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  1. Going slow, riding while your friends are walking...

    Yes, twisting is the secret to going slow. In fact, when I first started learning to mount, I just started twisting after mounting. Always works to keep my balance until I get some speed.
  2. First principles. What do we want/need?

    I wonder if its feet hurt?
  3. Yes I'm sure miles, not kilometers. And the mileage is from map / GPS not the Mini Pro app. We've never run it all the way down and have done 18 Mi several times. She rides as fast as she can staying just below the tailback speed since she's trying to keep up with me on my ks14C. We use to charger that came with it
  4. Newbie here, just saying hi

    I think the age think is a marketing ploy. It's like "not recommended for over age 50?? I'll show you!!!" At least, that's what worked for my wife on the minipro.
  5. 63 old guinea pig

    I'm the same age as you, and didn't have too much trouble. I've just gotten to the point where I can I ride 10 - 20 miles without much discomfort. It was like three, one hour sessions to where I could stay on without falling off, then several months before the foot pain wasn't much of an issue. I used to have to get off the wheel every five or ten minutes to give my feet a break, but now I can move them around enough without dismounting so it's not such a big deal. If you haven't already, make sure you read the thread on this forum about how to learn to ride. Lots of good tips! Good luck!
  6. 2nd hand 14c Wont connect to app but will to speaker

    Thanks for that, Keith. I tried out your instructions and it seems to work reliably, now that I know what I'm doing.
  7. 2nd hand 14c Wont connect to app but will to speaker

    On my 14C, I had to pair from the Android BT settings menu for the speakers, but not for the APP. The APP comes up with the KS14C serial number, and I touch on that for the connect. Seems like on the first board I had, it would connect to the app automatically after the first time, but it doesn't do that. I always need to touch on the S/N. Connecting to the speakers seems to always require some "futzing around" with the buttons on the wheel. Eventually, I get the audible "power on" and I can then connect via the Android BT setting to the speakers.
  8. 2nd hand 14c Wont connect to app but will to speaker

    My KS14C board has two bluetooth modules (I think Jason McNeil told me this and a picture is attached). One of the modules has a black wire soldered to it's trace (zig-zag) antenna. That wire antenna is routed between the control board and the heat sink it's mounted on (I pulled it out for the picture). That might suggest that there was some issue in module that has the antenna wire hack. So, it might be worth playing with how it's routed.
  9. Who's Most Likely to Buy/Use EUCs?

    Private aircraft owners. Wheels take up much less space than a folding bicycle. When we had Dahon bicycles, they weren't fun to ride at all. Nothing like a full sized bike. Mid 60's for age.
  10. My wife weighs about 150 pounds and gets about 20 miles per charge. That's going near top speed (10 mph) the entire time.
  11. Anatomy of an overlean

    Maybe it didn't beep or tiltback because the control board's voltage measurement was inaccurate?
  12. It's finally become "muscle memory", and instinctive--I twist into the direction I'm starting to fall on my wheel rather than trying to lean to correct. So much so, I can now go really, really slow and can even balance with the wheel stationary for a few seconds! This is helpful when riding on crowded sidewalks (I discovered this in Durango, Co this week). But, there is a down side. I've also been hiking in the mountains on trails that had several creek crossings. I had to take off my boots and socks to cross the creeks plus dry and keep them clean after crossing each creek. I've always stood on one foot while drying the other and putting on the lifted foot's sock and boot. Never used to be a problem, but now I found myself twisting instead of leaning and almost falling over! So, maybe we need to start a list of things that indicate that you are real ,EUC rider. My #1 is: 1) While balancing on one foot, you have to think about leaning instead of twisting to keep your balance (might be a problem passing a sobriety test). 2) ??? ...
  13. King Song 14c 840wh - Stop Working Properly.

    It's likely the voltage sensing circuitry on your control board is inaccurate. This has happened on a number of ks14c wheels. Try to let the battery discharge a bii. it may take days with just the lights on. Or, if you're comfortable, start at the bottom of Hill and immediately start up the hill to discharge the battery. The extra load on the battery will decrease the voltage enough to eliminate the tiltback. But you won't be able to go down a hill. I did this with mine several times that way by riding up a hill and walking down. Then, you should be able to ride normally and use charge doctor to terminate the charge earlier.
  14. We weren't using the app. Previously the speed limit was disabled. She could ride at 10 mph before beeping and tilt-back would occur Now the beeping no longer occurs. But, I'd like to understand what happens so we'll know what to do if it happens again. It beeped continuously, even when stopped. But, to be sureI checked the app for the speed limit setting. When I clicked on the icon to set the limit, the prompt asked whether to enable speed limit or cancel. So, I think than means it was not enabled.
  15. My wife's MiniPro acted funny today. Shortly after she started riding, it started beeping. It beeped constantly, regardless of speed and even when stopped. We powered it on and off several times, but we couldn't stop the beeping. However, otherwise, everything seemed fine. Maybe a slower top speed, but we're not for sure. We were so nervous about what the beeping meant that we went really slow. She rode for 10 or 15 minutes with the constant beeping. One thing that was different was that she didn't have her phone with her. So, there was no connection to a BT device like we usually have. I tried turning on the Bluetooth on my phone and power cycled the MiniPro. The beeping didn't come back! But, maybe this was just a coincidence. Also, the MinPro was in a hot car before we started riding. But, the beeping was not occurring when she first started riding. Only after 30 seconds or a minute. Maybe after she got out of BT range of her phone that was left in the car? Anybody have a clue what the issue was? I'm concerned it may come back and it might not be safe to ride while the beeping is going on. Thanks!