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  1. Make no mistake... To my knowledge the author of the linked article IS in the PLEV Group and things like redundancy and some of the protections are not brought in by the Lobbyist of electric scooters! They are the "wish" of the guys coming from the EUC part. This was discussed here in the Forum quiet often, the author of the article is a member here also. WHEN this PLEV Comes to law in several states it will or can be the death for our beloved EUC' we are more or less in a Grey Zone. When this PLEV Comes to Standard and gets law only vehicles/Euc's are allowed that go conform with the Plev rules and THEN the Police will look for that!. I dont see redundancy for Euc's as our current producer's have not get redundancy to run until now, not even in a prototype...and i doubt they are able to do this without bringing the costs up to an amount where it's game over for EUC's..... The new Ninebots Z6-10 are rumoured to have a (Kind of ) redundance...but thats just a rumour someone has read out of a Segway-Marketing speach,("segway redundancy safety") and i doubt that until i saw it on an EUC.... So my wish is that this PLEV takes a Long Long time, doesn't come into law ...or gets at least a lot less restrictive
  2. Plus one for that....and: As the KS16S runs under Special Firmware 1.00 or 1.02 this "hickup" sure isn't there anymore. On my KS18S with Special Firmware 1.01 i never had such a Problem.
  3. Actually that are (perhaps just) the crazy european/france prizes of world will sure be better. An Acm 1300 is about the same there and an 1600 costs even more. An dont ask for the V3s+ prizes...up to 2400euro :-(
  4. you can change your name under settings ;-)
  5. that would be a good idea....
  6. see my last post...i would also say that your board IS NOT in the time of problems...
  7. That is Just a Protection for you... Ali (and other serious china sellers) try to sort out credit card scamers...and so just want to know if there is a "real person" behind this dates/values.. So it is a common practice, and the companys doing this can be praised as they try to protect their members! Bit other than that you can also contact the seller and do the business with him on paypal....same protections!
  8. Suggestion: Have a set of sockets for 16,18,22 inch wheel and that set each one in the states, in europe and one in south east asia incl. australia and let this set rotate in case of need on the kontinent/region.... I would be happy to be the "home" for the europe set ;-) In case of future needed "community tools" we can make "the tool set" bigger....Thinking of Valve extension or something like this! But perhaps @Rehab1 knows more about where the tools are needed and if there is a demand at all?
  9. Yes, and because of that it is mostly usable for us freaks/enthusiast....a "renting" and sending system on case of need would be perfect! I actually have paid a good amount of money to maintenance, just because i dont have the tools to set up the axle nut! So i would also help organizing by doing this idea!!! or spend money to keep it going....or help pro-active!
  10. Points 1 and 2 i find an fantastic idea!!! I dont know if a deposit is needed, perhaps we can do that over Reputation numbers and/or Forum activity.... For Point 3, i cant speak for the sellers, but my view is we could get this organized as Forum members Ourself. Perhaps by a "pined" threat under Mods/Repairs, where we always see where a tool is Floating around! Great Idea!!! (And btw.: i thought about asking for a V3 socket, also :-) )
  11. I would vote that you look for a Gotway MCM3 V2, which is a good starter wheel. (260wh-> over 32kmh!, about 500dollar on Both mentioned Ninebot's are just to slow and soon after you learned to drive them, you will crave for more Speed! Otherwise: The main difference is the tiresize! A1 is 14inch...C+/E+ are 16inch wheels, more stable to drive. But like said, there are better starter wheels available nowadays...
  12. Have you tried and ask them? i would guess that in that case the update from 1.00 to 1.02 is not urgently needed...or: They just wait for the new app, last News was Release End of August.
  13. I would find 22kg very realistic... My KS18S with 128cells 1680wh weights 23 kg, my Msuper V3 with 96 cells weights 20kg A KS18 with 64cells 840wh weights 19,5kg The Z10 with 80 cells and a much bigger rim and a much beefier ballon tire for sure Comes over 20kg...from Looks i would guess 25kg! While i dont care if a wheel is 17 or 25kg, as Long as there is a trolley to push it around. Ok, if you are over 2.floor and no are screwed ;-)
  14. As far as i know only 16S and 18S are not shouting "Hello Kingsong" anymore.... On 14d/s you can only disable ALL voices...then it should be quite...perhaps next Firmware it is coming to 14 also....
  15. Hmmh, i did not have that anymore since i was on V1.22 or so.... It is (was) a known glitch, which can happen like you said when starting from a pole (and/or the wheel is just a few seconds powered ON) ├Łou can get it away if after powering ON always push the wheel a forth and back by Hand! Never Mount before... btw.: Not just a Kingsong fault...i can reproduce this on my GW V3, also!