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  1. No, it's a great idea! In fact I use it for touch up paint on Ford trucks, it almost matches Ford's Oxford white paint that is used on all of their white trucks. Yes, It's called Whiteout here.
  2. Running with the wheel off while trolleying? Will try that this saturday when I ride my Ninebot. Seems like an antitheft feature?
  3. You could put Loci method expert in your subscript. How do you know all this stuff? This is weird, but as soon as I quoted you, and scrolled back up, a new post appeared that wasn't there before.
  4. Holy crap that's a huge building! It looked like they were making about fifty eleven different things.
  5. Those are some funky EUC riding shoes! Flat soled and with the lights built in! They look great on your custom ninebot.
  6. At one point, it looked like he was texting on his phone while going up and down the ramp. I liked the warnings the Kingsong was giving, like, "Warning, overpower, and "Warning, battery low".
  7. The OK GO video where they were riding the Honda wheels that you sit on and they go where you lean?
  8. That looks a little strange, he only hit a small rise and the wheel died. That looks like a poor quality board that even a little spike in power killed it. To me that looks like a warranty repair, he was riding smoothly, not that fast, hit a small bump and poof!
  9. Yeah, that must be the video I saw, after watching again, I had forgotten how many tricks you had invented.
  10. It looks pretty good to me, would you consider selling it for, aboout $700 dollars?
  11. @smallexis I tried to give you a reputation point for the good information, but have reached my limit for the day.
  12. Oh, I was thinking it slowed down a lot more than 2-3 kph, I was thinking it dropped the speed down to a very slow speed. That's interesting information. And good advice about the risk of downgrading the firmware.
  13. Psychic Summoner! Just tried copy and paste for the first time. Tried to give a rep for the videos but can give no more today, reached the limit. Amazing videos! Weird, after copy paste Psychic Summoner, everything else I type is in the same color.
  14. In one of Speedyfeet's first video test of a Gotway, i think it was the MSuper, Ian said that he fried the board by riding through deep sand. After he replaced the board the wheel worked fine, but he recommended never to ride in deep sand because it will overload the board.
  15. Wow, you guys had quite an adventure! I bet that got picked up by the local news, with the helicopter rescue and all. 16 hrs, whew!