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  1. Super clear video, sharp with no jello, the colors are very bright. Even the far away buildings across the water were sharp and clear.
  2. On ninebot, I think in one of Speedyfeets videos he turned on the wheel while charging and said as the charge goes up, so do the leds in the light ring. I know KS has the light ring, you might try leaving it on while charging and see if the leds go up while charging, checking the wheel every so often, and unplugging at the next to the highest leds. That should be around 90% However, it might not be possible to charge while the wheel is on, just putting a suggestion out there to try.
  3. The first couple times I plugged wheel first then wall and got spark at the charge port. Now I always plug wall first then wheel and no spark. That's strange that the instructions are opposite of the way most people do it.
  4. Wow, so that's how the new function works in the new app! Very cool! So, it overlays the app readout on the camera? Awesome! I had seen that in the app but didn't know it worked like that. This is the first time someone has posted this. I was wondering why the speedometer was smaller in the new app and now I know, so as to not obstruct the camera view! It's like a heads up display now. it looks like you could ride the wheel just by looking at the phone, and know at all times the battery status and speed, almost like flying a racing drone with the goggles. Looks like it works best on a cloudy day. I can't even see my phone in full sunlight. Great photos! Thanks!
  5. I can't carry my Ninebot One for more than one minute at a time. Did you see Speedyfeet's video of the I5? If you get one, get the one with the 20700"s. To me it looks like a good EUC, but it is only a 14" tire. It looks like a briefcase, a stealth wheel that one could take anywhere. I think @Tilmann has one, but might be mistaken.
  6. that looks like an Arkansas pig packer (carrier) Now I have to check Netflix for TH1138 and see if it is still available.
  7. As far as the pedals dipping, my ninebot does that also, the slower and sharper the turn, the more noticeable. I don't notice it going around shallow curves only low speed sharp turns. Saw your video, you rode a long way and had the turn, but maybe slowed down to step off speed just before you headed back. You can ride pretty good already, especially filming at the same time. But to get back on topic, try turning the wheel around and ride it that way once of twice, before you set it back to zero. See how it feels in a straight line, if you don't like it just turn the wheel around again, it's kind of fun to see what a difference it can be. It doesn't seem to matter which way the ninebot is facing when I ride, but right now the pedals are not level, and even doing the app calibration, it doesn't feel level so I ride it turned around backwards with the power button in back. Might be my shoes are sloped, though.
  8. Use the egg salad sandwich grip. I heard a golfer describing his putting grip and calling it that. What are your choices so far?
  9. That's what I wanted to see! Longer warranty, new app, and updates. They are turning into Ninebot. The US is lawsuit happy. I am going to order the original Solowheel at $699, just to compare it to the Ninebot. And if I don't like it, I can sell it for the original price of 1500 dollars to someone who doesn't know what the market is.
  10. That is going to be what everyone will want to know. Why haven't Solowheel said if there are any improvements internally to the Inmotion wheels they have rebranded? If only the name has changed, the price increase is bad. It will be interesting to see a comparison of the original V8 to the Glide. Who wants to bet that the Glide has Solowheel firmware, and that's why it is so smooth that they renamed it the Glide?
  11. I noticed that, on the Seattle Solowheel website, the original Solowheel is $699. I'm tempted to buy one now, before, they were way overpriced. So the original is now a good starter wheel, and then they have two premium models, the Extreme and the Glide. Marketing is getting better!
  12. All good points, what struck me is the idea you brought up, what if Solowheel firmware is being installed on these Inmotion wheels? Solowheels are supposedly safer than most wheels, the firmware might be where the cost difference comes in, and like you said, meant for Western riders. I know Solowheels are supposed to be restricted to slow speeds, but there have been no reports of cutouts or wiring problems, maybe because so few people own them, so who knows. So you would have a newer wheel, with much larger batteries and range than Solowheel, and the lights and other features of the Inmotion wheels, with better firmware. That could explain the higher price. Solowheel has some new models now that someone else designed and manufactured, and Inmotion has the better firmware. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the next couple of months.
  13. Not on a Ninebot, you have to turn the wheel off to save the settings. You can change the riding sensitivity while riding, but it won't take effect until you turn restart the wheel. ALAFAIK At least as far as the riding mode. I haven't tried to calibrate the level while riding. That's a good idea! Except, no, the wheel has to be locked to calibrate, and you cannot lock it while riding. You can change the riding mode while riding, but it won't change until the next restart. I imagine all good wheels do that. Especially Kingsong and Gotway. And then the app and firmware take over,
  14. Yeah, but they're getting paid to ride around on scooters. How cool is that?
  15. That gimbal works great! You changed the angles and got very steady video. The music sounds familiar. Can you do the angle facing forward at eye level?