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  1. KS14D performance on hills

    thats a better description... but actually the battery is not getting empty because of this normal occuring voltage drop. the "Charge" is still there. so as the voltage drop under draw can get up to 30% on a small battery, i would not advise to do such long draws on a very low battery. but also: to prevent cutouts from voltage drops normally our BMS are designed not to cut the battery off/low voltage protection on exact 0% on a 67volt wheel 0% is about 52-53volt....the to low voltage protection of a KS BMS only would jump in at 48volt...aka -20% or so. So as long as you hear to your warnings you are safe.
  2. when will the heathill video come? eagerly waiting
  3. Kingsong new app bugs

    The mysterious thing is....for me the KS IOS app works.... yes, sometimes it needs some time to register/login....(and without login no change of speed settings possible), but when i am loged in, all my speed settings and also the unlocking still work. Working together with the Darkness Bot author to implement speed settings for KS , so lately i did changes quite often....... so the fault seams -at least in parts- have todo with the registration process, and to what time you have been registered.... so btw: you need to have been registered correctly and logged in for speed unlock on the ks ios app!
  4. Kingsong new app bugs

    no need to uninstall it....justdont touch it anymore .... the ios app is just defect on the speed settings, but as long as you dont go into this register, your set speed from the android app will work. a new ks ios app version is on the way. also the darkness bot app will soon receive ks speed settings!
  5. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    i am still thinking the z10 will be a big disapointment ...... Honestly i think it will play in the same power class as a KS16S. The announced number of 800w nominal in the chinese Instruction, with a max of 1800w for the z10 seams to match my exspectations. In all comments from -the very very experienced - electroway on fb....he was all, but not anything that can be called excited :-)
  6. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    ok, if i calculate with 3.6v (instead 3.7v....some cells are nominated 3,6 ,some 3,7): i get a match for 14s6p with 2850-2900mah samsung pf cell = 862wh and for 14s4p with with those cells = 574wh p
  7. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    14s6p 995 thats a 3200 mah cell for those other numbers....i cant find reasonable matching parallel pack numbers or other cell capacity. are these numbers (530,867) confirmed? especially the 867wh would not make much sense....only tiny difference
  8. Kingsong KS-18S tiltback above 40 kph

    nope , i dont have that prob.... whats your firmware version and how many km do you have? and on what battery level was that happening?
  9. Kingsong new app bugs

    when you have unlocked it with the android phone....stay away from the ios app! use darkness bot app....much cleaner... a new version of the ks ios app is in apple process of cheking it, i heard. nonetheless...once adjusted...use a third party app. on ios that are darknessbot and gyrometrics
  10. Kingsong 18S Trolley Handle

    haha...yeah sure, its to long, so i cut it to half and even bent it a bit....but in the end it still looked like a pen%@ trolley ! actually i understand the no drill Philosophie....but the shell is nearly 4-5 mm....and sturdiest shell i ever seen on a EUC :-)
  11. Kingsong 18S Trolley Handle

    while i understand that you dont want to drill ... i can assure you that this is the most stablest trolley ever! i can even easily cary my 25kg 1680wh 18s on the trolley grip if i want to....or throwing the wheel around :-) i tried the IM v5 handle...also a version without drilling, a version secured to the pedal,etc,etc,etc this one is the most sturdy ....now having 2500km on 18a and 2300 on 18s withkut any probs.. i guess the only trolley which you can use to carry this monster around.....
  12. 18l presale specs

    AFAIK the mudguard is flexible and can be added/clipped on ...no need to have it alltime on the wheel....so no breaking. i know DEFINITLY it is included with the wheel, KS at least makes that progress and give it with the wheel....
  13. 18l presale specs

    While i like the idea...i think on a 200km setting with 40,kmh from the Start and just a 10kmh to 50kmh, its not that worse...thats about 4 battery cycles. before, the 1000km mark for the 18s was a bad joke, for sure. fortunatly there is firmware update ability...so that got changed to 200km in the last update, also! On the MCM5 there is also a lock of 25kmh , unlocking to 40,kmh after 200km...thats a bit of a wide gap in my opinion....
  14. Gotway Tesla Issue - Diagnosis Requested

    Sorry, just now came to hear the sounds, before i was just refering to Problems mentioned by others.... TO ME this Sound like a total harmless plastic vibrating, coming from some parts of the Shell, which Comes from the vibrating the Motor gives when it is working. i had some nearly identical Sounds on my Tesla, too.....
  15. Advice on first wheel

    Sorry, man, thats nothing serious, i am pretty sure. On hard accellerations/braking the Motor is working hard and giving some vibrations. This here sounds like this vibrations are transfered to a plastic part, that then makes this Sound. And when i then see how your wheel Looks after one week, this makes sense to me :-) Just try to replicate the Sound by pushing by Hand and try to clamp the Shell on different parts to find out where the vibrating Comes from.
  16. Gotway Tesla Issue - Diagnosis Requested

    This means nothing... Thy typical "loose wheel nut" symptoms start by a Little bit gnarcing on the plastic, when you accelerate or brake....This means the nut is just a tiny tiny bit loose, so that the pedal arm scratches a bit more against the plastic. In this Stadium you don't find the nut to be "really loose". Only later, when the nut gets real loose (and that on both sides) you will get a weaker Feeling in the pedals. So i would clamp down the wheel....and give a good force to the wheel nut with the correct socket. On all my GW's (4) earlier or later the wheel nut has to be tighten again.
  17. Kingsong new app bugs

    That would be great!! I am Beta-testing and translating for @Ilya Shkolnik....so i would been able to test that all, too! Best IOS app....
  18. Msuper V3 1900, photos from Lukas gotway

    No customs for Europe.... Wheel goes over the Netherlands...and from this country directly to your door. You click for buying and then you have to pay....you even have 30 days time for that. But before you dont pay...nothing happens at Green Fashion. Think about that the wheels are not ready....as i understood thats a pre Order on Green Fashion. Before 20th or end of May the wheels will not be produced.
  19. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    sligtly overoptimistic is a good call! they have one final sample ready...stillneed to implement some changes ....before even producing starts. Unfortunately
  20. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    completly pointless is a bit overstated, or? Chargedoctors cost a bit money, also need another charger(like the double charge port option,too) and for what fast chargers cost we better dont talk....So i find two charge ports very nice! what is frustrating is there delays....sure they are not "on the way"...they are delayed...thats it :-(
  21. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Yip...we will see that. Yeah, higher amps can equal a lower voltage...Problem is we are working with batterys that are limited in the amount of Amps they could deliver. From my experience in EUC higher voltage is/was the key to more powerfull wheels. That goes from 15cells/63 Volt, 16s/67V to the jump that GW/IM does with 84Volt, which was an enourmous powerjump. And now even to 100V on the latest GW Monster...Monstertorque. So i personnaly see it as a Major step back to a 14cell System with 59V. And the only reason 9Bot is doing that is because of a stupid 60V Regulation in the States. Not because it is better... The max a Z10 can deliver is 59V x 10Amp x 6p = 3540.....a GW V3 or ACM can push 84V x 10Amp * 6p = 5040Watt Time will tell, i guess what the Z10 is capable of....
  22. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Yeah, sure it might be cheaper on Ali. But i meant "brave" because i dont exspect this wheel to be "good/powerfull"......latest -and actual- russian tester was not impressed....saying it is "so so" and "not dynamic"... That's what i suspected the whole time, as it is only a 59Volt max wheel.
  23. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Very brave...not because for ordering on Ali...but for ordering this wheel for 2000bucks! Hope you are not disappointed! I could not order it from the link...allready sold out...