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  1. I don't know about the Soloshot, but what about the hidden wave runner that keeps the surfboard above the water?
  2. My younger brother used to sleep with his eyes open, kind of freaked the whole family out. Rabbits are good pets, I think they like to eat lettuce, but not that cheap stuff, not iceberg, have you mixed it up with Romaine? And what about cabbage?
  3. Holy crap, I just followed the link you posted above, lots of videos I will have to check out!
  4. I did not know that, but that is good news. You should always let batteries cool down to room temperature before recharging. They need to stabilize before going back up in charge, or it stresses the batteries too much. This makes me think the Ninebot has some pretty good design for safety and longevity. Good also that you turned it off for a time to let it cool down.
  5. That's a tribute to your good video reviews. You must be doing something right Ali Shanmao has a similar channel, mostly for drones and planes. After he gets too many items he has a garage sale. Most of the items are like new, only used once for the video. Quadcopter 101 does something similar, except he mainly used to review low cost quadcopters and would donate them to people. Your videos are very good, I think you will have great success.
  6. Doesn't matter that it's in German, google translate works well. Nice reviews, the Jakkyl hde looks like the winner.
  7. Is it still under warranty? If not maybe you could send it to Ewheels to be checked out, might cost a couple hundred dollars. You're right, it shouldn't be doing that.
  8. Now I get it. Just entertwine some drone footage, with short shots of the principals! Drone footage is overrated anyway. What I like is helmet cam footage.
  9. I had that idea, too. But to find a drone pilot that could do it without stopping down the ride would be difficult.
  10. Sorry, boss, I'm just the idea man. I only want point 1 percent up to a million dollars.
  11. And at the end of the ride, a second drone rises, and then descends at the end of the tour. Because a drone can't fly for more than about 25 minutes. To get air footage of a one hour ride is almost impossible.
  12. The tour starts from Marty's perch, the drone rises, the group descends to the observatory. Everyone gets a memory stick of the ride.
  13. And don't forget about the optional drone footage!