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  1. The ship 'Norwegian Dawn' leaving Port (Black Falcon Cruise Terminal) in Boston and the ship 'Maj. Stephen W. Pless' in drydock at Boston
  2. Boston drydock with ship.😀
  3. During several years of teaching kids with learning issues I was told to be as kinaesthetic (use modalities of learning like visual, sensory, audio, text) as possible. Many 'normal learners' find the excess detail to be personally offensive. Once used to expressing the step by step methodology of teaching it becomes a habit for the greater good.
  4. On the subway to Boston
  5. Revere Beach
  6. On a ride
  7. Last but not least....after dumping my bag of tire inflation tools out, in preparation for an inflation check, the lost screw mentioned in the initial post dropped out of the bag. Done !😂
  8. In the seventies I roomed with a co worker at the same Boston hospital research building. He played guitar and on weekends he and friends would jam at the apartment in Brighton. The friend who played bass guitar was exceptional and another guitarist-roommate was a student from Chicago at Berklee. Watching them jam and listening to the creative flow was fun. I started following bass players on YouTube and on one video searching session came upon a street musician video poster and bass player named America Paz who plays in Chile , South America. Her hair color changes from video to video. I liked her sound on the bass guitar Some of her early Street musician videos include these two. This video of a solo loop set incorporates some of the sound found with the slap bass player in the first Street video in this post. It sounds great! I wondered where this 'street' bass player would find her niche in the South American region where she is native resident. Recently I found a couple of 2016 videos of her playing with an all girl group called the 'Functastics- Chile'. The first is a dinner engagement where the all girls group play out their hearts to a luke warm audience. The last America Paz video in this post is a 'hot' medley of pop hits called 'Funktastic DanceMix' where each member of the all girls group struts their stuff to tunes ranging from James Brown to Earth-Wind and Fire and to Bruno Mars. Several other music videos and a calendar of events from Facebook show the former 'street' musician on stage holding her own with a crowd and another backup group. Good to see the success! Funk is sort of new to me but with bass musicians like Berklee graduate Alissia Benveniste playing her original tune 'Let it Out' the appeal of funk goes academic.
  9. I posted my rider log for the first 200 or so rides on the bot which I purchased in June 2016. Being sort of retired and not looking for work at that time allowed frequent rides while others were desk or work bound. Primary use of the bot was grocery shopping without taking the bus, and bike trail exploration a couple of town away. A couple of Malls with charging stations and a few coffee vendors with AC outlets for laptop types of use were routinely used without asking (Starbucks, Dunkin, Panera Bread). I would recommend buying a longer range bot (ACM , etc) since battery swap mods didn't really interested me. Public reactions to my more active riding days were often fickle with respect to passing vehicle comments, infrequent (one specific town) cop monitoring, certain comments from pedestrians and sometimes blaring horn blasts from vehicles reacting to non bicycle like use of the roads. Even tonight, after tire replacement, two locals became aggressively interested on the first few miles of about 15 miles planned. A group of kids , I'm over 60, aged in their teens were emphatic that I stop to talk with them. Passing towards the space between two of them, they closed the space in an attempt to halt my ride. Passing through the narrower space one of the kids put his hands (lightly) on my arm before I passed through, intent on learning the balance of my new tire ride. In a second incident, a maternal looking figure asserted that I stop and 'answer questions' before I rolled past her and a friend. I remember a long while ago while rolling down a hill when a woman raised her voice at my progress while still tens of feet from her. She looked at me and said 'excuse me, there's something I have to ask you'. When I passed her by she said 'no???' There are many riders in the forum who have a more public interactive nature than I. It's a double edged sword to not interact. Some days you risk paying the price of being perceived as rude and detached from the rest of the world's transit styles. Packing in the miles can leave my legs feeling unusual from road vibrations and bumps. Walking for a bit restores that normal leg feeling. Maybe you'll benefit from my riding the rough spots video. A couple of decades ago nephew hiked the AT trail from Georgia to Maine. I was working in a prestigious lab at the time, thinking I was setting a good example. His last words before he left was a request from family members for cookies or something. Decades went by after he completed the AT trail during his college years at Middlebury following four years at Deerfield Academy. When it became apparent last year that I could put thousands of miles on the Ninebot I thought my rolling distance might become a kind of non-similar Uncle's chide to his AT reputation. The opposite reaction (never mentions it) has occurred as he puts his nose to the grindstone of career and parenting (3kids). It's good that I actually enjoy riding the EUC, rather than using it to bother someone who is a distinguished AT'er.
  10. I replaced the stem valve on the old tube with a 'Slime' stem valve for reasons related to 'suspected leaking air' in an otherwise good tube. The thought of using Slime liquid came to mind but the mess to the surroundings via the stem or hole in the tire changed my mind. I've recently replaced the stem valve on the brass extender. There is a Slime hand tool which clicks past the correct torque when installing a new stem valve. Considering that I broke an arm while winter riding in March your tire replacement criteria (mileage) makes perfect sense and my lack of a tire replacement until 4,000 miles seems irresponsible to the innocent rider-reader.
