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  1. Do These Bullet Connectors Look Compatible?

    I would say the big difference is that Marty is in the USA, with very, very fair Prices from ewheels.com.....while you are in France, the EUC highes cost Country. So i dont know if the costs from Marty would help you a lot....
  2. DarknessBot - iOS App

    Hy @Ilya Shkolnik I found this a very, very good idea!!! The wh/km is very often used when talking about Efficiency of a wheel. So i would also vote/ask for that as a one or two new tiles! (actual/average)
  3. King Song new app calibration problem

    Holy Moly.... First i wanted to respond....“for me its working well on the new app“.....(because on an earlier version it was, i know for sure....) Then i thought...slow down, check it, @Smootherwill know what he is talking about :-) And yes....seams in the latest versions of their app the f&%“%& off the calibration setting :-( Please, @Flora Yuan.....can you talk to your boss about investing some more energy/work into the app team??? First all the wait, then the IOS registration problems...now Calibrating the wheel dont work anymore! That is a very important option for our KS wheel! And IOS user have no chance to use the old app...at least not that easy! So please....
  4. Kingsong-NEW App iOS new Version 3.0

    Did you try de-install/deleting it...and installing new?
  5. Fedex? Where's my wheel!

    Congrats to both of you! Top wheel.....the feeling you describe, that its faster on a full charge, is for sure just that you get used to it more with every ride ;-) As long as you dont run into safety speed reducement, torque and speed are the pretty much stable :-) Wouldnt that be sad, if it would be no big progress? Going from a 14c to a S series is like having a higher voltage under the feet ;-) Have fun and stay safe :-)
  6. DarknessBot - iOS App

    @Ilya Shkolnik see 2 posts above.... And a last one: On my Gw Monster the amperage value has the wrong „sign“ (-).....when i accelerate, the amperage is minus, and because of that the graph behind the tile doesn’t work correct (minus dont show up correct). When i brake the amperage is plus...only that shows up in the graph! Can you correct that please....as i look very often on the amperage? Watts, power, volts...all show the correct sign (+)....only amperage is wrong.... Attention: only wrong on Gotway....on Kingsong it is all correct!
  7. DarknessBot - iOS App

    @Ilya Shkolnik Please see last post.... Another prob: Yes, i can input my whats app telephone number now.... But: The whats app „drop box“ does not show up on the profile main page like on your photo above.... So i can type in the correct number....but whats app is still useless.
  8. DarknessBot - iOS App

    Hy Ilya, just checked the 84volt setting...works for Gotway(not for KS, see down here)!!! Thanx a lot! Also Whats app number works now! (only input works...no function) Another fault: My GW always appears in the rankings and the wheel is recognized as Gotway model! But: My Ks18 is always „unknown“ model...and as unknown i am not in the ranking with it....not possible to recognize as Kingsong? Serial numbers should always start with „KS“ followed by modelnumber...example „KS18Sxxxxxxx...“ I also tried the 84Volt setting with my KS18 for fun....but i guess because it is „unknown“ ...the setting will not work for it....

    For the Mten3 the biggest threat on iddling will be a battery failure, like several Mten users allready had. The original Mten3 pack, which is a bit different designed than the other GW packs, has a Kind of design flaw, that on one nickel Strip , connecting the 2 parallel series, this Strip carries the complete amperage produced by the pack. That will/might blow.... I dont see a danger of blowing the board when idling. If you do it for longer the temperature of the board should rise and warn you before it blows. Nonetheless i would NOT advise to do that for longer. It just puts incredible stress onto the mosfets AND especially on the battery. And yes, it stresses this parts even more than going up a middle to very steep hill. You can observe that on every amp logging app like wheellog or darkness.
  10. KS 18S Heavy back and forth oscillation

    Never heard of something like that on a KS and i have over 4000km on KS18A and S and more km on other wheels ...yip, for Gotways this is known (seldom) issue on some Firmware, but not Kingsong As this is a unknown Problem i would definitly try to Figur out what is wrong. Was it very cold outside? Sometimes the gyro is sensitive to very, very cold weather, or the gyro might be sensitive to coblestone. But normally not to just one small bump. Also it might be that you have loose/defect hall sensors in the wheel itself. Perhaps you can try to replicate the behaviour by driving over some coblestones or bumpy Meadow. (at low Speed!!!) If that ever happens again, even just slightly, i would contact my seller and desire a new board! If there is really a fault somewhere, it will not go away from alone....
  11. MCM5 in the Wild!

    European crazy Prices..... Gotway sold it for 680$ on the crowdfunding(incl. Transport!) and announced it will cost 1050$ later(or something similar). Typical France/european Price jump....
  12. That Statement is not necessary true.... On a Msuperv3s+ with 1600wh 20000km means lets say about 200 full battery cycles (full cycle=100km)....on a V8 480wh for 20000km you would need as 3 times as much, as with a 1/3 battery you need much more charges....so that perhaps your battery already is in a weak state. Thats -from range and security apart- why i would alyways would choose the biggest battery available for a wheel.
  13. Kingsong-NEW App iOS new Version 3.0

    Thats right......it can SHOW up to 60..... Thats wrong :-) Speed Setting was and is maximum 50....and that only for 18S and forthcoming 18L....after 200km. Before it's 40....
  14. Kingsong-NEW App iOS new Version 3.0

    The Firmware update only reduced the needed Kilometers from 1000 to 200km, then the 50kmh Speed Setting will be allowed. Yes, the app goes up to 60..but you can not set the last tiltback or the alarms to anything over 50kmh. No KS wheel goes faster than 50kmh...and probably/hopefully never will..... Where was that implied, that it went to 60??? I hear that first time
  15. DarknessBot - iOS App

    I only have 84Volt Gotway Monster....Kingsong nowadays dont have a 84 Volt wheel!!! (Will only come with 18L) All Gotway 84 Volt wheels Report 67Volt ...it is a known bug, you must make a Workaround...with mutliplication by 1,25. The torch on my 18S is working well! Another Thing: Whats App telephone number dont work: The number Needs to be 11numbers only?! More numbers dont work.... But my German number including Country code is 0049152xxxxxxxx = 15numbers!