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  1. I've had two T3s, and I never heard that loud clicking noise! You're riding very well for the second day! It took me about a month of practicing to ride that well!
  2. Another great ride as usual! I love the mix of different environments. You're on the streets, out in the grass, in the city, by the water, daytime, night. You have very good ride planners. Esprit Roue promotes a very active EUC community!
  3. Whoops, now I found it! Dusk was approaching when I started to hear a helicopter somewhere in the distance. That was the first mechanical sound I had heard for hours. I thought I heard a plane too. I did see the helicopter at one point but it was miles in the distance. Amazingly I had made it back to trail junction where we made the bad turn. And then I heard and saw a large search and rescue type helicopter hovering over me, but very high. I was in an area where there were power line towers (thus the maintenance equipment found earlier) plus I'm sure they generally stay far above the trees. I waived both my hands for a little bit and then it moved off to the distance a bit and hovered again. Then it left. "Well, that's it. I've been found and now help will be on the way"
  4. I thought I saw a helicopter mentioned as part of the search to locate Marty, but now I can't find it. Am I remembering wrong that a helicopter searched from above?
  5. For a long time left turns were easier for me. I don't mean 90 degree turns. I am referring to tight turns or U-turns. I could turn much tighter and easier left vs. right. After maybe 6 months my skills equalized, and I could turn well either left or right.
  6. About two years ago I was riding my hoverboard on the sidewalk. I saw in the distance coming my way three young black thugs. I use the word thugs because that is what they proved themselves to be. As I came closer, I moved to the side to let them pass and said a friendly greeting to what I believed were three nice black guys no different from any typical person one meets on the street. They pushed me off the hoverboard. As I lay on the ground, they picked up my hoverboard and ran off. This all transpired in probably less than a minute. I was thankful that the encounter wasn't any worse. It's very possible one or more of the attackers could pull a knife or a gun, but thanks to the Lord they did not. Nevertheless, I was surprised how traumatized I felt for weeks thereafter. It gave me a new level of sympathy for victims of "real" violent crime.
  7. The IP65 rating refers to the sealed electronics, not the entire wheel shell, as shown in this image from IPS Singapore.
  8. According to rayna903, Our official website is Please contact us if you have any problems: The silence of all of these individuals and the absence of the IPS website seems to indicate IPS is dead.
  9. This is very disturbing. A low-speed bump into a curb should not burn a MOSFET! Is this another Gotway quality problem?
  10. Getting on unassisted was one of the last things I learned. I would hoist myself onto the wheel using a rail or similar support. Trying to get on without this was very difficult for me. Even leaning against a wall, I wondered if I would ever be able to do it. The only reason I continued trying was YouTube proved it is possible! After countless failures over probably two weeks, suddenly one day I could do it!
  11. At night I wear a reflective safety vest, a headlamp, two white flashers on my front, a red flashing safety belt (large but not very bright) and a small but very bright red flasher on my rear. When riding in daylight, I wear my safety vest.
  12. One thing I do if a car is anywhere near where I am about to cross is slow way down and be sure the driver intends to let me pass. If the driver holds back while I'm holding back, I cross.
  13. Why have the EUC companies been so slow to use 2.5 inch tires? It's been a couple of years since the highly successful 2.5 inch on the IPS Lhotz, yet this width is still rare on 16 and 14 inch wheels.
  14. After several days, that's as far as I could go too. I practiced about 30 minutes a day for about a month before I was able to ride around freely. So you're not the only slow learner!
  15. Wind can vary from unpleasant/annoying to scary. The riding position, standing upright, presents a high profile, big body area to catch the wind. Sometimes going into a headwind, the EUC almost cannot go forward! Being pushed around and/or slowed down by wind makes riding much less fun for me. Wind is easiest to handle when it is relatively constant. I can adjust my position/how hard I'm leaning for relatively stable balance. Gusty wind scares me, especially strong gusts. I have to be very alert between gusts, ready to react when the next gust comes. Numerous times I have nearly been blown over. When conditions are so bad that I feel in danger of being blown over, I abort the ride. Like Demargon, I crouch down in strong wind so my body does not catch the wind as much.