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  1. Great work Rich, I think that's going to sell well for the beginners. Just need to pump it in the ratings and reviews, which I'm planning to do tomorrow!
  2. Would support Keith on this. Inmotion has the overcharge protection in place, at least by default means. I've had a chance to thoroughly examine their LVD and CE-MD documents related to V8, and the overcharge should not be the issue on the road. I'd also doubt that the amount of energy generated is enough to overcharge, as, to my memory, the amount generated by the most aggressive braking would still be lower than the charging input.
  3. Harsh... I would disagree to some extent, but exclusivity rights are indeed a complex issue on many sides. Good things are the manufacturer gets enough cash straight away to keep working on new developments, whereas a local distributor is driven to the extremes to sell and popularise the product in a particular country. Bad things are obviously price dictation and lack of competition within the B2B sector. Keep in mind, though, that I am talking about the distributor in the chain. Not sure how would a dealer get exclusivity at the amount of units required to get this 'license'. All in all, the structure in Europe allows for countless dealers under one distributor, which doesn't cut down on retail competition and leaves some wiggle space for pricing. Given that Aliexpress, Banggood and other APAC-based e-tailers are always in play, it's difficult to force these retailers to maintain the same high level of aftersales and service as local dealers. One issue is that they don't account for warranty provision while pricing their products; us in the UK account for at least 10% of the markup to go towards warranty provision pool. That's all you get shopping with a responsible dealer - reverse collections, repairs, human hours for the duration of the warranty. Among others - proximity to the end customer, parts availability, platform's trading standards and e-tailer's reputation. If there ever will be a dealer on Aliexpress that could come close to the level of local dealer's dedication, i'll quit my EUC business and go nomading across Europe.
  4. gotway

    I'm a simple man: I read the title - I click the post
  5. Kingsong have recently issued a resolution that none of the KS marked wheels (so basically none purchased at Ali from Europe) will be serviced and provided spare parts. Please, be careful with that. You have an excellent distributor of Kingsong brand in Germany, please talk to him instead so that you can be certain about the purchase.
  6. Wrote that in the separate topic, but it was declined by Eric @ IMSCV. None projects with this name exist, and I could hardly imagine a company in the middle of transferring their EUC division to Americas to spit out a new model just like that. I am pretty certain Jason is a new up and coming rep (not a fake account), but the 'news' he released were not legit and not connected. I imagine the topic was deleted by himself after I shared the link with Eric Technically true if it was indeed my whistleblowing that caused the distress
  7. My bad phrasing played a joke, apologies. Exactly the case I was referring to. I can hardly remember any examples of when an EUC rider was stopped and fined because of the past things with EUCs. It's only ever the infamous hoverboards or the exact behaviour of the EUC rider on the spot
  8. Must've chatted with me Before Oct 2015 I had tons of lovely chats with local police folk, including the guy I nearly talked into getting one. Two milestones cracked their confidence - CPS article addition in regards to hoverboards, and several cases of bad injuries/death of a kid in Croydon. Generally, however, there are two massive "no-no"s that may get you stopped - looking like you are about to fall off every step (not necessarily due to experience, but also leg fatigue or substances), and riding recklessly thereby being a potential hazard to pedestrians or the traffic. So long as you avoid these, your potential risk is reduced to minimum. The only case of fining across the isles that I can recall is the Welsh Airwheel rider who rode into / was hit by a motorcyclist, and went on a massive rant right on the street. Two no-no signs right there - attracting too much attention and riding irresponsibly. http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/man-ended-up-six-points-12031624
  9. The difference is not as major. Speaking for Europe, due to legislative limitations of motor power and speed there is hardly any competition in the upper spec section, which forces the manufacturers to differentiate via quality, extra functions etc. This means that the market's specs standards don't evolve and thereby don't push down the default settings in price. If that makes sense? A couple of the default bikes we have have 250W motors inside, which, unless fully custom developed, don't cost much. A euc with same motor would cost less than 200 usd on ebay or aliexpress. Specs wise (comparing speed, range, compact range, default quality standards), the price difference is about 250-300 gbp between an e-bike and a euc performing the same functions. Not sure if you're referring to a particular model. Generally, they're equipped with 24-36v and 4.4-6.7ah battery, which in real life gives you a performance range of 15-18km, a hybrid range of 30-35km and obviously a free pedalling setting. I am really digging the fact that removable battery tendency is more widely accepted across e-bike manufacturers, since you still need to chain them outside most of the time. Mainly due to the long established market. In a perfect world where there isn't a learning curve for eucs, and no margin adjustments based on demand and competition, EUCs would beat most of the e-bikes performance-wise and utility/price ratio. Another point for discussion is the safety and risks in case of failure. The only appealing fact about e-bikes to me personally is that almost none of the hardware failure can stop me from riding at whatever speed or stay safe while on the road.
  10. Ours should be arriving mid-July. I'll try to do comprehensive comparison as soon as possible. My assumption is it would be similar to V5F+/V8 comparison, where the 16 inch can offer more motor output, sustained speed and better road/off-road experience, whereas the 14 inch would win on maneuverability, price mark and compact design.
  11. I had two massive collisions in my life, both in the same unfortunate area. Once the parked car's door was opened in front of me flying at 25+kph, which had cost the guy a new door and a wing. Literally bent it 90 degrees outward (glad it was Honda ). It heavily bruised my chest, and I think I still have the scar from this collision after a year something. But at least I'm glad that there was no follow-up traffic as my fall could have been much less forgiving. The second one was due to some morons deciding to run through the stagnant traffic and completely disregarding the existance of the cycling lane. Next to no reaction span left for me due to the fact they just jumped through the traffic right onto a cycling lane 1m ahead of me. Needless to say the dismount was quite painful in attempt to avoid injuring the person ahead... Signing by every word said in this thread in regards to visibility. If the risks of collision cannot be removed completely, our priority should be minimising them.
  12. What else is new... Sorry to hear about the fall and yet another unsafe board @Marty Backe. As far as I remember, Gotway was attempting to reassure Jason several times regarding this shipment. Turns out they are really unaware of what is happening with the software/pcb dynamics. I do want to give them the benefit of the doubt, since who in their sane mind would not revert the shipment knowing it's /still/ unsafe.
  13. Hi guys, Just a quick word as a representative of Project42 UK. We are currently 2-3 weeks away from receiving the new batch of Kingsong KS16S and KS14S models. Exciting to test and ride these ourselves, but also to start pushing this brand in the UK again. If you want to support the local retailer, get a smashing deal on warranty and spares provision, customer support with the quickest response time - just drop me a message or write your feedback down below. The first 10 to pre-order are guaranteed 10% discount and free next day signed delivery across the UK.
  14. That's the very thing we're so passionately discuss in this topic The added joy is obviously a massive plus, but don't let your guard down! Whether it's KS or GW or IM - every wheel is prone to develop a fault. Having a forum like this is a blessing on its own, as you can at least act preventive if a certain fault is reported more frequently Come on, we have to have a sort of competition for safety, too? Jokes aside, this should be a prime target for all manufacturers who head into +20km/h zone.
  15. A great point. I agree that what Gotway does should be taken with respect, but also with a pinch of sobriety. And maybe it's up for us, too, to settle for slightly less than maximum I'm just glad that the world hasn't yet seen a collateral damage lawsuit related to EUCs, whether a hardware fault or rider behaviour related one. To avoid that would be in our common best interest. as @Sketch pointed out: