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  1. Hahaha... I think it's to do with the temperatures here...... brrrr
  2. I get about 30-35, but thats averaging 15mph and weighing 14 stone (196 pounds)
  3. My total is 85 miles in one day, but I'd have happily given up at 60. I only carried on as 'I'd come this far' .... haha.
  4. Thats some good going :-)
  5. I like it, the dogs (and dog walkers) can hear you coming up behind them. Once you're riding - you can't notice it.
  6. I found these 2 helped. Loosening shoe laces Moving feet further forward on the peddles. Good luck.
  7. He could have disconnected one of the wires from the impact. Use this video to take it apart and have a look.
  8. Err... Am I allowed to be all... Except I don't have the patience to learn tricks
  9. Just had a play with the Gotway App, the locator was pointed directly at my house. For security reasons I've now turned it off - and recommend you consider doing the same. Just open the app, click 'riders nearby' then 'nearby' then, 'clear location info and exit'. - Ensure it diverts you back out to the main screen - then your home location will be gone.
  10. That was what surprised me, I haven't used the app for weeks / months - but my location was still active in it. Hence why I am urging everyone to check their security settings.
  11. I can ride one MSuper whilst trolleying the other - My wife on the other hand, can't use the trolley. I think she needs more practice.
  12. Sorry but I completely disagree. So much so, I've given out my 1st ever 'neg'
  13. Blimey, you've done your research. With the tether, don't use it tight, it's only to catch the wheel if you fall off - not as a balancing aid. You don't tend to 'fall off' and go splat (especially at learner speeds), you're more likely to step/jump off and the wheel bounces out of control Have fun with your new wheel!
  14. Not as interesting as your stories, We went to a family BBQ, I took the whole fleet of wheels - Of course, being a 'pro' I took the role of 'chief instructor' All of the 3 wheels and mini pro were wizzing round on my Dads lawn, I decided to try the 'challenging' farm land at the end of the lawn, I came down a steep short hill, but didn't see the rivets in the ground (deep tractor tyres) they were made in soft mud, which were now rock hard. I bounced off, the wheel span out of control and bounced very high. Thankfully nobody was filming at that time. Something like this video, but 10 times worse
  15. I don't know, My MSupers have taken quite a battering. One of them bounced 3feet in the air this weekend
  16. Silly question, from the image the plastics don't look cracked. Try taking the side panels off, you may find it'll go back together. If you need a video of how to take it apart, try this one....
  17. That is right - but one is a mini pro - so I guess that explains it.
  18. I'm the other way Marty, I have 2 Gotways and 2 Ninebots - all with different chargers. Plus I have one 4 pin Gotway fast charger.... Making 5 chargers in total. Thats one big mess of chargers.... I guess I can fix it by getting an ACM and a Monster, then off loading the Ninebots and the MSuper 820. Sounds expensive.... Think I'll just stick with the multi-charger option.
  19. According to speedyfeet - Gotway have 2 charger types - 3 pin and 4 pin. The fast chargers are OK to use between different wheels with the same pin configuration.
  20. I only notice the noise when the wheel is stopped - once it's moving the wind noise blocks it. It's helpful for others / dogs to hear you coming.
  21. I haven't ridden the ACM, i think its more for 'woods / trails' I mainly ride on roads / cycle paths - so the MSuper works better for me. ... Although, I've taken it off road too. Are you in the speedy feet rewards program? You get money off purchases just for signing up and liking their facebook page. I can refer you if you like (even more points / beans) for money off. Just PM me your e-mail address.
  22. To be fair, I've used Speedyfeet for most of my wheels - can't fault the service. Here is the UK's EUC Re-Seller list United Kingdom Airwheel UK, London: Airwheel Personal Electric Transport, London: Acton, Ninebot, Inmotion, E-Twow, Egret, Citybug, PET, Gotway, IPS Project42, London: Ninebot, Firstwheel, InMotion, Uniwheel, King Song Speedy Feet, Gloucestershire: Ninebot, Gotway Tokatron, London: Rebrands (looks like Gotway, Huanxi, Macwheel (which is a low-powered Firewheel-copy)) WheelGo, London: IPS, Inmotion Yorkshire Airwheels, Harrogate: Airwheel, Gotway Info from here
  23. X-Ray of the Gotway Monster from Speedyfeet - Ian is on his 1000 mile charity ride, they had this done as they went through the port, leaving Northern Ireland.
  24. It's easier to learn on some flat grass, that way you don't have to worry about dropping the wheel,