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  1. Yip, thats it: A black hole! well said...... when you see the videos of a Go around in the GW production.....and then still think that there is some kind of like "we know" qualitycontrol/ can not be helped... Source Control? i am coming from Software Development and i would hope that they have at least that....some kind of management of their stable firmware drivers.....but as this incident proves, (and GW-Linnea did not lie to Jason) they seam to be far away from this...... Unfortunatly! but there is still some hope left...even for gotway ;-)
  2. with all other you said i am with you....but this "overpriced" argument on the 18" i dont get.. compare chinese or american prices, they are the same(or KS18 is even cheaper), compare european prices...gotway is even more expensive on the 84volt wheels But sorry, this is offtopic here... Gotway can be as "better, faster, more range" as whoever, when this stories of burned wires and totally nonsens firmware go on or repeat, no one who even gets "a bit informed before buying" would choose this faceplanting garantie....
  3. @meepmeepmayer The "oscillating " problem is that after a bump o small jump or street imperfection the wheel starts to roll/oscillate uncontollable in one direction, forward/backward, and that so heavy and fast that you are -not able to controll the wheel anymore and-in the end it then cutsout... thats how i understand and learned it from another conversation.
  4. @Marty Backe Ouch! the Gotway Gods have seamed to leave you for a longer time! It ridiculous...i saw the conversation @Jason McNeil posted, that they put new firmware on every wheel they have sent to him! It's the question if the gave a fu.... for one of the best sellers and his customers...and just lied! or if just NOBODY in this complete company has any clue of what the other one is doing...or what they are doing at all! Sorry, i have a beloved V3 (oktober 2016).....but at THIS TIME i would advise everybody to stay away from Gotway completly! As @Marcos75 aka Markus posted , 67 Volt Versions are having this problem who knows which of their since end of April produced wheel has it not? @Linnea Lin Gotway @Jane Mo Your company is ruining itself with its horrible Qualitymanagement!
  5. Thats a long discussion in the vaping world :-) yes, those pulses are not defined by any batterie "regulators"... as the 18650's are used in high power vaping gear, there are always "rebranders" using for example a Lg h2 (20 Amp max cont), put them in a nice yellow new wrap, new nice name and sell them as 20 max, 40amp pulse..... Then the "batterie experts" and tester always have to explain that this is dangerous in vaping a "draw" can go from 2-10 seconds and if it works out really bad, that can go up to an blow out of the 18650....several videos of exploding e-cigarette can be found :-)
  6. yes, but i guess they do these speed restrictions because of their different algorythm.....and not that the speed restrictions are the reason for the missing speed....there algorithms seam to not allow high speeds on low batterie voltage....while torque is always there... Perhaps thats also the reason why they didn't jump the 84volt train, as it doesn't match their way of doing firmware/motor driver? I have read somewhere they (Boss KS) said they would never do a 84volt wheel....... I guess i will have to ask Chris from 1rad when i catch him in a good mood :-)
  7. ??? I have a v3 and a Ks18 here....the pedals on the V3 are 20,5cm....the pedal of the Ks18 are 20cm... i guess thats more a "feeling" than a real the Ks18 pedalhardness is stronger and not so soft reaction as on the v3
  8. They normally react with a massive voltdrop to loads above the max continuous current and if the "pulse" is to long or to often they generate a lot of heat, which then can lead to chemical cell destroyment,....because of this (serious) cell producer only give a max continuous current....but no "pulse" max pulse in generell is not defined in time.... you speak from Martys example...his Acm is 20s6p.... Eucs with 1p (GOOD ones like luffy or Ips I5) normally using cells with at least 20Amp (lg h2) or 30amp (sony vtc) or the new 20700 in the I5 And: Fantastic report....its hard for me to follow! from a feeling i would say that KS and GW work with total different drive firmwares and ways to generate speed/torque. On some measurements on a treadmill at electro-sport it has shown that KS wheels on low voltage are loosing a lot of their max speed, while GW is able to hold this high speed down to a much lower voltage level... but also it has shown that the max lift cut off speed on KS is nearly the same as with a load on the treadmill, while the GW wheels have a high max lift cut-off, but are not able to do this speed under a load on the treadmill.....(speak: torque seams to be higher on the KS's) so i guess they are working a complete different way, but thats just guessing and feelings and has not the substance your mathematics have....
  9. @Rudy Sijnke now you also have to jump in and tell us you experiences...i guess i was to late again to be first reviewer :-(
  10. i guess you would have to wait for the new App ks is doing.... A Ks employee said that this app will unlock to 50kmh automatically after 1000km....the now existing app has no feature over 40kmh!
