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  1. Just saw a Gotway video on facebook where the wheel hit a small bump in the road and started oscillating so bad the guy had to get off. Weird
  2. So, Propane is more energy dense than gasoline. That's interesting, Propane powered forklifts are common, but almost no forklifts are powered by gasoline. Propane is nice because you can change out the tanks easily, but refilling them takes a specialized truck and pump. And repair facilities must have dedicated areas to work on vehicles with Propane fuel. It is such a waste to have to empty the fuel system by burning off the Propane. I asked a technician once, why can't they just pump out the Propane back in to the refueling truck, and he said, oh, it might be contaminated. Obviously would not work with cars, nobody wants to change tanks on their cars. To get back on topic, @Bob Eisenman, are there any generators powered by small (enough to fit in a backpack) Propane tanks? Any gasoline powered engine can run on Propane with an adapter kit, but the smallest tanks I've seen weigh about 50 pounds. I guess I should ask, what is the smallest Propane tank? Never mind, Google, here I go! Ah, you can get a two pack of 4 ounce propane tanks for about $6.74 at Walmart. Well, that would solve the problem of gasoline leaking in the backpack.
  3. That is so cool is the number one comment.
  4. That was funny! Luffy tired, Monster carry home.
  5. If you knew someone with a KS16S, and you got your ACM repaired, and the batteries were the same size, the two of you could try that hill, keeping the same speed, and see which one gets the farthest. If the rider weights were not the same, adjust with backpack weights to equalize. Of course, on that hill, they probably both would burn up. I was amazed that the ACM did as well as it did, very impressive! Great video of the ride, showing different angles from two cameras, you guys must be in the film industry. Just noticed you said KingKong.
  6. I've had similar things happen but not to that degree. Where everything seems to be going fine, but in the back of your mind something feels not quite right, but you think to yourself, aww, it's nothing. You had a premonition. Hope you got checked out and are okay!
  7. It looks like there is no good reason to update the firmware, according to the chart. Thanks for posting it and thanks to @Vik's for finding it.
  8. Holy crap, what is that truck? It says Dodge Rebel is that a special edition? First one I've seen, looks badass! Minor damage, lake water is not corrosive, (except for small electronics like electric unicycles) That Kingsong is kaput! My older brother got his Mustang stuck in the river bottom right before a big rain, it was completely submerged for a day, after my dad paid a farmer to pull it to dry ground with his tractor, he attached a tow rope and pulled it home while I steered. Took hours to wipe off about an 1/16 inch of silt, but after changing the fluids, the 1966 Mustang still ran and was sold later. Hey, wait a minute, why was I the one who cleaned it up, and not the older brother that caused the problem in the first place? I don't remember him helping much, too bad I didn't ask him, too late now. Looks like the truck had the rain sensing wipers LOL.
  9. That hill that @Marty Backe and @Sven climbed makes the Kingsong test ramp look ridiculous. I think Gotway is fine the way they are, that hill was extreme. Still. it would have been so cool to have a Kingsong 16 or 18 on that ride to see what would the Kingsong do.
  10. Good point. You could update to 1.4.0. however, and be even safer than 1.2.5. Supposed to be safer than earlier versions. I don't know about that, mine will get up to 15mph without beeps or tiltback. Only tried it for a few seconds on a full charge.
  11. That reminds me of the duty cycle for my portable wire fed welder. In the manual it says it can run for two minutes max, and then cooled down for eight minutes. 20% duty cycle. So like you said before, probably the wheel can climb steep hills for a couple of minutes, then should be allowed to cool down for about 8 minutes, then can climb again for two and so on. Maybe @Marty Backe like you said, you could probably climb that hill again with no damage if you stopped for cool down after each couple minutes climb. A built in tiltback based on load would be nice. But like you said Marty, it's the wire design that needs to be improved also.
  12. The coast guard is doing it wrong, it's not possible that they had tall ships, unless @Bob Eisenman photoshopped it. Or I missed something in American history. Long story short, It's too deep, too deep! Uh Oh, Bob, You weren't in the Coast Guard, were you? Gosh darn it, if I could have got a job in the Coast Guard, I would have retired from there. Those lucky MF'ers. Now I tell some jokes. Cats ass rats ass dirty old, wait a minute, Mary Brown swore that no man would ever lay her down, but over the hill comes Piss Pot Pete, carrying 20 pounds of swinging, uh, tough titty said the kitty, but the milks still good, Anyways, my ship was in drydock in Boston, and I met some great people up there, and will always have fond memories of Boston. Except for the powerhouse bar and the triple parking and the dangerous driving.
  13. Thanks for bringing back some great memories!
  14. Impossible, at 20-30% you can not have full speed!
  15. an I remember that video! What a cool bike! AND, THAT LEOPARD SKIN DRESS