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  1. Help Tg Wheelbarrow not working

    Thanks @Keith..im very happy with my euc and qas excited to ride it again this summer.. unfortunately it has some issues that i wish i can fix.. Thanks for the link...ill buy a multimeter and test my battery first then i will consider buying if so...the battery i have is a 260wH Samsung LiPo according to the manufacturer..
  2. Help Tg Wheelbarrow not working

    I tried to reconnect the plugs of the battery and the circuit board but still no luck... so now im back to zero... I laso tried to press hard the power button but it still shuts down..I guess i have to measure the voltage of the battery, but i have to look for a multimeter..and worst case i maybe have to replace the battery! any recommendations for good battery replacement? i bought my euc (tgf3) in banggood last year and i am in italy..
  3. Help Tg Wheelbarrow not working

    @Keith I managed to disconnect the plugs of the batter to the circuit board, unfortunately i dont have the multimeter ti measure the voltage of the battery.. Thanks for assuring me that i can do it with my bare hands without hurting myself.. ?... I will reconnect everything later and see it fix the problem.. Thanksnfor mentioning about the faulty on/off button, i haven't thought about that and i will examine it later. Thanks for the replies... This forum is great..Good day..
  4. Help Tg Wheelbarrow not working

    Thank you very much much esaj.. ill try it later... the red plugs are tied with a zip but ill try to cut them, is it safe to do with my bare hands? or do i need to use something?
  5. Help Tg Wheelbarrow not working

    Haha...Ill keep that in mind.. ? I thinkit has something to do. with the wirings of the battery to the circuit board.. When i charge it the LED light on the charge is green, but when i turn my EUC ? Full LED lights on but turns off immediately.. i read on a particular thread that he managed to fix the problem by unplug/replug of the battere wires from the circuit board, but i dont know where to start... im still waiting for some instructions..maybe some pictures will be awesome.. ? ?...
  6. TG-F3 broken?

    Hi.. i think i have the same problem... can i ask how did you disconnected the battery from the board? what wires should i unplug and where exactly in the board.... a picture would be so great.. thanks in advance..
  7. Help Tg Wheelbarrow not working

    Thanks for the suggestions.. Ill post something as soon as i try it... wish me luck... ?
  8. Help Tg Wheelbarrow not working

    I guess the suggestion that charging it once a month while not using it by the manufacturer was not that great.. I continued reading thru the forum and i think i found a cade similar with mine.. it has something to do with a loose connection with the battery..I'll try to disconnect the battery and plug it again..is there a right way to do it?thanks for replying.. ?
  9. Hi, i think i have the same issue with my tg f3, and i also. opened the battery and circuit board which seems to be all fine.. i also saw an unattached ziptie which i have no idea where was it in the first place.. i looked on the battery but it is covered with blue plastic and i was afraid to open..did you fix your problem? If yes How? thank you in advance..
  10. Hi.. i have a tg f3 wheelbarrow for a year now, but duting the winter season i haven't used it but keep in charging it once a month. But now, the charger shows green which mean its fully charged, but when i turn it on the led light only comes on for a moment then it dissappear. First i thought i have a bad charger but aftwr buying a new charger the case is still the same. I opened the battery and the mother board but i think everything is still connected. Does anyone have any idea whats seems to be the problem? Thank you in advance..