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  1. I dont know if it is "THAT" necessary to jump on the 84volt train.... the new 1500Watt kS18s is announced with 40kmh unlocked...and 50kmh after you have done 1000 km.... As KS normally has a great safety margin to their max speed, i dont know if you can call that bad performing! It is said to run that max speed down to 40% batterie, with then slighly decreasing the max speed with lower battery! I find that numbers pretty stunning....and wont write them off to early. The Ks Germany goes the safe way...he nearly never has machines from the first batch....and waits till the kinks have been worked out....Otherwise...only the Ks16s is missing? it is ordered and should arrive soon....
  2. Perhaps try here: When not the S1...he offers some better wheels ;-)
  3. I really dont know if thats such an great idea... Or better: Yeah, this is for sure a great idea for short steep hills, or to have an easier pushing in general. But on such an epic hill ride like this was here, for me it seams that is just no Monster parcour... The riding might become easier with such an installment, but knowing the Amperage that gets pushed trough the wires on such hard -forced- accelarations....this then could came out the same as what happends with meepmeeps ACM....even on that, much more torque related wheel, he got it that the wires burned. When the acceleration is that hard/difficult to do as it was here, i would better "listen" to my wheel.... Clamping between the legs, or mechanical solutions to do so....are longsightedness not so good for the wheel... Thats All Imho... i once forced my Ks18 up some -crazy- hills by clamping between the legs-was summer-...and run into heat issues by doing so.
  4. Have you checked your tyre pressure? Perhaps its to low? I remember that i was having a lot of probs steering-moving to one direction when i was at the beginning of learning, because of to low pressure. Otherwise i would say, just stay cool...Comes time, comes ride experience, remember learnig bicycle, you also had a learning curve of some days before the brain does everything automaticly.
  5. WOW!!! What an adventure! I am very happy all of you are Good....
  6. 96 cells are just 32 cells less than the 128cells we have now? As a 20700 is bigger, longer and heavier than 18650 in the end you dont have much of an Advantage i guess
  7. Nope, Sorry! i have a 820wh pack made of 3500mah cells, and a 340wh pack made of 2900 cells... These are connected in parallel, and because of this parallel Connection they "equalize" themself all the time...that also happens while charging. That is not stressfull at all for the packs....not while charging and not while working. You can even buy such combinations in a new wheel....
  8. In fact it is no big Problem to connect Batterie packs of different Watthours (range) Long as they have the same voltage For example i have in my Msuper a 820wh pack and a 340wh pack....together 1160wh As they are connected in parallel they are always on the same voltage. This is also when charging them, the lower pack will not get overcharged...... what you are not allowed to do is to put different type of cells in one seriell pack! But what here was asked is to use different range/wh packs in parallel.... That's no Problem and is done by some sellers with no problem
  9. That does not make much sense.... If it connects to the Gotway App, it should also function with all other apps..... Stupid question, but have you "killed" the Gotway app/Task completly? As Long as the wheel is connected to the GW will not be able to install any other Connection.... thats my only idea!
  10. Like Marty allready said: It there is a row of quality....Rockwheel would be some steps under GW...Hard to believe...but totally true!
  11. Gotway Story time......
  12. Thats quiet good after 4 hours! Dont will from now on get better every day and after some weeks you are not thinking about what you are doing on the wheel!
  13. It's a modified V5F handle...and Yip, i think it could be used on the Monster! I don't have this handle in use any more...if anyone is interested and willing to pay postal and package....PM!
  14. As long as the wheel is moving everything id ok...but if The wheel gets stuck in mud/sand or pressed against a wall or something, while still wanting to accelerate -and can not move a bit at all- is the worst case for every board, and makes the board fry on all brands....not only Gotway. Has also nothing to do with 6/12 Mosfets. its just asking for full power when the wheel can not move on...instead that the mosfet "jumps" to the next switch...the amperage in that switch sequence spikes so high that the mosfets fry. Dead for every wheel....... Correction: some wheels have fuses for that situation!
  15. dont worry...until January i had 220pounds=100kg, also (now down to 85 ,yeah)) its no prob to ride a KS18 or a v3 and in real life they brought me up every! hill....Sorry, this hill from the KS factory...thats just science and its more a problem that the tyre does not have contact to the bad road than that the motor would not have that power... for the seat: Seat on the Ks is not that comfortable..that is right...but: At all riding seated is only sometimes for quiet experienced riders and i would not recommend it before you are! only than you have a chance to get used to it!