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  1. My Mten3 Broke and What I'm Doing About it

    @Marty Backe You are not alone with your Problem......on the French Forum the same battery fault happend to someone after 3 (in words: Three) minutes after taking his Mten3 out of package: https://www.espritroue.fr/topic/3967-mten3-batterie-cramée-résolu/?do=findComment&comment=82309 @allMten Owners: You should really check your battery!!!
  2. Gotway Tesla vs KS16S?

    Just to calm everybody down: My Tesla (and Martys also) is running without any probs! i am at about 180km and that in winter, with mud and the wheel stucked in mud, and rain and and and....running flawless (until now ;-) ) Who knows me: It is clear i am no Gotway fanboy...i hate their poor quality management and the poor communications about some faults. But i also have to say...it gets a bit better! For example they immediately changed the sidepads when there was a problem with punched motor cable. They also change the rubber pads...i have seen better, thicker motor wires, better connectors, a thicker axle and some other quality improvements! Is there still room for improvement? Sure, a ton of! But there is no need to get hysteric about 1-2 cutouts or burned boards....EUC driving in general is dangerous! You can have a whatsoever brand board or battery failure on every! wheel out there....you will faceplant or something will be destroyed. Your mosfet burns? In worst case you have a real, real bad short because of the mosfet and your board looks like that one...burned up and shorted away! So, Do i mean that these faults can be kind of „downplayed“? nope...but its much to early to to blame/bash the Tesla/GW in general. Its just that in the moment, the Tesla is that „hot shit“...where everybody looks on it. So its kinda normal there are failure reports,also! And on this reports is the focus....if you just look on the French board, there are much more positive reports and tests of the Tesla, and all people i know personally...they are quite happy with their new wheel.....and are (at least i guess that) the silent majority :-)
  3. Gotway Tesla vs KS16S?

    Thats a red/rose 40amp fuse... I doubt that Gotway „knows“ what they are doing when implementing that...When i see that on some of there battery packs it goes that far, that they burn the battery connections(seen not only on martys mten!) Perhaps they even dont know exactly what there boards are drawing when under full load? Other than that: Good job trying to make more progress! I guess the sellers are the only ones they even try to listening!
  4. Mten3 First Impressions / Review - BUY ONE NOW!!!

    Again: this only goes for old wheels with old style BMS...not for any kind of newer KS or GW....as These BMS's just dont have any low voltage protection shut down anymore. The rider safety goes before battery protection! But i have the very urgent Feeling you wont believe me anyway....
  5. Gotway Tesla vs KS16S?

    I still dont get it.....Sorry! Which cut-out? i only read positive things from @Marty Backe about his Tesla?
  6. Mten3 First Impressions / Review - BUY ONE NOW!!!

    ??? What BMS shutting down? A BMS shutting down because of a voltage drop is on nowadays wheels nearly impossible! That has been the case on older BMS from wheels about 2-3 years ago.But nowadays BMS on GW and KS dont have a "low voltage" or "voltdrop" shutdown anymore. Unfortunatly this description is a bit wrong....you are mixing Wh and Watts Having for example 180wh left in the battery means that this battery still can provide 180Watt for one hour Long....Even if your wheel demands 3000Watt for some seconds the Batterie will still be able to provide this energy. Yes, on older wheels you might have bad Cards.....but not on a modern wheel.
  7. Gotway Tesla vs KS16S?

    I dont know of what Vibration he is talking...but my Tesla is vibrating a bit when Standing still, also. And btw the same as my KS18S does vibrate on standstill. So i find that pretty normal.... What is not ok, is a Motor screw missing, thats a bad joke. Perhaps some other screws are loose and that causes the Vibration here? What failures did Marty had on his Tesla??? Do i miss something?
  8. Inmotion v8 buy Aliexpress block Inmotion app - soluction ?

