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  1. I can not understand how a dogowner can think of running with the EUC and his dog ON A ROPE! I have a dog myself...and she loves going with me while i am driving my EUC....but all this without rope!!! I just have to power on my wheel...and she comes directly around the corner and knows that we are going to run now! so she is not a poor dog...its the opposite, since i have my EUC i am here personnel beloved master :-) but like said...going on a rope i would find a torture for every dog!!!
  2. long are you riding now? In shortest time you build up a GREAT Euc collection :-) 5 wheels now, or? But as we all know, for a Gotway, you need a backup, at least one, or @Marty Backe ? ;-) No, serious: Great choice! if i would have the money easily....i would pick up a ACM/MSuper 84Volt, also!
  3. But be fair: I have tested a mirror helmet also, it was the same you had, didnt you also had to reposition your head and concentrate a good few seconds, to get a good look/view in this "mini-mini" glas-piece? So -from my view- a wrist mounted mirror(on top of the wrist, not this "in hand hold" mirror) might be not much worse or lets say as good as a helmet mounted mirror. In Consequence i got rid of them all :-)....and do the good old shoulder look i learned for car driving, still seams the most natural for me :-)
  4. The fan sits under the 2 big capacitors and blows directly onto the Mosfets/heatsink :-) yip...nice design!
  5. Haha! Yes there is a fan...It starts working at about 53degree celsius(don't nail me on a exact number)! you should hear it, but you can also see it in the app as it says "refrigeration on" in the left down corner! The fan then works until 40degrees are reached...
  6. This seams to happen to some newbie's....My gilrfriend is also in the very beginning of driving, and when there are some obstacles to go around, she takes them like nothing! Really perfect gliding around... As soon as it comes to doing a U-turn on a street...she just falls of and starts to wobble, as she is not doing the turn fluidly..but trying it in a "step by step" maner... And that doesn't work :-) But thats all just time and experience! For some more time, for some less....In the end it will work :-)
  7. Nice idea! I will take a look also ...
  8. Keith, i guess nobody said that it's a crappy BMS.... I even pointed out that the V8 has some Kind of communication between BMS and board....that GW/KS do not have. Whatever we think about that fall.....real evidence is nowhere, not for overcharge and also not for Batteriefailure. It's all just guessing what we do here, and like said, perhaps only time or a repeat of the same failure will lead us in the right direction :-) So i can only hope for the thread opener that it was Overcharge, because than something like that fall will not so easy repeat again!!!
  9. Thanks! Yip, me, too 1.01!
  10. I dont know how a V8 reacts to overcharge....a KS starts warning you by beeping or speaking "Caution, Overvoltage" will do that at least 20 seconds or so and than the pedals will tiltback. Also regenerative braking is just 1/3 effective as driving....So if you have for example full Batterie and drive 100 meters, you must drive 300meters downhill to make the Batterie full again. So i am not sure if this can be a cutoff from overcharging by just ONE breaking and that after driving a while! In the end time will tell: If the Thread Opener really has one or two bad cells, a cutout will happen again.... Otherwise we will never know :-)
  11. Or here:
  12. Yip, der von e-Sport hat nur 260wh....dann ist das von eroue besser! Ist in Frankreich eigentlich DER Verkäufer erste Wahl...hat da die Community mit aufgebaut... Oder auch grossen Pedalen: 549-599 je nach Farbe. Muss ja auch nicht das MCM3 sein...denke nur es gibt halt mittlerweile bessere Starter-Wheels als das Ninebot...
  13. I would not advise for a ninebot one e or c at all!!! you will soon after learning found them much to slow! Ninebot One's nowadays are pretty much outdated... if you want a good starter EUC, buy a MCM3 from Gotway! You can get it for about 550Euro in for example! A MCM3 is modern, lightweight AND fast!!!
  14. :-) It are just these small pieces inside the pedal arms you need new (as far as i understand the Problem!) And is frustrating! Really bad design on the axle/pedalarm connection
  15. The "wedges" Marty is talking about get worn out...Unfortunatly often it does not help to apply a small Piece as it is not the nut pressure that is to low. These wedges grip against the flat axle Piece and if the form of the wedge is not any more "near enough" or lets say the same form as the flat axle, the only Thing that helps is NEW wedges. I had this defect on my first starts with the Shell gnarcing and then later on you get this rocking.... The design how to hold the pedalarms against the axle is not the best and known to get bad over time.
  16. You have a PM! It has update capability...there is just no update available as until now there is none! @eddiemoy what is your 18S Firmware Version? i would guess it is 1.01?
  17. I have no clue... that time was my starting point with EUC's...just want to say that 520wh(2x260) is not the "normal" option...of what the Ks18 where sold at the time! maybe the 840 is a bit newer...maybe not! i for my part would not buy a "old" 800 Watt Version, as there been at least 3-4 newer versions of Ks18! 18a 1200watt, 18ay 1200watt, 18s 1500watt....
  18. I edited the post to [SOLD].....
  19. Write a message to the store owner...his name is "yi chen" and ask him for a board 800watt price (can be used).... and then see what the price is!!!
  20. Nope, dont buy the ewheels board! this is definitly ONLY for a Ks18Ay, which has a very special 1200watt motor type! Your board looks nearly like a Ks14c board from older fuse...cingcong...etc... As hard as it have to try to get a AT LEAST a 800Watt board...even questionable if this is Ok snd the right type than! ASK ewheels.....ask 1radwerkstatt...ask whom you can get...or try to fix the resistor on the board! If all that dont work? try to get a motor AND board combination from KS or an least you have a 520wh batterie and a shell :-( That 520wh alone shows that ks18 is a special version.....only see that on sale from Will. All other 800Watt ks18 where minimum 680wh....ewheels sold a 840wh version.
  21. Oh, sorry, thougt you were the owner... (i personnaly would) not do that on Kale, the price savings is not worth it and i would guess the wheels are more nearly to 2 years old..staying a long, long time unused. No spare parts anymore available and i guess a good used one - where it is clear that it works- would be available for the same if not much less money. My 2 cents...
  22. What speeds are you "used"to before? And how long do you ride a 18" wheel? i would just suspect thats the new speed you are unused to and fatique...i have no prob to get my 18S to 40kmh...but yes, i find that scary, too! Always take your time on a new wheel...especially when its such a high horse as the 18S :-) Just to take out any failures: whats your firmware version?
  23. Thats nothing new... if you buy a wheel over aliexpress, you will NOT get any service from KS directly! thats KS region politics since 2 years! So you have to stay on your chinese provide spare parts and service. Thats part of the deal to pay much less!
  24. Even apple? as our EuC producers like KS and GW are more ore less little garage chinese firms, with not more than 20 workers, i am not very surprised... Your 18a version is not produced thats really bad luck! i would try to ask some of the aliexpress sellers...i have the "Rockwheel" Store in mind...or ask do repairs on Ks since 3 years.
  25. Aren't number of magnets...exact Diameter of the wheel rim...used hall sensors also important Parameters? 1radwerkstatt -who really is one of the best in EUC maintenance - is stating on his Website: "For generic chinese EUC's it is impossible to find the right replacement Board"....i guess upgrading would be even a step above impossible :-) So i would guess it is just dumped Money to try to upgrade a "Bwheel" much Watthours does it btw have???