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  1. Have you tried these guys?, Prague(?) :
  2. It would be good if you could pretend not to know about EUC's, convince them to let you have a go.... Watch their face as you 'get it' in seconds.
  3. I ride all the time, I even (voluntarily) stopped to have a chat with a police officer yesterday. So long as you ride with caution and sensibly - nobody seems to mind.
  4. Nice to have you on board :-)
  5. I had a boom too, when my MSuper was 2 weeks old, I tried to dismantle it and fix a puncture. I connected m/board, then the 2nd battery. Afterwards, reading on here I realise it's best to connect batteries first - then join the motherboard.
  6. An update from Speedyfeet via their Facebook pages. SpeedyFeet UK 1703 1704 1705 is just batch code for the Motor itself (literally the motor from the motor factory) It doesn't relate to the Gotway build. (From Gotway "1703 1704 1705 is just batch code from motor factory. But all of them are the same."). So those broad set of numbers wont help / dont mean anything. Its the numbers AFTER those numbers that are the batch identifiers for Gotway (when it was made, who purchased etc etc).
  7. Yes, put the wheel on it's side - spin the rim.
  8. Another point to the OP. Watch out starting your journey at the start of a big hill.... If you start with 100% battery, then ride down hill the regenerative breaking can cause the wheel to shut off. The way around it is to use a charge doctor, and only charge to 80/90%
  9. Me too... Here is my fleet...
  10. No, it's just a mock up I made on Photoshop.
  11. Ahh, yes, that was one of my designs.
  12. It's a fairground ride - like the one above.
  13. I passed the local carnival the other day - all of the staff were having a good look. One lad shouts out 'oi mate, can I 'av a go' .. I turned back, was describing how to get on - he said 'don't worry mate, I work the waltzer'.... 5 secs later he was off the wheel - refusing to have another try :-D
  14. Hahaha... I think it's to do with the temperatures here...... brrrr
  15. I get about 30-35, but thats averaging 15mph and weighing 14 stone (196 pounds)
  16. My total is 85 miles in one day, but I'd have happily given up at 60. I only carried on as 'I'd come this far' .... haha.
  17. Thats some good going :-)
  18. I like it, the dogs (and dog walkers) can hear you coming up behind them. Once you're riding - you can't notice it.
  19. I found these 2 helped. Loosening shoe laces Moving feet further forward on the peddles. Good luck.
  20. He could have disconnected one of the wires from the impact. Use this video to take it apart and have a look.
  21. Err... Am I allowed to be all... Except I don't have the patience to learn tricks
  22. Just had a play with the Gotway App, the locator was pointed directly at my house. For security reasons I've now turned it off - and recommend you consider doing the same. Just open the app, click 'riders nearby' then 'nearby' then, 'clear location info and exit'. - Ensure it diverts you back out to the main screen - then your home location will be gone.
  23. That was what surprised me, I haven't used the app for weeks / months - but my location was still active in it. Hence why I am urging everyone to check their security settings.
  24. I can ride one MSuper whilst trolleying the other - My wife on the other hand, can't use the trolley. I think she needs more practice.
  25. Sorry but I completely disagree. So much so, I've given out my 1st ever 'neg'