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  1. I have made some tests to compare the distance and the speed between 9B app and a GPS (orégon Scientific). The result is the 9B app show a little bit higher speed than the GPS (18 kph for the App vs 16,5 kph for GPS). It's the same for the distance with 1 more km for the App every 18 km. Anyway I don't know any App which give the real speed, I have made the same compare between my GPS and GW MCM4 app, close to 2 kph more for the app when the GPS give 20km/h, and 1 more km for the distance every 10 km.
  2. Harder, better, faster, LONGER :
  3. Some others compoments should be damaged and you couldn't do anything against that. Anyway with the trimpot, you can go down to 50V from 63V, so the trimpot was not the problem.
  4. 50.1V is too low and there is no use to try to repare your charger. best price for a new one seems to be here :
  5. My charger is not really adapted for a 9B A1 because there is only one battery 155Wh to charge. The original 70W charger is only able to deliver 1.1A in order to respect the speed of load that cells can support without any damage. With a 2A output charger (120W like mine or original 9B1 E charger), it's too high for keeping the good health of cells (of a 155Wh battery)
  6. A shame this following product is still not available (for real): That would be THE SOLUTION.
  7. My best solution (maybe somebody could have a better one but I have not read it yet) is here : External battery is directly linked to the power wire of the motherboard, that avoid to have damage on internal battery due to high amper value and that allow to use the max capacity of the external battery.
  8. I have taken 15 used lipos element (which capacity is 6500mAh) that I have linked to a 16S BMS. This battery cost to me less than 20 euros.
  9. Today I have done my longest trip on 9B1, with the help of an external battery :
  10. If the power of the original charger is 120W and can supply 1.9A, a supercharger with 250 W would be close to 4A. And for a 9B1 E + battery, it's a little bit more high to preserve the battery life. so have a look at :
  11. yes First you have to learn and Second you need capacity in order to have more fun
  12. Right but you need to have an original NINEBOT 15S BMS if you want you battery will be recognize by your wheel. This is an example for the charging circuit (C+ and C-) with a 16S BMS (it's the same for a 15S BMS) and power circuit (P+ and P-) Each cell (or group of parallel cells) are balanced individually. In this case only over charge protection is active (and it's safe).
  13. This is how the BMS's seller advise me to connect cells to the BMS.
  14. thank you there is a big difference between 9B1 16" and 9B1 14" concerning the battery and especially the BMS. Now, for 9B1 14" and Segway Mini (or NINEBOT MINI PRO or MINI XIAOMI), inside the battery's BMS there is an electronic component that allow the motherboard to recognize the battery. If you make your own DIY battery with a standard BMS, the motherboard will not recognize it and its use could be reduce. With 9B1 S2, if only one battery is connected (or recognized) the max speed would be 2 kph lower than with 2 batteries connected. So it's impossible to do same thing as I have done for my 9B1 E because of new secure BMS (with its own FW)
  15. "Power led switch" works perfectly for my 9B1 with both apps (NINEBOT 4.0 or NINEDROID) But remember NINEBOT-SEGWAY didn't make any apps or FW upgrade for our 9B1 16" since a long time, and that show we are not a priority for them.