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  1. These wheels are almost even. Only difference is the ks16s can take more punishment and go a little faster. While the v8 has custom side lights and it's easier on the eyes. If we were rich, we would buy both. Listen, you can't have regrets. Just enjoy your wheel. Also, waiting is part of the fun. It's like your very own christmas. I am happy for. I too had the same delema. Now (in only 1 years time) I own 4 wheels. This wheel... is only one of many you will own.
  2. Yes. Just a little more power, and battery would be ideal. I may buy this as my daily commuter. I take my euc on the bus daily. This would be Perfect.
  3. That sounds interesting. I own this euc. The sides have little space. And the top is even less. I would love to see you do the impossible.
  4. 16x2.125 This fact comes from owner and videos. They are still working on updating it. May be available end of April. But, definately Summer. Will opt for the highest battery capacity. I am not the only one ordering this Lamborghini!
  5. There will never be suspension on these wheels. Shock absorption yes. But never suspension. It will bounce you off your wheel and send you flying!
  6. What?! Wait! No.? I like the NEW look of the KS14D. Just thought they would have carried that over to this model?! On the KS14D, the LEDs are spread-out more. Making a bigger/wider circle. Also, because of the angle/placement of the LEDs. Cars/pedestrians can see you from the front, as well as the sides. If they Update the KS14D with more power. I may actually buy it. Maybe name it, KS14D... PLUS, +, mega, mighty, ect.
  7. Lol. Wow... Funny I found this... I just recently ordered the 84v v3s+. (PayPal is giving me 6 Months interest free) Inmotion & Kingsong may have to wait another year or so. Ordered mine in the all WHITE color. Wanted the custom LEDs version. But it may no longer be an option. Gotway is having issues with a third party having it done.(it's not a standard option) My supplier says he will keep trying. He is looking at alternatives. Limited Edition all the time !?
  8. I find it difficult to here the warning beeps at 28 & 30km/h. The wind-noise at those speeds, get in my ear. PLEASE make warning beeps Clearer & more ear piercingly loud. You can also consider speaker placement on Top, facing upwards at the cyclist. Others won't hear it. And, one can differentiate nearby noises. This is VERY important safety. Please.
  9. Nintendo to announce NEW console 10am (EST) tomorrow morning.
  10. As I watch my euc charging... I can't help to say, "I love my wheel!"
  11. ?Is this Official?
  12. Trust me when I tell you... You will learn to Love that announcement. This wheel has been so good to me. And yes, it has the BEST placed Trolley Handle. People still think it's a measuring instrument or luggage. I love it. People will be Shocked and Amazed when you pass them.
  13. Dude, you should DEFINITELY buy the V8. I have a ks16 in black. And it's agile enough. I can take really slow, deep turns. I love my ks16. But, the v8 is way more technology advanced than the ks16. Plus. You will be able to customize the side LED's. Built-in trolley hsndlr. And soon, there will be an update to go 30km/h. Only Con, is that an 820wh is not readily available. Your battery should ALWAYS be 820wh and up. Wait just a little while longer is my advise.
  14. $2,500 with 1640wh, increased safety precautions(battery, circuit board, zero cut-offs), quick charge, 60km/h, theft deterrent,(hidden GPS tracking with app for location), shock absorption, more on-demand torque, especially on take-offs. Thick ankle cusions. Cusioned Foot rests on Petals.