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  1. Thats funny, last weekend my Wife learned the EUC - she's been on a mini pro for the last 12 months.
  2. hahaa... we live such a sheltered life in England.... No bugs... No guns... No wilderness...
  3. I did 85 miles one day last week / 135km's I was never too far away from home.... I didn't take any spares / supplies, just a few coins in case I needed to catch a bus back .... That doesn't work if you're miles from the road - but it works for me.
  4. How do you work that out? I can ride quite safely at 15-20mph, - That doesn't mean I ride at that speed all the time I don't see how the euc is 10 times more dangerous than a motorcycle. By your standards, I should ride a motorcycle / car / bicycle at 10mph, to avoid injury.
  5. Yeah, I think thats what happened. All sorted that same day though.
  6. Thanks for the tip off, I tried to join on the weekend - but still 'pending' :-(
  7. Southwest, Near Bristol / Weston Super Mare
  8. Might be worth asking an admin to move this post to the 'meets' forum. I'm keen for more UK meets, but will have to wait until closer the time to decide.
  9. Nice spot, they've pinched my colour scheme!
  10. Mine lasts until I get a bonus from work, then I seem to get a new one
  11. Have you seen how much they cost though? It would never be worth it. Good idea though.
  12. Yes, Ios, Last time i'm sure I just used the old app in the end.
  13. I cheated. I work for a car dealer, I just dropped it off in the body shop and the lads bought it back done :-) the colours look great in the flesh, it's got a metallic fleck to it.
  14. Hahah.... its not true.... I changed the mode, but logged back and it seems to have defaulted back. Ive only had the wheel a few days. I promise it won't happen again.
  15. The fast charger does what it says on the tin. 50%-100% in 2 hours. #