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  1. New KingSong 18L?

    Other stuff I have questions on: Are the speakers bigger than the speakers in the KS-14/16? Does it have a built-in USB port and easy to access fuse just like the KS-14D?
  2. 18L Group Buy?

    Yes I know that. That's why I said European country to another country, ie. a Non-EU country. So all of the people here in America at least need to factor that in.
  3. 18L Group Buy?

    Exactly. Not only do you have to figure in the cost of shipping/import/taxes from China into your European country, but also the shipping/import/tax from your European country to another country. It's going to get really expensive real quick.
  4. Fan Cooling questions

    This happened to me and my KS-16A. I first noticed a problem when I kept getting overpowered warnings after riding about casually for 20 minutes. I compared the temperature of my wheel to my brothers who also rode a KS-16A and saw that I was at 60 C and he was at 50 C. The fan turns on at 50 degrees C. I immediately suspected that the fan went out. So I opened the wheel up, blasted my heat gun carefully towards the circuit board and saw that indeed my fan wasn't turning on when the temperature reached 50 C. I simply replaced it with a new fan and all is good now.
  5. Kingsong 14D speed issue

    The newest firmware makes the very conservative speed settings more tolerable.
  6. My computer crashed and in the process of getting a new one. I will have it up though sometime later.
  7. I'm always blown away by the large number of EUC riders Paris has. Look forward to the day when we can have similar large group rides here in America.
  8. Speed limit on KS16S

    The should set the speed of the different classes of alarms in ascending order with Class 1 being the lowest. The way you have it set up now is causing the "Ollie speed" (ie. tiltback) to not go any higher than 20 km/h. Set your values to this: Class 1 -> 0 Class 2 -> 0 Class 3 -> 35 Ollie -> 35
  9. KS16S overvoltage and vibrations?

    It means that the wheel is reading a voltage level higher than 67 volts. This normally happens when you brake hard or go downhill while your wheel is nearly charged to 100%. In this case though the battery was well below 100% at around 80%, but the wheel incorrectly read 100% (or something above it) causing the vocal warnings. However overvoltage shouldn't cause the shaking and run away speed issues.
  10. KS16S overvoltage and vibrations?

    So I took video of the issue along with the app not to only show Kingsong but for anybody else that might have this issue. Kingsong told me that it's a control board problem so I'll be replacing it with a new one once I receive it. From looking at the battery level when the wheel goes crazy, it seems it thinks the voltage level is higher than 67 volts. It would explain why it would say "over power" and "over wattage", but still don't understand why it would cause the major shaking issue and spin at max RPM forever.
  11. KS14S/D New FW 1.05

    I just tested v1.04 and v1.05. I have the KS-14D. I can say that at around 45% battery with v1.04, I was getting speed limit at around 18 km/h. With v1.05, speed limit was around 22 km/h.
  12. KS14S/D New FW 1.05

    So the other question is the hard tiltback changed to a less aggressive tiltback? The hard tiltback caused one of my friends to fall off.
  13. KS14S Speed Throttling

    I remember having version 1.01 and that was better than 1.02. SW version 1.02 starts to limit at 50% for the 14D. I have asked Kingsong about this too and even though they say they have had no problems with sudden cutoffs with 1.01, they wanted to be extra safe with newer versions.
  14. The Photo Thread

    A couple of shots these past few months deep in the heart of Texas
  15. First ride

    Everybody is confused because there is simply no law explicitly regulating the use of EUCs. Until every city or state has something, we will continue to be in the "wild west" age of EUCs where where and when you can ride is just decided by the opinion of an law enforcement officer. Fortunately for the vast majority of cops in general they don't care and are fine with us riding in public spaces and treating us like regular pedestrians and/or bicyclists.