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    We were at THE DANISH SOCIETY OF ENGINEERS, IDA during the Copenhagen Culture night 2017. Follow how that went down, and how we showed Electric Unicycles to some guys and girls.
  2. Has anybody Heard of this?

    @jbwheel he keeps stalling me, saying he is busy when I ask I'll keep pushing
  3. KS16 Bricked

    @KingSong69 Will do and thanks
  4. KS16 Bricked

    @KingSong69 we do have the Kingsong "engineer" app, but the problems is we never got the English instruction Ohh, that makes sense why they don't reply
  5. KS16 Bricked

    Next thing, we managed to swap the control board. Like the serial number is missing. Anyone seen that before
  6. KS16 Bricked

    The board fried this morning when turned on:
  7. KS16 Bricked

    This was done with the latest version of the app on Android (Samsung s8+) I have contacted KingSong but no reply yet. I wrote Darren, but du not have the contact info for Diana
  8. KS16 Bricked

    Anyone know what to do about this? It's a firmware update that has gone wrong and now the wheel is bricked
  9. Kiwano KO1 - One Wheel Scooter

    It's definitely a different experience than riding unicycles. You can turn, but the technique is different
  10. Kiwano KO1 - One Wheel Scooter

    @Keith I can't take credit for this I made by my friend and co-rider Kristian Moon. But I have tried it, and agree with his conclusion
  11. Kiwano KO1 - One Wheel Scooter

    @Mono this where the battery is stored
  12. Kiwano KO1 - One Wheel Scooter

    Don't know if this belongs in there, but I have one wheel so guess it does. We have taken a first look at Kiwano KO1 What do you guys think about this machine?
  13. Has anybody Heard of this?

    Perfect, I'll make a list out of suggestions and forward it to him. Let's see how many he decides to answer ;-) Just from previous video collaboration like this, don't expect answer instant as it takes time to do it on video. I'll have him include some test drive footage as well.
  14. Has anybody Heard of this?

    Guys, I have been in touch with Austin Marhold last night. I don't know him personally, but I have seen his name mentioned multiple times over the last few years. I was a bit intrigued by the videos I have seen on the pulseglider. I reached out to him and he has agreed to answer some questions about his project. He will record the answers so I can use them as a collaboration video for my youtube channel. Instead of me thinking up questions alone - I might include some of your input as well. So what do you want to know about the pulseglider? I can come up with these for a start What the story behind the pulse glider? Who is Austin Marhold? What is the secret to getting this kind of range/performance with a 9kg wheel What made you choose a 12" wheel? Would 16/18 inch be better? What is the idea behind the "top" heavy design and how does it help economics ?????
  15. EUC - Basic Introduction (non riders)

    @meepmeepmayer Thanks for the feedback. I always appreciate constructive feedback to improve ;-)