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  1. Hey ho, just beware...on IOs 11 several bluetooth devices do not work anymore! My Ks18s can not connect anymore to my phone....only music still works...but the other part of bluetooth/all my apps! is just not visible anymore on the iphone options bluetooth page! And no: Thats apple fault..not Kingsongs.....it is reported for several other devices also. Hav not tested yet on my Gotway...so if you want your wheel Apps usable: Do not update to ios 11! EDIT: My Gotway V3 is also NOT visible as bluetooth Device anymore....Nothing! So Gotway users also: Dont update to IOS11
  2. IOS users beware: Do not upgrade to IOS 11

    Have tried all i can guess...networksettings also reset... Nope...no Ks and no GW wheel findable anymore on IOS11....on all apps i have...and even not seeable in the settings menu(before they were) using an android phone now...
  3. IOS users beware: Do not upgrade to IOS 11

    Have you been able to see the wheels in the Bluetooth Settings before this Reset? Or didn't you see them?
  4. IOS users beware: Do not upgrade to IOS 11

    My GW V3 does not work on IOs 11, also... Not visible as Bluetooth device anymore...did you upgrade Over The Air, or on your PC?
  5. Mten3 First Impressions / Review - BUY ONE NOW!!!

    I dont think that...paypal can be a horror......if you ever have ONE suspicious payment...or just to much payements, they block your -hole- account and for 30-180 days or more you will not get ANY of your money on it... The behave like they are an online bank, but as they are not, they have rules/behaviors that you may not even think that this is possible...just one example which is near to us, as it goes about batteries:
  6. Mten3 First Impressions / Review - BUY ONE NOW!!!

    I have been through this process on 2 different chinese online sellers... Like said, the only reason they do this is to avoid credit card scam. They are not looking out for COMPLETE copys of the required documents...on both times i gave them a copy of my identy card, but with only my name and adress visible(which they have anyway) and all the numbers, id‘s have been totaly blacked out. And a copy of a stupid bill, where my adress and the credit card number can be seen. (but nothing else) The hole purpose of this is just to check if there is a real person behind this credit card, not to grab your identy card numbers or anything else of personal information.... Your credit card number can get easily stolen when you slide it somewhere through, and there can be a copy of your credit card on the roads then...why european sellers or american dont do this checks? i would guess that in the states the credkit card fraud is not that often(from adresses IN the states) and even if...they can get a grab of the user/adress, as its in there nearby. This credit card scam is known to happen in China/Asia mainly...And also: who knows what american/european online sellers require from a buyer from china/asia , so from other side of the world? As this check happened the first time to me, i was very upset also, and contacted the service of the company...they then explained it better, and made clear they were not out for complete copy’s or more data. When thinking a bit longer about it, i -at least- understand the motivation behind it. In the end none of the companys got any more information as they would have before...ah, no, they have seen a ugly some years old identity card photo :-) Yes, it is not consumer friendly....but in the end its just for getting rid of credit card scam in asia, and as i want to take part in global buying perhaps its just needed then. They could definitly describe their motivation better...... Dont be to happy about Paypal....there you can run in -a lot - of other problems, and obviously some of the advantages of credit cards are completly missing.....but this would be a new thread :-)
  7. Mten3 First Impressions / Review - BUY ONE NOW!!!

    Actually this "validating" process is to protect everybody that creditcard Dates are used from another Person that the owner... In the end they just want to check that you are the real Person behind the credit Card. Yes, it is "disturbing"...but a practice nearly every big chinese online seller is doing when first transactiion with a for them "fromer unknown" credit Card is achieved! For the waiting time: It can go from fast 8-10 days, middle 14-17, or Long 25-28! Can be anything of this .... That just depends on when the chinese sending Distributor"service" has a new air freight Container to USA full :-) So in case it Needs longer and the tracking number is for longer time not updated(which will happen), no Need to worry! It is not in GFTS Shop's abilities to Speed this process up...

    You are a wheel newbie, right? The unpleasant Feeling goes away after you get more experienced and over time it will disappear completly. That "feet pain" is totally normal for beginners...Dont worry to much!

    I would guess he just means that his feet are more in front than in back, but not that far....
  10. Buying King Song in NYC

    When i get the website correct, you can visit them or they even bring you the wheel in NYC... Another reputable USA seller is ewheels.com
  11. Perth, Australia Group

    The only Australian seller i know is @dalewalker https://www.facebook.com/thewheeldealaustralia/?pnref=lhc https://www.facebook.com/dale.walker.18007
  12. Mten3 First Impressions / Review - BUY ONE NOW!!!

    Some experience with my old 18A: I would guess that a good Ventilation (opening the Shell) on top and installing 2 fans, one of them leadíng the hot air outside would be more than enough. Just alone the openings of the 18A Shell on top leads to minus 10° less, the fan then got another 10°minus....perhaps that is an easy solution for the 14c also....
  13. Mten3 First Impressions / Review - BUY ONE NOW!!!

