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  1. On of these small tracking devices might be a good idea. I have thought about this myself, as would likely have the rough GPS ccordinates to guide you to the location. But that does not help if the area is not accessible. @Rehab1 do you buy a completely new one or only the drone?
  2. @rehab Have you tried "find my drone" on the DJI GO app? should give you some GPS coordinates
  3. @Rehab1 ohh, no.. sorry to hear that. Have you looked at the flight log? - You might want to go to mavicpilots.com and ask for help, they have some amazing stories about recoveries of Mavic's that seemed lost.
  4. Riding the streets of Copenhagen on Electric Unicycles with EUC Denmark. EUC Denmark is a local community of riders meeting to share the mutual passion for Electric Unicycles. This was the first official trip during Easter where the weather was decent. You can see in the video many nice places in our Capital.
  5. I have have been requested to do a video about the maximum speed of Active Track as feedback from the tutorial. DJI claim the max speed is 15 m/s - 55kph - 34mph, let’s find out ;-)
  6. Great feedback No I'm not afraid to stand in front of the camera, look old and all the stuff. I will make it public soon. I agree with longer shots in some scenes and do a short intro of the wheels to non wheelers. It all helps to create awareness about about our passion.
  7. Hi Guys This is the pilot episode of what could be the first EUC vlog. We have not made it public on my channel as I wanted to show to you first. We often hang out in different locations and interact with the community. We have a ton of fun and there are plenty of stories to be told. We will appreciate feedback and comments on the format, sound, video pace, storytelling etc
  8. yes, but reports earlier in mavic pilots forum says it's not true. Maybe they can deliver now, but I will not hurt checking over there before you order. You can make Mavic follow the remote instead of using the vision-based tracking. That flight mode is called Follow me /HEO
  9. I would check the status with the guys here: mavicpilots.com They said 7days for a long time, and that has not been true.
  10. true, but then it just stops and stays. It can't follow what it can't see. To be safe you can use Follow Me mode where it tracks the remote.
  11. @kasenutty thanks
  12. @Rehab1 thanks, happy to help I made one more, this time with active track
  13. Promoting Electric Unicycles in my latest tutorial for one of the coolest flight modes that come with my DJI Mavic Pro. Active Track follows you based on visual information.
  14. Do you need an ND filter? How do you select the right filter for a given scene. I made this beginners tutorial covering the basics around ND filters for your Mavic Pro and to help you select the right ND filter for a specific scene/light.
  15. It's still up for sales Send me PM with your offer if interested