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  1. Good to know as many of the KS idiosyncrasies will be new to me. From what I have heard all KS wheels including the 14c have this lock feature. Doubtful I will need the code unlocker for my wife's new wheel as she will probably cruise along at a conservative speed once she learns how to ride.
  2. Thanks Esaj!😄 Can you believe I just purchased one for my wife! She said after her surgery she wanted to learn to ride an EUC. Well the surgery was over a month ago and she is doing well so I am going to surprise her with a new wheel.
  3. My Luffy is so scared it went into hiding!
  4. Congratulations! Unfortunately with the sundry of wheels and sizes I own my celestrial coordinates are way out of wack!
  5. Now what did you buy?
  6. @Marty Backe must now donate heavily to the GW Gods. When he slacked off on his donations he fell off of his wheel and later got trapped in mountains.
  7. It is not cancer! $150 for a new board from Jason and we should be good to go. Yes everything was actually over insulated. If my hand got burned then I believe the board did as well.... at least I hope that is the issue. I would hate to think the new motor is defective.
  8. Great video! Fun watching kids on EUCs! He was definitely watching the dog as he rode by!
  9. Hoverboards?
  10. @Jason McNeil should spice up his business with a similar approach....and also start selling hoverboards!
  11. Oops wrong video. Here it is
  12. @Jason McNeil is sending me out a new board today! Such awesome service!!! The other board from China is still 2 weeks away! I will probably just sell that on EBay.
  13. If I touch meter's positive probe onto the pos terminal and then ground neg probe to the heat sink the voltage is all over the place ranging from 30v to 20v. FYI , both capacitors read 84v.
  14. Thanks for performing your own little autopsy on your ACM! Greatly appreciated! Continuity test was performed at the plug. Here is the short circuit test. Must admit I was a bit worried!
  15. Yes that was attempted.