    @WARPed1701D i totally believe you :-) For my Tesla and Ks18 this doesnt work....just about 30 minutes ago i was getting crazy that my android wheellog doesnt find my Tesla....after grumbling around 15minutes, i found that it still was set up to my iphone darkness bot app :-) after finishing that app....voila! I guess both have advantages and disadvantages...exclusive for Ks/Gw...more options on the other side for IM...
  9. Bying a Monowheel

    What do you want?? Thats btw a funny question ;-) Take both...1500Watt(w) is the motor power....while 1680watthour (wh) is the batterie size/range! So yes, a 1500watt wheel is powerfull and the best is to have a big battery of 1680wh ;-) These numbers you find for example in a Kingsong18S.....it can go 50kmh for about 100km and is pne of the wheels with the best reputation..... But thing is we must need to know waht YOU want!! „fast“ are many wheels....
  10. First EUC - Ninebot S2, Inmotion V8 or KS14D?

    Go for the 16s and invest some bucks more! Write to that shop owner...he has made a good offer recently!!! It is definitly worth it! the 16c is about 1year old tech, while the 16s i brandnew, new board, motor and firmware, and up till today, flawless in terms of safety! @KS Poland thats your shop, or? ;-)
  11. Inmotion v8 buy Aliexpress block Inmotion app - soluction ?

    Maybe? As long as i have my KS or GW connected to an app(app doesn’t matter), any other app will not find the wheel and so will not connect. Actually this is also the same for -example- my brahi dash headphones....as long as they are paired to a specific phone, they will not connect to another phone/pad etc... (thats also why i found that fear of „someone else will change my wheel settings“ questionable...as thats not possible on my KS/GW as long as I AM connected) but Sure, perhaps IM has done this different!!
  12. Mten3 First Impressions / Review - BUY ONE NOW!!!

    I understand financial decisions...but nonetheless: Do yourself a favor and invest the -relative- bit more money to get the highest watthour versions. Yes, now it is more money, but if you ever thought about upgrading later, you will be screwed up, as then it is more than double the costs to do so! The 325wh version is probably the same number of cells than the 520wh version...just that the cells dont have 3500mah, and instead only 2200 mah each cell.... That means when upgrading you must change all cells instead of throwing just some more cells in! Also: The sanyo/pana 3500mah cells are -seeing from an max draw capability- the best cells in the 10Amp range. And for such a small wheel, with “only” 2 parallel systems installed, the max draw capability is very important! We have seen that om Martys pack failure, that the Mten needs a very high amount of amps!!! So in summary, even it is hard to spent/safe some more money now....it would be the better decision....my 2 cents!
  13. Inmotion v8 buy Aliexpress block Inmotion app - soluction ?

    De-installate the Inmotion app! Re-install the inmotion app...and also be sure you give again ALL rights/allowance for everything. And now, as wheellog is working: As long as you are connected to wheellog...you can not connect to another app! So before trying again with Inmotion app, or another app, close the wheellog app completly! No ideas anymore, sorry :-(
  14. Inmotion v8 buy Aliexpress block Inmotion app - soluction ?

    I guess you are using android? You have to grant/give the Inmotion app all rights and alow it to use GPS etc etc....You have to set that in the Options of your phone...
  15. King Song 14C 800W 680Wh - Broken

    Ferenc (electro-sport) is not doing any repairs, he is giving them all to Chris from 1radwerkstatt. Sure he will know about this Problem, the question is if he can provide "just" a new axle (a press is needed) or if he will fix it with a new Motor....Keep us updated. @KS Poland That's the first time i hear of a KS Seller beeing able to repair the axle Problems, and that also for a reasonable Price! Respects for that!!!
  16. First EUC - Ninebot S2, Inmotion V8 or KS14D?

    @e.motion Welcome... As i would not advise to buy an S2, as it is quite slow, nonetheless a small tip: In the moment it is a available over ebay germany for about 369 - 399 Euro. Not bad as a starter wheel. But again, i would like @Chriull , recommend a Ks16s, also.
  17. Video: Gotway Monster 100v version

    No, thats different. you want your wheel to accelerate? you have to press down the pedals. When you have a „soft pedal“ mode...the response of the wheel is just later. I dont say you can not have soft pedal modes...but as the acceleration of our EUCs is totally and only controlled by leaning in, a softer pedal mode always gives slower acceleration than harder ones, that lies in the nature of SBU‘s... That even is totay so...when you use soft pedal settings, you have less consumption of battery, and not the full power available.
  18. Video: Gotway Monster 100v version

