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  1. Thanks, although I certainly can't claim to be the best rider in London - I am sure there are lots of other really good riders. I'd love to attend one of these rides if dad duties allow but would personally not want to be filmed riding on the road
  2. If people are polite and I'm in a good mood, I'll often let people have a "quick" go on my wheel. From my experience, very few people manage to ride the wheel in a couple of minutes practice (there have been one or two exceptions). Remembering back to when I first got my wheel, I spent the first hour or so thinking I'd just wasted my money. Given the general EUC learning curve, do you think giving people a quick go on an EUC puts more people off rather than encouraging them to purchase one? What other options are out there to introduce non-riders to electric unicycling?
  3. Here is a video of a recent London meetup (I didn't attend).
  4. For anyone that is interested - there is a Facebook Group "Official London Electric Unicycle Club" which sometimes promotes group rides in London: I haven't joined one yet but intend to. There's an upcoming ride pencilled in for 30th April. Please contact/join the group for further details.
  5. More lightpainting with my EUC - light trail left from riding a quarterpipe.
  6. Riding in strong and/or gusty wind can be challenging but also great fun! I'll often take a circular ride around my local park when it's windy and practice riding downwind, into a headwind and dealing with different cross winds - all of which require different techniques. One of my offices is literally right under the Shard (London's tallest building) and you get very strong gusts along the street - that can be really challenging sometimes. From a trick perspective, spinning on the wheel in the wind can be awesome as if you position your body right you can spin really really fast in a strong wind (like a mobile) - i'll do a video of one at some point.
  7. Hi @smallexis, Please see instructions for NB1 board activation on the Speedy Feet Helpdesk:
  8. Piggy-in-the-middle penny spin boomerangs The piggy-in-the-middle penny spin boomerang requires the wheel to complete at least one full orbit around the rider before the rider remounts. This is a variation of the penny spin but in this instance you have to deliberately make the wheel spin on an elliptical orbit. The easiest way to accomplish this is to use any slight camber on your practice surface and have a slightly uneven feet distribution on the pedals. You'll want to get really good at remounting the spinning wheel as it can be spinning quite fast during this trick. With practice, it is possible to get really good at remounting the spinning wheel. If you get a good initial spin then the trick should work! I am not sure if you can do this trick on a wheel where the weight is distributed easily. On the Ninebot One (where the weight is unevenly distributed, due to the battery being on one side) it works really well with a counter clockwise spin, with the wheel passing behind the rider in the first instance. Potential Variations Counter-clockwise Clockwise Multiple orbits Examples I have posted a video in the "Video Thread" - If anyone is interested in learning Penny Spins I posted some notes on the basic "Penny Spin" in this post:
  9. Piggy-in-the-middle penny spin boomerangs & Self sustaining penny spins Two new tricks that I have filmed today, both of which are variations of the penny spin but this time I have deliberately made the wheel spin on an elliptical orbit. Under certain conditions, this sets off a self-sustaining spin. The Piggy-in-the-middle penny spin boomerang requires the wheel to complete at least one orbit around the rider before the rider remounts. The self-sustaining penny spin is just a less controlled version of the above - the wheel will continue to spin until it either hits something or the rider remounts!
  10. Did your replacement battery come with a separate charging lead allowing you to charge the battery outside of the Ninebot (mine did)? If so, you could see if that works. The only times I have come across the light staying green was if the battery connection connector had come unseated or the wires had become damaged.
  11. There's a saying on this forum somewhere that goes along the lines "there are only two types of EUC rider - those that have already fallen off, and those that are going to fall off". Welcome to the rather non-exclusive club, hope you heal up soon!
  12. A very quick electric unicycling practice session video from this morning showing some bar jumps and a Pennyspin (returning) Boomerang around a cone. Apologies for the poor quality of the footage - this was due to my slider rail malfunctioning. I have posted basic instructions in the "Tricks to Learn" thread. The bar jump is definitely not one to try on a Monster
  13. High Jump This trick involves you jumping over a bar or rail, whilst the wheel goes underneath, before remounting - very much like the 1970s era skateboarding discipline (Google: Bryan Beardsley for some inspiration). The minimum height you can jump is obviously the height of the wheel. I'll include the trick in my next video. This is probably not something to try on a Monster
  14. Hi, Not quite sure why you haven't included Ninebot in the list for Question 1 - they still have the most number of posts in the brand specific forums and are readily available both new and second hand. In my experience the E+ is a fantastic wheel both for beginners and more advanced riders if you are prepared to learn & keep to the parameters under which the wheel will operate and can live with the speed and battery limitations. My philosophy is not to go faster than I am prepared to fall off at; I have an amazing time on my wheel. I would also suggest going for the best wheel that you can afford to buy, and if possible try before you buy your first wheel, and speak to other riders. I'm pretty sure that if most multi-wheel owners are honest with themselves then at least part of the reason for purchasing more is that they like new toys (I'm definitely also in this category). I'll add that I do not have any financial interest in any Manufacturer or seller, I am just an EUC addict
  15. "Crossover" Returning Boomerang Just a bit of electric unicycling fun from this morning's practice session - an extension of the "returning boomerang" - where the rider takes the opposite path to the wheel with both the wheel and the rider returning to the start point at the same time. This tick could potentially be jazzed up by tumbling (somersaulting) around the circle, or perhaps performing it around something more interesting than a set of cones!