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  1. I love the reaction when they see it for the first time and think "how hard can it be?" and the moment they step up realize this was maybe not the greatest decision after all ;-)
  2. Lot's of good input ;-)
  3. Thanks guys ;-)
  4. Hi Guys I'm thinking about doing a video for my YouTube channel (Drones & Electric Unicycles) to cover the most basic/general questions about Electric Unicycles. Let me start out with my Top 5: Is it difficult to lean? How much is it? What is the range? How fast does it go? Is it legal? To make it relevant I want to check in with you guys and hear what questions you get?
  5. Today's we're blog is from a Fathers Day 2017 event. We are celebrating fathers day in Denmark (5th June) in Technical Museum Elsinore. We have our own spot at Technical Museum where we are going to display Electric Unicycles at this Fathers Day 2017 event that is visited with over 5,000 people coming to see all sorts of technical gadgets. This place is a must if you visit Denmark, Elsinore and you technical interested. An ideal place to spend the day together on Fathers Day. More info about Technical Museum aka Danish Museum of Science & Technology: http://tekniskmuseum.dk/english/
  6. Ending today
  7. Hi Guys EUC Denmark are talking about taking the train to Paris in the weekend of 17-18th of June How do we get in touch with local EUC community for a meetup, or do you know when the next big outing has been planned? Thank you /HeO
  8. @Rehab1 maybe you will find this tutorial useful
  9. KS16 wheeling around Helsingor doing sample footage with my Samsung S8+.
  10. Mavic Pro 5in1 Multi Charger Review, Charge test & Giveaway. This review is also our celebration that we have passed 1000 subscribers on YouTube. Thank you so much for your support and we want to celebrate this with a giveaway of a brand new Mavic Pro 5in1 multi charger GIVEAWAY PARTIPATION LINK: https://gleam.io/M97rF/5in1-battery-charger-usb-give-away
  11. great job @Rehab1 hope the new behaves better than the video You might want to watch this video on the color profiles currently available and see how the render in the final video
  12. Been out recording with my drone. Unicycle footage from 1:35 and shot with no hands on the drone only by the "follow me" function.
  13. On of these small tracking devices might be a good idea. I have thought about this myself, as would likely have the rough GPS ccordinates to guide you to the location. But that does not help if the area is not accessible. @Rehab1 do you buy a completely new one or only the drone?
  14. @rehab Have you tried "find my drone" on the DJI GO app? should give you some GPS coordinates
  15. @Rehab1 ohh, no.. sorry to hear that. Have you looked at the flight log? - You might want to go to mavicpilots.com and ask for help, they have some amazing stories about recoveries of Mavic's that seemed lost.