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  1. What's the biggest thing you've carried around on an EUC?

    Similiar to @The Fat Unicyclist, I carried 1 or 2 cases of very expensive wine directly from Chateau de Pommard back to where we were staying 2km away. The risk was worth it since I made a successful transport. My wife carried a shopping bag.
  2. Rocwheel GT16 92V coming soon (2018)

    Agree with the comments on the RW GT16. But does anyone know"when" the V3 will come out?
  3. Spherical Tires for EUC

    OMG @z3n, if this VW concept (flying/floating) car is real, then I want one !
  4. EUC with Suspension

    It "does" look like crazy fun.
  5. The Vaper's lounge.

    Is there any comparison to doing hooka's? The Turkish way of vaping (similar to doing bongs), not the streetwalkers. I was introduced to it about 5yrs ago, and have only done it a total of about 3 times. It was actually a pleasant experience imho. No adverse effects whatsoever. Have thought of getting my own, but I currently have an expensive exotic cigar habit. Anyway, not to derail the thread. But since I don't vape, I'd still be interested in knowing anyone's comparitve experience of vaping to hooka's.
  6. GotWay Tesla 1020 unboxing, first thoughts and comparison

    That crash test was too painful to watch.
  7. Did anyone upgrade speakers on KS16?

    Yes @Smoother Having also done the 'ol "sit n listen" while on a pause from riding is sufficient and satisfying with the stock speakers.
  8. Tesla V2 ?? (rumor alert)

    ..Even so, with mostly good reviews of this version, I'd be willing to volunteer as an "early adopter" this time. (just speaking for myself). Besides, whenever possible, I believe it's important to live as fully as possible, particularly in the present..Not always chasing the horizon, because we'll never get there. Just sayin'.
  9. Inmotion V3 twin wheel

    ...it's been discussed, and it's a deal !
  10. Inmotion V3 twin wheel

    Your enthusiasm is infectious @meepmeepmayer! My wife now wants to learn to ride my ks16 (a change of heart) and transition to upgrade from the Inmotion v3s .. before I get my next wheel (looking at the Tesla or RW gt16).
  11. Tesla V2 ?? (rumor alert)

    Hi all. Yesterday I enquired at the shop about what I heard regarding a Tesla V2. The answer I got was "It's what Gotway always does". Meaning, of course, putting out a 2nd version of their wares. Suffice it to say, that's no "confirmation" at all. So (at least for now) this rumor is busted.
  12. Tesla V2 ?? (rumor alert)

    Last week my wife phoned Tec&Way in Genève, Switzerland to make an appointment for me to bring her wheel to have her tire repaired/replaced. Meanwhile, she asked if they carry the Tesla. This because I'm keen to get one in the coming months. She was told they don't, and won't until a/the Tesla V2 is released. Does anyone here know, or has heard anything about this? As I plan on going there this Wednesday (22nd Nov). I will try my best to confirm/deny this.
  13. Help. All lithium ion cycles banned at USC

    Spoken with astute clarity @LanghamP These are some of the (depressing) reasons I left the country. No regrets, and haven't looked back. I am honestly better off now.
  14. Pedal dip revisited around a traffic circle.

    It doesn't but me either. Feels like it keeps me more alert/aware
  15. Pedal dip revisited around a traffic circle.

    Yep, it happens with my KS16b also. Usually I'm on a slow incline and curve and my battery is around 35%, speed between 16 and 25kph