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  1. What you could try is lift your V8 and long press the On/Off button. This should enable the lights if they're in working condition. Could you double check if you bought it from a verified EU-based dealer? Because if that dealer just bought the item off Aliexpress, there is a chance the app is being locked by the manufacturing block. There is a good video from Singaporean team of Wheelies: Hope it helps!
  2. most likely the plastic parts of the handle structure being too close to the wheel hub. That was common with Ninebot One due to its' slick design. This issue hasn't risen during my 1.5k km riding experience on that wheel. Still sounding healthy even for single foot riding since it naturally tilts the wheel hub towards the left side.
  3. Timeline: Airwheel X3 - Airwheel X8 - Ninebot One E+ - Inmotion V5F - Kingsong KS16 - Inmotion V8 At point of scoring 1k kilometers on my OneE+ it started feeling clunky for rotation, and the battery output dips were quite unpleasant. Tried switching to 14" V5F, didn't work for me in the long term. Loved the wheel and the tech behind it, but at my 80kg it felt just too small for long distance commuting. Was also running out of power quite often. At that stage I was thinking KS14c but after trying one it just felt there's too much power for a size like that. Maybe it's just psychological, but I feel much safer riding 16" wheels. Just a perfect balance of power and stability.
  4. Please, refer to my previous comment in this thread. What is discussed here is rather rogue dealer harrassment. It's not the circle of love that you buy into, it's a linear supply chain. If something is wrong/not as described with the product, you refer back to the dealer, the dealer refers back to the distributor, and the distributor liaises the issue with the manufacturer. It's your choice whether to use the services of the irresponsible dealer who wouldn't inform you about the block in their own interest. You may be interested to know that all wheel suppliers who add IoT integration via the app (including KS) can potentially log, trace and analyse your routes and locations. However, I don't think that is really required for this case, as the software can simply establish the network your phone operates on.
  5. Hey guys, Just a regular sale from Project42 based in the UK - 10% off the Inmotion range including V8 (!!!), V5, V5F, L6. Just use the code MAY42 at the checkout on our main store page: https://proj42.co.uk/electric-vehicles With each purchase you get the 1 year warranty coverage serviced in London, regular customer support, free servicing on cosmetic replacements and tyres/inner tubes (parts cost not included). Plus, all the clients that regularly shop with us automatically get 10% off any further purchases, whether it's an accessory or another wheel. We can ship to any country within EEA. The most recent V8 batch has been off the ship this morning, so we will be ready to dispatch in a couple of days Drop a post down below if you have any questions!
  6. There's something about the way kids handle the eucs so fast... Maybe the center of weight?
  7. Have you been able to talki to the customer support for Inmotion? They could potentially suggest the best place/person to purchase from, and help avoid the pitfalls with functionality.
  8. For me it's still as simple as this, either: 1. You pay extra for someone else to care/do the extra service for you. This includes warranty provision, troubleshooting, servicing and maintenance, and general aftersales. 2. Or, you don't pay extra and deal with the rest yourself. Meaning you'll do the repairs or pay higher cost for them outside of warranty, do troubleshooting and software hassle on your side too. As many in this thread said, it's not a life ending experience, and you could bypass this block, but with extra hassle that comes as a payoff. The only thing you confuse is that you wanna go for the second option, but also be able to use the first option's perks by getting the manufacturer to resolve it.
  9. You could take the empty one without a battery with you. If you're not familiar with the way Inmotion V8 is built, it will take you at max 10 minutes to remove the battery. I do that in under a minute. But, as @Carlos E Rodriguez said, you may have more luck shipping out the whole unit rather than a single battery. Generally, all of the shippers are not super happy about transporting oversized lithium batteries, and sending one separately is just asking for it.
  10. Just going to write the differences I can recall on the spot without the structure if that's okay: As far as I recall, C has 260wh battery, E+ Gen2 - 340Wh. Obviously, the range varies from rider to rider. The charging time is practically 1.5x longer as a result Weight - C approximately 13kg, E+ Gen2 approx 14kg Max possible speed should be almost same, maybe slightly higher for E+ due to better battery capacity. What is significantly different is sustained speed at low charge and battery decay. You might've felt that the speed of C falls gradually once the charge is below 50%. It's way less noticeable riding an E+ version. Cosmetic - Gen2 has stitched soft pads with better material quality than previous generations.
