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  1. I can't imagine not scanning the road's surface ahead when riding. To me it is an involuntary action no different than looking ahead while walking, running, riding a bike, motorcycle or driving a car.To avoid last minute moves and spot possible hazards ahead you should always look down your designated path or road. Even if you are familiar with the area you are riding debris from storms, animals and human litter can easily ruin your day.
  2. Mten3 First Impressions / Review - BUY ONE NOW!!!

    Thank you kindly Marty!
  3. The Photo Thread

    Just another fun day in California! Great photo! I always admire Mr. @Jrkline "Wheel Whisperer"'s assortment of steel brimmed protective hats.

    After researching this historic anatomical museum I would like to pass on your kind invitation. I read that under the cupola of this 4 century old theater executed criminals were once dissected for the public to see. Toughen up Marty! Plenty of room!

    Thanks! No grandkids just strangers passing though.

    Thanks buddy! Fun time! Mavic also worked well. I had a little BT speaker that was playing music while I rode. Kind of got caught up in the moment.

    LOL....I actually had to use it before for my ride at the amphitheater today. I looked weird riding the Mten down the hill with this green machine strapped around my neck!
  8. Stretch your Achilles tendon daily and take an anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen. Hopefully it will help!

    I rode my Mten in front of a very small audience at a local amphitheater today.

    Have you figured out how to avoid dizziness going in circles? I know skaters focus on one object to try and trick the brain. For some reason my brain and the 20,000 accompanying nerve cells refuse this trickery and I have to reverse my spins to stop from throwing up.

    Video is coming if I don’t break my neck first. I found a really awesome amphitheater to practice at. Now I have slippery leaves to contend with. I bought a cordless leaf blower to clear the space. I’m sure the park maintenance crew will be fine with it as there are no more outdoor concerts planned for the year.
  12. EUC Halloween Fun!

    I know...I know...not another Rehab contest! Nope, just pure family entertainment! Halloween is approaching and I always have fun with my kiddo patients on this occasion. I was thinking of all the different ways to dress up an EUC and rider that would transform it into a fun costume. And the best part...NO RULES! Yah!!! Well maybe one...no sleazy X- Rated costumes! I know that is going to be tough for you@HunkaHunkaBurningLove This is my costume that arrives today. I will post a video soon.
  13. EUC Halloween Fun!

    This is becoming entertaining! Keep the costumes coming!

    Great job riding backwards! Much more fun than forward! Glad your ok! We both lucked out today on our practice sessions. I'm sure are thoughts were similar: "Protect the head"!

    Don't make fun of this machine! @EUC Extreme has been spotted testing one out!

    Nice job Marty! In my next video I will be performing over Niagara Falls.
  17. I rode the Pulse Glider

    There is definately a synergistic bond between his body and the wheel. The balance he possesses during his spinning twists are amazing! If the inherent characteristics of his wheel allow for greater balance and agility than the Mten 3 I definately want one!

    Meet my other grand daughters. My son and his wife are in the Airforce based in LittleRock Arkansas. They drove up last week to surprise my wife for her birthday. So wish they lived closer! It has been almost a year since we’ve seen them.
  19. The gimbal clamp will work for both but there are similar clamps. I found a repair service that has high customer rating to fix my Mavic. Most companies charge between $300 - $400 for repair. The Fixation Hub is only $100.
  20. A word of advice: Be careful with Mavic’s gimbal! I had to send mine back for repair last week. An Gimbal Overload message kept appearing and the gimbal would not function. The communications ribbon going to the gimbal is very fragile. Either place the factory plastic gimbal lock back on the Mavic each time you transport it or purchase a combined gimbal cover and lock.
  21. Got A New Pet!!!

    @Hunka Hunka Burning Love Are you missing your rabbit? One showed up on the football field yesterday. Great moves and a record 3 touchdowns!
  22. I Love eBay!

    I can buy this one on Ebay. I will gladly sell it to you at a EUC plus member discount for only $1000! Sorry for you loss! I would contact a coin expert that would be able conduct a professional evaluation of the coin’s actual worth. You could then advertise one of the coins on Ebay to see if there is any interest. If you don’t have a high Ebay rating it might be best to locate a dealer that will sell them on consignment.
  23. EUC Halloween Fun!

    Excellent job!!
  24. NOTICE: Recall for GOTWAY MTen3 (Green Fashion)

    While performing tricks and backward 360s I have had a few mishaps so I fabricated another custom silicone cover just like the KS 14C and 16S. It came out pretty good and I no longer have to worry about scraping it up when it tumbles. I did have to add 3mm foam calf pads to the silicone’s surface to prevent my legs from slipping when pivoting. Also added a few little red strips inside the cover.