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  1. What's a Gotay? Really thought you would hit back hard with truck joke.
  2. Not only did we have the pleasure of seeing you for the first time now we get to see your Mom! Awesome! Time to meet the entire family!
  3. Heck I would have settled for a snot booger just to keep the tiny board from moving around! I actually burned off calories watching @esaj trying to corral it! Entertainment at it's best!
  4. Yah...take that Big Bully King Song!! Also your phillips head screws are facing the wrong direction? Na Na Nana Na Na! Wait a can be mounted in the wrong direction? That's why my truck ended up at the bottom of the lake!!
  5. I love the Jaguar E! Unfortunately it never made it out of the garage in the movie Gumball Rally.
  6. Sorry for the long post I just thought it was interesting. I have been guilty as hell many times. It is sometimes tough to stay on topic. We should all be careful quoting full posts with photos but sometimes when the original topic is off subject for a long time it is important to perform a 360 and refresh the topic especially for those members just entering the discussion.
  7. No laughing matter. We have all been there, done that! Great job! Just watch have fast you'll learn over the next few days. Congratulations!
  8. OMG is that bunny cute!! Take some video!!!
  9. You lazy! No way! Have you ever tried removable Glue Dots to hold projects in place?
  10. @Hunka Hunka Burning Love Wow your original topic 'Have You Ever Encountered An EUC Rider in the Wild? may take the prize for the most bifurcations ever! Short review on how we all strayed from your original topic. @Hunka Hunka Burning Love I would have hoped to at least see some others joining this activity after riding around and being seen by many people. Yet nope, here it seems we are a rare, endangered breed. @Pasi : Besides organized, pre-planned group rides, I have seen 4 people from car window. @Antshark : I never really noticed anyone on an EUC... until I bought one. @langhamp I've never seen another rider in the wild but I do ride with another guy and his son. @Marty BackeTwice in the last month. @Acturbo : I have seen a total of 0 in my area. @LanghamP : I see a great number of Segways as they have several daily tours. @Tilmann : On any given sunny day in Berlin, there's a pretty good chance to find a fellow EUC rider on Tempelhofer Feld (former airfield). @kasenutty: I've never ran into, or even seen a wheeler in the wild. @fearedbliss : I've seen some people here in NYC when I was walking around close to my job Bifurcation #1 (My Bad..Sorry) @rehab1: Your mysterious Flame is scaring fellow Canadians away from the sport! I would change your NB1's color to a pretty pastel pink @Hunka Hunka Burning Love: LOL yeah it's weird. Like everyone else I'm getting comments like that's super cool, so sick Bifurcation #2 (yes you did it too Marty) @Marty Backe: Hey Kim, Welcome to the forum. I didn't realize that you were from Orange County. We do some rides down that away too. @Kimosabi Hey Marty, Yes! I'm close by and yes, you remember well. I still have the sloooooow INMOTION Getting back on track @LanghamP: 300-600 dollars is the price of a bicycle that will last a few years at least, and good bicycles start at 1100 easily. @meepmeepmayer: I can assure you, it's simply that nobody knows these things exist. @eddiemoy I think the difficulty learning to ride one of these things is the number one barrier to entry. @Jonathan Tolhurst In 2 years of riding I have only come across two other people when riding Bifurcation #3 @dpong: I received my brand new KingSong KS16S on Monday @Kimosabi I decided to go with the kingsong 14S although I'm strongly debating about going with the 16S. @KingSong69: PLEASE!!! Forget the IM V3Pro!!! Getting back on track again @Michael Vu: I saw a guy riding in Dallas on the sidewalk on a KS-16A over a year ago @Roue Libre Approximately 4 so far, all in Brussels Bifurcation #4 @fearedbliss: I don't like Casey Neistat. @kasenutty: How come? Give us the dirt Diplomacy at it's Best @Hunka Hunka Burning LoveWelcome nerd, er, fair maiden, to the forums! Thank you for totally derailing my thread! Just kiddin'! @LanghamP: That's why I like this forum. It feels like a proper place without females. @Kimosabi: He's pretty daring. @Marty Backe: I did tell @Kimosabithat we ran a very nice, non-threatening, forum here. As nice as I've seen actually. I'm hoping not to have to eat my words @Hunka Hunka Burning Love: I was just joking. Derail away! (You won't be the first one here that has done that @MaxLinux: I didn't notice earlier that @Kimosabiis female! I'm happy about it; we need more female EUC riders! @Kimosabi: Hahahaha. Hunka Hunka Burning Love and two are a hoot. Love it!😉 @meepmeepmayer: Guys please use "woman", not "female" (as a noun). "Female" is nice guy speak and creepy. @Hunka Hunka Burning Love: So "babe, chick, and sweetums" are probably a no-no too hey? Aw man rules rules rules. Back on track again! Briefly! @The Fat Unicyclist: Never in New Zealand, but one in Tel Aviv and one In Vienna. Both times I was on foot, so couldn't intersect with them. Bifurcation #5 @KalSeth: catch me if you can on your slow ass Wheel It is so interesting to see how we all can deviate from the original topic (including me) and then Segway into other discussions along the way.
  11. I hate to say it but my articulated long arm gimbal mount failed. The articulated joints were constantly slipping froml of the bouncing that would cause the gimbal and GoPro to shift out of position. Big bummer but at least I was able to catch the gimbal and camera before they hit the ground. Here you can see the long arm and gimbal sticking out shortly before it began sliding downward. So now I am playing around with a more compact mount on my V5F+ before I decide to drill anymore holes in the ACM. Thankfully I bought a new pair of side panels from Jason. The new mount appears to be working great so hopefully I can take some video tomorrow.
  12. I believe the carbon fiber is 1/4" thick and the half round molding has a 3/8" profile. When contouring around the pedals I did use a heat gun to soften the material. Also use denatured alcohol or other cleaning agent to remove any wax in the vicinity you apply the molding. Currently the locations were I have applied the molding are working perfectly. I have replaced the molding on the side and underneath the pedals a few times from scraping but it is very easy repair.
  13. Just think of wrapping the sides of your wheel with a big sheet of play dough. Once you apply it just gently start smoothing the material around the contours of the shell, including the leg pads, using your hands and fingers while wearing gloves. It's fun. It does take 2 people to handle the silicone sheet as it becomes very flexible when heated up.
  14. If I were riding the KS16S I would just add some molding strips to protect the wear areas. Being my wife is just learning to ride she is going to be tough on the wheel and I did not want her becoming paranoid of dropping it. She hates getting a small scratch on her car so a big ding or scratch on her new KS would really affect her. She also wants a strap that she can loop through the KS handle and her belt to assist in grabbing the wheel before it tumbles. Oh it is not rocket science. I can easily teach someone the technique. When heated in an oven the silicone becomes like taffy and you just drape mold it over the wheel's outer shell while forming the contours with gloved hands. You do need to spray the entire wheel with a silicone release agent. Once you are done with the first side you simply mark and trim the silicone with scissors , flip the wheel over and do the other side. All of the holes for the speakers and lights can easily be cut out using a utility knife. You can then use self stick Velcro that is available almost everywhere that will hold the silicone cover in place.