  11. If you're still undecided, just stop by our place nearby Waterloo anytime during the weekdays. You can either message me here in the forum to arrange something, or hit us up at support@project42.com We offer tryouts for V8, and also run trade-in scheme where you could potentially sell back the wheel which is in fairly good condition. Remarkable effort
  12. Let's be clear, okay You have spent $900 buying from a retailer from Aliexpress who either had no clue about the block that Inmotion has introduced, or hid it from you (which, according to international trade agreements, is clearly disinformation of a customer). Now, was that retailer trustworthy? We could give them the benefit of the doubt, but in that case they should also be able to deal with consequences. Which, in this case, means returning the good cause it does not function as intended. Was that done? You saved an X amount of dollars/euros by opting out of local customer support and servicing by Swedish distributor/dealer. Instead, you opted in to trust the retailer based outside EEA with less accountability, next to none opportunity to service your product if anything, and likely next to none customer support. Was that decision yours to make in favour of the X amount you saved? Now, let's look at the situation from the perspective of the distributor. They purchase, popularise and spread this technology across many countries, taking financial and legal risks (in case of some fanatic breaking his neck at 30kph). If they see the trend of Aliexpress flood repeating itself like it was with Ninebot, next year it's going to be Inmotion whose distribution network will crumble. What do you think is the most effective model to spread the product around the world? If that was Aliexpress, we would be diving in tons of low quality products with zero servicing and a week-long lifecycle. So is this decision by Inmotion motivated by money or simple integrity of business operations? Finally, ask yourself a simple question. Whose fault is it that your wheel does not have the full array of functions (while still being rideable)? Is that manufacturer's fault who want to protect their business partners interest? Is that Ali retailer's fault who failed to inform you about consequences? Or is that your fault because of trying to find an 'easier' and 'cheaper' option for yourself while disregarding the risks? It's outrageous that in this context you aim at Inmotion and say their customer support is not good enough.
  13. That's been your main narrative about the event since your very first post about it. You should then realise that the try-out area cannot take the size of the whole venue. Classy behaviour. For some reason, my opinion of you didn't change a single bit after these remarks If you were so eager to try the wheel out, the night you attended was not closely the only opportunity to give the device a fair judgement. Which of course doesn't seem to be something you're giving on a regular basis. I'd like to see you invest mils into R&D over the years and launch a product in a parking lot. Inmotion had an established distributor network and 4 generations of products before they have launched V5; this means they can do a product release via WeChat only and be absolutely sorted. If I had to explain it to a person with an IQ of a ham sandwich, imagine going on a first date with a girl (b2b, b2c customers, journos etc). If you brought her to a chicken shop, how likely is it that there will be a second date? If you consider your spectacle of ignorance to be an achievement, I have bad news for you. At the moment I am not affiliated with the team that develops it in any way, although I helped them with the actual event that you loved so much. I am lucky enough to know the members of the team personally and occasionally stop by for a look-around, but feel I have no right to disclose anything related to the situation.
  14. Dude, the fact that you didn't feel like you belong there is still not good enough of a reason to slam the efforts of the team. What keeps surprising me is how you profoundly stick this opinion to every unrelated conversation about Uniwheel. Especially here: "Oh, I don't know why there are delays in production and official launch, but it is possibly because I think their launch event sucked"! On the topic: you can spend 5 minutes in Google or on the phone to discover how much it costs to hire a venue in EC1-EC2 per square meter. Of course they didn't want to hold a grand opening in a parking lot having invited BBC reps to the event. Also, you may remember that the folks used the long walkway outside of the place to practice it. Example: the Engadget reporter learning inside, riding corner to corner, then outside: I'm also sure you have followed the communications and heard that you were fully welcome to come over and meet the team in person at a later date, either in London, or any of other "super fancy and glamorous" events like GSL or London Motor Show? I know that several people from the forum have met the guys at Gadget Show, some went and met the team in London offices. Off the topic, since you've shown to be rather hateful towards marketers and PR in itself, I'm keen to learn something. How would you present the product alike to the UK/London crowds? Would that be a tennis court sesh with some tents and refreshment tables in Beckton? Maybe instead that would be an underground parking lot somewhere in Harrow with only EUC riders invited? Would be really exciting for me to learn how you would envision such thing.
  15. Looks more like the chassis are not properly connected to the body. Had that issue with Kingsong wheel because one of the screws has snapped.