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    A ride along the Cape Ann coast
  2. The Photo Thread

    Motif #1 Rockport, Massachusetts
  3. The Photo Thread

    37 kg !!! That's like 81 lbs. https://myelectricscooterz.com/products/dualtron-ultra-electric-scooter-malaysia

    @Scouts Honor , @meepmeepmayer During the winter Olympics in South Korea a local ski mountain with a good ski racing program ran an ad mentioning US team member Krause. https://www.skiracing.com/stories/u-s-ski-teams-krause-suffers-broken-leg A prodigy of the New England private school system, emphasizing ski racing, Krause made the team and went to train at 'Innerkrems' , Austria, a few hundred kilometers from Munich. He had a serious fall in training, suffered a (compound fracture ) broken leg and was airlifted and treated in Austria. Apparently he's on the mend and has had some other ski related injuries in his career and pursuit of a spot on the US team.

    The weather people say once in a lifetime.....the governor's pitch for infrastructure improvements projects the global warming trend in sea level too.

    The geology of Cape Cod https://pubs.usgs.gov/gip/capecod/glacial.html follows a melting ice sheet , extending to Canada) timeline with melting glacial sandy outwash forming both Cape Cod and Revere Beach. The geology of North of Boston including Cape Ann and the town of Rockport includes rock forming magma periods. Extending out from Boston and into the harbor are the rocky harbor islands. Inland, including the surrounding neighborhoods, topography exists as various 'bubbly' rock hills. In New Hampshire and in Montreal the effect of the 'New England hotspot' is a track extension of under water volcanic structures (off the Continental shelf seen in Google Earth ocean) formed by 'the hot spot'. These are an extinct volcanic chain of structures called 'seamounts'. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_England_Seamounts The theory is a super hot 'spot' which contacted the earths crust and progressively moved in the direction away from the White mountains before cooling off. "As the continent drifted to the west, the hotspot gradually moved offshore. " While my timeline of events (ice age, New England hotspot, melting ice sheets, Boston harbor islands, Cape Ann Granite and other rock) is unclear , these events collectively distinguish the sandier South shore coast of Boston from the rockier North shore coast up to about Cape Ann.

    The town of Scituate on the sandier South shore of Boston took a surf pounding. https://youtu.be/gc-R9ZcfGls

    Yeah....I've got a few hand stitched seam repairs that are coming undone too.....

    The last Northeasterly storm surge pushed the beach stones on the ocean side up and over the wall. Really really big tidal flow this last storm with full moon adding to the wind driven storm flow. Surfers show up year round there when the waves are rideable......in wetsuits. Thanks for the 'quick shutdown' tip on Gotways.....the ACM2 looks like fun.

    😉 Maybe a new pack is in order......been looking for one.....In my Ninebot One days it wasn't an issue. The straps constantly come undone. Missing a buckle too. It's my old 'went up Mt Washington frequently and once with skiis attached pack'. THANKS The skiis attached ascent was up to the top of 'Hillman's highway' ....wicked steep on all fours climb. Decided to side step back down after taking one roll.....too narrow... Too steep....for me.....Tuckerman's Ravine shelter to Pinkham Notch trail....no problems. https://www.powderproject.com/trail/7000185/hillmans-highway

    A cold (30s F) windy Gotway Monster ride along the causeway to Marblehead Neck , Massachusetts. March 21, 2018 Surfer up, hard to see, at 2:08 and 3:08

    The webpage says 30 mile assist range in ideal conditions. I also read about a similar product called 'flykly'. http://flykly.com

    As I waited for the cross walk light to change at the Harvard bridge, action cam mounted atop my helmet on its first day of use, a bike rider pulled up next to me and showed some interest in the Gotway Monster. His bicycles rear wheel was the Copenhagen Wheel 'electric assist' developed at MIT. I said 'and that's the Copenhagen Wheel......do you like it?' He replied that the Copenhagen Wheel is made 'right here in Cambridge' and that he used to work for the company. 'When the weather gets a little warmer the company gives free test rides' at the corporate location in Cambridge.

    On the 2nd day of Eken H9 use (this last weekend) I was taking some seaside EUC video along a beach sidewalk closer to where I live (5 mile ride). A fellow with long and somewhat wet and curly looking hair walked up to me wondering about the electric unicycle and how much it costs. As the conversation (interrogation?) progressed he announced that he travels to Ireland frequently and had recently returned from one such trip. He made it clear that he met someone in Ireland who rides an unpowered unicycle which was ridden by the person 'all across Ireland'. His questions then became locally focused. 'I saw a guy on one of these things 'riding along (the bicycle path next to) Memorial Drive' (Cambridge across from Boston 18 miles from where I live) yesterday. It was YOU! 'Probably' I responded. 'To take 'GoPro' videos' and post them on the Internet....right? Not enjoying his conversation I said 'yeah' ....as in 'far out man'... 'Take care pal' he replied as he went about the rest of his walk. Maybe my chosen ride path gets too close to 'Arsenal Mall' in Watertown.

    I dunno....I'm comfortable riding either way....the face to face of using the 'incorrect' lane has advantages for ME....but as you suggest ...may be alarming to drivers such as one in the video making a long honk (not heard in video) while turning into the traffic lane... In this video the 'proper lane' is accessed only (2x) with some waiting at a crosswalk....while yours truly the rider is possibly rushed to catch a scheduled train. One can also argue against using the sidewalk on the Harvard bridge rather than the correct bike lane on the opposite side of the bridge. With frozen sidewalk ice and snow the spontaneity of the ride path choosen went by flow rather than standards of utmost safety.....the school bus was a little bit uncomfortable. BTW the bike lane as a defined space ends a few hundred feet before the school bus encounter.....I usually take the harbor side walkway a few blocks away....except when frozen ice and snow piles obstruct it's continuous path length. Thanks for your concern....your suggestions are very reasonable. I have another Eken H9 'fly by' video of the 'New England Holocaust' memorial in Boston from a clip between State Street to North station. I've once ridden (another EUC) through the structure at night....sort of creepy given the pseudo smoke emitted from the under gratings.....Probably a poor judgement call by me there too. The dominant presence of the structure, so close to Quincy market, was intimidating when first constructed a few years back but it's 'transparency' diminishes it's immediate visual impact...sort of... until one does the math. I hope you enjoyed the Revere Beach ride with its unobstructed and occasionally sandy patches..... be careful of those mud rides with your shoulder being 'on the mend'.