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  1. Internet trouble?

    @Smoother,.....if I was still employed in the biotechnology field I might have a good reason to look at the 'European Molecular Biology Laboratory' website in Heidelberg, Germany at www.embl.org If I use tracert to view the data route to the website in Heidelberg I find: my interactions with the embl.org server go across the pond at node#8 (notice the numeric lag) in New York and arrive (presumably) in Hamburg before making additional hops between nodes along the way to embl.org in Heidelberg.
  2. Internet trouble?

    @Smoother....If I tracert 'electricunicycle.org' and Google tells me that that server IP# is in Brea, CA where my location is in the US and if you use tracert to determine the IP address of 'electricunicycle.org' to be the same server IP address then your data route has to come 'across the pond' in some fashion...if you catch my thinking.
  3. Internet trouble?

    Everyone understands ping. Tracert doesn't really allow the user to fix anything but delays in the route due to high internet traffic can be discovered. 'Traceroute shows us the path traffic takes to reach the website. It also displays the delays that occur at each stop. If you’re having issues reaching a website and that website is working properly, it’s possible there’s a problem somewhere on the path between your computer and the website’s servers. Traceroute would show you where that problem is." https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.howtogeek.com/134132/how-to-use-traceroute-to-identify-network-problems/amp/&ved=0ahUKEwibr7ng2onYAhVDUd8KHRJmBgkQFghPMAY&usg=AOvVaw35of6agUhSDkk2u5v5RXvD&ampcf=1 Or https://help.fasthosts.co.uk/app/answers/detail/a_id/1550/~/traceroute-explained
  4. If Skateboards Can Do This Why Not EUCs?

    I just read this...thought you would find it interesting http://www.cnn.com/2017/12/13/europe/christmas-tree-airplane-airbus-germany-trnd/index.html
  5. Internet trouble?

    You can also use 'tracert' (trace route) to determine how many 'hops' it takes, and the time required at each hop, to move a packet of data from the request ip# to the server's ip# There are a few nodes that are slow to respond to the request for both 'electricunicycle.org' and 'forum.electricunicycle.org' requests: for 'electricunicycle.org' the number of hops from my location is: looks like : electricunicycle.org resolves to According to our data this IP address belongs to New Dream Network, LLC and is located in Brea, California, United States. Please have a look at the information provided below for further details. ISP/Organization New Dream Network, LLC Location Brea 92821, California (CA), United States (US) and for the route to 'forum.electricunicycle.org' the number of hops is: looks like : We found that the organization for IP address is Amazon.com in Seattle, Washington, United States. "calyxpod.com resolves to 8 IP addresses that are all located in Seattle, Washington, United States. Please have a look at the information provided below for further details about individual IP addresses. ISP/Organization Amazon.com Location Seattle 98101, Washington (WA), United States (US)" and for my route to 'Google.com' (We found that the organization for IP address is Google in Mountain View, California, United States.)
  6. Internet trouble?

    Imagine refreshing a 3G connection for just $5 a GB. It solves the 2m distance limit on wet string. Wow that page was slow on bandwidth throttled mode.
  7. Internet trouble?

    I'm not able to load that BBC news page quickly. Perhaps I should switch to my wireless providers $15 a month base plan + $5 per Gigabyte as needed.
  8. Internet trouble?

    Have you tried to 'ping' either electricunicycle.org Or forum.electricunicycle.org with a ping app to see if your connection to the website exists?
  9. If Skateboards Can Do This Why Not EUCs?

