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  1. But... that's a 5-pin connector? Vcc, GND + 3 hall -wires, I guess? There's a gazillion different connectors out there, if you're worried about it coming off, you could try replacing both ends with something that has plastic pins to lock in place: Definately a 5 pin connector! Yes each hall sensor has 3 legs, V+, V- and data (left to right respectfully). The (3) red V+ and (3) black V- legs are soldered together to form 2 leads. The (3) data legs...yellow, green and blue remain separate....totaling 5 leads .
  2. They were gone. if you ever get a drone Canadian women will need to be on High Alert! The inside is beautiful. Suppose I could take the Passport inside and get some footage while knocking over some antiques. . I am afraid they are asking to much. Our homes are built on engineered wood foundations. Never a cold basement and suppose to last longer than concrete or block foundations. The caveat is there needs to be proper drainage. My home was built on a hill so we don't need a sump pump. Their home is on level ground and have 2 sump pumps that run constantly. They had to install a generator in case of power failure as their basement flooded in the past.
  3. I was just researching this subject at Battery University. High-voltage battery packs require careful cell matching especially when drawing heavy loads or when operating at cold temperatures. With multiple cells connected in a series, the possibility of one cell failing is real and this would cause a failure. To prevent this from happening a solid state switch that would bypass the failing cell and allow continued current to flow is an option. Multi-cell battery protection systems are not new. If single cell failure can disrupt the entire battery pack why not incorporate IC technology that would cut the defective cell out of circuit if the cell is being overcharged or over-discharged?
  4. As you stated unlevel surfaces cause the most precession. To hold a tight radius as the wheel spins around your body you may have to create a parabolic surface with a gentle 1 degree inward slope. The wheel would slowly encroach on your position while circling but should maintain a symmetrical pattern. ( I know... sounds expensive!) Experimenting with the placement of various weights on your NB might be an option but as you have stated in the past any slight change in the dynamics of your wheel causes a disruption in your proprioceptive awareness and timing.
  5. Thanks! They never had to worry as I would plow their drive, the one next door and mine. With new neighbors coming I am backing away from doing that volunteer work anymore.
  6. Glad you just walked away with a few scraps! It is interesting the amount of data we acquire as members are putting higher mileage on their wheels! The fact that a single cell can go bad and cause a shut down is disturbing! I was brought up to respect preventative maintenance! So where does the preventative part enter into this equation? ( I am not a battery expert either).
  7. Great idea! Wanna help! Unfortunately the property I am on is not mine. He would not care if he saw me tripping over his dead branches but a group of strangers might be an issue. I looked again.., nothing. I was able to use the new Mavic and get some footage of a neighbor's home they are putting up for sale next week. It was a bit windy today and some of the footage shows it but the shoot was for free and they like it!
  8. Awesome video as always! Fun watching the kids applauding! BTW is there a dark side we should know about?
  9. Careful Marty! You've had enough trauma for one day!
  10. I decided to get creative and compare the last known sighting of Mavic shown on my IPhone with Google Maps on my laptop. Once I was able to sort out and compare the topography I placed the cursor over the area and Google gave me the coordinance. I will give it one more try.
  11. Past pilot. It has been over 8 years since I last flew. Unfortunately a family tragedy lead to the decision.
  12. Dang I read somewhere that TomTom was associated with the company I just researched it and cannot find any association so I stand corrected! I like your tracker and the idea you can replace the battery! I ordered one for the P4. Will be nice to test out each version.
  13. Let's analyze your sore legs! Could it be that you had 2 separate accidents on your wheels a week before the mountain rescue? RX: Relax in an easy chair with your feet up propped this weekend while consuming large quantifies of liquids
  14. Awesome! Your small investment will afford you the luxury of being rescued first if your group encounters another unfortunate search and rescue! You have my permission to @Marty Backe as you fly to safety!
  15. I have my smart cap on tonight! You just want me to buy the Garmin and once it is determined the extra weight crashed my new Mavic I will just hand it off to you!