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  1. I just read in another post where@Paddylaz recommended having a drink or two before training. Combine that with a squirrelly wheel and we should have a very entertaining video!
  2. Being that my wife will begin her training in a few days and she gets drunk on one beer your advice should be fun to watch!
  3. Awesome. I have my drones with me at the lake and hope to capture some boating shots. The 10 year old kid next door has a Mavic. Not sure why his patents bought him such an expensive drone since he has never flown. I need to stay clear of him!
  4. Closest bat encounter I have ever experienced! The damn thing flew threw an open kitchen door. While everyone was screaming and covering their heads I grabbed a kitchen towel and threw it over it's ugly body! It would not let go of the towel and just hung there!
  5. Relief! I had envisioned an accident on one of your new wheels and you broke something!
  6. I have my wife reading your posts to instill confidence when her KS 14C arrives.
  7. @esaj are you Ok?
  8. I tried to grab my Inmotion to pose for this bat photo but my wife and daughter were screaming to much!
  9. I believe my wife will like the bluetooth speaker feature when her new KS14C arrives. In fact that might be the only thing she appreciates! Learning to ride a wheel will be a huge challenge as perseverance is not her strong suit! If she becomes scared during the teaching process I will simply be the owner of another wheel!
  10. The video is extremely educational and depicts the inner workings of a fining tuned company! I was not aware they produced their own boards! Such a sophisticated lab!
  11. Exciting! In my opinion your seedo/odo/tripmeter project should have it's own topic. It will be of interest to a lot of members!
  12. Interesting as I thought both my new ACM motor and main board came with soldered bullet connectors. I was unaware that GW used a crimp style heavy duty bullet connector. It will be nice to gain a better understanding about these new connectors after I dissect one tomorrow.
  13. Being I don't own lime green shoe laces I would lean towards the graphite gray. I still have my Suszuki DR 200 to tool around with so I probably will pass for now. It was a fun thought!
  14. I just saw one 2 hours ago. My neighbor's kid at the lake just bought one. He purchased the graphite color instead of the green. OMG the thing is awesome! So many places to ride one here. Feeling the urge Hunka! Help!
  15. Excellent! There are so many sounds you can experiment with! You can even play the chirping bird sounds you love so much when riding in the park.