or automatically download the update for you. If tens of thousands of companies trust this form of software update technology without being paranoid of someone hacking into and stealing their propriety programs, why not Gotway? Let's take a smartphone for example. You buy a smartphone and, after some time, a new update appears and you are personally allowed to add those new functions to your phone. They also provide an itinerary of what's included in the updates. In Gotway's case, they produce their EUCs, sell them to the public, and that's the end of the story. No end user software updates allowed unless you have access to their proprietary flash equipment or purchase a new maInboard. This has been the case to date. Going forward, if GW wants to improve their product line they must move beyond their current business model and provide user accessible software updates. This paradigm shift could greatly enhance the safety and value of Gotway's wheels and slow the momentum of their evaporating customer base.
  3. Thank you for the kind reply. Looking forward to hearing more about your newly designed products!
  4. Great job on everyone's recorded distances! @who_the Does the length of time a wheel has spent idling on a bench count ?
  5. Dear King Ma: Thank you for the kind invitation! Can you please provide the EUC Forum members some information pertaining to the release of any newly designed electric unicycles that your company will soon be marketing? Kind regards, Daniel Cole
  6. So it appears the Telsa is now on sale!
  7. Your detective skills come through again! So glad you are no longer spying through my bedroom window.
  8. Thank you for the research! I'm just not sure a 3/8" drive socket would hold up under 'Marty's Massive Arm' torque. Using a hand cut off wheel is possible. I should have took a video of the entire fabrication process. Not rocket science but having the right tools is very helpful. First I used a 2 hp metal cut off machine and made 8 parallel slices to begin creating the slot based on @Marty Backe exact measurements. I then cut those metal veins diagonally to splinter them off the socket. This left a jagged slot that require machining to create a smooth surface. We have a 5 HP compressor that was able to maintain the PSI while using a high speed die grinder to smooth and bevel the edges of the slot. The whole process took me 1/2 hour. I am sure a tool and die company could easily make up a jig to hold the socket in place and then use a mill or CNC machine to create dozens of sockets in a short period of time. We just need to determine what is the supply and demand for such a tool.
  9. I have been contacted by a number of members asking for custom sockets used to maintain the tightness of the axle nuts. I am honored that the socket I developed for @Marty Backe's GW Monster was respectfully received and accomplished the task it was designed for. This has led to requests from other members asking to purchase their own sockets. Being I manufacture custom pediatric orthopedic appliances I unfortunately would not have the time to individually fabricate sockets for member's but I do have an idea. I am willing to produce a number of sockets for the various EUC models but I am not interested in selling them for a profit. The idea of renting out the sockets out at no charge would be the best option but I am asking for member's input on how the logistics would be handled. My thoughts and a few concerns: 1) Rent out the custom sockets free of charge to am EUC member with an established method to pay for the shipping costs both ways. This could be accomplished by using a paypal account. 2) Keeping track of returns could be an issue if someone holds onto a socket longer than say 2 weeks. Also would a deposit be necessary so the socket is returned in a timely manner? 3) Would it be prudent for a wheel distributor to become involved in stocking the sockets and renting them out at no cost to a member but still charging for shipping? This paradigm could possibly build a distributor's customer base by offering the service. Notice how I carefully danced around @Jason McNeil' name so he would not feel obligated. Please share your thoughts. Thanks!
  10. That is an excellent idea! Points 1 and 2 i find an fantastic idea!!! I dont know if a deposit is needed, perhaps we can do that over Reputation numbers and/or Forum activity.... For Point 3, i cant speak for the sellers, but my view is we could get this organized as Forum members Ourself. Perhaps by a "pined" threat under Mods/Repairs, where we always see where a tool is Floating around! Great Idea!!! Your ideas are certainly be feasible. Could you please discuss with the other moderators? It can be arranged Very kind of you! I never thought about all of the continents/regions a tool rotation would encompass. Unfortunately those logistics are way beyond my purview.
  11. User programmable....I know where this is headed buddy: "Ride Me You Hunka Hunka Burnin Love"!
  12. Thanks! He is a straight A student that participates in hockey and soccer. He is a little gentleman! My son would have been so proud of him!
  13. Great video and music again! Setting up and editing all of your various shots including the coming and going footage takes a great deal of time but makes for an enjoyable movie for all of us to watch!
  14. The cute model holding the wheel must be very tiny or the wheel is very large. Just add a neck, some frets and strings and it would resemble a cello.....a very cool cello!
  15. Let's see..what's 365 days times 4? He has that much time to save before he can even drive. When he begins driving I would prefer him in a pickup truck with only a front seat and no passengers.
  16. It is beautiful! 5 year fight? Governmental or architect issues?
  17. My 12 yr old grandson has great taste in cars! 4 more years little buddy!
  18. Very handy if you ever plan to ride safely around pedestrians. I was out with my grandson Logan 2 weeks ago where we approached a group of people waiting to board a small tour ferry at a pier. Logan had complete control of his NB1 as we both rode slowly through the crowd politely excusing ourselves along the way. Everyone was fine with our presence as we passed through except one grouchy man. In a loud voice her projected "There are other places you can ride those things!" Ugh....being my grandson was beyond ear shot I abruptly stopped and spun around. Still being polite I stated "Excuse Me." I then asked if we had done something wrong to offend him. He responded "Well I'm just sayin". My well mannered approach to explain that we were both participating in a safe family activity and no one was ever in danger threw him back on his heels. One older lady shouted "Those are cool!" Mission accomplished!
  19. Extremely low price! Did they ever make ACMs using 18 awg motor wires with twist connectors?
  20. $1400 would be in the ball park for an ACM 1300. I paid $1680 for the 1600 on Aliexpress in January.
  21. @Marty Backe is only 125 Pounds! He must have photo shopped his massive arms in other videos. My wife will be disappointed.
  22. As we discussed they do accept Paypal! Just ask them to perform the transaction in that manner.
  23. Great video! Heck I'm now more interest in your beautiful stone wall!
  24. @Jason McNeil Great video depicting Joey's skills! Your customers will have comfort knowing that there will be ongoing R&D at your company! Given the amount of space between the axle's current flat washer and the tapered locks I decided to hand fabricate (nothing to spec) a beveled washer that might provide for better surface contact and less deformation. Just an idea.
  25. Congratulations on the acceptance of your talk! I read the synopsis. Strong stuff! Please keep us updated!