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  1. Backpack for 14” EUC

    Why you want to carry it? It carries you. Oh, you want to carry 30 pounds on your back. Just get a pack and fill it up with dirt. Good exercise.
  2. help please my ks-18s only charging to 90%

    If you haven't found a multimeter yet, and there is a Harbor Freight tool store nearby, you can get one for about $12. Easiest thing to check first is the voltage at the charger plug, then the battery packs individually. I still think you should try running them down to about 50% three or four times and see if the voltage goes up, It would be interesting to know what the charger outputs are. If they are a little low, sometimes you can take the case off and turn a potentiometer to raise the voltage to 67.2V
  3. How hard can I push my ACM?

    I would suggest that you take it off the charger, wait until tomorrow, then try charging it again while you are near the wheel. Can't be too safe. With a major problem like you had, you should probably send it to a maintenance facility for diagnosis. I think you might have gotten a bad wheel.
  4. How hard can I push my ACM?

    But the wheel is rideable now? At least that is one good thing. What about the battery voltage, have you tried charging up fully since the repair? Is the speed limiter set too low? I know you had it set higher before the malfunction. You might want to contact a reseller for repairs, but that would cost about 60 dollars shipping both ways plus labor and parts. Maybe get another wheel and use the one you have for parts. BTW, that was some excellent shrink tubing work, red on red black on black and very neat. I would have just got black and put it on everything.
  5. Deleting or pausing profile

    I know of one other person on the forum with two accounts and two user names. (Not me) Probably sign out of the one you don't want and just use the first one and don't worry about it.
  6. Deleting or pausing profile

    Probably PM one of the moderators, or just sign out if you just want to pause the account.
  7. Hovering the mouse cursor over Joey's name showed that he hasn't visited the forum since October. Might have better luck on Facebook.
  8. youtube alldaywheel, the 16th video, at the end shows the suspension. It's called the Max. Might not be the same wheel @Stan Onymous was talking about, the video didn't show him going over a piece of wood.
  9. Dream Electric Unicycle

    Oh, now I understand.
  10. What ever happened to:

    Yeah, that was a weird time. I wondered about that also.
  11. Dream Electric Unicycle

    What does that mean? Never mind, I don't want to know.
  12. What ever happened to:

    I came across a youtube video by supersport just a couple days ago. It was a camera review on a motorcycle. Maxlinux has a youtube channel under Bryan BryanT with over 1000 subscribers, not much activity lately. I looked up IPS121 review and found it, he did some reviews on some of his wheels about a year ago. He used to post riding videos but not anymore.
  13. How hard can I push my ACM?

    In that case if you Google how to solder XT60 connectors, several videos pop up. I've watched a couple in the past, pretty helpful. Good luck with your repair. Or just look at the post above
  14. How hard can I push my ACM?

    Find a hobby shop that sells RC cars and drones. They solder xt60's all the time. I changed the connectors on my quadcopter from Deans to XT60 at Hobby Lobby, and they didn't even charge for the labor, just the connectors.
  15. help please my ks-18s only charging to 90%

    That could be the reason, you are supposed to let the batteries cool down to room temperature before connecting the charger. Maybe a few more charge cycles will condition the batteries to take more charge.