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  1. As @Carlos E Rodriguez pointed out using a tether strap is great advice! Just loop it loosely though you belt or slide it partially into your pocket! A great deal of apprehension occurs while learning to ride that results from the fear of dropping your new wheel and scraping it all up! The belt helps to calm these emotions as you will be able to grab it quickly if you loose balance. If you are in the Continental US and can't find a strap shoot me a PM and I will mail you one. An Important Note: When using the tether strap Shut Off the Handle Button on your IM app so you don't inadvertently cause the wheel to stop if the strap becomes taunt!
  2. Let me just say..."I love my V5F+ and the excellent customer service from @Jason McNeil!" @Joe Holliday before long you will also be repeating this mantra!
  3. Thanks! I will give that try. Update: Here is the last known flight path from Saturday. The same area I searched. I will download the file and send it to the MavicPilots for their review! Hopefully they can zero in on the coordinates. It is a swamp back there! Thanks again!
  4. Now that is really strange. As I look closer at your video the 3 motor wires are pushing up on the fragile hall sensor wires so I suppose the compression of the shell would affect your repair. Your friend must have legs of steel! When you do decide to perform a definitive repair I would reroute the hall sensor wires so they are beneath the motor wires. There appears to be upward tense from the motor wires directly on the sensor wires. Just a thought!
  5. Yes it will fly home but for some reason it list all GPS contact! I think the new updated program I download may have played a role. There was a huge pause during the upload so I decide to abort and upload again. I had a discussion with @esaj on the Discord C and he suggested a locator as well. Some of the the Mavic Forum members use GPS locators.
  6. I should get into making full body customized armor since we mold every part of the body now. It would not be a far stretch to fabricate a custom torso, wrist, elbow, shin and even face guards. We had fabricated clear face protectors for athletes that have suffered facial fractures. They just look a bit scary! The DOT approved helmets on the market are already excellent in quality so no sense in going that route. Ok.., who is going to be my first casualty? This girl survived!
  7. I lost contact with my Mavic yesterday and it crashed into a wooded area somewhere. The controls would not respond. I went to the region where the last signal was transmitted and searched but could not find it!
  8. @Noillek I have a feeling you will always be constantly thinking about your repair and if it will hold. That will take away some of your fun riding! As @Carlos E Rodriguez mentioned I do not believe the repair will last. EUC electrical connections should be inherently solid to be safe. I don't think you want to solder the hall sensor wires directly to the board as you may occasionally need to disassemble the MSuper, like for a tire change. Hall sensor wires are only 28 awg so any tugging during a disassembly process will not be advisable. If and when you decide to perform another repair any good quality connector will work fine. What you are looking for is a 'pin and socket connector'. There are tons of these on EBay. For an optimal connection I would solder the sensor wires to the pins after crimping them. Good luck!
  9. Wise decision! Ian has fast service! You'll be riding in no time!
  10. glad your not hurt especially not having a helmet on! Being you survived unscathed to tell your story a video of this idiot crossing into your path would have made the EUC highlight reel! Then we all could have cussed at the bastard!
  11. Very informative Henrik! Thanks! I like profile mode on my Mavic especially recording side and frontal views. Have you tested the max speed having Mavic follow you from a front prospective? Now that the weather is becoming more optimal for flying I need to venture out more and experiment! It is nice that you have a safe testing area to perform your experiments!
  12. Plaster bandages can be purchased in many places. Here is an Amazon source.
  13. I stopped by the other day and the place was dead! Is there anyway to program an icon or symbol next to the forum member's avatar indicating the member is currently logged into the Discord room?
  14. My new Gotway Luffy received a facelift today! Since Luffy will soon be headed to a pediatric rehab center for study I figured she will be tossed around a great deal and suffer from irreparable trauma so my staff and I fabricated a plastic protective outer shell. First Luffy was encased in plaster using bandages that are traditionally used for stabilizing fractures. Once the plaster bandages hardened they formed a replica of Luffy's shell.. The plaster shell was then carefully removed from Luffy. This required using a cast saw and then slowing spreading the plaster bandage to dislodge Luffy. The plaster shell, called a negative mold, was then poured will plaster of Paris and a pipe mandrel was inserted in the center of the mold. The mandrel allows for the mold to be placed into a vise for modifications and also provides a conduit for our vacuum system to extract air (discussed later). Once the pored plaster hardened the negative mold was removed exposing the positive mold. The positive mold has tiny flaws which need to be smoothed and filled. Once this modification is complete a cotton stockenette membrane is placed over the positive mold. This allows for adequate vacuum pressure and even atmospheric compression during the plastic draping process. We used 3/32" copolymer plastic for my protective shell. It has flexible properties but is rigid enough to handle bump and spills. The copolymer sheet was heated in a large infrared oven to 350 degrees. Once the plastic sheet was at the proper temperature it was removed from the oven on a caster type table and then the colorful transfer paper was applied over the plastic.The paper has specialized inks that literally transfer into the hot plastic. In my pediatric practice we have over 50 colorful patterns kids can select from for their orthopedic braces. The table holding plastic sheet was then rolled over to the positive mold and with the assistance of 2 of my staff the plastic was carefully lifted and draped over the mold. A vacuum pump was then turned on and the plastic was completely sealed around the molded so there were no air leaks. The vacuum pump then withdrew any remaining air inside the mold allowing the atmospheric pressure to gently form the plastic around the mold. Once the plastic cooled it was cut from the mold and taken to the shop area where it was further trimmed and ground smooth. Once the shell was complete velcro straps and padding were added. There are much easier methods to protect your wheel from abuse but this was a fun project and should make the kids at the rehab center very happy!
  15. Thanks! I will post a video shortly in the mods section.