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  1. @Jbrannen95, I have had a phone call with @jojo33 and he told me your problem if the battery is detached from the mini, which voltage do you have here? if the volatge is between 42 and 45V, it's possible to try this : I have saved my battery with this method but I can't give you the guarantee it will be the same for your battery. good luck
  2. Where is my 9B1 battery?

    no I don't make this "upgrade" on my 9B1 but I think about it.
  3. Where is my 9B1 battery?

    someone try to resell his kit on FB for a very nice price :
  4. Battery replacement

    an overall picture will be nice to understand how it's connected to charging plug and to motherboard
  5. Hello, In summer condition, I can drive 16km with my 240Wh internal battery that give an average consumption of 15Wh/km. My external battery is a 190Wh, and I'm able to drive 12 extra km with it. If I had 400wh (my next project) I will be able to drive 25 extra km. For battery and cables I bought all spares parts and I make battery by myself (I have already post some information here : http://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/5584-want-more-range-for-your-ninebot-mini-one-problem-but-many-solutions/) If you need more information, you're welcome.
  6. If you are looking for a battery for 9Bmini Pro, follow this link : http://www.ebay.fr/itm/282710470073?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  7. No it's not better because every 10-15 loads, you need a full charge to make the equilibration of the cells. So you need a 63V output charger to do it.
  8. Android Wear Watch

    ok I will buy it and give my feed back in few weeks
  9. Android Wear Watch

    Do you think this model is OK for using wheellog app on it? https://www.gearbest.com/smart-watch-phone/pp_507114.html?wid=21
  10. A new surprise inside a Ninebot One C+ battery

    2 cells were damaged due to a BMS default. I have already got the same problem with GW battery with Panasonic cells. So the cell's quality is not the reason. I would juste show that Ninebot use different brands for its battery and not only Samsung or LG.
  11. Today I have opened a 220Wh original NINEBOT battery (from a 9B1 C+) in order to make a repair (change the BMS and replace 2 damaged cells). And the surprise was to see the brand of the cells which is DLG. I beleived models C & C+ had SAMSUNG cells and E & E+ models had LG cells. But 2 years ago I have seen on my 9B1 E (240Wh) that its battery was made with SAMSUNG cells (rather than LG brand). And now I've seen DLG brand rather than SAMSUNG inside a C+ model. Can we trust about battery's informations?
  12. Thank you. It was exactly my goal.
  13. OK put 5 differents chargers for 5 differents wheels which have not the same battery capacity and explain that to the boss of a bistro who makes you big eyes when you ask him if you can use his socket. Furthermore, the maximum power is indicated on the back of the charger. In reality the power gradually decreases towards the end of the load, so it is not linear and the calculation of Wh even more apporximative. This tinkering is not at all essential but it can help give a better image of the wheelers in a society where we are always looked like a problem. But maybe I'm wrong.
  14. I present my weekend tinkering, which makes possible to measure the electricity consumption (in Wh) of the devices that will be plugged and used on my power strip. The goal is to be able to reassure the "boss" of bars, when we take a break for refill (and drinks), that one does not eat its margin in electricity with several wheels in charge (quite the contrary, it costs almost nothing) So in starting supply I used: - a power strip : - a measuring and display module designed to support up to 260V and 20A : here is the full link : https://fr.aliexpress.com/item/Accurate-Energy-Meter-Voltage-Current-Power-AC-80-260V-20A-Voltmeter-Ammeter-Blue-Backlight-Overload-Alarm/32694047316.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.XUkW81 - for the cutting I used a jigsaw and a cutter, for the assembly I used hot glue and black silicone. To get the following result : I have "sacrificed" the 2 right sockets to position the meter box, the connection is as simple as it can exist: 2 wires in input and 2 wires out without even worrying about any polarity. In practice, 1) I have a socket with 5 free sockets which allows to measure and accumulate consumed Wh (reset to zero with the small black button). 2) the power supply of the power strip and its housing is switched on by the original switch, the operating voltage is displayed. 3) on the same screen I see in instantaneous: the power (in W), the operating voltage (in V), the amperage (in A) and of course, the consumption (in Wh). In the example presented, by plugging my heat gun (power 2000 W to position 2), I have 8.43 A circulating for a measured power of 1953 W.
  15. From E+ to P speed

    Did you ask them if you can buy only the covers with a shipping to USA? If not, you can ask to me to buy it for you and I would ship them to your adress. Just tell me if you need my help for that.