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  1. First EUC - Ninebot S2, Inmotion V8 or KS14D?

    He Needs some for the 14D...not 14S, and for the 14D i did not see them anywhere....
  2. First EUC - Ninebot S2, Inmotion V8 or KS14D?

    "Hello Kingsong" is not Firmware related...it depends on the build date, which i guess was something like after 7/2017 or 8/2017. All wheels produced after are quiet....
  3. First EUC - Ninebot S2, Inmotion V8 or KS14D?

    I guess you mean the printed Logo on the side pad.... Yes, some here have got it away with some strong chemicals, and that looked ok, dont ask me which one. But i can not recommend this procedure with the wrong chemicals! I have tried that on my KS18S side pads and they looked totally ugly after scrubing on the printed logo, as i did not have correct fluid to get it away. So in the end i had to get -new- unbranded sidepads, now everything Looks fantastic! You can try to get unbranded rubber sidepads, also......but it is hard to find them in europe!
  4. KingSong app bricks wheel firmware

    That is new on this "orange" beta app :-) If that would happen on the old green app, you would have to send it to your seller or use the "KS engineer" app, which normally is only provided to sellers. (and is in chinese language) Fortunatly they changed that on the new one, which means even if you fail with a update, now you are still good to go!
  5. My Mten3 Broke and What I'm Doing About it

    @Marty Backe You are not alone with your Problem......on the French Forum the same battery fault happend to someone after 3 (in words: Three) minutes after taking his Mten3 out of package: https://www.espritroue.fr/topic/3967-mten3-batterie-cramée-résolu/?do=findComment&comment=82309 @allMten Owners: You should really check your battery!!!
  6. Gotway Tesla vs KS16S?

    Just to calm everybody down: My Tesla (and Martys also) is running without any probs! i am at about 180km and that in winter, with mud and the wheel stucked in mud, and rain and and and....running flawless (until now ;-) ) Who knows me: It is clear i am no Gotway fanboy...i hate their poor quality management and the poor communications about some faults. But i also have to say...it gets a bit better! For example they immediately changed the sidepads when there was a problem with punched motor cable. They also change the rubber pads...i have seen better, thicker motor wires, better connectors, a thicker axle and some other quality improvements! Is there still room for improvement? Sure, a ton of! But there is no need to get hysteric about 1-2 cutouts or burned boards....EUC driving in general is dangerous! You can have a whatsoever brand board or battery failure on every! wheel out there....you will faceplant or something will be destroyed. Your mosfet burns? In worst case you have a real, real bad short because of the mosfet and your board looks like that one...burned up and shorted away! So, Do i mean that these faults can be kind of „downplayed“? nope...but its much to early to to blame/bash the Tesla/GW in general. Its just that in the moment, the Tesla is that „hot shit“...where everybody looks on it. So its kinda normal there are failure reports,also! And on this reports is the focus....if you just look on the French board, there are much more positive reports and tests of the Tesla, and all people i know personally...they are quite happy with their new wheel.....and are (at least i guess that) the silent majority :-)
  7. Gotway Tesla vs KS16S?

    Thats a red/rose 40amp fuse... I doubt that Gotway „knows“ what they are doing when implementing that...When i see that on some of there battery packs it goes that far, that they burn the battery connections(seen not only on martys mten!) Perhaps they even dont know exactly what there boards are drawing when under full load? Other than that: Good job trying to make more progress! I guess the sellers are the only ones they even try to listening!
  8. Mten3 First Impressions / Review - BUY ONE NOW!!!

    Again: this only goes for old wheels with old style BMS...not for any kind of newer KS or GW....as These BMS's just dont have any low voltage protection shut down anymore. The rider safety goes before battery protection! But i have the very urgent Feeling you wont believe me anyway....
  9. Gotway Tesla vs KS16S?

    I still dont get it.....Sorry! Which cut-out? i only read positive things from @Marty Backe about his Tesla?
  10. Mten3 First Impressions / Review - BUY ONE NOW!!!

    ??? What BMS shutting down? A BMS shutting down because of a voltage drop is on nowadays wheels nearly impossible! That has been the case on older BMS from wheels about 2-3 years ago.But nowadays BMS on GW and KS dont have a "low voltage" or "voltdrop" shutdown anymore. Unfortunatly this description is a bit wrong....you are mixing Wh and Watts Having for example 180wh left in the battery means that this battery still can provide 180Watt for one hour Long....Even if your wheel demands 3000Watt for some seconds the Batterie will still be able to provide this energy. Yes, on older wheels you might have bad Cards.....but not on a modern wheel.
  11. Gotway Tesla vs KS16S?

    I dont know of what Vibration he is talking...but my Tesla is vibrating a bit when Standing still, also. And btw the same as my KS18S does vibrate on standstill. So i find that pretty normal.... What is not ok, is a Motor screw missing, thats a bad joke. Perhaps some other screws are loose and that causes the Vibration here? What failures did Marty had on his Tesla??? Do i miss something?
  12. Inmotion v8 buy Aliexpress block Inmotion app - soluction ?

    @WARPed1701D i totally believe you :-) For my Tesla and Ks18 this doesnt work....just about 30 minutes ago i was getting crazy that my android wheellog doesnt find my Tesla....after grumbling around 15minutes, i found that it still was set up to my iphone darkness bot app :-) after finishing that app....voila! I guess both have advantages and disadvantages...exclusive for Ks/Gw...more options on the other side for IM...
  13. Bying a Monowheel

    What do you want?? Thats btw a funny question ;-) Take both...1500Watt(w) is the motor power....while 1680watthour (wh) is the batterie size/range! So yes, a 1500watt wheel is powerfull and the best is to have a big battery of 1680wh ;-) These numbers you find for example in a Kingsong18S.....it can go 50kmh for about 100km and is pne of the wheels with the best reputation..... But thing is we must need to know waht YOU want!! „fast“ are many wheels....
  14. First EUC - Ninebot S2, Inmotion V8 or KS14D?

    Go for the 16s and invest some bucks more! Write to that shop owner...he has made a good offer recently!!! It is definitly worth it! the 16c is about 1year old tech, while the 16s i brandnew, new board, motor and firmware, and up till today, flawless in terms of safety! @KS Poland thats your shop, or? ;-)
  15. Inmotion v8 buy Aliexpress block Inmotion app - soluction ?

    Maybe? As long as i have my KS or GW connected to an app(app doesn’t matter), any other app will not find the wheel and so will not connect. Actually this is also the same for -example- my brahi dash headphones....as long as they are paired to a specific phone, they will not connect to another phone/pad etc... (thats also why i found that fear of „someone else will change my wheel settings“ questionable...as thats not possible on my KS/GW as long as I AM connected) but Sure, perhaps IM has done this different!!