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  1. First wheel for commuting e+, s2, v5f

    what is the good price?
  2. For the reactiveness: You always have to take into account that it is a 18inch wheel....18inchers in general are not that agile as smaller wheels. When i changed from my first 14inch wheels to a 18inch wheel i got quite shocked, how less of reactive and agile this is. But as said...for an 18 inch the 18S is a fantastic choice! Nonetheless i would only recommend it to experience drivers, as the high shell puts another “get used to” on top of the bigger wheel. Even 18inch driver struggle a bit. Yes, in the beginning i was doubting that the 18S can keep on powerwise with the 84Volt v3s+....but forget that, i could compare it a bit longer until then. It is the most powerfull 67volt wheel i ever tried, and keeps up with the v3s+! Other users like @eddiemoy might agree on that...btw he did the acceleration video! I also (owned) a v3 67 volt, self upgraded to nearly 1200wh. This v3 i had to sell! as after getting used to the rockhard stable pedals and top notch riding mode of the 18S...i really get afraid when riding the v3. Thats no joke, in comparison that GW felt spongy and untrustable to me.. (which it is not, as the buyer was happy and found it stable, as it was a upgrade for him also) If you have time....i would wait for the 18L...seams like another good move from KS...even more power, 84volt also! For the aliexpress buyers....my opinion is the sellers will never go away, when the 18L is on sell, i could for sure give you some tipps where to buy it......(while Jason from ewheels.com has really fair prices and top service in the states) Some more questions? You are welcome!
  3. DarknessBot - iOS App

    Your app gets Multi useable :-) @Ilya Shkolnik Are there chances, that the faults i mentioned earlier, will you try to solve them? I mean for KS: - negative amps and watt on braking and recuperating... - Batterie percentage a bit more agile and reactive, so that i can see the voltdrop Happening? my wishlist: - beeing able to lock the app to landscape mode...(when locking always jumps to Portrait mode) I also wrote on the Facebook Group...but seams you have not confirmed Messages till now. I also would like to help translating to german...but: When you want to Change the shown "phrases" on the right side to "english->"....nothing is shown...
  4. Mostly 84Volt System are good for a higher Speed and a better handling of low Batterie...as the 84 Volt Systems use the same 60Volt Motors/wheels. But a 84Volt System must not mean that a 67Volt System is less powerfull or has less torque. From my experience the 18S is (for a 18inch wheel) extremly torque and powerfull. It eats the V3 67Volt for breakfast and is as same powerfull and torque as the V3s+ 84Volt. Now owning the 18S i always got afraid and unsecure when using my 67V V3...because the pedals where so soft, weak and spongy, so that i sold it, as it would otherwise only become a Dustkeeper. The 18S really is by far the best wheel i have ever driven...... Here someone who owns both and had done an acceleration race test between 18S and V3s+ 84Volt: KS18S is even the winner.... I would not call this testin any way scientific......but: it clearly shows that 67Volt (from another Producer) can be as or even more powerfull and torque as 84Volt. I am personnaly very exited to see the 18L next year. KS even throws in a more powerfull Motor in the production 18L(2000Watt) and i am pretty sure next year they will bring a 1600Wh or 2000Wh Version of the 18L to market, also. In comparison to GW they just take there time for new developments
  5. The Gotway Tesla 1020wh Model Open Box and Initial thoughts

    Capacitors did not get hot...but on very high stress the wire to the capacitor might get burned....even then when it is badly soldered to the board.
  6. The Gotway Tesla 1020wh Model Open Box and Initial thoughts

    yip, we will find out....Koto said his wheel and so his pads were also prototype version (all french people reviewer tested the same wheel :-) ) and on the finished product something else will pop up. I hope so, as i am no fan of this wide pads....
  7. The Gotway Tesla 1020wh Model Open Box and Initial thoughts

    This square pads ACM style....are not there on the selling version...see tishawn video...
  8. EWheels 84v Fast Charger Review

    Yip, and this last one can also be used with 60/67volt wheels. You just need an adapter for the different charge port plugs.....
  9. EWheels 84v Fast Charger Review

    Thats nominal voltage, Marty, 84volts is 72volts nominal, (3,6volts nominal=4,2 volts charged) Actuallz it would be also more correct to call a 67volt wheel a 60volt wheel... The mentioned charger is the best you can get on the market. If you want another fast charger which is reliable and good, i would go for a 1radwerkstatt fast charger. They are not adjustable to 80/90/100%, but best quality available.
  10. What about firewheel?

    It is the same...it is produced by gotway for the France seller.....
  11. Video: Gotway Monster 100v version

    Nope, this is a Seller, who has good contacts to Gotway and is allways testing their prototypes and receiving them before public gets their hands on. wheelzworld in Suisse. As far as i know it is not in seriell production until now. I guess nobody without Gotway can just do a higher voltage mod, as you need to change the board hardware AND the firmware. Its not just throwing some more seriell batteries in. Even Gotway (afaik) is working very long on this version, as the rumours about this 100Volt monster was going around nearyl half year before, but at the start Gotway had problems to implement that. So we will see if they bring it to market...
  12. MSuper V3S+ lasted 5 months...

    Hy, please use an external photo service with links, the forum software allows only minimal storage to users! To your problem: Its like Marty said: Shit happens, normally under these conditions a Mosfet does not blow, but who knows, perhaps something other on the board is responsible for the mosfet failure. Anyway: You need a new board now.
  13. DarknessBot - iOS App

    Hy Ilya, i tested 3.1 123 today...with my Ks18s!!! Finally: voltage and percentage are working and showing the correct values. Good Job! But: Please, please, make the percentage more agile/reactive, as i can not see/experience voltagedrop on heavy accelerations anymore. I guess most people like to see that, and not an -average calculated value! Then two more faults i found: Ampere and wattage does not show negative values when braking/recuperating. All my other apps cam do that... Then: Since this 123 version, if you close darkness app when its working fine......after open darkness again, it looks like this: The connect works...but no values are shown. Even if restart app ....it find wheel and connect s, but shows no values! Only Solution: connect to other app(ks for example) disconnet other app, then open darkness and THEN it works fine again... This was not on older version, this behaviour is new! Keep on the good work!! Best All Wheel app!
  14. KingSong Notice about buying EUC on Ali express

    I have had deliveries from fast 8-10 to slow 25 days... Depends a bit on luck, when the “sending distributor” at the end brings your wheel on the plane after he is having it in his warehouse. (this process can not be influenced by the seller) On defects , you normally negotiate that the seller will send you the correct spare parts. But i would say in general buying on aliexpress is only for people who know their wheels a bit...and are able to use a screwdriver to open it and are not afraid on the buying at all. its just nothing for someone who is used to exchange a product when it has some scratches, or after 10 days regrets his buy or trying to use a warranty till the last minute. i guess you all know what i mean :-)
  15. What about firewheel?

    ??? I have provided 2 europe links? German and france?