    Might be you like that...but that contradicts the „progress“ that nearly everybody wants...more reactive, better acceleration, more agile wheels. On a „soft pedal“ mode it is kind of hard to implement that, as for the above mentioned property’s you need a harder setting (my view). I dont think you can have both....as for software it is hard to predict, what you want, when pushing forward.
  19. Video: Gotway Monster 100v version

    As i understood...beside using the tesla Motor: The Acm and the Msuper will now also com with the new , much harder ride mode firmware. So no more play in the pedals, just stiff rock hard and ultra responsive....
  20. Gotway Tesla Impressions and Diary

    Hy Folks, As some of you may have recognized....my Tesla has arrived on Monday! As always when i receive a new wheel, i want to nerve you with some of my meanwhile impressions and a kind of diary, to have a review over a longer usetime.... As Things like generell data of the wheels are covered in a lot of other threads, you will not find any technical description of things here, which are pretty clear. Just this: I have the 1020wh Version, the biggest -at the time beginn of November- and received the wheel from one of my favorite aliexpress sellers. Because of that nowadays aliexpress sellers are treated like padophile child abusers, this time the delivery of the wheel took as long as no other wheel i orderd before! Seams because of the intervention of a big European seller, all aliexpress sales gone done down the queue, with even the canceling of orders of one specific state..... I have an opinion of these aspirations to monopolize several markets, but for the forum netiquette i will take these for me this time :-) Lost the thread...aaah, no, because of this @&@€#” my wheel delivery even took 4 weeks before it was sent...plus the 14-18days normal delivery time :-( But now it is here, and what will i say....the first impressions are fantastic- especially for a Gotway ;-) From the outside it really looks like GW this time has put some effort into delivering a quality wheel, shell and overall it occurs just much better than the V3 or ACM.... some more: to be continued..... just in some minutes ;-)
  21. DarknessBot - iOS App

    @Sergio Leiva since version 3.0? Otherwise you have to report to @Ilya Shkolnik what is not working especially. I use IOS11....works flawless....iphone x i only receive in 10days :-)
  22. DarknessBot - iOS App

    ? Both is allready adapted....
  23. New KingSong 18L?

    In general: Can you please be so nice, and dont put the exaclty same post/argument on several different threads? One should be enough! Just copying the same under 3!! different post is called spamming..... For the matter:Even if the Ks16 trolley seams to be sturdy....it is NOT sturdy enough to carry a 20kg wheel when pushed out(allready tested), and for sure probably also not sturdy enough to carry a 100kg person when extracted.
  24. My Mten3 Broke and What I'm Doing About it

    I would go with you ...if: - there would be any possibility for stretching...but it is glued in the middle and sits in a black box, also glued - and for the constriction, again, here is the hole load on one strip...that is not needed and can be avoided in a cleverer design
  25. My Mten3 Broke and What I'm Doing About it

    Sorry, i have to contradict that. There are several ways to design a 20s2p pack... For once, you can setup 2 different 20s packs and parallel these 2 packs.....what not happend here. From what i see, they paralled 2 cells over the complete pack, and serial this 2 times parrallel cells a 20 times. That leads to this one strip, which sits in the middle of the complete pack and in this case has to take the complete current draw of the hole battery pack! That can be designed much better, and it is, even on other GW packs! On this special strip, the amperage is (at least) double as high as on any other strip in the pack, and that lead to this burn. As others have stated a nickel strip like this can take about 8—15 Amps...while alone the 2s20s are able to give 2x10amps (peek even more). And i highly doubt that the Mten „only“ draws a 20Amp max. When i upgraded my v3 to 1160wh i had a deep lecture about this from 1radwerkstatt, when he made one pack out of my 2 420wh packs. Maybe on your Mten it is „still“ working ok...but afaik yours is newer...and if you do some more idling on it like Marty, and we will see how it goes...as long as GW is not putting a better connection here (or redesigning the pack) a warning to MTen3 users is at least reasonable.