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  1. EUC Liability insurance

    I'd be happy to buy a policy. There was talk on here about 18 months ago - someone was able to buy a policy. I called the insurer (can't remember who) who checked with their underwriters - and refused cover. That was despite me telling them they had already sold a policy to someone.
  2. Mten3 London

    Yeah, I try and keep to the outskirts... Portishead has a nice marina / lake grounds / cycle paths.
  3. Mten3 London

    I've got one in Bristol - but then, if you're coming this far - I guess you may as well head to Speedyfeet.
  4. how to not break a new 1400$ wheel

    I've used a strap (whilst learning) but tied it loosely to my belt.
  5. MTen on order!

    There we have it, I've given in to temptation and ordered an Mten3! Hope it's as much fun as you guys have made out!
  6. MTen on order!

    Sounds like it would be only fair.
  7. MTen on order!

    Yes, I work in a car garage so I dropped it in the body shop. It does look smart
  8. MTen on order!

  9. MTen on order!

    It's here..... Quick ride around the car showroom (work), seems a violent little Fuc**r.... Very dinky and small.
  10. How bad were you hurt?

    You think I should go out naked? I don't think my neighbors will be too impressed.
  11. Violent shaking

    Turn the wheel on, open the app, connect and see if the padlock (middle of screen) is closed.
  12. MTen on order!

    At least the wheel isn't too heavy if I have to carry it home.
  13. MTen on order!

    err... I wasn't planning on doing anything........
  14. MTen on order!

    Oh, there was one more reason.... My wife was out at the works Xmas party - I knew if I told her I'd bought another wheel when she was drunk I wouldn't get in trouble. When i saw the sale, and looked at my credit card - it was like all of the stars lined up!
  15. MTen on order!

    Basically all of your facebook videos Marty! haha. (On SFWO facebook) Well, I''ve been keeping an eye on my 'toy fund', My plan was to sell the MSuper, and put the money towards a Monster. I moved house, I'm about 8 miles from anything - so figured the extra battery would be helpful (thats what I've been telling myself - but I think i just wanted the biggest / best EUC money can buy). The MSuper / Monster are heavy beasts to be lugging in the car. I don't know if the £1400+ to upgrade from MSuper to Monster is money well spent. Having come to terms that the MSuper is fine for longer rides, I figured since I let my brothers steal the Ninebot - What i really need is a nippy little wheel for carting about and 'having fun'. I was waiting for Ian to get the MTen's in, which I noticed yesterday he has some coming! I looked at Yorkshire Airwheels, they have some in already - and in the sale, only £609 ($800, or $665+tax) ... At that price I snapped one up - I didn't want to risk the sale finishing.
  16. Violent shaking

    Silly question - it's not 'locked' in the app is it?
  17. MTen on order!

    Ouch, thats harsh! I had the same problem last year, I pre-ordered the MSuper, then it arrived the day after I went away for 2 weeks :-(
  18. Yes, I still have mine. You'll have to be quick though, as we're heading off to Florida for 2 weeks tomorrow - flying from Gatwick
  19. Verified Gotway resellers

    Have you tried these guys? Gotway.cz, Prague(?) : http://gotway.cz/
  20. It would be good if you could pretend not to know about EUC's, convince them to let you have a go.... Watch their face as you 'get it' in seconds.
  21. I ride all the time, I even (voluntarily) stopped to have a chat with a police officer yesterday. So long as you ride with caution and sensibly - nobody seems to mind.
  22. Hello & Thank You!

    Nice to have you on board :-)
  23. Ouch. Nice paperweight!

    I had a boom too, when my MSuper was 2 weeks old, I tried to dismantle it and fix a puncture. I connected m/board, then the 2nd battery. Afterwards, reading on here I realise it's best to connect batteries first - then join the motherboard.
  24. An update from Speedyfeet via their Facebook pages. SpeedyFeet UK 1703 1704 1705 is just batch code for the Motor itself (literally the motor from the motor factory) It doesn't relate to the Gotway build. (From Gotway "1703 1704 1705 is just batch code from motor factory. But all of them are the same."). So those broad set of numbers wont help / dont mean anything. Its the numbers AFTER those numbers that are the batch identifiers for Gotway (when it was made, who purchased etc etc).
  25. Yes, put the wheel on it's side - spin the rim. https://www.speedyfeet.co.uk/blogs/help-and-advice/where-is-the-motor-code-on-my-gotway