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  1. KS16S with 840Wh battery and 1200W motor, integrated handle, lights, loudpeakers and side lights is 17,2 kg... it would be really bad design if the newest most advanced design of the high budget company with 1000wh battery would be 22kg... this 18 inch size comes from the baloon type tire and wider rim, so wheel rim diameter is probably similar to 16 inch type. baloon type tire, 12-14 pcs of cells more and wider rim should not weight 5kg extra... My guess is that 1000wh model should be below 20 kg if well designed.... in fact in 18-19 kg range without the handle... Anyway - NINEBOT EU guys - please be active and tell us if You will show Z series on IFA fairs in Berlin in two weeks.?
  2. Great! - Thank You for the photos. I see following issues with this design: no side lights - when I approach the street crossing on my KS16S now - I do not need to worry that drivers will "unnotice" my red and blue (well known colors for drivers) side lights... especially in the afternoon/evening I wonder how this nice handle will look after first tumble crash .... also the mud flap... will it stay or fly away? lower part of the handle "kickstand" may not look so good after a few too slow jumps down from higher curbs... there is no easy way to open pedals by kicking them (something i really like in the Kingsong KS16S...) What I would like to see as useful in this design: ability to climb higher curbs / pass through bigger holes comfort of the ride on cobblestones etc strong front light (nicely placed higher) torque of the 1800W motor speed (but this is secondary matter - I think that 35 km/h is already quite enough..) Anyway - I need to see it / ride it / review it ASAP - can You please Ninebot EU guys let us know if You are going to show Z series on IFA in Berlin please?
  3. Also - can anybody from NINEBOT confirm if on IFA fairs in Berlin (1-6 of September) You are going to show the Z models? I will be happy to visit Your stand in such case...
  4. More pictures please! Any other more detailed news about the weight? ALSO if Ninebot people watch this thread ( I am sure they are ) PLEASE modify lower part of the pedals in such way that it is possible to kick the pedal to put it down as in this movie
  5. I am also in EU - If there is the chance for the group buy I am in also... 1300-1500 USD is the kind of price I can pay for Z10, but 2500 USD -sorry no way. KS16S is good enough... and with around 1100-1200 USD price tag it is reasonable value for money. EU dealers wants to earn slightly too much too quickly...
  6. Yes, 70 km is for sure extrapolated/best conditions. I use wheel on the daily basis as my main mean of transport. Car just sits in the garage as long as my hypermarket supplies are still around... I do not know yet if 30% means really 30% range.... I try not to experiment with full discharge if I do not have to... I try to stay between 30-94 % of charge as long as possible - if conditions allow
  7. With moderate speeds (city sightseeing 15-20 km/h) in hot weather (higher battery efficiency) I have made over 50 km with still 30% power left, but I never had the occasion to really make "full discharge" I make sometimes 60-70 km /day but with break in the mid day - so I charge the wheel back to 70-90 %. I use charge doctor daily, and make full charge every one week / 10 days.
  8. Slightly erratic/quick review of the KS16S after two months of use / 1300 km. Movie also include short description of mods .. Please subscribe to my channel if possible. Thank You in advance. More technical detailed review - after 2000km... (it will also be colder, yesterday we had 35 degrees Celsius.... ;-) ) My unit is in daily use / I ride every day, so it has not been prepared in any special way for the review / cleaned / waxed / silicone covered or any other beauty mods applied... Few words related to Gotway are based on my friend experience with broken motor after 1 week of use - 84V Gotway ACM 1600wh ...
  9. Slightly erratic/quick review of the KS16S after two months of use / 1300 km. Movie also include short description of mods .. Please subscribe to my channel if possible. Thank You in advance. More technical detailed review - after 2000km... (it will also be colder, yesterday we had 35 degrees Celsius.... ;-) ) I have counted the days - I use KS16S for 53 days now, so this is 24,67 km/day
  10. KS16S spacer attached, it was designed to fit 20x5mm round neodymium magnet inside. Print two pcs, double sided tape works good enough to to keep it in place on the side of the wheel. KS16S magnetic pedals side spacer.stl
  11. I have tested KS14 few days ago and for me it is just not the "right thing" Maybe I am to much used to the 16" so I do not "admire" 14" enough.., but for me it looks like good wheel for the ladies, or for those for whom size matters. In my opinion - it is not THAT much smaller to be worth to sacrifice better holes/curbs handling, speed, etc. See comparison between KS14 and KS16S below
  12. - I hope that unless You break something there should be no major service issues with KS16S in warranty period... There is not many reports in general about quality issues with Kingsong, and this is their top of the line product.. - Can You please confirm that 1RadWerkstatt suggested / provided You with the 8A charger for KS16S? This is interesting to know ... With the 70 km range I see not so many occasions to need fast charging, as it will in some way decrease the life of the batteries (even if charging is still below 1C) but it would be good to know that 1RadWerkstatt tested and approved such solution. Unless You go for the trip outside the city I see no so many chances to make more than 60 km in 1 day (and for inexperienced users it will be big physical effort) . With 5k km experience - I can do 60-80 km / day but I feel a bit tired after such trip. (I have made around 300 km in less than 10 days now of owning KS16S now) I use charge doctor (on daily basis charging it only to 90% at for me it is usually more than enough range, and every week/10 charges - charge it once to 100%) - so In emergency cases I can use 2 pcs of 2Amp chargers in parallel to get the wheel charged quicker.nn
  13. For such size and measures - do not bother with 14 inch - get 16 inch Probably the best wheel on the market now is KS16S - looks the same as KS16 from outside but inside - it is whole new wheel inside - new mainbord, new motor, new pedals, new side leds ... etc -improved a lot. I have made over 250km in the first week of use - and I confirm what I have said before. Also - I have no time now to answer in details - see here
  14. Hi Christoph - I have passed 220 km on mine KS16S today (after one full week of use) and no visible signs of wear on my grip tape. In fact I had to un-glue the edges of tape while accessing the screws to make magnetic pedals mod, so the tape had been weaker on the edges. For the previous mod on the regular KS16 I have thrown away the rubber inserts and replaced them with 3d printed inserts and grip tape also. Buy online or in skate shop the sheet of grip tape - it is huge - (as it has to fit longboard) so from one sheet You will easily cut 4-5 sets for the wheel. The other way will be to order original stickers form the place You have purchased the wheel.. but most likely they do not have those stickers yet. (and for sure it will be more expensive solution)
  15. I do not have Iphone unfortunately... I confirm that the firmware in my KS16S is 1.02 - production date for my wheel is 2017 June 08 (however this version is not available online / as upgrade)