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  1. Picked Up By Uber

    Yes, pretty cold temperature. I took a short ride at 45F yesterday and wished I had put on gloves.
  2. This might be good, but if it was electrically assisted might be better.https://www.elliptigo.com/
  3. Picked Up By Uber

    That seems to be decent range, considering the hill climbing and time riding. Was it chilly today, that could affect the range a bit?
  4. are there any fake gotway teslas?

    The brand name KWHEEL the wattage: >500w and the voltage:2000W do not make sense to me. But it could just be a bad translation. @master255 used to know of a shop in Russia that sold wheels, but he hasn't been on the forum since August. If you search his posts, you should find more information.
  5. L.A visit

    There are several places in LA to rent electric bicycles. Here is one of them.http://www.laflyrides.com/bike-rentals/ Looks like it would be fun. They also can recommend good places to see.

    24 mile ride through the English countryside. Isn't that @Norwich Girl on the ACM?
  7. Just bought one!

    That's a screaming good deal, the lowest price I've ever seen for an E+. Plus, it's from NinbotUS, so you have good dealer support.
  8. The yes, no, or maybe thread.

    Why was this expedition following me, and who was that hottie? OMG she was hot. Damn, I should have had the camera rolling.
  9. The yes, no, or maybe thread.

    Yes. Riding in the park, saw some tourists walking and looking at the scenery. I backed off and went away from them. Eventually, I met them again. They were very nice. A couple of them asked questions about the wheel. That seemed very strange. Almost like they were checking out the data that the wheel had sent back.
  10. Disable Blue tooth & add a key

    I don't think so. Have you turned on all permissions on your phones, including location? There have been a lot of people lately having trouble connecting their app to various brands of wheel, until they enable permissions.
  11. Is this the one where you borrowed an old Czech press?
  12. An a130 replacement?

    What about the Luffy, 10 inch wheel, low power.

    Not the bend in the road, the speed he was going. He was flying!
  14. Looking for a lightweight EU for a 6yo kid

    Nobody seems to have mentioned the Luffy. It's a 10 inch wheel.

    Holy crap!