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  1. Tesla V2 ?? (rumor alert)

    Last week my wife phoned Tec&Way in Genève, Switzerland to make an appointment for me to bring her wheel to have her tire repaired/replaced. Meanwhile, she asked if they carry the Tesla. This because I'm keen to get one in the coming months. She was told they don't, and won't until a/the Tesla V2 is released. Does anyone here know, or has heard anything about this? As I plan on going there this Wednesday (22nd Nov). I will try my best to confirm/deny this.
  2. Help. All lithium ion cycles banned at USC

    Spoken with astute clarity @LanghamP These are some of the (depressing) reasons I left the country. No regrets, and haven't looked back. I am honestly better off now.
  3. Pedal dip revisited around a traffic circle.

    It doesn't but me either. Feels like it keeps me more alert/aware
  4. Pedal dip revisited around a traffic circle.

    Yep, it happens with my KS16b also. Usually I'm on a slow incline and curve and my battery is around 35%, speed between 16 and 25kph
  5. Thanks..totally missed you all too! But we'll all catch up again !!
  6. I AM CRYING WITH HAPPINESS !!! It was a moving experience to (finally) meet so many likeminded enthusiasts. Although due to time constraints (train departure time) I couldn't ride this time, I'm resolved to do the entire course next time !!!
  7. Inmotion V3 burned mainboard and battery explosion

    @Valentin Varan, sorry to hear about the problem with your wheel. Like @Scatcat, I too have sorta "outgrown" my V3S and am considering to sell it. I've since got a KS16B 680wh. and ride it more than the V3S now. It deserves better. My V3S is now over 1 1/2 yrs old, and still reliable. If any questions feel free to pm me, otherwise best of luck with whatever you do. Most importantly, get back to riding!
  8. Hi @meepmeepmayer. I have no aversion to riding in challenging conditions (mostly), but the wife has much weaker ankles/feet, and therefore less tolerance. I'll convince her to the extent possible though.
  9. Hi all. Looks like I'm coming to Paris from 30th Sept to 1st Oct. Sure will be good to meet some of you. @Tilmann, I sent you a pm for the whatsapp group. Not sure I'll be doing the course with you, but will be happy to meet at some waypoint anyway. I've downloaded the map of the course, so it shouldn't be a problem. I'll be riding my KS16b 680wh, and my wife the InMotion V3S.
  10. InMotion V3s

    Hi @Hicks & @Keith. Till now I was very ill (in the hospital), hence no activity on the forum. So, till now, I've recieved no response from King Ma, at all. @Hicks, have to check my version then get back to you.
  11. InMotion V3s

    Ok, @Hicks and @Keith, following is the body of my email to King Ma about the firmware issue: Subj.: Inmotion firmware for V3S -not working Dear Sir, I am a member of electricunicycle.org (Coffee guy), and am responding to your open invitation to contact you regarding any inquiries about Inmotion products. As per the subject line, the firmware upgrade has not worked after several attempts, either by my authorized Inmotion distributor/seller in Switzerland or by myself. Can you offer me any alternative corrective measure, explanation, or insight, into this issue? Thanking you in advance. Respectfully submitted, James Kutchera
  12. InMotion V3s

    Hi @Keith. Yes, I've been following his posts. And although he sounds open, friendly (& helpful?), I noticed how evasive he was with some critical questions about new products. Anyway, sure I'll ask him. Hopefully he won't ask me to consult my dealer. But I'll be sure to inform him of those previous attempts as well.
  13. InMotion V3s

    @Hicks, I've had the same problem as you. Even my seller/dealer couldn't get the upgrade to work. After each of several later attempts, I had to reinstall to the older firmware. That's what I run now on my V3S, with the original max speed of 18kph.
  14. Will Gotway Announce a new model on 8/12?

    O. M. G. ! It's..it's..huuuuggee! Looking forward to the specs on this !
  15. Trip across Europe on electric unicycle

    Thanks @Mono. Found his channel. Liked and subscribed!