    Here's a long story about Arabesque art, a Muslim worker at Dunkin, my Monster and the recent auction of a $450 million painting of Christ to a Saudi Arabian buyer. The repeating geometry seen in the skateboard painted bowl tracks conjures up a loosely parallel image in the Arabic art world where 'Arabesque' style art decorates the interior of Muslim Mosques. Human form in Islamic Mosque art is not allowed in contrast to Christian Cathedrals which contain both human depictions as well as human form sculpture. "There are repeating elements in Islamic art, such as the use of geometrical floral or vegetal designs in a repetition known as the arabesque. The arabesque in Islamic art is often used to symbolize the transcendent, indivisible and infinite nature of God." https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islamic_art Given the rules of Arabesque art I find it interesting that the recent auctioning of a DaVinci painting (of Christ) for a record $450 million was to a buyer in Saudi Arabia http://money.cnn.com/2017/12/11/investing/salvatore-mundi-buyer-abu-dhabi/index.html On a monetary scale closer to the level of my pocket book, but inclusive of a Muslim woman's service, I stopped at a Dunkin in Revere , Massachusetts recently for a rest and a coffee while out on a ride to Boston. The Muslim counter employer wore a hijab with a Dunkin cap atop the hijab. The Muslim counter employees are polite and this was the first time one had talked to me about a subject outside the realm of the Dunkin menu. She had watched me enter the parking lot on my Monster and I had stopped for coffee several times before. She asked me in an interested way if 'it was easy to ride'. I replied that it was very hard to ride (actually hard to learn to ride). She was surprised by my response.
  10. If Skateboards Can Do This Why Not EUCs?

    So...since your two kids down in the house because they are 'away' does that mean you need to practice 'writing' big checks?☺
  11. If Skateboards Can Do This Why Not EUCs?

    This Leticia Bufoni video has nothing to do with EUC emulation of skate boarding (with paint) but when I watched it some time ago it reminded me of how quickly things can go wrong.
  12. If Skateboards Can Do This Why Not EUCs?


    I drove to Key West, passing through or near Jacksonville, FL around 1999. My boss (Bruns) had sent me to the Massachusetts Eye and Ear for a year to research a new gene (RPGR) discovered by a European group. The gene was not well received by the lab where I did the work. Much skepticism about it existed. I'd published as a coauthor with Bruns several times. The website called PubMed searched with the keywords Bruns, Eisenman brings up those papers. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/?term=bruns%2C+eisenman If you PubMed search for Eisenman, RPGR there are no entries returned. If you PubMed search for Bruns, RPGR you'll find a published paper where I'm not a coauthor but I'm credited with tech assistance at the end. So...the story was that despite skepticism I found some 'pathogenic mutations' which were presented at a conference in Ft. Lauderdale. I was euphoric at having found something , since dropping out of a master's program in 1977 never looked good on my resume. A year before the conference presentation ,when I started to get some 'pathogenic' results I took a week off and drove South to Key West. The presentation where I was an 'author' was included in the 'supplementary' attachment to the conferences publication of abstracts presented. Shortly after the conference presentation the European group reported on an 'alternatively spliced variant' of the gene called RPGR which accounted for vastly larger numbers of patients with x chromosome linked night blindness. My contribution to science became lost in the glow of the new alternatively spliced gene variant. I was asked to hand my work to the next researcher in line. The publication of their work with my boss 'Bruns' is found by PubMed searching with the terms 'Bruns, RPGR' https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/10937588/ My career prospects in the area of vision research were over. My drive to Key West with a side trip to the Kennedy Space Center still come to mind, following my 'pathogenic gene mutation' discoveries, made before the alternatively spliced variant report hit the news. When I started my RPGR work (1999ish) there was only one paper on the subject. Now there are hundreds of papers which include RPGR in the title.

    Low piers and hurricanes have issues during storms not to mention 'low overhead' for surfers during storms.
  15. The Photo Thread

    I shared some laboratory space in the late 1970's in Philadelphia with a girl (PhD track student) from California. Her parents owned some farmland. She said (1978) that California real estate prices were sky high at that time. 'Moose' (aka Cheryl) later became a lawyer (according to an email from a London person - Welsh born and practising veterinary science at Cambridge as a professor who was our lab advisor) in California in part because the momentary aspects if being a lawyer beat basic science job salaries. Me....I didn't finish the Masters program and took up riding an EUC decades later after word processing was invented and cell phones became all the rage.