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  1. Has anybody Heard of this?

    Perfect, I'll make a list out of suggestions and forward it to him. Let's see how many he decides to answer ;-) Just from previous video collaboration like this, don't expect answer instant as it takes time to do it on video. I'll have him include some test drive footage as well.
  2. Has anybody Heard of this?

    Guys, I have been in touch with Austin Marhold last night. I don't know him personally, but I have seen his name mentioned multiple times over the last few years. I was a bit intrigued by the videos I have seen on the pulseglider. I reached out to him and he has agreed to answer some questions about his project. He will record the answers so I can use them as a collaboration video for my youtube channel. Instead of me thinking up questions alone - I might include some of your input as well. So what do you want to know about the pulseglider? I can come up with these for a start What the story behind the pulse glider? Who is Austin Marhold? What is the secret to getting this kind of range/performance with a 9kg wheel What made you choose a 12" wheel? Would 16/18 inch be better? What is the idea behind the "top" heavy design and how does it help economics ?????
  3. EUC - Basic Introduction (non riders)

    @meepmeepmayer Thanks for the feedback. I always appreciate constructive feedback to improve ;-)
  4. EUC - Basic Introduction (non riders)

    Note if you have heard some of the answers before, it likely because you have seen the light version with 5 questions I made in collaboration with a youtube friend of mine.
  5. We have made this video to answer the most common questions about EUC we get when riding in public with e.g. EUC Denmark. The content is also based on input provided by some of you guys in this great forum. I have included a relevant shoutout to http://forum.electricunicycle.org/ under the point where can I learn more, and included a link in the description. If you like the video I would really appreciate your help sharing it ;-)
  6. Top 5 Questions asked about Electric Unicycles

    @meepmeepmayer Thank you, the channel just passed 4K subs, so we are doing fine ;-) you are right, this is just to show very high level what it is. It was inspired by the questions we get all the time. I have a 10 questions version I will post later on my channel, but this one should have a chance on his channel first.
  7. Top 5 Questions asked about Electric Unicycles

    @kasenutty that's Sean Ozz signature thumbnail style, so a bit out of my hands ;-)
  8. I made this Electric Unicycle Q&A with my Youtube buddy Sean Ozz to promote our favorite hobby to a different audience. I hope you like it, and it does not cover all the heavy stuff but an easily digestible intro for people that do not know EUC
  9. Electric EUC Pump - Must have item?

    Good point, but have not. I will consider that.
  10. Electric EUC Pump - Must have item?

    We normally carry one in the group + a bottle of slime. That will take care of most flats
  11. Portable air pressure? yes, sir ;-) Perfect when riding Electric Unicycle Watch Mr. Unbox takes a closer look at this rechargeable electric bike pump from Aliexpress. Will he blow? Watch the full unboxing on YouTube to find out (feel free to comment if you like it).
  12. Power LED's for Night Riders

    What lights are you using in the dark?
  13. Power LED's for Night Riders

    These wearable LED strips might come in handy when riding in the dark. We had a chance to unbox and provide first impressions of Zyntnoy Ra Wearable Led's Let us know what you think?
  14. Top 5 Wheels to come

    We heard about the Gotway Tesla, a New MTEN and the new Chinese exclusive Ninebot One Z I guess KingSong has a new 18" in the works, with a similar design to KS14S? What other wheels can we expect to see in the near Rumor mode enabled ;-) NB! I'm asking as part of research for a new video
  15. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    I made this summary of what I could pick up on Model Z but seems most of it has been covered in this thread.