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  1. Has anybody Heard of this?

    That's what I am thinking. You have to admit, the website is well made with multiple photos and pages, along with video.
  2. That second video was funny, here is the preview to the new Kingsman movie. https://goo.gl/zMsCSH
  3. KS16S overvoltage and vibrations?

    Wow, that's some weird behaviour! Good video showing exactly what it's doing. It's good that you are getting a new board. I wonder if unplugging the batteries and pressing the power switch to drain the capacitors would reset it? Probably not, something is looking defective. Maybe the shaking and spinning at max RPM forever is a way to drain the battery to a safe charge level? But it doesn't help because the board is faulty?
  4. KS16S overvoltage and vibrations?

    Thanks, good to know someone in Texas has Kingsong.
  5. EUC Umbrella

    Wear a lightweight rain suit.

    Me neither, but I wonder what camera was filming?

    It looks like he got a good test pilot from his old company. He made Gotway the performance company by that way.
  8. Thanks for reminding me of one of the better action movies ever. Hollywood and unreal, but kind of fun to watch.
  9. Good for you, those street watches are all fake. Probably someday a watch street vendor will flash fake Apple watches. I bought a fake Citizen watch from a street vendor once, it looked nice but was bad quality. Wouldn't keep the time right, ran too fast.
  10. The Photo Thread

    Beautiful photo, the water is so calm.
  11. This bike has to have that, right? Otherwise how could he wheely so far? Starting at about 15 seconds in.


    You're right of course I Thought those pool noodles looked familiar somehow! I saw that video too.
  14. KS16S overvoltage and vibrations?

    I might have missed it before, do you have a link to the dealer?

    I think that was a Rockwheel 12 inch geared unicycle. But it sounds like the geared Gotway MTen, so I have no idea. Some impressive offroading! Spun for a couple seconds while on it's side. Maybe it was the owner of Rockwheel filming, remember that video you said he was riding tiltback like a boss, the speed test against some other wheel?