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  1. I just watch it and your video was fabulous!
  2. Strong stuff Tilmann. Great music, scenery and editing! I got the impression in another topic that you were not happy with your editing software. I would certainly be please with this production!
  3. Would that imply you are providing the alcohol?
  4. There is a plethora of video editing software out there. I use Movavi Suite 16 only because it is easy for me to edit both drone and EUC footage. There are many forum members with more skill that will have other options.
  5. Fast footage on steroids! Very clear and fun to watch. CIti about Citi Flash?
  6. Would your very fast piggy make it down the stairs safely? Telsa didn't!
  7. I really like your suggestion! Unfortunately I cannot think of a perfectly straight flat surface in my community where a EUC would be welcomed. Researchers are currently studying the effects of vibration on the human body while riding in vehicles. Whole Body Vibration (WBV) testing is being studied to evaluate the health risks of long term vibrations induced on seated persons with vibration levels from 0.5 Hz to 80 Hz. Standing while riding EUCs over long stretches of roads might produce similar vibration levels. Granted most of us are not riding our EUCs for hours on end that would cause any detrimental effect on our health. I just find it interesting that researchers have determined that vibration levels in that particular bandwidth can cause disruptions to the functioning of the spinal column and associated nervous system, as well as potentially disrupting the digestive system. OMG I can already hear the skeptics pounding on my door. Please save the criticism. I'm just participating in some fun weird science stuff .
  8. You are a good sport! Best wishes on your recovery! Are you purchasing another wheel from @Jason McNeil? Members have come together before and offered their assistance to a member in the past. This sounds like another good cause. I will gladly contribute.
  9. @YoshiSkySun Sorry! I had to join the party!
  10. You are exactly right and @King Ma - INMOTION has distorted the facts! If you factor in the current average cost of a V8 at $1099 x 150% the cost jumps to $1648.00. There are are a few listed on Ebay where you can saves hundreds but they are going fast! @King Ma - INMOTION please explain why we are constantly being deceived.
  11. Dang...your friend could have captured some much anticipated video of you riding while also demonstrating your ability to regain balance after air time!
  12. Hey, there is a copyright on that photo! Some other protected photos include:
  13. Forum members dislike rumors but we would appreciate sound facts! It sounds like you are in a position that can dissolve such rumors. The 150% rise in prices appeared to come from a reliable source. If you dispute these significant price increases can you at least calm everyone's fears and provide an estimate of the increase.....if any?
  14. After visually checking the fuses you are still uncertain they are ok just perform a continuity test on each fuse to completely rule them out.