  11. seams like a BMS or batterie problem, try to measure your batterie pack, at certain percentages....or better each of the batteries! Perhaps one or two of the cells is not able to deliver the needed amps anymore.....
  12. good question? KS18S .....round....short....Ks18VS (very Sporty ;-) ).... who knows......
  13. Hmmh, on the last firmware 1.25 i have 3 different roll options of the Led lights... Off- on, rolling in one color on the next round changing to another color on, rolling in 3 or 4 different colors at the same time like the 14d on, not rolling but going from up to down left and right in a certain rythm and changing colors.... Even looking much, much better on the 16s where the led plastics are more transparent.....
  14. Yes, he can make a recommendation.. @Rudy Sijnke First i would ask if fastcharging on a Ks16s is no problem...just to be sure! But i would guess it is none, as he sells the 16s in a fastcharger combi also! then there are two options: go with a Charge doctor with 2 inputs, there you can load with 4 amps with 2 of your standard chargers and that even to where you want it to load (80-90-100%).... Or: buy one of 1radwerkstatt's 4 amp can even ask him to adjust the chager to a certain threshold (80-90%) and they are not expensive.....speedyfeet buys them i mass and takes a good amount of plus on it :-) whats with your 18S??? ;-)
  15. No, that i did not say...and Jason surely is on the lucky side and can be totally trusted!.But as i guess there are a lot resellers in china mainland, not just aliexpress, (alibaba, ebay, etc) its for sure hard to now the place where every wheel has landed on the end-consumer! (which is prooved by those reports and vids...)
  16. Marty??? :-) Are you joking??? ;-) "according to GW....". ....and we now seen videos, reports, from sweden (eu guy), russia, and some other parts of the world... when their "batch logistics" is just as good as their rest of Qualitymanagement, i doubt they have a clue, where those batch and wheels where sent to....i am just thinking that a good part of it was then sold by aliexpress reselllers....THEN they are certainly spread over the half world now ;-)
  17. If they are consequent, and i guess KS is, they will go for a nearly same design as 14d/s, 16s...... as that seams to be their "product line" look! I know what you mean...i also dont like the bling bling LEd, but they can be put out...and the trolley design is the best i ever seen on an E-wheel! not seen...its functional as hell, works fantastic and i guess would be a bummer on a 18" also.... But we will see :-) lets get surprised by what they are doing...
  18. i checked....Sorry, the S1 is the 310wh product....but nonetheless...the v5f+ (orV8) is amuch better idea!
  19. I am not so good in Ninebots, but is an "S1" not only a 155wh version, and the s2 is the 310wh version? If so....the s1 is a bad deal.....take your money and save it for the v5f+.....its a mich better machine, with better/more batterie, what not only means range, but especially Safety!!!
  20. I know what you mean...and where you are coming from! when thinking about a 18" in 16s, 14d/s style, i can assure you there is enough place for a 1680 wh batterie....128 cells! because of bigger size wheel you can easily put these batteries between or beside the trolley, or under the board for example! guess of the 2 V3s+ packs, but put vertical between the trolley, just for example! BUT: As i heard...they are in the designing process of molding a new shell....with all small parts...Led's, pads, trolley, new batterie sized packs/Bms/ Lights etc etc.....i would not exspect a new design Ks18 before september earliest/ end of the year.... my experiences/2 cents so i ordered a old style ;-)
  21. where you have those prices from? a batterie in mass buying (good! quality 3500mah) is about 4$ MAX......a BMS is about 15 bucks... when you see the price difference on some wheels from -example- 840wh to 1680wh...double batteries , double BmS..... its something about 200 bucks...
  22. ok, voted also then...for me "safe" cruising speed is 25 kmh!
  23. before polling i would like your definition of "safe speed"? what does that mean? speed where you can "run off"? speed where nothing happends is you fall? your prefered cruising speed? for each answer i would use a different poll option.....
  24. gotway gave out a information that on a batch delivered from 1. may to 15. may, they changed something in the firmware.... As you can see....the Tests for that change are done by us delta-users ;-)
  25. sorry, that are totally different wheels... the Mcm4 is 14" wheel...the V3(msuper) a 18" wheel...totally different drive characters! or wait: Or you mean mcm v3, which is in real another shellform than the Mcm4.... both have its goods and bads. The Mcm4 is more fancy with lights and bigger case...but the Mcm v3 is a very sturdy, classic design.....which i personally would prefere....but opinions are diffenrent...from the motor, as far as i know, they are the same! (now!!) perhaps give some links for us to better see what you mean! Also, before buying at "green" ....ask for a discount...or check "rockwheel store" also!