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  1. It is definitely challenging to start up on any degree of incline. Once it gets going there is plenty of power. It is like taking off in 3rd gear. Had a chance to try out a couple other brands. The 16" V8 does not have a sluggish start or any of the 18" Solowheels I was able to try. Turn up the initial starting torque. Starting on your tiptoes with a full lean while you wait for it, wait for it, wait for it, it's starting to move, glad I didn't tip over, now it's rolling, is not a good thing. I let a couple experienced riders try the 16S. 'Once it gets going...' Is a comment I heard more than once.
  2. I just rode 30 miles today. I climbed a bunch of hills. Still have plenty of range left in the battery. my initial impressions haven't changed much. The 16S rides much stiffer then the 14C but I'm getting used to it. Things I don't quite like is that it starts and accelerates slowly compared to the less powerful 14C. It does not like starting on inclines. Hopefully the sluggish starts will be addressed in upcoming firmwear updates. There is not enough peddle input. Going up a hill requires aggressive forward lean, to the point you will nearly fall off to maintain speed or accelerate. Same on your heels going downhill or when breaking. I am able to compensate by forcing the body of the wheel forward or back by squeezing my legs, but that is a lot of effort. It climbs well after you adjust your riding style to use the clamp of death to force a lean. The 16S travels distance much better than the 14. Better on nearly all terrain. Very stable at speed. Tilt back is not concerning when it happens. I am liking the 16S much better the more I ride it.
  3. I just installed a new motor and am waiting on a new 40 amp fuse to see if all is good. Hope I can avoid replacing the motherboard.
  4. I just got a replacement motor for my 14C. The axle looks the same as original in material and fabrication. I will be doing a dye test to check for cracks. Plan to repeat crack check every few months. Another thing I've heard is that there was a recent wiring change to accommodate a circuit board update. Make sure the motor that's shipped connects to the board you have. Otherwise you will have to update the circuit board too.
  5. The 14C peddle side slope angle measures about 10 degrees, the16S measures near 7 degrees. Both are fairly pronounced. The KingSong's have a stiff ride. More responsive but harder on the lower legs. After you toughen up its no longer a concern. The only other wheel I have ever demo'ed was a SoloWheel. It felt like somewhere between skiing deep powder and dancing on a waterbed. Weirdly comfortable but not quite right.
  6. I just got my KS16S up and running. These are my initial impressions of the KS16S as it compares to my KS14C. I've only put a couple miles on the 16 so let's not call this a review. A little background. I rode the 14C 800 watt motor with 640 watt hour battery a few thousand miles in the last year. I commute with it 25 miles a day most days. I use it for errands. I almost forgot how to walk. It did most everything well. Some things not so well. It was a little small for the rougher sections of the commute and tended to overheat on the hills. If it didn't break I would still be ridding it. The 16S rides like a KingSong. Most of the difference is just because it's a bigger wheel. The 16S is a lot heavier than the 14C. The 16 weighs 37.2 lbs on my bathroom scale vs 30 lbs for the 14. It turns tighter then expected. At angles the 14 would scrape peddles the 16 still clears the ground. The 14 is still way more maneuverable as expected but the 16 is no slouch. I keep expecting to drag a peddle and have to step off but it hasn't happened yet. The 14 peddles are notoriously slippery. The 16 peddles have grip tape to the other extreme, might as well be Velcro. You have to lift your foot completely off to reposition. I didn't notice much difference in the feel of the padding. The 16 is wider but it doesn't feel that different from the 14. Cons so far and these may change as I gain experience on the 16: peddles feel too short. Riding up or down a steep slope feels like I need more peddle or I am going to tip off the front or back. I feel I need more leverage to stop and go; Perceived lack of torque. The 16 had problems starting up a hill that the 14 could easily start up on. Once going the 16 with 1200 watts easily powered up what the 14 struggled with. The bigger wheel is more stable at speed. Bad sidewalks are so much more rideable. Curbs with the bigger wheel do not feel easier to yet. Overall I think I am going to like the 16S for commuting.
  7. That was the solution. Thanks.
  8. First of first of all thanks to user May for the contact email for KingSong support. was the support contact for KingSong. This contact is not listed anywhere I could find. All communications was in English over the WeChat app. Flora's English is better than mine. She should write the user manual. I was sent an android app and instructions in word format. The app is in Chineese. Thankfully the instructions are in English. Flora stated the iPhone app is buggy and that they are working on it. Screenshot of the app. . The line starting with KS16... is the serial number field. You want to change this to match the serial number sticker on the peddles of your wheel. I can't read Chineese but it looks like you can change more than the serial number field. Screenshot of the instructions. The app searches for and connects to the wheel. You must connect through the app. Just follow step one instructions. I have not been asked by KingSong to keep the app private. The fix is being pushed out to affected distributors to send to those needing it. Hopefully it is a small number. I don't know if the app can override speed settings to stupid levels or cause it to brick so I am reluctant to be responsible for the wide distribution of it.
  9. All fixed. Thanks KingSong. You need a special app to set the serial number. I will be posting a follow up with the steps it took after I get back from my first ride.
  10. Screenshot of the app without a serial number displayed.
  11. I just recieved a new KS16S. It seems that the factory is shipping a number of these out without a serial number assigned. When I turn it on I get 4 lights and continous beeping. I am able to connect via the app. I can change settings but no serial number is displayed. I am afraid of riding it when the software is in an error state. Jason at EWheels is looking for a factory fix for the issue. I have contacted KingSong through the KingSong support page and any English language email addresses I could find. No response yet. Don't bother calling the KingSong 803 area code support number in the app, it rings to some clueless guy in South Corolina. If anyone has resolved the serial number issue please share how it was done. I will provide an update when I get this fixed.
  12. My 14C peddle started rubbing too, right before the post sheared off. Check for a cracked or bent post. If it's either you will need a replacement motor housing. Once a crack starts forming on the post it can break at any moment. I would stop riding it. If the peddle is dented than the washer fix is ok. You can tell if it's the peddle by swapping the peddles to the opposite side. If it's only bad on one side you have a post problem.
  13. I just recieved my 16S too. I have the 4 LED light and beeps just like you. What number did you call for support? The only US support number listed in the app is for a guy in South Carolina that has never heard of an electric unicycle. I predict that poor guy is going to be pissed.
  14. The orientation of the wheel is sensed by the control board when it is turned on. All it cares about is how vertical and horizontal the unit is at startup and provides adjustment and feedback from there. Interesting point you make. Because with the right mount to the shell it could be possible to have a 360 degree tilt back function.
  15. I was thinking of pulling the axle and rewelding it myself but decided it was too risky. I haven't fully disassembled my wheel yet but it appears at least from the wired side that the axle is fairly integrated with the electric motor. You would probably have to cut the power and control wire bundle to get the axle out plus decoupleing it from the motor housing while not damaging anything. Doable with massive effort, tools, and expertise. Might be fun.