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  1. KS14S Tilt-back After Full Charge - Help

    Marty, what did you find out? What voltage did the app report? Did you open the wheel and measure the battery voltage?
  2. Advice and Tips before first order

    It's impressive you got up and riding so fast! Have fun.
  3. KS14S Tilt-back After Full Charge - Help

    I meant, what voltage is being reported on your app?
  4. KS14S Tilt-back After Full Charge - Help

    Marty, what was the battery voltage that's being reported after you did the discharge?
  5. KS14S Tilt-back After Full Charge - Help

    Likely, it's not an overcharge problem. It's just that the control board thinks the battery voltage is higher than it is. If you don't won't to open the wheel, you can look at the voltage reported by the Charger Doctor. That voltage will be higher than the battery voltage, since there's a diode in series. But, if your control board's notion is as far off as mine was, the control board will report a voltage even higher than what the Charge Doctor is reporting! That means the control board needs replacing.
  6. KS14S Tilt-back After Full Charge - Help

    I looked up some of the old threads on the subject (below). I actually used light bulbs to discharge the battery and compare the voltage reported by the wheel to DVM readings. Also, recorded charge and discharge curves. I ended up having three different KS14C control cards (thanks Jason!), none of which reported battery voltage accurately. I finally concluded that the control board thinking the battery voltage was lower than it actually was didn't cause much of an issue.
  7. KS14S Tilt-back After Full Charge - Help

    Also, it took several days for the battery to discharge enough to eliminate tiltback, turned on with just the lights on. After this happened the second (or maybe the third) time, I tried starting at the bottom of hill and riding up. I could go up the hill just fine, but couldn't ride on level ground until I'd gone up the hill many times (and walked down). A real pain! So, charge doctor (or new control board) is what you need, I"m afraid.
  8. KS14S Tilt-back After Full Charge - Help

    Yes, The new card actually reports a lower voltage that what I measure on a DVM. But, that doesn't really cause a problem. Maybe, speed throttling would occur at a higher battery voltage than necessary, but I've not noticed that. I'm guessing they are using high value resistors to scale the battery voltage down to a voltage a chip on the control board can measure. And they failed to recognize the non-zero input current of that chip. But that's just a guess. There were several people who had the exact same symptoms. You can use a charge doctor to terminate the charge at a lower voltage and eliminate the problem and the cost of a little range.
  9. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    I figured the wheel would fall off the rail at some point in the video, or at least tip forward at a 90 degree angle
  10. Playing golf with EUC

    It wouldn't be about avoiding cart rental. I'd throw the wheel in the cart along with the clubs. When my partner and I end up on opposite sides of the fairway, I'd grab the wheel and let him take the cart over to his ball. After hitting my ball, I'd ride the wheel up the cart path or in the rough up towards the green. More just for the heck of it rather than any practical reason. Courses are pretty competitive around here (RTP area in North Carolina). Green fees in the low 20s weekday afternoons. I'd be surprised if they'd turn away business, unless the EUC was really doing some damage. Worst case, they say keep it on the path. That's frequently the requirement for the carts anyway. That sounds like a hoot. We should plan it for EUCcon
  11. Playing golf with EUC

    Hadn't seen that. Looks pretty interesting!
  12. Playing golf with EUC

    Has anyone done it? I grabbed my bag from the workshop and have no problem carrying it while riding. Do you think the tires would be harder on the turf than a golf cart? I guess it would all come down to psi. Weight per square inch of tire that's in contact with the turf. My wife and I have done some EUC rides on courses out west while on vacation. The people working the club house weren't familiar enough with what a EUC was to object, so we got permission and rode the courses. A couple of them had paths that only went about 1/2 way to the green on most holes. Our tracks through the grass didn't look much different than the golf cart tracks, just thinner.
  13. Monster Burns Up On Hill Climb

    No extra skill required to go faster. If anything, it's easier. To go faster safely--that may be a different story. Maybe extra skill could let you avoid a pot-hole or similar "bump in the road". It's like flying an airplane over inhospitable terrain. It doesn't take any additional skill to do it. You just don't have as many options when the engine fails. Well know adage in general aviation: "A superior pilot uses his superior judgement so he doesn't have to demonstrate his superior skills"
  14. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    No wonder you're willing to give up EUC when your wife asks!
  15. how to enjoy riding slow speeds?

    I don't really sense that. I worry more about a control board failure, but certainly the Rehab type of accident can happen too. I think I have a pretty good grasp of all the failure modes that could cause a faceplant. I think the smart thing to do is to assume the wheel could fail at any time. I guess if the danger of getting hurt seriously is what makes it fun, then by all means go fast. It's just the opposite for me. If I"m riding at a speed where I can't visualize running off the wheel with only minor injuries, I'm having less fun.