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  1. I guess Scripps is in Claremont, several hundred miles from Sacramento. Maybe jet connections East are made in Sacramento. At the time my boss suggested Joshua tree. Maybe next time. We have plenty of sea water and sand around Boston. Mountains(bigger) in NH, VT and Maine. Lots of private boarding schools and colleges in NE. I took a long car trip to Wyoming in 2003 during the winter. Saw a buffalo herd (small) in Thermopolis on the way to Jackson. Got cut off by a snowstorm near the Custer's last stand near the Indian reservation in Montana and headed back South and over the Big Horn mountains . I just couldn't drive west anymore (that time) while headed towards Idaho due to the snowpack on the road and doubled back east and south to Basin , WY.
  2. Anna Sentina, a female bass player in Los Angeles. Worth listening to.
  3. Nice picture and video. I'll guess that your daughter's mother prefers to drive. My niece, who doesn't really correspond with me regularly except for when her father passed away from cancer a few years ago ,went to school in Sacramento (Scripps) then went to Prague , then (speaking several languages) worked in Boston and now is a CEO in NYC. Like her mother , her standards can be difficult to understand but easy to appreciate. On my 1999 SF trip I rented a truck, drove out RT 80 to Nev, on to Reno, South Lake Tahoe and around the lake to Truckee. I was surprised at the security( ?)border check going back from Nev to California. Hum.....
  4. Sounds like a real battle. I went across and back , following a conference on someone else's expense pocket, on a rental bike but not before a 'mishap' in town resulted in a sprained wrist. The current rules (law) page is available: Posting the photo of the ship under the bridge was not without issue. My 1999 Seattle FilmWorks CDs with images in *.sfw format are no longer Windows compatible in the bundled software. However 'IrfanView' can read the sfw format and export jpg's. As a former roller blade type in the Boston area I found trail bike riders to be annoyingly aggressive in the Charles River area. Roller blades are useless on the grass areas adjacent to the sidewalks. The 'mountain bike' types riding on the sidewalks had the habit of coming up from behind, ringing their bell to signal their expectation that you move out of their way while several feet of go around turf existed to the side of the sidewalks. Big wheels , big gears, tender fannies? How about riding in South Lake Tahoe?.......just kidding.
  5. I was in SF in 1999 and took this picture. Maybe gravity is working against your best intentions in the shipping lane below. That was an inspiring video when it was posted. Thanks for posting it before the felony warning cut short your plans to ride across.
  6. In the video frames just after the one posted here you can see your knees unflex (feet moving down) as you move over a drop (water drainage dip?) between the road and the sidewalk. It looks like a smooth transition but your knees tell a different story. You probably already know of the dip you encountered.
  7. That thumbnail looks vaguely like a scene from aYoutube video of a group of riders who went across bridge at the SF bay to Sausalito for a quick recharge at a coffee shop before a return ride to SF and this steep road section.
  8. I took a long ride via the mall charging station to make the trip to Beverly airport in Massachusetts. The video for the under 30 minute ride just finished resizing from over 1 GB (filesize) to a couple hundred MB. I forgot that my laptop has an SD adapter card slot which then accepts a micro SD card. ☺ I'll post the video the next time I'm at a public WiFi. It has a long sidewalk stretch through a wooded industrial park near the airport runway that makes for a nice ride in warm weather. The return ride went well.😁 The total mileage for the ride was a little over 20 miles. Recharging at malls and Dunkin is awkward. The Gotway ACM , Monster or other longer range EUCs would be better, euc public relations wise. The summer heat makes for a longer riding range on the Ninebot. Riding more conservatively at 8-10 mph feels just about right. The plane behind me is a float plane with wheels extended for land use. The cockpit sits a foot or more higher (above ground) than the average Cessna 172 parked on the surrounding space. E-bikes with fat tires....humm...I saw one last year on an EUC ride. 30 mph is the top legal speed limit for this area and possibly no e-bike riding at night.
  9. The warm weather makes for great battery life on the Ninebot One E+. I took a long ride via the mall charging station to make the trip to Beverly airport in Massachusetts.
  10. gooood question.
  11. Rick Steves and another:
  12. Thanks. 'Hanging ten' as they say. Bumpy, yes, but typical for where I live. Wipeouts are an ever present threat. Urban development or reconstruction, for whatever reason, has its benefits in terms of EUC path riding. Getting the 400+ MB video file (large hd format) down to 640*360 with audio without using purchased video software is a data processing challenge that I tackle with 'FFMPEG'. I've been collecting various video command lines for use with the free software 'ffmpeg' for awhile. I took the angled (camera on handheld tripod) source video file (also correctable with ffmpeg) and applied some of the following lines of commands to produce the approximately 45 MB of resized YouTube video. YouTube didn't like the aspect ratio but ultimately allowed the upload since it was a small width video. To transfer the almost half GB source file (from a Kodak SL10) to the laptop I used an usb hd card reader. I use one similar too: Processing of the source video file and upload to YouTube was done at Dunkin's public wifi. I'm sure that GoPro makes it both easier and clearer. The video is rather boring but rather typical in terms of what to expect for euc riding in my area. Watching 'Rick Steve's YouTube video of Munich and the Bavarian Alps was an interesting aside for me on the internet. 'Surfing' In Munich ! ************commands to use to crop, resize video (A/V) and rebuild the resized video with audio using ffmpeg******* to convert video ffmpeg -i vid2.mp4 vid2x.mp4 to extract audio ffmpeg -i vid2x.mp4 -vn -acodec copy audio2x.aac to crop video-audio ffmpeg -i vid2x.mp4 -an -filter crop=320:270:5:160 vid2x320.mp4 to resize video-audio ffmpeg -i vid2x320.mp4 -s 960x800 vid2x960.mp4 to extract video from video-audio mp4 ffmpeg -i vid2x960.mp4 -vcodec h264 -an video2wa-960.h264 to rebuild new video-audio.mp4 from audio.mp4 and video-no-audio.mp4 ffmpeg -i video2wa-960.h264 -i audio2x.aac new.mp4
  13. Good luck great rider. Get well. I know that Ninebot has an input for speeding up the wheel when making long radius speedy turns. You can feel the wheel pressing against the shin to keep the rider upright. Stiffness settings make the effect more or less pronounced. It's something to do with applying force to the tangent to the curve to keep the rider-euc from spiraling inwards. Maybe the EUC wobble you describe is a pulsating (rather than steady) input under such conditions. The terrible tumble sort of follows a street to curb transition too. Best wishes, Bob
  14. A typical sidewalk ride on the EUC to the neighborhood Dunkin Donuts. New sidewalk has improved the 5 1/2 minute ride.
  15. Thanks.....😑 eyes closed, just relax. Google says the strong magnetic field where Quantum state electrons (of hydrogen) flip 'spin up' to 'spin down' at the resonant applied radio frequency is supplemented by electro magnets while the image matrix is recorded (greyscale strong to weak frequency energy absorbance). I hope that sounds correct. The sound is often a hum like 60 Hz AC frequency. Thank you 1974 P- chem professor! We (students) laughed when the idea of putting a whole person into the NMR field was mentioned in class.