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  1. EUC Lightpainting
  2. You might have some stiff competition in that category with anyone who ordered a Uniwheel
  3. Currently in London there is a moped gang craze which has been causing an outcry in communities right across the capital. They are (often underage) teenagers who don't wear helmets and seem to have little regard to their own or anyone else's safety. They ride superfast all over the road and also on the pavement. Some of the riders have been robbing people, targeting mobile phones and other bikes. The trend may be related to the widely publicised view that the police will not chase anyone on a motorbike who is not wearing a helmet. This is because several police apparently lost their jobs after a rider died during a pursuit. There is also an abundance of poorly protected mopeds being ridden around - in part due to the popularity of "Deliveroo" and "Uber"-like delivery services. Certainly in my own neighbourhood (in South London) it's a big problem - we have the police helicopter overhead at least three or four times a week, and there is growing calls from the community that the police need to address the issue. Over half of all social media posts in the various local parent and community groups that I follow relate to this issue and there are repeated requests for people to photograph bikes and riders to build up intelligence to pass to the police! What I'm worried about is that if there is a crackdown, then EUCs may end up being clamped down on as well. In some people's eyes there isn't any difference between riding a moped or an EUC along the pavement, especially if they are being ridden at speed or inconsiderately. I certainly can't see this helping the legal situation here in the UK which is a shame. Recently I have had a number of interactions with groups of masked moped riders - so far they have been okay - they all seem intrigued with my tricks, although it does get a little bit intimidating when you are being circled by six masked moped riders all revving their hairdryers, especially when you have seen the same riders riding around clutching what look to be weapons! For now, I have decided to stick to my twice weekly lunchtime sessions in town and the occasional early morning weekend ride, or riding in one of the larger parks. It would be interesting to hear any other stories or views of riders from London.
  4. I spent a couple of hours trying to line it up but without luck. So I swapped out the metal frame (I had a couple of spares from previous wheels) and both shells fitter perfectly first time. I must have bent the frame!
  5. Our EUCs are perfectly capable of turning themselves off all by themselves anyway, hackers need not bother intervening
  6. In 2 years of riding I have only come across two other people when riding (a couple of kids from the same family with Ninebots). I have probably seen about ten different people riding EUCs when I haven't been riding myself, including a few regular commuters going along Southbank. There's some guy who goes past one of my hospitals quite often on a Ninebot and a guy on a Gotway who rides really fast along Southbank, weaving in and out of the pedestrians as if they were training cones. I'm really surprised I haven't seen more as I work (& ride) in central London and visit lots of different areas across London. I was tree camping in the park with my little boy at the weekend and someone actually came up to our tree tent on an EUC - my son got very excited!
  7. Speedyfeet had them in stock until recently and should be getting a resupply in a couple of months (assuming they are still available). I do wonder how much the control boards cost Ninebot to manufacture - I'm pretty sure they (and the supplier) are making a pretty tidy profit selling them at £150 a time, although I expect that they replace a large number under warranty. Not sure what I'd do when I'm no longer able to maintain my wheel (I'm continuously replacing parts), I have invested lots of time practising to become "at one" with my wheel, I'll have to weigh up my options . One of the biggest selling points about the E+ was that it was really well build, parts were readily available and you could maintain it yourself.
  8. Yet another Ninebot E+ board burnout (I think I'm on 5 or 6), luckily I have a spare control board which I grabbed from an old wheel whose rim fractured Looking at the photos below, can anyone explain what parts may have burnt out here and why? I seem to remember a previous burnout affected the same area on the board. The MOSFETS appear to have been unaffected - there was no lock up of the wheel movement. Interestingly, this control board died at very low speed and when not doing tricks - maybe some solder came loose and caused a short? I'm pretty please how long this board actually lasted - it's survived better than my shins
  9. I have been replacing my NB1E+ gen2 inner shells. I have completed this procedure several times before but this time I am having some issues with the last 2 of 8 screw bolts which attach the (control board side) shell to the metal frame. I can't seem to get them to make contact with the thread in their holes. Everything looks completely flush and I have tried several different strategies for attaching and aligning the shell. The threads and holes are good because the bolts will tighten in the holes in the absence of the shell. I'm thinking that perhaps the metal frame might be just slightly bent out of shape at the affected end? The screws just seem to be perhaps a millimeter a way from making contact with the thread on the holes. Does anyone have any tricks or suggestions I could try to get these two remaining screws to tighten?
  10. Hi @Rehab1, I had a very similar issue after a bit of a "bump" in the skatepark once. I replaced the control board which resolved the issue.
  11. I would recommend that everyone who rides an EUC considers learning to competently hop up and down a regular curb or step - both are really useful manoeuvres. For small hops/drops you should be able to complete these at normal riding speed. For bigger hops/drops - these need to be attempted at much lower speeds. Hopping up on to a platform is obviously a lot easier than jumping right over something. You have to be careful with larger drops - I have burst a few tires and even cracked off a piece of rim (see photo below) when doing big drops (I would classify a big drop as 80 cm or more). Rider weight, tire pressure, EUC build quality and terrain surface are obviously important variables to consider when determining how big a drop you can complete. The tricky jump is the "Bar Jump" - there is very little room for error :-) My personal record for hopping up on to a platform is 40 cm/ 16 inches.
  12. Hi, On my NB E+ the valve is quite difficult to get to - I have to use an extension adaptor to reach the valve. As I regularly check my tire pressure (and adjust the pressure depending on the type of riding I am doing (and for different tricks) I leave the cap off. I haven't had a problem so far - in total I have racked up about 4000 Km. If the valve was more easily accessible then I would always keep the cap on.
  13. Hi, Your trip sounds awesome! I have completed several long distance (>1000 mile) unsupported solo sea kayak trips in both hemispheres and my advice to you would be 1) plan for all scenarios including breakdowns/ accidents/ harassment /illness/adverse weather/legal barriers (hopefully these won't happen, but it's diligent to have plans); 2) be realistic with your daily mileage and charging times; 3) take every opportunity to meet with local people and do some sightseeing/local stuff. 4) Be prepared to have some lows as well as lots of amazing highs. Have an awesome trip, don't let anyone put you off!
  14. Just wondered if anyone had ever seen electric unicycles appear in a movie before? I don't recall seeing such a film. Getting EUCs featured in a big movie would certainly help to promote electric unicycling to the masses (which users of this forum may or may not appreciate)! I'd love to see a futuristic sci-fi film where they are used as a primary means of transportation, hopefully with some awesome chase scenes
  15. @Keith and @dmethvin have already highlighted some of the important variables. With tyre pressure even a few psi can make a big difference (For some tricks I have to slightly adjust the tire pressure to make the wheel behave exactly as it needs to). I did a post a while back that covered some of the variables that need to be considered (this was more to do with doing tricks consistently but it also explains why different wheels may handle very differently. As someone who likes to do tricks, this is why I have stuck to the same wheel with the same firmware version and try to control as many of the variables as possible.