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  1. I had three major falls! 2 while (i would say) still learning last year.....and one cutout this year, with a major fall! At least 4, i would more say 5 rips i had broken....3 on the last year falls, x-rayed and confirmed...2 rips this year, not confirmed...but i know it ;-) Still love riding like Hell! More than the injuries itself the cutout does more to my brain, more doubts you can say! And my relationship to the EUC had to been repaired and i felt that i am more and more going to choose safety over performance.... :-)
  2. i have exactly the same kneepads and ellbowpads..but from another company (K2 Skate)....but looks are one to one the same... And the best i ever had !
  3. Its rumored...thats all! they seam to have problems to get their hands on the 3500mah cells....what i really don't understand! Perhaps they first need to kill their stock 2900mah cells they have bought in mass? As probalbly nobody will buy the 858 as soon as a 1050ish is available? But they also have very new nice colors, matte black/grey, blueish matte, red matte....very nice! see photos on Facebook by "Yi Chen" in our group.... @Scatcat very, very detailed and good review of the Gt16! Got all its goods and not so nice in it!
  4. Then you will be very happy to have a Ks16s then.... As the difference in what what you "can accelerate" on a Lhotz and on a Ks16s is like from going to 10% to 100% :-) Really like heaven!
  5. KS can not really implement a 80% they have a totally different philosophy then GW/Rockwheel.... On a GotWay you can drive the wheel so fast as you want untill you run into a cutout...there is only the 80% beeps that warn you and can not be turned off...but you can go faster till it cutoff then. A KS wheel has a different philosophy, it will NEVER EVER let you come in the near to a cutout Speed. You have 4 adjustable alarms, the 1. and 2. can be turned off, while the 3. Alarm (4.beeps) and 4. Alarm(tiltback) can be set/adjusted to the max value of 35kmh...but can not be turned off completly So it is perhaps easier to say that a KS16S because of the tiltback will never ever let you go faster than about 80%......or better say always save Speed.,.. Yeah, the 16S and the FW 1.25 have a lower "Speed reducement" sets in at about 55Volt(ca. 25-30%) and then doesn not go directly down to 25kmh! more sets in step by in the beginning 30kmh, than 28, 26 with the Batterie getting lower! And when you are at 20% Batterie, you normally dont go any lower as -Sorry- thats risky....
  6. Also so ein ähnliches Gespräch hatte ich auch nem Polizisten der privat mit seinem Hund unterwegs war! Der war ganz baff, als ich ihm das Kennzeichen und den Versicherungsschein unter die Nase gerieben habe und meinte dann, damit wär ja alles i.O! Meine Schwester ist auch bei den Ex-Grünen jetzt Blauen...und sagt eigentlich dass keiner so wirklich ne Ahnung hätte was jetzt geht und was nicht. Ja, sobald sich ein Polizist einer Straftat bewusst ist, dann MUSS er sie verfolgen....da geht kein Auge zudrücken.....wie man an meiner Schwester bzw. dem aus dem Gespräch sieht, ist das bei vielen aber nicht der Fall! Von daher kann ich zu "Deinem" Schupo nur sagen...typisch Bayern ;-) Klar, KFZ Steuer soll dann die Straftat sein? Ich mein, dass ich mich auch mit Kennzeichen und Flepppe immer noch "strafbar" mache, weil ich nicht zugelassenes Gerät im STr.Verkehr bewege, ok! Aber KFZ Steuer? Hör ich zum ersten Mal.... Der Gedanke, dass mich mein Kennzeichen erst recht auffällig macht bzw. mir evtl. sogar Vorsatz unterstellt, hatte ich auch schon.....Von daher ist es nur dran, wenn ich mich auf Strassen/Nähe Strassen bewege.....wenn ich auf abwegigen Fahrradwegen unterwegs bin, ist es ab....damit die Fahrradfahrer/Fussgänger erst gar nicht auf die Idee kommen ich hätte mit nem Kennzeichen auf Ihren Wegen nix verloren :-) @One Glühstrumpf!
  7. @Demian B I would guess perhaps on of the big Brown capcitors has become loose or unconnected..... If something like this happens you will have a noticable power loss. As the Monster/GW Board's have 2 of this capacitors it can be one is used when needed high powers.... But like said that's all guessing....with a bit experience of how it feels if a capacitor is loose.... As @Marty Backe it up and take a look!
  8. @Slaughthammer I did not call you by name before, as i didn't asked for any allowance;-) Ok, i really had that with the noise totally forgotten, as nowadays all modern wheels i have driven had that sound. When driving, i did not realise it anymore....its just "outblended"! But really, that are no "flowers" .....for getting on a new, for you unused wheel, you were really, really fast!!! Adjusting to each wheel was just a few seconds for you! Havent seen that, especially on the Ks18, before! so at least i hope, i described the rest of our short tour and what you think about these wheels well or exactly enough and did not state anything false. Otherwise tell me, and i will edit the notes i have done! Like said, if you are nearby again, and would like to go for a short run, just message me! Got some nice other directiosn, a bit more offroad style like, also!
  9. Hope i can tell you more about this in latest 3 weeks......
  10. Yes, sure, that was just a bit ironic... For all others and especially @Dingfelder @Sketch , perhaps also @abinder3: Just about an hour ago i have a visit of another german forum member, driving 16" newest IPS Lhotz, selfmade 520wh, but driven some other wheels also, and -as i found - he was a very, very good driver, backwards capabilty, easy adjusting to my wheels and so on... SHORT conclusion of his statements/drive feelings of both my (old)Ks18 1200wh and the v3 67volt (but with 84volt wider shell)! Both wheels he drived first time today, both where set on hardest ride mode: - he found both wheels extremely powerful in accelerating and braking, the Ks18 in front especially in braking - the v3 to have a "play" when standing, decribed by others as relativly soft pedal - in general the KS18 as "more comfortable" and easier, stable to ride, as he found the v3(wide shell!) to bulky - just for sharp turns the V3 easier, as the height of Ks18 for starters on the wheel is harder to tilt to a side - the Ks18 extreme hard to "idle" when changing from backwards to forward ( even i have hard time doing that, as the Ks18 in idling is very sluggish) - in general not imagining that more power and speed as this both wheels can provide is ever needed! If he had had to choose today he would have taken the KS18 as the winner....... I have to say: I was extremely surprised by this/HIS decision, as in general or normally i found/hear the Ks18 to be the more "special" and more "need to get used to". wheel...but the comfort and stability of the ride made it for him the clear winner! This here is just written as a momentum of a new to both wheels forum member and NO advertising for the KS18! Even i can not say which of my wheels is better, both have their dis- and just take it as what it is. Another opinion :-)
  11. Yeah, they have the lead in 84Volt powerful wheels....which burn the wires/connectors, firmware problems etc... ;-) I think in long term to stack up more and more batteries is not useful or lets say also has its disadvantages....perhaps some more things will come up, also? (lifetime, who knows?....) I was with 105kg very heavy some months ago...never had probs on any hills on my (first series)Ks18 1200W.
  12. plop a bigger batteery in the Ks18??? isn't 1680wh enough?
  13. @Sketch As you are used to other 18" and other wheels, you will adapt to the 16s very soon! the Ks18 you have to give for sure a bit more time, as in its drive behavior its unique because of its height! but once you are adapted to it...its the stablest 18" i know!
  14. the motor code has nothing to do with are the ones produced from late april/beginn May!