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    Working with disabled children. motorcycles, helicopters, drones, riding my V5F+,V8, ACM1600, wife's KS16S and Luffy.

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  1. Do you know something what happen about this

    Hey my KS runs great! I like your idea but manufacturers would have to go to extreme efforts to completely waterproof a wheel. It definately would be cutting edge technology. Think of the awesome tricks @Hirsute and @Jonathan Tolhurst could perform off of a diving board!
  2. Has anybody Heard of this?

    Is your spy satellite down again? Well at least my wife and I can sleep better tonight! Austin Marhold has the best audience here on the forum to educate members about his product and company. If his presentation is sound and the logistics behind his venture are well thought out there just may be investors lurking amongst us.
  3. Ouch. Nice paperweight!

    I have disconnected and reconnected the ACM packs 4 or 5 times since my incident and no problems have occurred. The only sequence I now trust is first reconnecting both packs together and then making the final connection to the mainboard. If you want to reduce the mini spark on the final connection first discharge the MB capacitors by depressing the wheel's on/off switch. The capacitors will drain in a few seconds. Or better yet, install the anti spark XL90s.
  4. The Photo Thread

    Luffy now belongs to my granddaughter and Logan has my NB1.
  5. The Photo Thread

    My grandson giving my granddaughter her first lesson.
  6. Ouch. Nice paperweight!

    Unfortunately batteries make up over 50 % of the wheel cost. I understand your apprehension to reconnect the packs. Since Ian is replacing the XL 60 connectors ask him if he can replace the pack to mainboard XL60 connector with the XL90 anti spark. Also if you are worried about reconnecting the packs just wear some leather gloves. That is what I did after my explosion. It immediately regained my confidence.
  7. Ouch. Nice paperweight!

    That was the cost for Ian to import them.
  8. Ouch. Nice paperweight!

    @TremF I just spoke to Ian. He will be ripping into your 2 packs that have the burn marks today with your permission. I never knew just how expensive battery packs are. $469 usd times 1.40 for shipping =$606 times 1.26 for import tax =$830 X 2 packs = $1660. He said you could go with one new pack and settle 30+ miles distance instead of 50. Another possibility is finding someone to repair the packs like @KingSong69suggested. Ian will not repair the packs. He mentioned about cutting open the 2 packs to see the exact nature of the problem and taking photos. He will be contacting you for your permission.
  9. Ouch. Nice paperweight!

    I have an idea. I'll get a hold of Ian today and see what can be worked out.
  10. Ouch. Nice paperweight!

    Sorry buddy! Your arc that occured must have been much worse than mine! Hang in there! If you lived closer I would gladly loan you a wheel. The way you describe the pain in your arm and wrist worry me!

    Thank you!

    Thanks Radial. This is the time of the year where I am reminded of my son so the sunset is my parting shot. Take care.

    Working on a way to slow my frantic life.
  14. I would need to see a second video of the newly installed tire rotating. It would nice if the new video was shot in a quiet room as well.