    My view on Fans: When they are implemented like in the Monster or in the Tesla...they are more or less useless. Many Monster owners can confirm that....they just shift the warm air a bit around. Fans only bring an Advantage if they Transport the heat out of the Shell Environment or when they are not fans like this Little PC fans(axial fans) and are instead radial fans, which have a much better pressure and pump. The best for heat Transportation is use of massive Mosfets on massive heatsinks and have the heatsinks exposed to the outside! For the MTen that is all no Problem...it is only 800 Watt...2 parallel packs which can not produce much Amps at all For the new Tesla: I would not be surprised if there will be heat Problems like on the Monster when it is running on hills with heavy western People on it. AFAIK there are just this 2 Little axial fans and the heatsink is NOT exposed to the outside at all. And that on a 1900Watt Motor? My 2 Cents...
  14. Mten3 First Impressions / Review - BUY ONE NOW!!!

    Yip, every Motor is making such noise when doing hard work...depends also on the Firmware and the Settings in the Firmware. The MosFets are very stressed under idling conditions, but for this "Little" 800Watt demon i would guess it is not that bad, as it does not generate as much amps as the bigger competitors. For wheels with more power, lets say the 1200-2000Watt wheels, it is much more worse. You can see the board temperature rising through the Roof while looking at it. :-) Problem is, that if you do that idling stuff that the temperature sensor perhaps is to slow to come along fast enough. So i would advise to resign from idling on the powerhorses like ACM, MSuper, Tesla, GT and/or KS 16,18 "S" series......or when idling, than better not doing it for a longer time.
  15. Next upgrade option after the Inmotion V8

    Sorry, i dont understand what you mean exactly, can you decribe better? ......but osciallations are normally no capacitor Problem... It is just that i have a quite bit experience on KS16....and i NEVER got weak pedals, that i am able to press them down(even not on 20%)...only as the capacitor was defect! And i was btw 100kg also....
  16. Has anybody Heard of this?

    @Henrik Olsen Questions: -1600wh weight about 7,5kg...how can the wheel be only 9kg then? -85%charge in 30Minutes are announced...What is the wattage/amps of the charger? -Which PCB/Motherboard is used? Selfmade? Which Kind of Mosfets? -8KW = 8000Watt wheel - That are 100Amps at 80Volts....Is this new Batterie technique? -What is the -the suggested- timeline that the Serial production unit will come to market! -and what will be the Price for the -USA produced- urban glider...Sorry: Pulse gilder
  17. Help with charge doctor V2

    look here for instructions: http://hobby16.neowp.fr/category/charge-doctor-en/ Also: The "Producer" is a very, very helpful and friendly guy...just mail him if any questions ...he will help!
  18. Next upgrade option after the Inmotion V8

    This Chart Percentage to Voltage is just showing what percentage of Batterie Charge means which voltage... I can assure you that the "S" Series have no soft pedals on a lower Charge...On the Contrary: the wheel is stable over the complete range....and the pedals are rock hard! And another Thing: If you say that - at what Charge does not matter- you can nearly "buckle" the pedals to scrape on the ground...i would check the motherboard if the "big capcitor" is Ok and not damaged!!...This is no "normal" behaviour on a KS16....and as there have been (early)KS16 board Versions with big capacitor Problems(which makes the pedals weak) i would go and check that...Weak pedals are a sign of capacitor Problems.
  19. KS14S Speed Throttling

    Like the power button button on the wheel does not Power OFF the wheel while driving....the shutdown will also not work while wheel is moving. But you are right..it's a useless function....Can only imagine it to be useful if you want to Keep on playing Music, and only wanting to power off the wheel?! No clue...
  20. The Gotway Tesla 1020wh Model Open Box and Initial thoughts

    If you ever compare a KS Motherboard to a Gotway Motherboard (or just take a look inside the wheels)....i would say the Quality difference is immense! KS uses bigger/more amp capable mosfets, they are not on the side of the heatsink, instead very central, the temperature sensor is in direct near of the mosfets. They actually put some thoughts into their boards... And it isn't a complete silikon hell :-) The over all Quality difference is quite easy to see if you own or owned both KS and GW......that's just a fact.... Does having a blast include the wire burning on the ACM, the oscillation issue on the Msuper or the axle nuts probs on the Monster? Just kidding... But you are completly right! i also tend to blend out my very good experiences i had with my Msuper V3! It never let me down, never had a failure, just the beeper had to changed. Other than that, it has worked very good, so no Need to complain...
  21. Kingsong app on Playstore

    it works for all wheel except 18A, 14B and 14C
  22. KS14S Speed Throttling

    Nice! Thats the way how the wheel should work!! And btw: on the 16 and 18s there are also no problems, and the (little bit of)speed reducement makes totally sense...i really dont know why they messed up so much whith the 14d/s till 1.05....
  23. KS16S overvoltage and vibrations?

    Thats what i call a failfunction :-) The part where it trys to tilt the pedals back is „normal“ reaction on overvoltage....but it should to that without vibrating :-) and spinning.... As it makes a big jump from 80 to 100%...the voltage reading seams to have a defect (and for sure some other board parts). So good that you have a reputated seller, Respect to michael!
  24. KS14S Speed Throttling

    Perhaps on one of your next wheel meetings you can compare it side by side to your old KS14c.... I am a bit "wondering" that you didn't wrote something about one of the most improvements and difference the "S" series -in my view- has over the older wheels: The rockhard pedal Setting over all Speed....or did just i recognize/feel like that?
  25. KS14S Speed Throttling

    @Marty Backe Very happy for you :-) Would have been a joke if that didn't change!!