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  1. And she says "Take care" twice in a row to try to get your attention. Unfortunately that wasn't enough to prevent my first (and worst) crash I had on an EUC.
  2. I noticed this too when I ride with my full face helmet and try to be extra cautious when going at higher speeds on a lower battery. I will also say that it would be better if Gotway included a 2nd speaker (possibly on the other side of the shell) to not only increase volume, but also have redundancy in case a speaker goes out. Kingsong's having 2 or 4 speakers is yet another case why Kingsong's are the best wheel when it comes to safety.
  3. Anyone ever used the Swagroller?

    I rode it at CES this year and last year. It is just a repackaged Inmotion V3 and their Swagtron's engineer even admitted so. It's fine for what it is at that price point.
  4. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    Dan, I glad your accident was not worse than it could have been. Sad to see you go though. I had a blast riding with you and should be able to get my footage out here soon so you can have that for your good memories that these electric unicycles have provided.

    While I was at CES, I came across a full face helmet with a built in wide-angle back camera that projects the video feed directly in front of you slightly above your eyes. It's something I've been looking for for a while and surprised it hasn't been done sooner. It is pretty expensive though (>$1500)
  6. CES 2018 Mini-report

    Good showing of electric unicycles @Jason McNeil with your booth even with the ridiculous CES security breathing down your necks. Swagtron, Fastwheel, Gyroor and other similar ridable companies on the Sands Hall A-D (2nd floor) seemed to have no security at all since they let people freely ride all over the place. That DJ that @Stan Onymous ran into is known as Spindizzy on KVEG Las Vegas and he works with and/or sponsored by Solowheel. I ran into him riding around on the 2nd floor Sands and had to literally chase him down on my Msuper V3s+ so my friend could talk to him. Great to meet all of you guys though and look forward to more EUC representation at other events in the future!
  7. The Photo Thread

    Yep you are 100% correct even down to the MSuper V3 pads.
  8. The Photo Thread

    Rode all the way up to the Hollywood Sign today. And we had to pick the one day out of the entire year where it decided to rain. But our EUCs did an excellent job handling the conditions. Video coming later.
  9. The Photo Thread

    It sure was a blast! You guys in California sure are very lucky to be able to have nearly perfect weather to ride in all year round. Here's a picture of our wheels together near the end of our ride. It'll be a while for me to compile all of the footage I have since I plan on shooting more the rest of this week for CES, but it will post the footage later.

    Nice meetup! I look forward to meeting up with you guys this weekend!
  11. Visiting LA

    Ok I see what you mean about the horses. Definitely will follow your advice. And thanks for the track. Hopefully we will have enough time to do a nice ride around Griffin park to Hollywood. No Monica. She is still in Ohio and hasn't ridden ever since the temperature has dropped below 40.
  12. Visiting LA

    Thanks for the info Marty! I wish you were able to show us around. For the Hollywood Sign ride, I was planning on following the directions laid out by this video. Is there another route that's better? There are Horse Carriages that go all the steep incline up to the Hollywood Sign? I'll keep your advice in mind though if we do run across them. It is interesting though that you mention that type of behavior from the horses when I've had no issues in Texas riding next to Horse-drawn carriages on downtown city streets. Then again maybe Horses that are trained to be right next to loud cars and trucks would be more calm than Horses not used to that.
  13. Visiting LA

    So me and 3 other EUC riders will be visiting LA next weekend. I've been roughly planning to ride the 22 mile path from Miramar Park to Santa Monica Beach and also ride Huntington Beach. Also want to ride up to the Hollywood Sign. Any other good riding spots to hit up? Would love to meet up with some of you LA locals to ride around. https://goo.gl/maps/Cna1dNPBwuF2
  14. San Diego CA (USA)

    I'm visiting from Texas next weekend. Look forward to joining you guys for the next ride.

    Yeah I've told people to load their wheel exactly this way too because I've had a couple of people completely mess up their fingers and hand from grabbing the tire.