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  1. GotWay Tesla 1020 unboxing, first thoughts and comparison

    I am totally with you, idling and maneuverablity is very difficult on the Ks18, especially when comparing to the nimble Tesla blast :-) Sorry, didnt hear that with the 26mph...just wanted to warn in case you dont know!
  2. @Marty Backe @meepmeepmayer Yip, i brought that up, this "holding perfectly vertical" when calibrating. Actually back in the time there has been an officialy video advice by a Kingsong engineer to do so to get rid of the pedal curve dip symptom and as i found out it worked for Msuper V3, too and some group ride friends also got their GW's better by doing so. Sometimes the dipping goes away, sometimes it gets better. On the GW the pedal dip can stay, but its very slightly then.
  3. GotWay Tesla 1020 unboxing, first thoughts and comparison

    @Hunka Hunka Burning Love You can change between rotating lights or battery shown all time, it are different llights modes. @Bryan Wells You said you didnt reach tiltback..... You know that this wheel has an adjustable tiltback from 3 to 48kmh(can be also set to OFF)......but no "last warning" tiltback? It only has a audible warning by 80% speed(about 50kmh) but no tiltback anymore then, after the audible last alarm the cutoff will come. Just in case you didnt know.... When you are refering to the KS18a....you have to have in mind your 18A 800W 30kmh is a 2 year old wheel type!. It is in no way comparable to a nowadays 18S 1500W, which goes 50kmh, has ultra rockhard pedal settings(only Tesla is a bit harder), is powerfull as nearly no other 18inch, and can also be idling very easyly, breaklights working also flawless :-)
  4. Charging battery outside EUC

    we are taliking about 2 x 510 wh packs, worth about 800bucks.... They are connected inside the Tesla via standard XT60 adapters and yes, after opening the side panels you could swap them easily. Charge port is btw GX16-4. It would not be possible to change only one pack,which was charged outside, as both packs always have to be on the same voltage, connecting a fully charged one to a drained is a pretty bad idea. So if you want to charge outside, you have to change both packs. The screws of the sidepanels are not build to open them on a daily basis, they would wear out. Conclusion: In theorie you can do this all, but in real life this all isnt worth it. This replacement packs wouldnt help you for any laptop, mobiles or whatnot...They are just the wrong voltage, and you would need a down or upscaler to use them.
  5. IPS 122 tilt forward on acceleration

    In short wors: Its weak as hell and the pedal setting is , too! Thats an wheel which i guess has come to market 3 years ago? So not to wonder that its not like the actual wheels. With very great luck you might find a board that works with an algorythm that fits to the number of magnets of this wheel, but i 100% doubt that. Also that would not change the main problem, a weak motor and a small battery/power available. So no, no chance to make it better...
  6. My KS18S Review and Ongoing Observations

    Your scales are just better than my mind :-) or 23,5 was for my old 18A, the 18S may have a heavier motor than the old....
  7. i would guess the 60 Volt has nothing to do with ninebot or segway, but with some US laws that certain devices are not about 60volt? Makes just no sense at all.......
  8. i remember parts of that story...that really was/is a shame!!!
  9. My KS18S Review and Ongoing Observations

    @Marty Backe to be more concrete: On good streets i would allways go for the KS18, as it plays out its strength there with the bit more stable ride and its carving abilities and seat and so on. That includes street hills and mountains. As soon as it goes to uneven grounds like for example your last group ride on gravel roads i would say the V3(s) is just easier to move and to handle. Power and acceleration wise the 18S and V3s are nearly spot on the same, which i found impressive as the 18S is only 67 Volt.(Lurking for the 18L) What i preferon the 18S over the Msuper is the harder pedal setting...its not so "mushy" as the Msuper V3 Series, while saying "mushy" is perhaps a bit to much and nitpicky. But thats my view. Both wheels so have their advantages..... The Tesla is the coolest wheel whatsoever!!! Its just that..... (might be special to me) i still havent the total "trust"...knowing some of the failure reports, seeing some of the inside even in my wheel, knowing the failure rate etc etc..... Rip breaking hurts and its something i wish not to repeat :-) If GW would have the reliability of the KS wheels...i would change my name to Tesla69 :-)
  10. My KS18S Review and Ongoing Observations

    I just drove it on a group ride with friends, gravel roads,offroad... So i know the power available and the handling is the exact same as my 1160Watt V3. Its just easier to handle as its shell is smaller as the KS18, so i can totaly agree with what you said here about that handling
  11. @Shad0z i know this seller to deliver what is promised...but i have never seen someone having to deal with some probs with this seller! So nobody knows what happens IF there is a problem. But: As you are (unfortunatly) still far away from having that money for the tesla, what about asking this question when the time has come? EUC is a fast moving market, perhaps now the seller is known to be good, but in 2 months? Who knows? There are some ali sellers with a very, very good reputation. But again...the seller decision is to be made when the order will come! In Time...
  12. My KS18S Review and Ongoing Observations

    There are some of those comparisons here. I have owned a V3 67Volt and the 18S at the same time and also know the V3s+. Cruising, commuting, reliability=18S, a smaller, easier moveable wheel for mountain or offroad tracks=V3(s). More to read in my 18S review(diary). To the 40-50kmh Lock "feature"...i guess we can all agree it might be meant good...but is stupid done/implemented! now lets see/hear/read more of Marty's experience ;-)
  13. Tesla Pedal Modes

    @Cannings From your foot position i would even say you are standing to much back! And like Marty said: Dont clamp the wheel! It is not needed.... It might be that you need some more experience before it works without clamping...but then it gets better! Wobbling on higher speeds is a typical beginner problem which goes away after time. Especillay when you say straightening legs cures the prob! Thats a sign that for relaxed position your muscles in the calf are not good enough yet...
  14. Yeah, but that means that you dont use the 310wh...instead on a 59,5V load you will only get it to about 250-260wh range. I personnaly would buy a 63V charger somewhere....