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    Thanks! The way people talk about San Diego weather is no joke. This is my first "winter" here and it's incredible. I think I prefer it to summer, actually. It's not a very urban/dense kind of car-free city paradise for being exclusive to EUCs because you still need to drive a lot, but there are so many incredible places to ride. This is one of them.
  2. Press coverage, publications, magazine articles, etc

    That's so awesome! We were just looking at the second article this morning. Thanks for representing us well.

    San Diego Meetup Goodness:
  4. Solowheel Brush

    Thanks for your support all! This is cracking me up.. I should have used that as one of the joke uses at the end of the video.
  5. Solowheel Brush

    If we don't get funded, no one pays us. If we get funded, there is extremely low chance (barring some kind of major disaster) that we wouldn't be able to produce this. It works because the bristles are just flexible enough to support you laterally while also allowing enough tilt to allow new riders to turn and learn steering dynamics. It looks crazy, but it is actually the best solution for a "training wheel" concept! We know it looks a bit ridiculous - which is why we decided to just have fun with it.
  6. Sale Ended - See You Next Time! We've got 2 deals running for 24 hours. Sale Ends 2/1/2018 5:59am
  7. The Photo Thread

    I noticed, and I dig it! If you'll be at the meetup Saturday, I'll bring some more.
  8. The Photo Thread

    @Stan Onymous Wow, that was quick!! Glad to see it in action.

    A little mini-meetup action. Still discovering new places to ride in San Diego all the time:
  10. Are you thinking about creating group rides in your city?

    Yes, that is exactly what we want to do. We are providing support for those who want to organize by giving you some ammunition to draw a group together. Everyone is invited. The EUC sells it self when you compare it unless you are a skater that really wants to stick with the format.
  11. Are you thinking about creating group rides in your city?

    There's still a bit of grey area, but most places it's not an issue at all as long as you ride responsibly and don't give them a reason to crack down. We are looking into some ways to get things officially legalized on the state level just like our original home state of Washington.
  12. Are you thinking about creating group rides in your city?

    Miami should be on the list, I am sure we can add it. I've actually sold a lot of wheels in-person solely because of the fact that I let them try it and taught them how to ride. I worked in the Seattle shop for a whole year doing this. They wouldn't have had the confidence to do it on their own. So I wouldn't agree with the assessment that it makes them feel worse about it at all. A lot of people already think they can't learn - giving them a chance and showing them how can really sell it. While the primary focus of the meetup isn't to do a massive training session (we will have events for that), it's definitely a chance to give lots of introductions.
  13. San Fransisco Bay Area Electric Unicycle Meetup

    Hey SF riders! Solowheel will be filming some localized content in your city Feb 3-4. The goal is to showcase what it's like to get around town exclusively on a Glide 3. If you're interested in showing off your skills on camera, let me know...
  14. New Lower Pricing For Glide Series

    Hey @duaner Glide 3 = 480 Wh Glide 2 = 320 Wh These specs will be on the website soon.
  15. pedal angle?

    Solowheel / InMotion also have these adjustments - It's a touchy adjustment to move too much beyond flat, as tilting back too much makes acceleration uncomfortable, while tilting forward too much makes braking feel difficult. Personally, I like keeping it perfectly flat. When turning, I don't like the feel of pedals being at any angle at all.