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  1. Some news from my 9B1 DIY battery, yesterday I have drove 50km with a full charge Now I've use my internal battery for 1200 km and everything works perfectly.
  2. If you want ot get ride off the old one I'm interested
  3. The BMS is the problem and protection circuit is damaged. It's the same case as the one I have explain and repare here :
  4. Battery storage is requierd only if you won't have a use of your 9B1 during few months. For a short period of unuse, just take care to not let your battery at maximum charge or at minimum discharge. The best value seems to be aroud 60% of charge.
  5. Yes you are right.
  6. You should use a voltmeter in order to measure the output voltage battery (at the yellow connector) in order to be sure your problem don't come from the battery. because a BMS default can explain you problem if the ouput voltage is under 45V. Condensators are able to be charge with a low voltage but there is not enough power to keep gyroscopic balance. I have seen 2 times such BMS problem with 9B1 E+ battery, output voltage was half than normal voltage without any damage cells. Your video show the same thing that will happen if you disconnect the battery and you push power button. Condensator give power during a short time and there is only a bip before a shut down. that's why it's interesting to check your battery output voltage.
  7. My advice is to stay with 1.3.5 version.
  8. Nice link and it's very interesting for a future project Many thanks. Maybe it's not perfect but it's works very well and it was my goal.
  9. thx, you can find this BMS on aliexpress :
  10. thank you but I have no more picture and I can't take anymore because this shell is use by my friend @cbgti for 2 weeks.
  11. Yes no other choice than make it permanent in this upgrade. But the BMS compartment is not full glued and it's not very difficult to remove the plastic cover. In the case of a problem, it's possible to make measurement to the wires arriving at BMS to detect which cell(s) is (are) damaged. So you can located the compartiment you have to open even if this step is not easy but not impossible. I have made my first upgrade in both shells (I have had 375Wh, please follow the link look at my solution to add a 375Wh battery inside my 9B1E shell in order to have a total capacity of 750Wh) a year ago and everything is working well until this day after more than 1000 km traveled.
  12. Thank you. I put not only silicone because I cut small plastic parts to have some coverage to close all the compartments And I finish the sealing with a last layer of silicone. Water is not welcome so you must strongly seal each compartment.
  13. Here is the last battery I have just composed, in order to add 190Wh to a 9B1, without visual impact from the outside : It is no longer a surprise to see that there is ample room for cell storage, but not only that, because an ultra compact BMS can also find its place And finally, looking for a bit, I found a BMS 15S (so no need to tweak from a 16S) which size is perfect to go into the compartment Here again, the challenge is not so much to set up the cells in series, but to find how and where to pass all the balancing wires And so the idea is to have them cross the motherboard compartment, just below it, to join the BMS on the other side. Concretely, here is what it gives from the inside. There is still some wiring to connect but the hardest is done. The wires that pass through the motherboard compartment are glued to the silicone, forming a protective envelope. Of course this does not interfere in any way the installation of the motherboard nor its smooth operation because nothing touches. It takes a small cut on each side (right and left) to allow the bumper to regain its place. In the end there are just the charging wires which will pass in addition by the top of the bumper to connect the battery on the other side. The inside face is completely waterproof (with silicone), the half shell took a small kilogram more with this battery upgrade.
  14. glad to know you have found the origin of your matter but is it possible to repare? During my test I have measured more than 4A while using external battery linked to charging plug and BMS is still OK. Me too, I have supposed they are the link between BMS and mother board, maybe that's will explain if the battery is recognize by the motherboard or not.
  15. the picture come from your link but you have no other choice than modify the fenders because tyre diameter is bigger than original. on my mini I have removed the fenders but now I need to make DIY fenders