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  1. After i5, S5 is coming

  2. After i5, S5 is coming

    My guess is that the shell is week in the Area where the air plug is. That is exactly where crack is on the opposite sides. I said I do not do tricks or jumps. Who knows what happened. Maybe I hit a curb and don't remember. Did love the wheel though. It is Perfect for commute! Hope the update to i5 is coming soon.
  3. After i5, S5 is coming

    I truly hope so. I don't know how. But, I cracked my iPS i5 motor shell. After opening. I was urprised to find out it was made entirely of plastic. I only used it to get to public transportation. No jumps, tricks, nothing. They better make the Next one steel, aluminum, or something, but NOT plastic! I wasted $700.
  4. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Thanks Jason McNeil. I am ready to be First on your pre-order list.
  5. After i5, S5 is coming

    Here is an Update: I've had the wheel now for a few months. Form factor is Perfect. Power is good. Build is good. Pedals are solid. Only issue is the protruding power button. I have pressed it by mistake numerous times. This needs to be addressed. Hopefully, the new model will have a recessed power button. It Really is portable. Easy to carry. Because it is so slim. It is next to your body. But, it is a little heavy. With the thin handle, one cannot carry for more than 15min. before the weight begins to pull your fingers apart. I will definitely buy the newer model one year from now. Hopefully more speed, torque, & a little more range. We still wanna keep the weight low.
  6. Strange oscillation in GT16

    I get FULL tilt-back at 40%. It doesn't need to be a Sudden / Full tilt-back. Most of us are on the street. This is not safe. It should be gradual. Not full/Complete. Not to complain. I love this motor over the other wheels. Just don't like the algorithm. Wish they let me use more of that 40% battery. Even if I can go slow. At least down to 20%. But, once 40% is reached. The wheel does a Full Tilt-back. What a waste of battery! Or, maybe it needs to be that way. So I can be alive to tell the story. Safety First.
  7. Strange oscillation in GT16

    Here is an Update to my Battery dilemma. No more misunderstandings. Yi Made a graph of controller behaviour when battery drops to 40% and lower.
  8. Strange oscillation in GT16

    Only that, it is currently in testing. Been about 5 months now. But, you know these things take time. Remember... Gotways mSuper v3 didn't come out till about a whole year. Also, Kingsong & Gotway know about the 96v GT16. 2018 is going to be an Expensive year for ALL of us.
  9. Strange oscillation in GT16

    I haven't tried the other modes. I only (always) set my wheels to Hard/Player modes. Will have to try the other modes to see what it does and report back. In any case... the wheel does Revert back to Beginner Mode at Random.(But, I only notice this when I re-connect the app) Yi says will get back to me when he asks technician about my wheels behavior. If this is normal, I may not upgrade. I am really looking forward to the 96v version. So. This better not be Normal and or carried-on to the 96v model. It is frustrating & a WASTE of battery. When you know there is still 40% more battery left. And the wheel won't let you ride it.
  10. Strange oscillation in GT16

    Scatcat, My GT16 gives FULL Tilt-back at 40% battery. RE-setting alarm & tilt-back to a lower setting helps only a little. I still get FULL / Complete tilt-back. Is this Normal ?
  11. Brand new Inmotion V8 and I am disappointed.

    These wheels are almost even. Only difference is the ks16s can take more punishment and go a little faster. While the v8 has custom side lights and it's easier on the eyes. If we were rich, we would buy both. Listen, you can't have regrets. Just enjoy your wheel. Also, waiting is part of the fun. It's like your very own christmas. I am happy for. I too had the same delema. Now (in only 1 years time) I own 4 wheels. This wheel... is only one of many you will own.

  13. After i5, S5 is coming

    Yes. Just a little more power, and battery would be ideal. I may buy this as my daily commuter. I take my euc on the bus daily. This would be Perfect.
  14. Rockwheel GT16 Tires 16x2.50

    That sounds interesting. I own this euc. The sides have little space. And the top is even less. I would love to see you do the impossible.
  15. RockWheel GT16

    16x2.125 This fact comes from owner and videos. They are still working on updating it. May be available end of April. But, definately Summer. Will opt for the highest battery capacity. I am not the only one ordering this Lamborghini!