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  1. Hey @Zenko, what's the name of this guy's chanel? I can't seem to find it. I want to follow his journey.
  2. Also, he's organizing a manifestation for the rights of euc's in Switzerland on 24 June at 1:30 p.m. I will be there for sure. Additional information can be found on his website calendar
  3. Hey @majki, and entire forum, here's a place in Genève I've recently discovered, and went there: The proprietor is great, and service was excellent, and I saw a fully stocked boutique with all popular brands of euc's, parts, and equipment.
  4. No matter how (in)competent the manufacturers and perhaps some dealers are, as long as we continue to support those enthusiasts, as I believe we here on this forum are, then we have a chance of a sustainable future for euc's.
  5. AFAIK, France is indeed a huge market. I've never heard of anyone having problems there with the authorities either. Whenever I have occassion to go (drive) to France, me and my wife bring our wheels. It indeed has great acceptance there. I would like to put this out to @Jason McNeil: If your base/market is strong enough, and you have the wherewithall to grow your business more (around euc's naturally), perhaps there may be some willing and able people on here that might consider investing (source/crowdfund?) such an expansion in order to help this wonderful technology float and grow. I for one would consider it. Does anyone else think this is a good idea, or perhaps would consider this? Just my 2cents.
  6. My experience was the same as @HermanTheGerman from day 1
  7. Hey @Hunka Hunka Burning Love, I imagine there would also be a possibility of a condition to the unit of "ball inversion" should the torque become inverted thereby busting a nut and falling on your shaft. So everyone should take care not to twist the balls too aggressively.
  8. Same here @HermanTheGerman, I am also an all "android" user.
  9. Trés cool @swvision, however I almost missed the website address (c'est trop minion / it's so small). If you ever redesign the card, maybe make it (website) larger somehow? Otherwise
  10. @HermanTheGerman, What firmware are you running on your KS16b? I think I have 1.23 on mine. And does it "automatically" allow for the full usage of speed or does the app need to be adjusted/set for it?
  11. Rode my returned wheel about 16km today. Lights are better. KS SAV denies they damaged the shell of my wheel and suggest I file a complaint with UPS (shipper), which I will do. Compensation or not, I'll be repairing the cracked shell myself. It turns out KS replaced the motor and motherboard, and as noted in my earlier post, it now runs perfectly.
  12. Just returned from a test-ride of my returned wheel. Performs like a thoroughbred. The bt mac has changed, so either they changed a board or did a total reset. The front and back lights, however don't seem to entirely sync though. Sad. Will do more soon, and hopefully find everything else well.
  13. Update: picked up my euc which should now work flawlessly..BUT..the shell is now damaged, and the front light is now pushed in. WTH !! There's no damage to the box it was shipped in. Am writing to the seller now.
  14. @MaxLinux, I have a pair of these running/jogging lights as well. Just waiting to get back my repaired/replaced KS16 to put them on it.