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  1. GX12-3P is also used for all hoverboard, maybe that is the reason of it's use on a generic of min It will stay a mystery.
  2. Yes but GX12-2P woulld be enough, for same safe reasons.
  3. Yes it's number 1 to + and number 2 to - I advise you to check with a voltmeter on your offical 9b charger to confirm it.
  4. Low speed with 9Bmini is like with 9B1, under 20% battery you can't ride over 12kph
  5. with a 9Bmini, your maximum speed decrease of 2-3 kph when the battery is lower than 50%. It's what you have at 30% with your 9B1.
  6. When you upgrade your firmware, there is no official possibility to downgrade. the downgrade method is unofficial and most of time it's working perfectly, but some users have problems so you must understand there is some risks of failure
  7. with actual technology, solar panel can't be a solution (too much expensive and it require a very big surface of panel in order to give around 60V).
  8. Because I prefer peace rather than war, in order to please everybody I have renamed the topic : do you still think I'm on defensive???
  9. Not a problem for me if you want to share new ideas, you're welcome. But it's not the subject of this topic and someone which is not interested in using an external battery, will certainly not read this topic and will not discover other solution. Maybe it would be useful to open a new topic like "many solutions to extend your distance range"?
  10. 2 interesting solutions but your goal is different from mine (which is to not use a backpack). So you can't really make a compare between our solutions.
  11. According to the visual, there is no need to open this type of charger because NINEBOT seems to work now with a new manufacturer. And you can forget the possibility to adjust output voltage for this "new" charger model (maybe this model is cheaper to produce than the "old" one) I have open many chargers in order to see if output voltage is ajustable, but only this type of charger (with sticker code starting XV-000000000000000 and with 4 screws with easy access) have a potentiometer and can be adjusted.