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    Working with disabled children. motorcycles, helicopters, drones, riding my V5F+,V8, ACM1600, KS16S and especially the Mten3.

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  1. I have made a few including the KS 14C, KS 16S and Mten 3
  2. EUC Motors Are Not Waterproof!

    Removing the other bearing is a challenge. My ACM was the same way. I’ll get it off. That sounds feasible.
  3. EUC Motors Are Not Waterproof!

    Probably blew through them too.
  4. EUC Motors Are Not Waterproof!

    If your going to make me get out my glasses to read such small print............here you go: I don’t have an precise calculation of depth but the water was just below the roof top of my Dodge Ram which is 76” tall. The wheel was sitting in the back seat ...so maybe 2 feet deep? There are no physical rubber seal just a machined lip.
  5. EUC Motors Are Not Waterproof!

    I agree. It is a bit concerning though. 1mm or .0394
  6. A One in a Thousand Event

    Yes definately the tire, pedals and hangers and both shells. I certainly do now. Sounds like a good plan. Better you test it than me. I will see about having the axle pressed out this weekend.
  7. Today I tore into my wife’s old KS14C to salvage the axle for @Smoother. The wheel ended up at the bottom of a lake on June 12, 2017 and was submerged for approximately 60 minutes. The wheel has been setting around my shop for the past 7 months. Upon removing the motor side covers I was shocked how much water had infiltrated the motor. Yes there is a huge difference between riding through puddles and completely submerging a wheel in water but my concern is any moisture entering the motor will cause a catastrophic failure. I plan to avoid any large puddles in the future.
  8. A One in a Thousand Event

    OMG is the KS14C axle attenuated. @Smoother I tore into the motor and was surprised how thin the axle walls are. The machined conduit through the axle really weakens it. No wonder they fracture so often. I still need to press out the axle. The bearings are shot. Once I remove the motor side covers water came flowing out. Can’t believe it has been over 7 months since the wheel went into the lake and all this moisture remains.
  9. ACM 1600 Anti Slip Pedal Studs

    Interested in my bathroom remodel? I can place a few wheels in there as a EUC project segway. Your feet are always locked in place so no slippage for you. Yes the mysterious rider with no face. I actually like the new Grand Tour lady driver better than Stig. You can atleast see a portion of her face.
  10. ACM 1600 Anti Slip Pedal Studs

    Thank you kindly. Thanks! I can easily make new side pads when necessary. I played around adding an additional magnet to strenghten the closure but there is now to great of width between the pedal and side plate. Just screwed at the moment. I may use a impact driver to flatten the protruding studs on the other side for security. Working on removing my wife’s KS 14C axle to send to Smoother. Lots of ideas. Not sure what BIG is considered in your book.
  11. ACM 1600 Anti Slip Pedal Studs

    Thanks. The strap is not a big issue right now. The spikes are so sharp that they are leaving small indentations in my ankle pads so that might be the next issue that needs to be resolved. Hope to get to the removal of your KS14C axle in the next few days.
  12. ACM 1600 Anti Slip Pedal Studs

    Thanks. The drill was on slow RPM but your right. Sorry for the double post. Not sure why. Hopefully a moderator can remove the duplicate post.
  13. Thanks. I did have to add a velcro strap to hold up the pedals. The self closing method would be great.