  11. That sounds very safe. Good thinking. Yep, this was the original tire which went flat last week. I should have replaced the tire at 3,000 miles or earlier. The replacement tube is 16 x 2.125 as supplied by the Ninebot seller (HoodRiderz). A typical replacement tube description for a 16 x 1.95 tire with a 16 x 2.125 tube is shown below. (I've read that the 16 x 2.125 tubes have a Gotway tire compatibility but this size tube is also used with 16 x 1.95 Ninebot tires)
  12. After 4,000 miles it was time to replace the 16 x 1.95 tire and inner tube on my Ninebot One E+ Taking off the LED ring and plastic rings was easy with deliberate unlatching of several interlock tabs. The pedal bolt set screw came out with an hex tool and the bolt tapped out with a hammer and screw driver. The battery wiring harness, charging wire coupler and LED power connectors separated without a problem. The blue plastic tire tools are essential in getting the tire off and back on. After removing the inner tube, the opposite side of the tire was removed with the blue tire tools. Putting the new tire onto the rim took some patience for the last few inches of tire to hook onto the hub. When adding air to the new tire and inner tube the position of the 'bent stem' should favor optimal external access by the Ninebot extender by positioning it before inflating the tire. Reassembly went well except for one machine screw hole position (1 of 4) which had cracked with use. The screw was omitted from the final plastic component assembly because I dropped and lost one.😠 When tightening the dozen or so other attaching bolts the best results were obtained by loosely screwing all bolts into each acceptor hole and then tightening each bolt in sequence. It's worth noting that the loss of one screw was actually a result of a complex magnetic interaction. There is a magnet which is removed from the plastic housing. It keeps the pedals up when the pedal Bolt allows free pedal hinge motion. I had attached the four screws magnetically to it to avoid losses. While moving the container (picture1) with the magnet and fasteners, the small hex key which was also in the container became forcefully attracted to the magnet. A scattering occurred in the container and when I looked again for the four 'magnetically bound screws' only three could be found. Searching the floor, etc. with a flashlight found no trace of the lost fourth screw of a set which holds a minor plastic assembly which supports the the LEDs in some way. The fourth screw is hardly missed functionally. After removing some of the extra old foam padding the tire and tube replacement was done. I took the tire replacement as an opportunity to replace the male part of the 4 pin Lemo connector which is part of the recharger unit. The soldering task was a tight job but easier than replacing the whole Lemo connector (+ wire and ground wire using only 2 of 4 Lemo connector pins) on both the Ninebot and the charger unit. My original Lemo connector from the charger had some loose wires held in proper position with plastic zip ties and I wanted it to be replaced with a new Lemo 4 pin plug ordered from China, as described by someone on this forum. The new tire rides great but feels very different than the flattened tread of the old tire.
  13. Does a consensus on using training wheels exist? Before learning of this forum I used training wheels to move forward on the generic euc. It was really a leap of faith when I read on this forum that the sooner one ditches training wheels for pure one wheeled balance rides the better. After practicing in a newly resurfaced parking lot, making big loops in both directions I was thrilled to take my 'Step n Roll' for rides up to one half mile in non-stop length using the wheel only. After a few months and maybe 100 miles of riding I bought a Ninebot One E+. The transition to the Ninebot was easy and the ride superior in all aspects. That was over 4000 miles ago including a broken shoulder from a winter fall at 3500 miles. Tricks are not for me nor is riding backwards which I admire but don't pursue as a riding goal. Breaking a bone, rehabbing it, etc has put my riding into a different perspective since the commitment to become healed (more or less) requires the support, care and concern of several groups of health professionals who have no knowledge nor interest in riding eus's. Returning to riding has been somewhat of a hang ten experience. The natural moves are all in place but the requisite use of arm strength in the event of a tumble is compromised, hence a don't fall attitude. My last ride was a couple of miles to the grocery store. The ride was sort of aggressive carving with a positive attitude...pedestrians along the way smiled. My Ninebot 'filler extension stem' leaked and was replaced over the weekend with a 'Slime' stem, so I thought I was all set after pumping up the tire (4000 miles on the tire). After shopping I noticed the Ninebot responding very poorly in turns. The tire (16 x 1.95) had started to deflate. Looking at my email today the replacement tire I ordered (extra inner tube already on the apartment shelf) after catching the bus back to my apartment has shipped out from the Ebay (a NinebotUS supplier arrangement) seller. It was funny when I noticed the tire had deflated. I looked up from the sidewalk and at that time the bus arrived so I hopped on. The driver asked if it was hard to ride and that he had seen me riding before. Without mentioning that my tire was flat I boarded and said the they can be difficult to ride sometimes. Getting off the bus the driver said 'have a good one'. He saved my day from 1 1/2 miles out to my apt. 30 pounds is a lot to lug. I watched a Gotway Msuper V3S+ video (1600 WH battery) last night. Were it not for my shoulder I would consider with hesitating to buy it. Long rides would be fun considering a radius of 30 or so mikles fir an overweight person like myself.
  14. Since using a shopping cart to learn has already been raised with you by someone else your treatment paper reference is next in line in terms of topics of interest. Clearly your physician should be in control as advice goes. The paper raised some interesting points and comes from a highly respected source (ncbi) where I have a paper or two from a few decades ago on an unrelated subject. From a just casual reading perspective t-cancer has a good 5 year perspective (95%) but what I read deals with the whole surgical approach. As most readers already know metastasis into the lymph is an wanted consequence of poor treatment or late detection. Since my knowledge of the subject ends there I wish you all the best in choosing what treatment options are best for you , as guided by your doctor's counsel. With regard to EUC: Don't fall, wear some protective gear and enjoy whatever distance and skills you develop as the mindset takes hold of your riding interest. Foot inserts and shin pads of some sort generally minimize foot pain and shin issues while learning and beyond.
  15. Really man....think again.