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  1. TOP 5 Extreme Electric Unicycle riding performed by the legendary EUC Extreme. Hope you enjoy it, he is truly is a daredevil with his Custom GotWay. https://youtu.be/yp2-p1gVYXw
  2. KingSong KS-18L is ready for pre-order. Here's what we know and what we think!
  3. Kiwano KO1 - One Wheel Scooter

    The yellow fruit is a Kiwano ;-)
  4. Kiwano KO1 - One Wheel Scooter

    It's impossible to ride off road and I have the footage to show it. Haven't had time to put the footage together a review, but my friend Kristan made this review on our gadget Channel (including one of our friends riding off road) He is way more diplomatic in his conclusion that I would have been, especially because he paid 800USD for it out of his own pocket. (sorry for posting the video twice)
  5. Kiwano KO1 - One Wheel Scooter

    It's a disaster. I have ridden one, and I would not own one even if they paid me money to ride it ;-)
  6. Has anybody Heard of this?

    Nope, not a single word. He had plenty of opportunities to get free exposure on my channel.
  7. I'm no longer an Outlaw from 2018

    Agree, 20kph is to low for unicycles. Hoverboards at 20 kph are dangerous and will cause problems when somebody is reckless.
  8. A short status about the legal situation of riding Electric Unicycles in Denmark 2018. There will be a major change to the legislation that will have a big impact. Watch the video to find out the details.
  9. The New Mavic Drone was released today!

    For all you flyers: I'm doing a Christmas countdown with 24 Christmas Drone Tips. Today's tip is with Ken Heron in own person ;-) DAY 6: KEN HERON https://youtu.be/BWxRXSQU_rA DAY 5: GOLDEN HOUR - https://youtu.be/jwOum8gD8DU DAY 4: REVERSE FOOTAGE - https://youtu.be/aqn7EB14EIs DAY 3: YOUTUBE MUSIC - https://youtu.be/sncXG925e8s DAY 2: LETTERBOX - https://youtu.be/gxa10bN2ujs DAY 1: LUTS IN FOOTAGE - https://youtu.be/sIfVDXXxAL8 I'm uploading a new video every day with my own or tips from guests on the channel so stop by if you want to see what is going on ;-)

    We were at THE DANISH SOCIETY OF ENGINEERS, IDA during the Copenhagen Culture night 2017. Follow how that went down, and how we showed Electric Unicycles to some guys and girls.
  11. Has anybody Heard of this?

    @jbwheel he keeps stalling me, saying he is busy when I ask I'll keep pushing
  12. KS16 Bricked

    @KingSong69 Will do and thanks
  13. KS16 Bricked

    @KingSong69 we do have the Kingsong "engineer" app, but the problems is we never got the English instruction Ohh, that makes sense why they don't reply
  14. KS16 Bricked

    Next thing, we managed to swap the control board. Like the serial number is missing. Anyone seen that before
  15. KS16 Bricked

    The board fried this morning when turned on: