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  1. Actually the new Ks18S/1500Watt does'nt be that slower or less powerfull anymore...40kmh from the start, after 1000km unlocked to they seam to only want experienced riders go that crazy fast...... i hope in a month or so I can give a personal review of the KS18S and compare it to the Msuper 84Volt from a friend rider.... As I know in total experienced 3 major very bad falls with in complete 5 rips broken I can not stress enough how important safety is for this wheels....
  2. As you can read in my last post here....I totally changed my mind :-) i the end it's a complete new wheel, where only the shell has stayed the same, all other parts are brand new and redesigned!
  3. @jrkline my 2 cents: Please! Get rid of that yellow connector when you are redoing it! The problem lies in the connector itself as it is only usable for 60Amps max! But through a motor phase sometimes a lot more Amps are running!!!! Even Gotway themselve checked that and got this type of connector away and changed it to bullet connector for each phase on all later ACM/V3 models....(which in the end also needs to be crimped because of the high resistance, see Jason's Post) i would use 150A bullet connector for each phase.....or a completely self crimped and soldered solution....
  4. I guess I have to make a real hard decision when back at home.... GW V3s+ or Ks18s? With every new detail I get from the 18S the decision seams to go to more to it.... 16" inch wheels with 2.125 wheels are out of the game for me now...... i would have liked a 14d/16 design....but in general I know what advantages I have from the Shell design(see abinders post)! As this 18s seams A LOT more agile then my sluggish (first, very old 40kmh Ks18 version, it's very different to 18AY)....and even steps up the game to SAFE 50kmh.....all my wishes seam to come through! Let's see if i get my last few questions answered by KS.....and then its order time :-)
  5. Aaaaah....and whoever has a KS16 board 1.2: ...I can provide the original KS INstructions how to do a 1.3 board out of a 1.2 board.... just bare me some time!!!
  6. Hello forum friendship, jusy some report of my thailand(rented) KS16 experience this year! ladt year I drive the island:rock with its unbelievable high hills and temps without temperature without probs...this year I run In a special problem of the board V1.2 of KS16!!! on a about 800m steep, steep hilll just at the end of the hill once the pedals got weak and I have To run away in front direction! Wheel still working....was no cut out! but behaviour of the wheel afterwards!!! and why i Write this a a warning:(again) :/) WHENEVER you experience a kind of weak pedal when pushing....and a kind of vibrating/pedal weakness on higher speed THERE IS something wrong with your capacitors!!!! i drove two days on but then on a another strong steep hill experienced my first cutout on a KS ever.....the Fuse blow! why it blows: one of the capacitor wires on first occasion burned and that's why the wheel gets the obove written behavior and over short or long it will put immens stress on fuse/mosfets:and especially batterie !!! I wrote especially this warning before, but was to stupid to do/recognize it for my self :-( this prob is especially known to KS16 board v1.2 and some old again: not normal behavior on a Ks: check the capacitor connection!!! fortunaltly the fine guys from KS thailand sent my KS instructions to make A kind of 1.3 board out of the 1.2 board , a new fuse, a new board if the repair don't work etc etc..... and from tomorrow I am on the Thai Koh tao hills again :-) repairs work all...but till tomorrow only have a 30A Fuse....*^#}}{ small Island ;-) some of Ks14D experience in BKK: Hard as hell!!! Powerfully more than every!!! other 800w 14inch wheel I drive.....unbelievable nice and stable build wheel.....a self seller!!!! when my KS16 runs again I continue this report with a Koh tao driving video!!!! greetings to a all friends and mod colleagues here!!!! 2 more weeks and than money for the next wheel will be safed ..... :-)
  7. yip...sounds like "start from standstill shortly after powering on fold".... Capacitors not completly loaded....but: do you have the newest firmware? as far as i know...this fault was corrected with 1.22 or 1.23..... And to keep you cool: only hapends shortly after powering on..and accelerating from a standstill. i would advise to load newest firmware if not allready done.
  8. My Ks18 i have since one year now, there are no signs of it getting weak or something! no retirement in sight! It is pretty powerfull and climbs hills very good! (living in a region called "hilled country") And the newer versions than mine...18AY...or 18B...are even more powerfull and with bettter temperature management, you can do nothing wrong with this wheel. Yes, my old version got a bit hot sometime....but this prob is long solved.
  9. Thats a statement i really dont did not recommend the Ks14d because of its app??? From all the EUC apps (from the company's itself) you are blaming the KS app? for requesting some permissions? I dont know the Inmotion app that well, but heard it has it niggles itself (and not functioning for china buyers, which is the totally wrong move ...imho), so just lets compare the Gw and the Ks app.... The Gw app requires internet connection, forgets its ride settings on IOS, the bluetooth connection is that good, that batterie and speedometer alltimes are flickering....Watts, voltage, amps, etc it still does not have... In contrary i would say that the KS app is from all EUC competitors still the stablest....has the best connection once established, does not need internet connection, has an fw update ability, and knows some things the Gw app never heard off. Yes, like all Euc producers the updates are coming to late, they could in general do more....but when i think about updates...shouldn't the v5f+ receive a promised speed update some months ago ;-) ?
  10. thinking again about the specs of the new Ks18s with 1500wh and 40/50kmh on a 1680wh config....i am still struggling about my next wheel buy..... If i get a chance to testdrive the Ks18s....and its more agil in idling/torque generating...i will again take this one! still the stablest 18" drive i ever have done......
  11. i would have been going for it! Thinking of a ACM 1300/1600 Wh and seeing a trolley as a must have...i would not only go for holes, i would take a preinstalled trolley, also!
  12. I would not see it that worse.... i have my 4th wheel now, and beside the fact that i upgraded one with a batterie pack more for more range, i have had nothing to do or any problems with any of the wheels. No maintenance other then cleaning the wheels regulary! While guarantee for a batterie is not that long you can exspect them to live 500-1000 cycles....And one cycle is meaning a FULL cycle, so three times charging from 66-100% counts as one cycle! this should go over the lifetime of a wheel if all runs smooth. Also on nowadays wheels, there is not much need for working on them...yes, there are much "freaks" here :-), but that you see in every hobby forum....the most users are happy and keep there time with driving :-)
  13. Good you say that....spread the word!!! There are still some rumours that you can "react" on a cutout and run it out! I also know from own experience that its just immediately slamming down :-(
  14. Thats what i mean with my comments above :-)....and how a mosquito gets to an elephant...."a lot of customers"??? :-) Here in Europe i would guess KS france and especially Ks Germany-quite good in wheel technics- sold the AY in high numbers, and there was never ever something heard/told about "1.25 bricks board"....
  15. Yip! Exactly! Your wheel looks great, i like it more than the (for me to much) white version from Todd! But the last red thingie...that does not match the fantastic blue/black combo...imho.