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  1. Last time I checked ... yes ... ?
  2. Still looking to sell the EUC. And, yes, I have turned down a couple of offers that would have required shipping outside of Sweden and various payment schemes that I deemed insecure (for me). Sorry about that.
  3. Noted :-)
  4. Offer noted nevertheless :-)
  5. Images added
  6. Not anyway near Halmstad I'm afraid. About the price I'm not sure. What does the community think about this?
  7. Good to know. I keep the EUC in the garage at this point. Was a bit worried about possible moisture during the winter but that would probably have been an ideal storage at +10C.
  8. Batteries were left at maybe 75% over winter. Definitely not fully charged at any rate. Kept in the basement so perhaps 17C and dry conditions. I guess I could get some data from the app to confirm battery condition?
  9. So I have a KS16 that has seen very little use. Never got around to learn how to ride, never got the hang of it really, and now it's been collecting dust since last year. It's the white 680 Wh version. Will post some pictures and more info if there is any interest. Still have the original packaging.
  10. Yeah ... I do recall reading somewhere on this forum that it is indeed an engine sound, like when it is idling, trying to get torque. Sounds like a geiger counter. I have this on mine as well. " Update: Jason McNeil was correct on this one: The fan turns on at 50°C! The "broken ball bearings" sound is coming from the engine and are torque “bursts” causing minute flexings within the wheel resulting as audible “ticking” noise!!! "
  11. Any idea why the new (beta?) android app isn't finding the wheel? Or indeed any bt devices? The old app works just fine, as does bt audio. Edit: My mistake. Had to manually edit the app permissions for storage and whatnot for it to work! it never asked for permissions. That's why it's called beta I suppose!
  12. How good is the water protection on the KS 16 really? Compared to other EUCs and more generally speaking? Would never deliberately consider taking it out in the rain, but not being able to use it when it is wet outside would be a deal-breaker. Is it sufficiently protected from below the wheel? Would a custom top rain cover be enough? Any ideas on how to rainproof the unit without voiding your warranty? Also, what would be the most reasonable place (for me) to get the KS-16 (living in Sweden)?
  13. Right, so perhaps I'm overthinking battery life. From what I've gathered so far in this forum, there seems to be more people having issues with the control board and cooling and whatnot than the actual batteries anyway. Now, to decide on an actual model ...
  14. So, I'm looking for my first EUC and I got hung up on warranty, particularly for the battery pack. I'd be very interested to learn what the veterans here have to say about this. Is it worth making a fuss over? What sort of life span can you expect? Would an extra year of warranty have saved your bacon? Overall it seems hard to find the perfect unicycle. I was particularly put off by the tinnitus inducing whine that nearly all EUCs seem to have. Also, water protection is a big deal for me. Other than that I'm looking at the KingSong 16A or something similar. Would prefer a model that has lights etc built in so I don't have to tack on any extra equipment.