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  1. Kingsong-NEW App iOS new Version 3.0

    On the old green app, it was with letters at the bottom...“refrigeration ON“.... :-)
  2. Gotway Tesla vs KS16S?

    The forum software has restricted memory space for each member, so photos and videos and what not have to be linked to photo/video services like imgur/youtube, etc! Like Marty said, we are generally not interested in personal belongings like the complete E-Mail conversation/bashings/trouble/disputes and i would be happier you find a solution privat....WE can not help with the concrete dispute! BUT: What we are interested in is to share good/bad experiences about several stores, customer experience, reputation etc etc etc.... So it is completely up to you, what you think is interesting for the forum members and what not, as long as it stays inside the forum rules!
  3. Gotway Tesla vs KS16S?

    Thats what i always said: Gotways is for DIY people.... Jokes aside: No, its not....the wheel should function. Period! “The wheel needs to be bent straight?“ Kinda remember having seen/heard of this quality issue only once(GW v3), wheel was not correctly placed inside the shell, so that it wasn’t centered and rubbed on one side. Whatsoever: Nothing that should occur on a brand new wheel. For the photo of the scratches on the GW emblem.....this type of scratch i would consider halfway normal and not unusual, as the pedal grip tape is and will keep on rubing against the emblem (emblem will get loose anyway after a few miles).
  4. Kingsong-NEW App iOS new Version 3.0

    Was allready there in the older version :-) .....only is seeable if the fans start blowing, when your board gets over 50degree...and stays on then till its down to 40...
  5. Advice and Tips before first order

    The 14c is a 800Watt model...(and 680wh is a 40Amp battery btw) The newer models have a lot more power...Tesla for example is 1900Watt nominal, i guess 3000 Watt max. Or the 16s...1200w/3000w...thats why the smallest available config is 680/840wh , meaning always a 4 parallel system, 4x10Amp capable. You will not want to run the 16s on a small 340wh battery....or at least i would not want that. The actual devices need that power...sure, there are models that dont need THAT much, i just wanted to point out that a big battery is not only good for range.
  6. Advice and Tips before first order

    Hmmh, its not only range, what makes a bigger battery better. A bigger battery is also needed for safety, more packs means more spreading of the needed amps! Then, the newer, powerfull wheels like Tesla, ACM, KS16S, Z10 etc etc...you can not operate with small batterys as this wheels need -at least- a battery capable of about 40 Amps. Means 680wh/840/1020wh are needed, if not even more....
  7. Gotway Tesla vs KS16S?

    No, there shouldnt be any scuffs and marks all over, a new Tesla should be in nice condition! For the tire...do you enough air/pressure inside? normally you have to fill the tire up! might be its rubbing in the shell because its much to weak!
  8. Gotway Monster - Shell Body CAD - WIP

    Just received my „new“ wheel...a used Monster... I really like the driving .....but the Shell they have done on the Monster is a bad joke! If you look at it to hard...it might crack open, and with each opening of the sidepads one or more screwholes gets damaged. Cant imagine this thing even will take a fall when its standing.
  9. Mten3 London

    Yeah, thats known a bit longer now...some time ago some people searched for Kingsongs in england, and when they reached out to yorkshire wheels, they were told the same :-(
  10. Problem with Brand New KS14s

    That really sucks....but you should let Jason sort that problem out, and i will promise you will love a functioning 14S! i would suspect the board to have a failure and dont believe it was the update alone......but in the end ...who knows. Hope you get the problem sorted out soon...as the 14S is really a fantastic wheel.
  11. New to EUC

    Yes, sure :-) But as a friend with a Monster was riding beside you, i dont Count taking a wheel up hill as "contributing factor".... Otherwise riding a wheel at all is also a contributing factor. Just kidding, as you know! Will receive my purple new wheel today...then you can make Fun with me ;-)
  12. New to EUC

    It is really funny that you dont count your ACM melting wire issue as throw off ;-)
  13. How hard can I push my ACM?

    Yes, i would say so... But who am i ? Its just that i would connect the real power plug first....but who knows....
  14. How hard can I push my ACM?

    I asked because i have to do this job(connecting ONE pack to the other) in the near future... The answer is what i exspected....The only reason for a massive spark i can imagine is that the "balancer" cable was allready connected. I dont know exactly what this cable does...but I ! would connect at first the xt60 cable......
  15. How hard can I push my ACM?

    ??? How did that go? Did he bring back the ACM and said something like "i am not able to ride it, so please take it back" or did you offer a 2week test time? And then the axle and the trolley were broken? I thought you sold it to a "friend".....MIf you have friends like that you dont Need any enemies ;-)
  16. How hard can I push my ACM?

    The battery mostly dont get a damage...But the BMS inside the pack has some protection mosfets which might have burned. Again: MUST not happen...but can happen....so better to check this pack.... Question: Have the other plugs bin still connected when that happend? (the charge plug and balancer plug?)
  17. How hard can I push my ACM?

    Yip, then everything should be OK..... I guess that should be tested, as it wouldnt be good if one of the packs is not working and you dont know.
  18. How hard can I push my ACM?

    You will see if the disconnected battery pack still works , i guess, exactly i dont know. But i know that happens to a Monster owner...he destroyed 2 packs by a spark happening
  19. How hard can I push my ACM?

    I guess we are talking about different kind of sparks... A little spark might occur all time on reconnecting, but here and in some other cases it was a spark that big, that it destroyed the xt60 connector and made it unusable directly. Metal pins and plastik melted.... If THAT kind of sparks happen, it might even defect the battery BMS. That has happened on some ACMs (rehab and now here for example) and it seams that the difference between unloaded capcitor and battery was to high and caused the (ugly big) spark. In normal situations, connecting paralled batterys it shouldnt happen as long they have the same voltage.
  20. How hard can I push my ACM?

    They allready have that....the Msupers they sell now have 2000Watt Tesla Motor, fan on board etc...exacly like Martys teslarized ACM2...
  21. How hard can I push my ACM?

    hopefully nothing happens to your battery BMS....some others had that bad luck, when it sparked
  22. Kingsong KS-16S best color?

    Yes, sure... you can have it in silver, white and matte black....(not glossy black, got that wrong, sorry, thats only for the Ks16 normal version) White is difficult to get in europe and states... Normaly only silver and matte black are exported.
  23. Broke 1,000 Miles today 😎

    Nope :-) its not for “periodical” replacement...just in the case of a -real major- fault the fuse protects the board/battery from beeing destroyed. My maintenance would check for wires, plugs to be secure, check the board, also for dust, clean it, check pedal arm screws, axle arm bolts, etc etc etc....also thinking about replacing the tire, but i guess that can wait for 4000km :-)
  24. Broke 1,000 Miles today 😎

    I am about 20km before i reach 2000km on my 18S :-) will do a maintenance check then...
  25. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    Whoop, whoop.... A new contest invented and sponsored by @Rehab1 :-) if i win...i will sponsor the money to a good purpose, also. It will support my unhealthy EUC addiction:-)