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  1. Why would a EUC maker do this? A wheel well is not the place for extreme tolerances. Give the customer a couple of extra mm!!
  2. I think they're so obsessed with a cool, slim form factor they ignore the obvious solution of MAKING THE SPACE BIG ENOUGH.
  3. My preferred pressure, 50 psi, is higher than what is listed on all of my EUC tires. Inflating to this "excessive" pressure has not caused any problems for me.
  4. Not all makers. I can inflate my IPS and Gotway wheels to whatever pressure I want, and there is PLENTY of room. THAT'S HOW IT SHOULD BE! Why do Inmotion and Rockwheel think they can't give the customer one more 1/16 inch? Why do they think it's so undesirable to provide a decent amount of space for the tire? It can have 1/16 inch more room and still the wheel looks cool.
  5. How about a miniature version of the "looms" used for spark plug wires? It keeps a space between the wires.
  6. Where I live is so hilly, I could not ride EUCs if they were unable to climb hills. I'd spend half my time off the wheel, and that's no fun! However, I am happy to report that the following I own handle 99% of hills great: IPS 121, IPS 191 (Lhotz), Gotway MSuper V2. I have only done limited hill testing with my Gotway MCM3, but it has performed great on every hill I've tried so far. My definition of "great" hill climbing does not necessarily mean the wheel zooms effortlessly up the hill. I mean it might slow down significantly, but reaches the top reliably. During the past couple of months, I've built up the courage to try some hills in my area that I was afraid to try in the past, and my wheels have succeeded on every one. There is one hill remaining in my area that I am still afraid to try because it is super steep and long. I've ridden down this hill, but not up.
  7. That's good to hear. I wondered if the fans would be robust enough!
  8. Do you have any thoughts about why failures of this type do not seem to be happening with King Song?
  9. Unbelievable! At this point in the development of EUCs, shouldn't problems like this have been conquered long ago? How are boards still blowing up under trivial conditions when the user isn't even stressing the wheel?? People generally think MCM4 is a good wheel. Maybe not!!
  10. That is the most obnoxious EUC alarm I've heard!
  11. Only a little testing should have revealed this to the Rockwheel designers!
  12. I can't believe such a bad design! Would it kill them to make the space 1/16 inch bigger??
  13. I'm interested in seeing information about MSuper v1. I can't find anything. If there's a v2 and v3, it's logical to suppose there must have been a v1. Does anyone have links to descriptions of MSuper v1 and photos or videos about it? I would like to see how MSuper evolved from the beginning.
  14. Speedy Feet IPS i5 Review
  15. I have 2 of them, and I love them! $500 might not be realistic. The cheapest 191 I have ever seen is $649 shipped.