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  1. Thanks for the feed back, I needed something quick and cheap my simple solution works great.
  2. Count me, Thomas and possibly another duel wheel from our group up for the meet, we will be up before August for a ride down the prom with you.
  3. No one likes riding in the rain, after being caught out a couple of times I realised from the splatter on the rear of my Airwheel and the dirt up the back of my pant legs I had a problem, my solution was to cut a plastic mud guard from a fabric softener bottle, simple solution that works. I ride to work most days so it's inevitable I will be caught out now n then. Anyone added any other mods or have any other ideas?
  4. Hi Jonathan, I'm Jeff and I've been riding with my son for a year, I ride most days down the canal towpath to work, it don't get better than that. Sorry I digress my T-shirt slogan, I.C.U-E.U.C aimed at those in our niche group. I've been looking at style and function, skate and cycle wear, urban clothing and I have cobbled a few ideas together of my own.
  5. Hi Andy, if you get anybody together tell me and we will be up, weathers crap again so not sure if we will ride today, as you can imagine the paths we use get very boggy when it's rained. Like I said we will come up when the weathers a bit more settled.
  6. Oops typo, it should be, but thanks for the messages.
  7. Hi chaps, anyone bought a wheel from, seems very cheap! If no one as any negative comments I will presume the sights legit. Thankyou.
  8. euc

    Hindley, Wigan, new group of euc riders, Hindley, SQ wheels, EUC group, we welcome anyone who wants to ride in our area, local or not ?
  9. Hi SinisterPrime, two wheelers from Wigan would love to meet and ride, I just wish there were more of us but we are a rare breed.
  10. airwheel

    Hi, just thought I should chip in Q5 looks great as I only paid £56 quid for mine on eBay I am a big fan. What did you end up buying? Regards Jeff.
  11. Hi Felixtm, we are looking for people to join us and ride together around the NW, there's three of us so far if your up North get in touch, more the merrier Regards Jeff.
  12. Thanks for the reply, I am new to this wheel madness and have the bruising to prove it lol, good luck going faster.
  13. Lookin to buy second hand IPS 121 anybody got an opinion? Just want to get mobile.
  14. uk

    Anyone interested in forming a group to meet and ride together NW Lancashire uk, all welcome get in touch. Kind regards Jeff.