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  1. So what does this mean for the relationship Inmotion has with American rebranders like Swagtron and Jyro? I detailed the Inmotion rebraded wheels when I was at CES here: Right now, Swagton is selling their Inmotion V3 for $399. Jyro looks like it's still stuck.
  2. The thought goes through my head every now and then to organize some sort of Challenge to all other types of electric ridables. Invite some 3rd party tech site like Wired, CNET, Gizmodo, The verge, ect to conduct the challenge and also invite the best riders for the respective wheels. Have an obstacle course set up the truly simulates the real world that includes pavement, bumps, cracks, ramps, wet road, grass, rail road tracks, tight turns, ect and see who can be the best on handling the course. No doubt a EUC would win especially a Gotway or Kingsong. The closest I've seen of something like this is what Wired did over a year ago. But having hosts who can barely ride an EUC obviously does not show what an EUC can do.
  3. Boosted and other electric skateboards are more popular than EUCs mainly because of marketing and exposure. All of the youtube vloggers either ride Boosted or at least do comprehensive reviews on all electric skateboards. It also helps that regular skateboarding is a lot more popular than regular unicycling, which translates directly into the electric versions. The only way for Casey and the like to really see what they are missing out on is for them to go head-to-head with an EUC. And not just any EUC, but a high end EUC like a Kingsong or Gotway. Because the EUCs that Casey has seen so far have been the low end spec models like the Airwheel and SBU. The Kingsong KS-14C is a nice upgrade but unfortunately he never seriously rode it.
  4. I like the amount of work he puts into making his videos, but really don't care for like 80% of the actual content. But for me, I would like to meet him so I can really show him what EUCs are all about instead of him not taking it seriously as he has done so far. The minute he sees something like the Gotway Msuper V3 smoking his Boosted Board on speed, range, and terrain, I believe he will convert and make a video about it and really cause the popularity of EUCs to rise drastically.
  5. I saw a guy riding in Dallas on the sidewalk on a KS-16A over a year ago. I ran into Jason McNeil on the sidewalk of the Las Vegas strip during CES. I ran into a guy riding a ninebot in Las Vegas and shouted at him "Hey Ninebot!". But he didn't stop and just kept going. Seemed like he was still learning. An original Solowheel rider saw me riding on a parade route (our biggest one) and chased after me. A bar bouncer saw me walking my MSuper V3 in downtown Austin and yelled at me to come over. He has a beat up ninebot but is very good at riding it. His boss (bar owner) rides the Inmotion V3. I ran into an older couple riding the Q-series Airwheels during our "Car-free day". I ran into 3 different EUC riders in Austin last month within the span of just 15 minutes. Segway S1, Kingsong 16S, and Ninebot one. I was completely blown away by that. A cop driving in his cop car stopped me and said "Hey is that a Gotway?" He has one of the MSuper V1 I think.
  6. Probably over 9000
  7. It's scary and fun as hell. You feel like you're water skiing.
  8. What you call "pushing it" I call progress trying to update outdated laws with new technologies. If there is a law that doesn't seem right, then we as American citizens do have the right to protest and talk to lawmakers to hopefully get laws changed for the benefit of the society. Otherwise we will forever be stuck with old outdated laws. From looking at HBMC ordinance, it seems reasonable and consistent that they ban anything with a motor including Segways and e-bikes. Hopefully they stay consistent and apply that to "hoverboards" and small Razer kid-sized scooters. But with that said, what @WARPed1 said brings up a damn good point on the flaw in HBMC (or any government) trying to regulate what is prohibited or not in the name of safety. A bicyclist going 20-30 mph or a skateboarder bombing a decline is just as and probably even more dangerous than any of these small personal electric devices. What we should regulate is not EPAMDs themselves, but the actions you do with the EPAMDs. Therefore cops can go after the people that are riding irresponsibly (speeding, weaving close, ect.) regardless of what they are riding. Hell, they can apply that to something just running irresponsibility. That is why every time I ride I always just say to people that I'm just a one-wheel bicyclist, so therefore I should be treated the same.
  9. Welcome to the forum! My only recommendation for learning on such a powerful wheel is to set the speed limit to around 10 mph and to use a strap. The purpose for this is to still hold onto the wheel when you do lose balance and have to jump off. I've had many instances of people trying to learn on my MSuper and ACM without anything, and the wheel ends up spinning uncontrollably when they lose balance. And I don't only mean the wheel takes off, but body is upside-down and/or sideways but the wheel still is trying to "self-balance" by spinning at 40 mph. It's a very dangerous situation to be in for both you and the wheel. But the minute you get somewhat decent on balancing, remove the strap immediately and you should get a lot better. Good Luck!
  10. I just now found this thread after using Wheel Log for many months. So Thanks @JumpMaster for the excellent app! But the reason why I found this thread is because I am looking at getting the Gear S3 which runs Tizen, but would still be connected to my Android Nexus 6P. Any plans to start your Tizen project back up again @RenaissanceMan? BTW, I recommend maybe moving this thread to General since WheelLog can also connect to Gotway wheels also.
  11. Everything you said is true. There will always be some limit to our wheels or any other electronic device. But the key to all of this is some time of feedback from our electronic devices to let us know when we are about to reach the limits (power, speed, heat, ect.). Good EUCs already do this with over-speed, over-power, overheating, and low-battery through the use of audible alarms/beeps and tilt-back. The solution to the potential over heating wire issue would be some type of temperature sensor that lets us know to stop pushing our EUC up that steep hill. But it looks like there is not such a thing to monitor wire temperature? It would be interesting if someone could customize a clear outer shell and then point an IR camera at the wires so we could see the temperature of the wires in real time.
  12. Awesome. Looks like you need to get another EUC so both of you can ride together
  13. Awesome. I actually thought of this idea too so I actually got the same non-powered treadmill. I then installed pull-up bars in my garage for me to grab onto. But like you said, I am worried about the belts and other components breaking. So I've held off on really doing anything for now. Look forward to your finished project.
  14. Wow I'm glad you're ok @Marty Backe! Good that you were able to capture it on video. Interesting for you that it was almost instant while for me I was able to ride the wobble for about a second before I fell off. What was your battery level at by the way? For me it was around 50% and since I've charged it back up, I haven't been able to recreate the issue even when dropping off curbs although I do feel like is almost on the verge of doing so. But maybe I need to get the battery level down to 50% again for this behavior to happen.
  15. Did the wheel beep or tiltback at you at all?