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  1. Just an xray of your wrist would cost 5Xs that amount. Great investment!
  2. Very good question! It will be interesting to hear from those that sustained injuries. Hopefully they have healed and continue to ride. No face plants here but I have fallen just like everyone else. I had pain before I started riding but some of the falls have exasperated old injuries but that's life. The way I see it - if you wake up in the morning and don't have pain your dead.
  3. Good advice! I was looking for water to come pouring out when they disassembled the GW. My KS was dripping wet. I am still planning to clean it and see if it might work but I doubt it. Funny how these guys just scatter all of the screws on the floor.
  4. My wife would definitely agree with you on the crazy aspect and she can be unhappy at times about my hobbies. She has mellowed over the years.
  5. You are on the same page as my wife but not in a good way. One kit was a Rotorway and the other a Safari (formally called the Baby Bell). One crash, actually a contolled auotrotation until I hit corn stalks, was my error for not providing enough air space and heat shielding between the radiator hose and the muffler. The other controlled crash resulted because the factory provided me with a defective RPM gauge. I do have some regrets building the Safari that ended in the death of the pilot and passenger. This was due to pilot error but it still leaves me with a bitter taste when I reflect back.
  6. Great job! I see your rack has slide rail attachments for mounting equipment. My cases have symmetrically spaced holes along the rails. The exact dimensions are based on some world standard for rack cases. I like your case's rail setup. Much easier to align all of the components before the final tightening of the screws.
  7. Sounds like a metallurgy or lubrication issue. Improper hardening of the gears or the oil system had insufficient flow characteristics to keep the system properly lubricated.
  8. Thanks! When the rig is complete the weak link in chain will be the treadmill belt. I have applied silicone lubricant under the belt to reduce friction by these belts were not designed to travel at high speeds. I also have concerns of premature belt wear being that the ACM will be stationary on the treadmill with a pillow block structure. I may have to develop some sort of slide mechanism that will allow the wheel to travel back and forth across the belt to prevent a hot spot from developing on the metal plate beneath the belt's surface. One step at a time.
  9. Yes Marty that would be awesome! Jason is going to be one busy man! I hope the firmware updates work out. He has so many wheels and customers depending on this fix including me. It would be nice if GW posted a new video of a rider that weighs more than 46 kilos throughly testing the firmware update including speed jumps!
  10. Ah man.....can I quit now? They both crashed so don't put a lot of stock in me.
  11. If you find the video please post it! Metal shavings is definately not a good sign!
  12. Great advice especially the officer costume!
  13. Many thanks! I have really gotten behind on my patients today working on this contraption but still lots of fun!
  14. Day one on the fabrication of the EUC test rig. I will be using the Gotway ACM 1600 for the test runs. The fabrication of the rig should only last 1 week (famous last words). There will be a number of structural elements added to the rig as I proceed. Once complete a 2 channel temperature data logger will be installed with probes place directly next to the 3 motor wire bullet connectors and also the mosfets. In addition to the sensors various ropes will be used to simulate speed bumps. Here is the first test without any structural integrity added.